(of Earth-8101)

Membership: Ape-X (Roy Reyna), Boomerangutan ("Fred Myers"), "Captain America"/Baron Blood (John Falsworth), Captain America (Steven Rogers), Hawkeye (Clinton Barton), Gro-Rilla ("Hank Pym"), Iron Mandrill (Tony Stark), Juggermonk ("Cain Marko"), Monkey-C, Ms. Marvel ("Carol Danvers"), Quicksilver ("Pietro Maximoff"), Sandmonk, Scarlet Witch ("Wanda Maximoff"), Scorpion ("Mac Gargan"), Speedball (Robert Baldwin), Spider-Monkey (Peter Parker), Thorangutan (Thorangutan Odinson), Vision, Wasp (Jan"et Van Dyne") (see comments)

Purpose: To defend the Earth

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Fantastic Four (Darwin, Invisible Simian/Sue Storm, Reed Richards, Simian Torch/Johnny Storm, Thing/Ben "Grimm"), Gibbon (Marty Blank of Earth-616), Fiona Fitzhugh of Earth-616, Jarvis

Enemies: Baron Blood/"Captain America," Doctor Ooktopus (Otto Ooktavius), Invaders, Kong the Conqueror, Mad Thinker and his Apedroid, Mole Monk, Ooktron, Outcasts (Colobbus, Cyclops, Dagger, Dr Druid, Dr Strange, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Hulk/Bruce Bananner, Iron Paw, Mach-IV, Nightcrawler, Power Simian, Punisher, Speedball, Storm, Wolverine)

Base of Operations: Ape-vengers Tower, Monkhatten

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Family I#1 (October, 2008)

History: (Marvel Apes I#3 (fb)) - During World War II, Captain America was replaced by Baron Blood and he turned Bucky and the Invaders into vampires.

(Marvel Apes I#1/3) - "Captain America" helped form the Ape-vengers to help defend simian kind.

(Amazing Spider-Man Family I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Monkey, Ape-X and Speedball all joined the Ape-vengers at some point.

(Marvel Apes I#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - The team recruited villains, if they chose to reform, or savagely killed those who refused to join them.

(Marvel Apes I#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Ape-vengers also attempted to rehabilitate the X-Simians.

(Marvel Apes I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The X-Simians and other non-Ape-vengers (Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Hulk, etc.) formed a resistance group known as the Outcasts to try and stop Baron Blood/"Captain America" and his Ape-vengers.

(Marvel Apes I#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - The Ape-vengers and Ape-X stopped Kong the Conqueror for the second time (though it was also the first time due to a time paradox).

(Marvel Apes I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Ape-vengers and Ape-X stopped several different villains including Mole Monk, Ooktron and the Mad Thinker's Apedroid.

(Marvel Apes I#2 (fb) - BTS) - While working with the Ape-vengers, Mister Fantastic discovered that "Captain America" was a vampire and set up a wooden stake in his lab.

(Amazing Spider-Man Family I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Monkey of the Ape-vengers confronted Doctor Ooktopus, who was attempting to obtain the Serpent Crown, but Spider-Monkey became trapped underneath a pile of rubble. His fellow Ape-vengers Ape-X and Speedball began to track Spider-Monkey's whereabouts via his Ape-vengers tracer and set out to back him up against Doc Ook. They found Doc Ook and obtained the Crown but the Doc escaped. Ape-X went to rescue Spider-Monkey from the rubble while Speedball followed the Doc.

(Amazing Spider-Man Family I#1) - Ape-X found Spider-Monkey, freed him and showed Spider-Monkey the Serpent Crown. The pair then left to go find Ooktavius.

(Marvel Apes I#1/1) - The trio eventually confronted Ooktavius in Central Park. Their fight was interrupted by Earth-616's Gibbon (Marty Blank), who had recently arrived on Earth-8101 via Fiona Fitzhugh's dimensional portal. Gibbon disguised Speedball underneath Fitzhugh's hoodie and Martin drew the Doc's attention, who attacked with one his tentacles but Speedball jumped in front to deflect it, knocking out Doc Ook. As thanks for his help, Spider-Monkey invited Blank and Fiona to accompany him to Ape-vengers Tower, where the final fate of Ooktavius would be decided. When Spider-Monkey, Speedball and Ape-X learned of Fiona's true humanoid appearance, they sent her to see Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

   Marty, Ape-X, Speedball and Spider-Monkey then traveled to Ape-vengers Tower, where they introduced Marty to several members including Gro-Rilla, Iron Mandrill and "Captain America." "Captain America" asked if Marty was ready to run with the big apes and took him to one of the sub-basements, where Doc Ook was to stand trial for his crimes against the Ape-vengers. Giving their judgment, the Ape-vengers ripped off his tentacles and savagely beat him nearly to death for not being willing to reform.

(Marvel Apes I#2) - "Captain America" had the rest of the Ape-vengers leave so he and the Invaders could secretly feast on Doc Ook. Fiona returned with Speedball, who confirmed Reed believed Marty and Fiona were from a parallel dimension and was building a portal device to return them to Earth-616.

   While out at lunch the next day, Marty, Speedball and Ape-X saw Wolverine leaving a restaurant and attempted to capture him, as it there was standing order to capture known members of the Outcasts. Wolverine was caught by Marty, who secretly allowed him to escape.

