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Real Name: Tarianna of Leenn

Identity/Class: Mental construct, native of Battleworld

Occupation: Warrior woman

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Hanrak, Junior, Ranek, Tabith, Taymar, Thing (Ben Grimm)

Enemies: Doctor Doom, Gruhl of Shalfbut, Grimm the Sorcerer, the Silben

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Reckoner

Base of Operations: Mobile on Battleworld

First Appearance: Thing I#12 (June, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Tarianna is an experienced equestrian and a skilled wielder of broadswords and (electrified) lances. Her considerable size made her a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Tarianna spoke English, but had difficulty understanding common colloquialisms, which she tended to mangle. 

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red


(Thing I#13 (fb) - BTS) - After arriving on Battleworld to fight in the Beyonder's Secret Wars, Doctor Doom used the advanced alien technology at his disposal to create a device that could read people's minds and project realistic dreamscapes they would get trapped in. Doom figured the gadget would serve as a contingency plan. Using his own thoughts as a template, he created a replica of Doomstadt.

(Thing I#13 - BTS) - The dreamscape Doomstadt gave rise to the people of Leenn, a proud warrior race with an ancient heritage and traditions. The warrior maiden Tarianna was among the figments created by Doom's device.

(Thing I#13 (fb) - BTS) - In accordance with Leenn's traditions, the realm's greatest warrior could claim any woman he desired as his heartmate. Tarianna was forced to become the lover of the warrior Hanrak.

(Thing I#12) - Tarianna followed her heartmate Hanrak who went out to challenge the wizard who threatened Leenn. Along the way, they came across Ben Grimm who was exploring Battleworld. Hanrak assumed Grimm was one of the wizard's servants and attacked, but seemingly fainted when Ben changed into the Thing. He was then attacked by Tarianna who misconstrued the situation. Thing talked her down, changing into his human form to convince her of his good intentions. After explaining her origins, Tarianna watched the recovered Hanrak storm off towards the wizard's domain. Along with Thing, she followed him and encountered the wizard: a gigantic version of Doctor Doom. Thing took the lead and struggled against the robotic menace with Tarianna trying to convince Hanrak to help him. When he refused, she knocked him out and ended the battle by shortcircuiting Doom using her electrified lance. Touched by his bravery, Tarianna invited Ben to accompany her and Hanrak back to Leenn, which much to his astonishment looked like a copy of Latveria's capitol Doomstadt. 

(Thing I#13) - Upon returning to Leenn, Tarianna told of Ben Grimm's role in defeating the wizard and Hanrak's less than noble behavior, shaming the warrior. Tarianna joined Ben in a feast thrown by Leenn's leader Taymar who told tales of how the people of Leenn had lived on this world for thousands of years, which Thing couldn't believe given the artificial nature of Battleworld. Staying the night, he was visited by Tarianna who wanted to know more about Ben and his life outside of the realm of Leenn, beyond the mountains. The next day, she joined Ben as he went on to explore the forbidden castle on the outskirts of Leenn.

(Thing I#13 - BTS) - They were followed by a jealous Hanrak who soon kidnapped Tarianna and tied her up in a secluded spot.

(Thing I#13) - Coming to with Hanrak by her side, Tarianna was stunned to learn he vowed to make her love him again. Tarianna refused: by shaming himself in combat and getting defeated by Thing, he was no longer Leenn's greatest warrior. This also meant she was no longer obligated to be his heartmate and free to love who she wanted to love. At the same time, Ben Grimm was deep inside the castle where he was bombarded by negative feelings not quite his own. Changing into the Thing, he fought his way to the source of the negativity: Doctor Doom. After striking at the villain, he saw he'd actually hit Doom's dreamscape gadget. Instantly, the castle and the entire realm of Leenn vanished, except for a very confused Tarianna. Piecing the clues together, Thing was surprised to conclude Tarianna only survived because, subconsciously, he wanted her to.

(Thing I#14) - Tarianna accompanied Ben Grimm on his journey of exploration across Battleworld, growing ever closer to the hero. At one point, they encountered a derelict, abandoned spaceship in the desert. Tarianna, unfamiliar with the concept of space travel, watched as Ben shifted to his Thing form to dig out the craft in an attempt to make it fly again. They were then attacked by alien vessels on a strafing run. Seeking shelter inside the ship, Thing managed to make it fly again and chased after the attackers who were attacking a nearby settlement.

