Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Unrevealed;
   probably U.K. citizen

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
   probably U.K.

First Appearance: (intended) Mutator#1 (1994)

Powers/Abilities: Mutator can transform and distort his body, allowing him to stretch limbs, turn wafer thin, or even transform into liquid or gaseous forms.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed

(Mutator) - Mutator was a superhero who could transform his body in a wide variety of ways. 

Comments: Created by Paul Neary and Tom Defalco (concepts), Dan Abnett (writer) and Pino Rinaldi (artist).

   Mutator was one of numerous lost projects planned for Marvel U.K. in the 1990s. The first were abandoned after Marvel U.K. contracted in September 1993, causing several forthcoming titles to be dropped, some only days away from publication. Late in 1994, Marvel U.K.'s Editor in Chief Paul Neary tried relaunching Marvel U.K., initially with four new titles. However, these plans died abruptly as Marvel U.K. was sold to Panini. All new titles were cancelled, and, in preparation for moving, one weekend Panini staff cleared out Marvel U.K.'s offices, including binning work done on the commissioned but unpublished titles.

   Giving credit where credit is due: Though I'd read a little about the lost Marvel U.K projects in solicitations in the comics and comic news magazines back in 1993, I learned of this particular character and put this profile together with information from Down The Tubes. Their article on the character includes art of him drawn Russell Mark Olson in 2018, but since that was done both long after the fact and specifically for their site I haven't used it here; feel free to check it out on Down The Tubes.

    This profile was completed 08/20/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by Loki.

Mutator has no known connections to:

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