(Marvel Apes I#2 - BTS) - Reed soon finished the interdimensional portal to send Marty and Fiona home, but "Captain America" wanted time to examine the portal himself, so he sent the Ape-Vengers to Wookanda on the pretext of dealing with trouble there and arranged for the Frightful Four to draw the Fantastic Four away from their HQ.

(Marvel Apes I#2) - "Captain America" then showed up at the portal as Fiona and Gibbon were testing it, revealing his intention to invade Earth-616. However Reed returned, having previously learned that Cap was secretly a vampire and alerted to what was happening by the building's security cameras. The pair fought but "Cap" was able to slay Reed. He then held a press conference with the rest of the Ape-vengers that declared Marty and Fiona the killers.

(Marvel Apes I#3) - In Ape-vengers Tower, "Cap" met with Ape-X, wishing to gain information about Marty, his universe and where Marty might be hiding and promoting Ape-X to the inner circle of the Ape-vengers. He told Ape-X that Marty was a scout from the alternate dimension (Earth-616) who wanted to invade their world and that the Ape-vengers should plan to launch a pre-emptive strike. Ape-X was happy to oblige his hero.

   Meanwhile, the Outcasts had set about recovering the real Captain America, whom the fake had left frozen in ice. They were confronted by the Invaders and Fiona and Marty were captured. The real Cap then led the Outcasts in a mission to both rescue Fiona and Marty and stop the impostor Cap's invasion of Earth-616.

(Marvel Apes I#4) - The Ape-vengers were preparing to invade Earth-616 through the portal when the Outcasts attacked. Battle broke out between the two groups until the real Captain America revealed himself, prompting Baron Blood to unleash his Invaders. The Ape-vengers and the Outcasts teamed up to confront the vampires. During the battle, Fiona and Gibbon were able to return home and brought Speedball with them to stop him from bleeding out due to injuries he had suffered. Ape-X held off Baron Blood and sacrificed himself to destroy the portal, destroying the top floors of the Baxter Building in the process.

(Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution#1  (fb) - BTS) - Reed seemingly recovered or somehow came back to life and helped the Ape-vengers rebuild their dimensional portal.

(Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution#1) - The Ape-vengers attempted to retrieve their wayward member Speedball in order to punish him for perceived betrayal by working with the humans. However, Spider-Monkey, who remembered the outcome resulting from this mission's success (events that were diverged into Earth-95019), subtly disabled the portal by removing the flux capacitor with his tail.

Comments: Created by Karl Kesel and Ramon Bachs.

    Several Earth-8101 characters' real names were not identified in-story. Since those that were revealed were the same as their Reality-616 counterparts, I am ASSuming they are all like this.
    Since we do know at least a few real names vary (Bruce Bananner, Thorangutan) while others are confirmed to be the same (Tony Stark, Peter Parker), we've put the assumed ones in quotes. - Loki

    This profile was completed 06/07/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Copeinator123.

Earth-8101's Ape-vengers have no known connections to


Boomerangutan was a reformed criminal who worked with the Ape-vengers.

Counterpart to Boomerang. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#1/1 - BTS


Hawkeye, one of the first criminals rehabilitated by "Captain America," was present when Doc Ook was put on trial and refused to reform and was one of those who brutally attacked him. He was also present when the Ape-vengers prepared to attack Earth-616 but were stopped by the Outcasts

Counterpart to Hawkeye, obviously. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#1/1 (##2, #4,


Juggermonk was present when Doc Ook was put on trial and refused to reform and was one of those who brutally attacked him.

Counterpart to Juggernaut. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#1


Monkey-C had the ability to watch and replicate a person's actions. He was brought in to watch Fiona open the portal so he could later replicate it.

As Fiona notes in the story itself, his codename is a play on "Monkey see, monkey do," and refers to
his power to copy what he witnesses others doing. Though his name offers no obvious 616 counterpart, his powers suggest Taskmaster.

--Marvel Apes I#4

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel was present when Doc Ook was put on trial and refused to reform and was one of those who brutally attacked him. She was also present when the Ape-vengers prepared to attack Earth-616 but were stopped by the Outcasts.

Counterpart to Ms. Marvel, obviously. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#1/1 (#2, #4,


Quicksilver was present when Doc Ook was brought in by Spider-Monkey, Marty and Ape-X.

Counterpart to Quicksilver, clearly. Given the monkey/ape themed variations on the standard names, they missed an opportunity by not having Quicksilver be Quicksilverback. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#1/1


Sandmonk was a former foe of Spider-Monkey who became an Ape-venger and was present when Doc Ook was brought in by Spider-Monkey, Marty and Ape-X.

Counterpart to Sandman. - Loki

Amazing Spider-Man Family I#1 (Marvel Apes I#1/1,

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch was one of the first criminals rehabilitated by "Captain America." She was present when Doc Ook was brought in by Spider-Monkey, Marty and Ape-X.

Counterpart to Scarlet Witch. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#1/1


Scorpion was a reformed criminal who worked with the Ape-vengers.

Counterpart to Scorpion. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#1/1 - BTS


Vision was was present in Ape-vengers Tower after the trial of Doc Ook.

Counterpart to Vision. - Loki

--Marvel Apes I#2

images: (without ads)
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Marvel Apes I#1
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Marvel Apes I#1
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Marvel Apes I#1
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Marvel Apes I#1
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