(Thing I#14 - BTS) - Seeing the ship made the attackers retreat.

(Thing I#14) - Landing near the attacked settlement, Ben and Tarianna met with Billera, leader of the Turek. His people had built the warship that Ben had uncovered as part of their war against the Silben. The conflict had raged for untold years and now the Turek no longer remember what the conflict was about, so they don't fight back when the Silben attack the settlement about once a month. Upon Tarianna's urging, Ben offered to teach the Turek how to fight back.

(Thing I#14 - BTS) - Over the next weeks, Ben and Tarianna assisted the Turek in fixing their fleet and training pilots to counter the coming Silben attack.

(Thing I#14) - On the eve of the Silben's expected attack, Tarianna surprised Ben with her outfit. Trading her warrior garb for a form fitting space age combat suit, she really made an impression on Ben Grimm. When the attack came, Ben Grimm ultimately drove back and defeated the Silben singlehandedly. In the aftermath, he refused the Turek's invitation to remain as their leader, opting to travel on with Tarianna.

(Thing I#15) - Flying over Battleworld, Ben and Tarianna were forced to land near a giant alien city when their Turek ship developed engine troubles. During the emergency landing, Ben accidentally scratched the ship of a nearby street gang who spent the better part of the day pranking Grimm out of revenge. At a local bar, Tarianna was hit on by Grul of Shalfbut a member of the Cyclotarius race who wanted to claim her for his own. When Ben dispatched him, Grul got his hands on a Tantorian P-Z Lanta, a powerful sentient rifle. Thanks to Tarianna's involvement, Ben learned how to rid Grul of his weapon: tell it of a more worthy enemy. After Ben mentioned Galactus, the weapon vanished and Grul fled the scene along with the street gang.

(Thing I#16) - After climbing a mountain, Ben and Tarianna were about to get intimate when a sudden earthquake swallowed Ben up. Tarianna desperately tried to reach him, all the while thinking to herself how the planet itself seemed to act as soon as she got close to Ben. It happened in the desert with the Turek ship, in the alien city when Grul showed up and now this freak landslide. Tarianna fought her way into the subterannean realm, defeating a giant earth boring snake and an army of animated skeleton warriors before falling prey to Grimm the Sorcerer who teleported her away. All Ben Grimm found of Tari was her broadsword.

(Thing I#17 - BTS) - Using his magics, Grimm the Sorcerer mindcontrolled Tarianna and altered her form to become the Reckoner, a giant, violent mace wielding warrior. The Sorcerer then taunted Ben Grimm, challenging him to come free Tarianna.

(Thing I#17) - The Reckoner fought Ben Grimm, successfully blinding him with a savage blow from his mace. But the Thing, despite his lack of sight, persevered and managed to knock out the Reckoner, only to be horrified when Grimm the Sorcerer cured his blindness and revealed the truth: it had been Tarianna all along.

(Thing I#18 - BTS - Tarianna's injuries were minor, but Ben Grimm still felt responsible for what had occurred, feeling he should have been able to realize who the Reckoner really was.

(Thing I#18) - Tarianna and Ben came to the aid of an old woman called Tabith who was escorting a small child to the kingdom of Muab when she was attacked by underlings of Grimm the Sorcerer and mortally wounded in the process. Ben and Tari swore the dying Tabith they would return the child to his family in Muab at the promised time. Calling the baby Junior, or 'Juneyar' as Tarianna pronounced it, the pair rode for days on two captured unicorns. Right before they could enter Muab, Grimm's forces captured Tarianna.

(Thing I#18 - BTS) - Ben Grimm pressed on and returned Junior to his family at the appointed time, learning the child was the kingdom's next ruler. With a new king in place, Muab was now beyond the reach of Grimm the Sorcerer who informed Ben he had taken Tarianna captive.

(Thing I#19) - Tarianna was tied to a slab in Grimm the Sorcerer's abode, but remained defiant and fearless. She understood little of what the villain said about being closer and more familiar with Ben Grimm than anyone. She then watched as he checked in on the Thing's progress before switching to view Llrrllllnnllyyrrl's village where she once again received a well intended gift that was not her stolen dowry.

