Real Name: Wally Layton

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Police lieutenant

Group Membership: Houston Police Department

Affiliations: Annabelle Adams, Buddy the dog, Neil Fletcher, Hummingbird (Aracely Penalba), Jillian, Courtney Johnson, Ryan Ketola, Chief McLeland, Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

Enemies: Armadillo (Antonio Rodriguez), Assassins Guild, Choke the Bear, Clutch, Officer Hernandez, Ana Kraven, Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff), Terrence Mitchell, Salamander, Shathra, Zoe Walsh, Watchdogs (Menkin, Rainer)

Known Relatives: Dr. Donald Meland (husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Houston, Texas

First Appearance: Scarlet Spider II#1 (March, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: Wally Layton is a trained police officer, trained in investigation and firearms.

Height: Unrevealed (6'1"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (160 lbs; by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Scarlet Spider II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Police lieutenant Wally Layton married surgeon Dr. Donald Meland and they established a house in Houston, Texas.

(Scarlet Spider II#12.1 (fb) - BTS) - Wally and his partner Officer Hernandez helped solve murders committed by an operative named Clutch.

(Scarlet Spider II#1) - At the hospital, Donald was tending to a patient who'd shot someone else, and Wally questioned the man. When a super-powered man (Kaine) entered with a wounded girl (Aracely Penalba) in his arms, he demanded that she get medical help immediately, and Donald rushed to help her, calling nurse Jillian to aid him. Wally drew a gun on Kaine, who quickly disarmed him, and Donald begged the man not to hurt Wally. Kaine informed Wally that there were corpses at the pier and asked him to follow. Wally and other police investigated the corpses of human trafficking victims, then they saw the villain Salamander watching them from a nearby rooftop.

(Scarlet Spider II#2) - When Salamander attacked the hospital, Wally and other cops responded, and Salamander nearly burned him to death before Scarlet Spider led him away. When the battle ended, Donald and Wally approached Scarlet Spider, who unmasked as Kaine, and asked him to stay in Houston to help protect people, and they emphasized that Aracely would need his help, as she was in America illegally and had limited protection. Later, Donald checked on Aracely and found her hospital bed empty.

(Scarlet Spider II#3) - After getting word of a shooting, Wally rushed to the hospital, where Scarlet Spider had stopped the Assassins Guild from killing Donald. Scarlet Spider informed them that someone had hired the Guild to kill Donald.

(Scarlet Spider II#4) - Donald realized that Terrence Mitchell, a disgruntled former patient, had hired the Assassins Guild. Unwilling to go to the police, Donald and Wally broke into Mitchell's home, and they found Mitchell inside with an armed assassin, who Mitchell ordered to kill Donald. Wally drew a gun on the assassin as Donald pleaded with Mitchell to let him live, explaining how anytime he lost a patient was hard for him. The assassin departed, recalled by the Assassins Guild, and Donald and Wally realized Scarlet Spider had somehow saved them. Mitchell broke down and apologized.

(Scarlet Spider II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Houston Police Department got a tip from a member of the Watchdogs that the group leader, Rainer, was bringing a bomb into the city. Wally called in Scarlet Spider to help.

(Scarlet Spider II#5) - Scarlet Spider helped take down a terrorist that was associated with the bomb, and Wally drew a gun on Scarlet Spider when he used too much force against the criminal. Wally recognized the man as Menkin, who'd been arrested by his department multiple times for crimes against illegal immigrants. Back in the squad car, Wally lectured Scarlet Spider on his use of violence, but Kaine helped him realize that millions of lives were at stake. They tracked down the location of the bomb, where Layton considered calling his boss, Chief McLeland, but Watchdogs attacked, and Wally opened fire on them as Scarlet Spider took them down. Scarlet Spider found Rainer at the airport, but the villain killed himself before he revealed where the bomb was. When Scarlet Spider considered rushing out of the city to survive, Wally yelled at him, then Scarlet Spider remembered he could communicate with spiders, and he used that power to track down the nuclear bomb. Wally and Scarlet Spider soon found the bomb. Believing it was going to detonate, Wally called to tell Donald goodbye, but Scarlet Spider managed to disable the bomb.

(Scarlet Spider II#6) - As news of Houston's new super hero, the Scarlet Spider, spread, Wally released a public statement that stated the police did not condone vigilantism, but that they believed Scarlet Spider was a friend.

(Scarlet Spider II#7) - Wally was having trouble sleeping due to Donald's snoring when he noticed Scarlet Spider in his room. Wally helped Scarlet Spider track down leads related to a Roxxon gas leak.

