Real Name: (first name unrevealed) Norris

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Laboratory assistant

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly Dane Whitman

Enemies: Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), Toad (Mortimer Toynbee), Dane Whitman

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Churl," "Fool," "the Puny Weakling," "You Spineless Clown" (insults from Magneto)

Base of Operations: Garrett Castle, England

First Appearance: Avengers I#47 (December, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Norris has no superhuman powers but he is a skilled laboratory assistant, familiar with how to work Dane Whitman's Magnetic Space-Communicator.

He is also quite traitorous when it comes to working under others, feeling as if they steal his glory.

Height: 5'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 130 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: Bald

History: (Avengers I#47) - Norris assisted Dane Whitman as Whitman tested out his Magnetic Space-Communicator, which Whitman hoped to use to contact extraterrestrial life. As Whitman grew excited, Norris warned that the ability to lie was likely not just a human trait but Whitman admitted that he couldn't break contact when so close to success. Norris then questioned why Whitman was so eager to make a name for himself and Whitman quickly replied that it was his business. Despite this remark, Whitman nonetheless revealed how his uncle, the criminal Black Knight, had died battling Iron Man and how Whitman hoped to make up for his uncle's deeds. A short time later, as the magnetic rays came in quicker on the Magnetic Space-Communicator, Whitman summoned Norris to assist in handling the receiver, unaware Norris was secretly plotting against him. Feeling as if he had done all the work while Whitman would get the glory, Norris grabbed a metallic canister as Whitman continued shouting for Norris' assistance and hit Whitman across the head with it, knocking Whitman out. Preparing to claim the success for himself, Norris was quickly met by the villainous Magneto and his henchman Toad, who had been summoned there by the Magnetic Space-Communicator. Shocked that the Magnetic Space-Communicator had worked, Norris listened as Magneto explained how he had latched onto the Communicator's magnetic rays to pull himself there before demanding that Norris show him how the machine worked.

Realizing he had summoned a monster to Garrett Castle, Norris activated the Magnetic Space-Communicator but secretly planned to use it to send Magneto and Toad back whence they came. When Toad announced that he felt funny, Magneto realized what Norris was trying to do and magnetically hurled a wrench to knock Norris unconscious. Magneto then picked up the unconscious Norris and Dane Whitman and took them to Garrett Castle's dungeons.

(Avengers I#48) - Norris regained consciousness inside Garrett Castle's dungeons. At first still stunned, Norris soon recalled how the Magnetic Space-Communicator had summoned Magneto to Garrett Castle and how Magneto had locked Whitman and himself in the dungeons.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and George Tuska.

Norris bore a striking resemblance to a certain mad scientist enemy (Dr. Sivana) of DC's Big Red Cheese, Captain Marvel!

Norris' eye color was impossible to determine, as he was usually seen from afar, and when he was seen up close, his glasses obscured the color of his eyes.

This profile was completed 10/17/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Norris has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Avengers I#47, p3, pan4 (Norris, main image)
Avengers I#47, p9, pan2 (Norris, headshot)
Avengers I#48, p10, pan1 (Norris in Garrett Castle)

Avengers I#47 (December, 1967) - Roy Thomas (writer), John Buscema (pencils), George Tuska (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Avengers I#48 (January, 1968) - Roy Thomas (writer), George Tuska (art), Stan Lee (editor)

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