(Thing I#20) - Grimm the Sorcerer hooked Tarianna up to a Vision Enhancer that caused her to hallucinate Ben Grimm's life. She found herself under attack by several incarnations of the Thing which she slew. This somehow weakened the actual Ben Grimm who was making his way to free her. Tarianna eventually saw through the Sorcerer's ruse and fought back, overloading the Vision Enhancer and nearly killing herself in the process. She was then stunned when the robed Soceror revealed his face: he was an exact copy of Ben. The Thing's archenemy, be it on Earth or Battleworld, is Ben Grimm himself.

(Thing I#21) - Tarianna angered Grimm the Sorcerer when she couldn't accept one so evil was actually the fleshed out subconscious of the man she loved. In retaliation, he struck at her, with Tarianna unable to free herself and fight back. She then watched as the Sorcerer grew ever more frantic while his body began to slowly shift into the Thing's scaly form. Seeking to lash out, he told Tarianna the truth of her existence: her entire life, all her memories, it was all a figment of Ben Grimm's imagination. Even as Tarianna tried to process the scope of this revelation, Grimm the Sorcerer managed to defeat the approaching Ben Grimm, shocking her with his unconscious form.

(Thing I#22) - Tarianna was still chained up on the slab, watching as Grimm the Sorcerer constructed a massive arena to have his final confrontation against his counterpart the Thing. After recounting his origins and covert machinations, Grimm attacked Ben who had trouble processing the entire experience. The fight took so much of the Sorcerer's focus that Tarianna was able to free herself from his hold. Making her way to the arena, she stood ready to stab Grimm the Sorcerer in the back just as he was about to defeat the Thing. Already beyond the point of help, Grimm retaliated and grievously wounded Tarianna. Without the Sorcerer's lifeforce powering them, all his creations vanished, leaving Thing alone with the dying Tarianna in his arms. In their final moments together, Ben explained what had happened. By killing Grimm the Sorcerer, she had also killed 'Ben Grimm'. There was no longer a human form he could shift back to, he was now the Thing through and through. He then held Tarianna in his arms until she died and vanished.

(Thing I#22 - BTS) - Some time after Tarianna's death, Ben Grimm came to the conclusion she was created by his own thoughts to serve his needs. This also meant that when she killed Grimm the Sorcerer, it was also Ben's own decision that forced her hand. A little later, after discovering Ultron XI s decapitated head, the Thing activated the automatic recall sequencer and returned to Earth. Without Ben's thoughts to form the place, Battleworld lost cohesion and exploded. 

(Thing I#26 - BTS) - Thing was stunned when he saw a poster of Sharon Ventura who was a dead ringer for Tarianna. Momentarily, he started to question his sanity, before concluding Tarianna was still dead and that the amazing resemblance was just a coincidence.

(Thing I#30 - BTS) - Talking to Vance Astrovik, Ben Grimm declared he never wanted to experience the traumas of the past six months, recounting the loss of both Alicia Masters and Tarianna.

Comments: Created by John Byrne (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks).

Man, that 1980s Thing soloseries got weiiiiiird once Secret Wars rolled around. Ten issues long all we saw was Ben Grimm fighting figments of his own imagination. Fighting *and* loving them, because he dreamed up Tarianna too. A fact she apparently was fine with (because, of course). But as a result, knowing she's not real also undermined any interest the readership might have in her. 

The very nature of Battleworld is confusing, to say the least. In Secret Wars I#1, it's established that the Beyonder used bits and pieces of various planets to create a unique patchwork world. There was Zsaji's village and also the suburb of Denver, Colorado which got Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) and the future Titania and Volcana involved. After the heroes, villains and the Denver cityblocks left, it seemed like everyone else stuck on this newly formed world were stuck on a world they never made.

However, the Thing series claims Battleworld is actually just an empty canvas that responds to the (sub)conscious fears and desires of Ben Grimm. It's literally the Thing's world and we're living in it.

Tarianna received a profile in 2015's Secret Wars Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse.

This profile was completed 8/07/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Norvo

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Thing I#18, p8, pan5 (Tarianna and Juneyar)
Thing I#20, p7, pan2 (used by Grimm the Sorcerer)

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