(Minimum Carnage: Alpha#1 (fb) - BTS) - Scarlet Spider saw a group of slaughtered civilians, including Nell Fletcher, and he brought Ryan Ketola into the hospital for treatment from Donald while Wally took reports on the killer, who apparently resembled Scarlet Spider.

(Minimum Carnage: Alpha#1) - Donald treated Ketola while Wally shared intel with Scarlet Spider, who rushed off to handle things.

(Scarlet Spider II#12) - At the Four Seasons, Wally and Donald confronted a drunk Kaine, who seemed determined to leave for Mexico, and they helped Aracely take care of him when he passed out. They talked about the deaths at Carnage's hands, then saw Courtney Johnson, an employee of the hotel, say that Kaine needed to check out of the hotel as the room had been reserved by others. When Annabelle called, having been taken hostage, Wally and Aracely rushed to help, leaving Donald to wake Kaine up. Wally called Hernandez for back-up, then men dressed as Santa Claus opened fire on him and he ducked for cover. Wally was shocked to see Aracely use emotion-manipulation powers to stop some of the Santas. The Scarlet Spider soon defeated the other Santas. They later celebrated the victory with Kaine, who'd decided to remain in Houston.

(Scarlet Spider II#12.1) - When Wally and Hernandez discovered the corpse of a 14-year old Japanese girl, who'd been a human trafficking victim, Wally called in the Scarlet Spider to investigate, though Hernandez was reluctant to do so.

(Scarlet Spider II#15) - Wally and Donald went out to dinner with Kaine, Annabelle, and Aracely.

(Scarlet Spider II#16) - Wally and Donald dressed up in cowboy gear and took Kaine, Aracely, and Annabelle to the rodeo, where they were impressed by Aracely's telepathic skills while watching performer Wyatt Taft. When Armadillo attacked the rodeo, Wally and Donald watched as Scarlet Spider defeated him.

(Scarlet Spider II#21) - After taking a phone call from Donald, Wally found their dog Buddy dead, then he was captured by Ana Kraven.

(Scarlet Spider II#22) - Wally, Donald, Annabelle, and Aracely were held in the zoo, tied up, as bait for the Scarlet Spider. Kraven the Hunter and Ana Kraven fought back when the hero arrived.

(Scarlet Spider II#23) - Surrounded by lions, Donald and Wally watched helplessly as Scarlet Spider battled Kraven and Ana. Kraven demanded that Scarlet Spider kill him to end the fight, but Kaine refused, so Ana gutted Donald in front of the others, savagely slicing open his stomach. Scarlet Spider slammed a knife into Kraven's chest, then rushed to try and save Donald's life, packing his wounds and then binding them before freeing Wally, Annabelle, and Aracely. Ana fled with her father and Wally asked Kaine to leave them as they tended to Donald. Donald was rushed to the hospital and had an initial surgery, then remained in critical care as Wally and Annabelle waited for word.

(Scarlet Spider II#24 (fb) - BTS) - As Donald healed, Wally looked into Scarlet Spider's history and discovered he was wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D., the F.B.I., Homeland Security, Interpol, and the City of New York on charges related to murder, assault, theft, superhuman domestic terrorism, and escape from federal custody.

(Scarlet Spider II#24) - Fully armed and wearing a bulletproof vest, Wally broke into Kaine's hotel room to arrest him, and he found Kaine there with Annabelle and Hummingbird. Wally was shocked when Kaine admitted his past crimes and knelt down to surrender. Wally broke down in tears with worry over Donald before he realized that Hummingbird was manipulating his emotions. Just then, Shathra (impersonaiting Annabelle Adams) and Zoe Walsh entered the room to attack Kaine, and blew up the entire suite.

(Scarlet Spider II#25 (fb) ) - Thrown by the explosion, Wally, Annabelle, and Aracely went plummeting to the ground below, but Scarlet Spider broke their fall with webs, saving their lives. Shathra attacked and Wally opened fire on her, but she was hardly stalled and Scarlet Spider saved Wally's life again. Wally was horrified when Kaine changed into the Other, a monstrous version of himself, then Shathra was defeated. Wally told Kaine he'd clean up the mess, but he expected Kaine to go far away from them all.

(New Warriors V#9) - When Choke the Bear (a giant super-powered mascot) attacked Houston, Wally and other police responded, and Wally saw Scarlet Spider there. Wally fired his gun to get Scarlet Spider's attention, then asked him to help fight the bear, telling Scarlet Spider that he'd been wrong and that he was a hero.

Comments: Created by Christopher Yost, Ryan Stegman, and Michael Babinski.

This profile was completed 4/13/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Chadman.

Wally Layton has no known connections to:

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Scarlet Spider II#24, p14, pan1 (main)
Scarlet Spider II#24, p19, pan1 (face)

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