Instigator: Unrevealed

Purpose: Unrevealed

Allies: Unrevealed

Opposition: Texas Kid, possibly Venture (see comments), other Old American West adventurers (identities unrevealed), researcher (name unrevealed)

Location: Pennsylvania, USA (Old West era, 1881)

First Appearance: Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files (2006) (mentioned)


(Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files (fb) - BTS) - In 1881 in Pennsylvania, USA, a mysterious but major crisis-level incident that could have had severe consequences for Earth was averted through the involvement of several Old West adventurers, including the Texas Kid (although they may not have realized the full implications of their actions). Not long after, a verbose researcher gathered information on and was investigating rumors of Old West adventurers for an unrevealed party for unrevealed purposes, likely as candidates for an upcoming mission.

Comments: Created by Ronald Byrd.

The unnamed researcher had dismissed as outrageous the rumors of "Bat" Cartwright (the vampire grandfather of Ghost Rider foe Dalton Cartwright), "Cabeza de la Muerte" (Death's Head (FPA)) and Terror. Clearly the researcher was stuck in the paradigm of a human-only world. The researcher was interested in a character called Venture (who was intended to have inspired the man who would become the cowboy-looking Venture of 2099 (Earth-928)). It's unrevealed if any of those others named were involved in the Remarkable Occurrences.

1881 as a momentous year...
According to George M. Eberhart in "A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies," significant meteorological events took place in 1881: on September 5, unexplained darkness fell on Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The very next day, September 6, equally unexplained darkness fell across regions of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York. Other lesser "paranormal" stuff occurred too.
The (pseudo-science) study of mystical Pyramidologygained momentum in the mid-1800s in Great Britain, spurred on by distinguished astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth's theories that the Giza pyramid's measurements identified prophesies; this Pyramidology rhetoric contended that a major change was due in 1881.
In the 1500s, soothsayer "Mother Shipton" (Ursula Southeil) is said to have made prophesies, many scribed with further editions and alleged "discoveries" made later. One popularized from a text "found" in 1862 read "The world to an end shall come, In eighteen hundred and eighty one," but this was later revealed to be fake by its true author, Charles Hindley (but hasn't stopped repeat printings with updated years!).
1881 has been put forward as one of the dates signaling the end times for Jehovah's Witnesses.
However, there have been, of course, multiple expectations of the Apocalypse..

Notable Old West events in 1881 include the "Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight" in Texas (April); voodoo practitioner Marie LaVeau died in New Orleans (June); Billy the Kid escaped jail (April) but was killed (July) by Pat Garrett (although Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven indicates Billy survived); a fifth hurricane for the Atlantic season hit Florida and killed ~700 (August); the Michigan "Thumb Fire" destroyed over a million acres and killed 282 (September); US President Garfield was assassinated (September), becoming the shortest-serving US President; the gunfight at the OK Corral (October); and Pennsylvanian schools were racially desegregated. Also, the Great Comet of 1881 was discovered by John Tebbutt and he advanced understanding of comets
--Grendel Prime

The Texas Kid here is the Golden Age character from Daring Mystery Comics (1940), not the later-published Lance Temple.

This profile was completed 7/17/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Ronald Byrd with assistance from Grendel Prime.

The Remarkable Occurrences of 1881 has no known connections to:

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Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files (2006) - Michael Hoskin, Stuart Vandal, Ronald Byrd, Jeff Christiansen,Sean McQuaid, Mark O'English, Anthony Flamini, Madison Carter (writers), Jeff Youngquist (editor)

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