Real Name: Bobby Steele

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Television sports commentator;
    former football player

Group Membership: None;
    formerly New York Smashers

Affiliations: Susan Austin, Officer Concepcion, Gruenhilda/Hilda Grune, Aloysius Joise, Samantha Joise, Jackie Lukus, Ed Marerro, Ernesto Sapristi, Gabriella Sapristi, Giovanni Sapristi, Jerry Sapristi, Maria Sapristi, Pietro Sapristi, Rosa Sapristi, Tina Sapristi, Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson), Rakesh Vanamala

Enemies: Spartans from Mann Industries

Known Relatives: Marcy Masterson Steele (wife), Kevin Masterson (Thunderstrike, stepson), unidentified father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: (In shadow, name unrevealed) Thor I#435 (August, 1991);
    (full name revealed, seen) Thor I#438 (November, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Bobby Steele is a physically strong professional athlete who played as quarterback for years. Steele has struggled with steroid addiction at times.

Height: Unrevealed; 6'4" (by approximation)
Unrevealed; 250 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Thunderstrike I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Growing up, Bobby Steele's father put pressure on Bobby to train constantly and be smart with nutrition so that he could be a professional athlete.

(Thunderstrike I#8 (fb)) - Bobby learned to push himself in workouts and to never be afraid of pain. Over time, he became the quarterback for the New York Smashers and led them on a string of victories, making him and the team famous. When the team hit a slump, there was talk of Bobby being fired.

(Thunderstrike II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Bobby suffered a few concussions during his football play.

(Thor I#438 (fb) - BTS) - Bobby married Marcy Masterson, the ex-wife of Eric Masterson, and he became the stepfather to young Kevin Masterson. Steele put Kevin on an exercise plan and grew closer to him, making the decision with Marcy that he wanted to adopt the boy.

(Thunderstrike I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Feeling pressure to perform well, Bobby started taking steroids, even though he'd lectured Kevin on the dangers of drugs.

(Thor I#435) - Steele showed up at the home of Eric Masterson looking for him, and found Jackie Lukus at Masterson's front door. Steele left without leaving his name.

(Thor I#436) - Steele found Masterson, but Eric was with his son, Kevin, so Steele stayed in the shadows.

(Thor I#438) - Steele approached Masterson, showing himself, and Masterson invited him in. Steele told Masterson about his plan to adopt Kevin, but Masterson punched Steele in the jaw. Steele left peacefully, telling Masterson to think about it, emphasizing that Kevin deserved a real father. Returning to his convertible, Steele saw that a storm had ruined it, though he didn't know Thunderstrike (Masterson's super-hero identity) had triggered it.

(Thor I#439) - While getting ready for a dinner date with Marcy, Steele told her about the interaction with Masterson, telling her that it went well and the adoption seemed likely. Steele wasn't aware that Kevin was listening in the next room.

(Thor I#440) - Steele went to work out with Kevin and realized Kevin was missing. He asked Marcy if she'd seen Kevin, but she hadn't.

(Thor I#444 (fb) - BTS) - After the Smashers didn't make the playoffs, Steele was aggravated, but chose to blame it on "bad officiating." Steele and Marcy went all out to make Christmas special for Kevin, buying him many toys and decorating elaborately.

(Thor I#444) - Masterson came to visit Kevin on Christmas and was overwhelmed by the amount of gifts there already, including a replica of a Smashers uniform that Bobby had bought. Masterson gave Kevin a gift and then left quickly.

(Thor I#444 - BTS) - Kevin made a request to move their Christmas party to Masterson's home, and they agreed. They called Masterson's friends and neighbors and transferred the party.

(Thor I#444) - Masterson was shocked when he got home and saw Kevin, Bobby, and Marcy partying with Jackie Lukus, the Sapristi family (Jerry, Tina, Pietro, Giovanni, Maria, Gabriella, Ernesto, and Rosa), Gary Paretsky, Susan Austin (Kevin's au pair), Ed Marrero, Samantha Joise, and Aloysius Jamesly.

(Thor I#453) - Bobby and Mary joined some of their friends in celebrating Susan Austin's release from the hospital.

(Thunderstrike I#5 (fb) - BTS) - The administrative office of the Smashers began to blame Bobby for the failures of the team, and Bobby started to resent every time Marcy compared him to Masterson, saying that Masterson was more sensitive and in touch with his feelings.

(Thunderstrike I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Bobby began hanging out with his teammates more often, causing Marcy to grow concerned.

(Thunderstrike I#8 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Bobby was brutally mugged.

(Thunderstrike I#1) - Bobby got the Smashers to attend the filming of a commercial at Marcy's new business, Salon Steele. After the team signed autographs for a bit, Bobby said goodbye to Marcy and went off to have drinks with the guys. Outside, Bobby went off on his own, realizing that Marcy was growing suspicious of his absences. As Bobby got in his car, he was hit over the head by a criminal who then stole his car. Bobby was rushed to the hospital, where Marcy saw Dr. Paretsky suture Bobby's wounds. Seething, when Bobby heard about the arrest of other car-jackers, he followed the news about the criminal Carjack, the man responsible for the string of carjackers, who was arrested but then let go. Marcy called Eric in a panic, saying she believed Bobby was in danger.

(Thunderstrike I#2) - When Bobby returned home and found out that Marcy had agreed to let Kevin go with Eric for the day, he was furious and screamed at Marcy, saying he was Kevin's father now. Bobby struck Marcy and then rushed off with Kevin, ranting about how much pressure he was under and about how his problems were Marcy's fault as he drove down the road, determined to take Kevin to see his grandparents. Traffic was held up by the Juggernaut, who was soon defeated by Thunderstrike. Bobby dropped off Kevin at Eric's parents, after which he rushed off.

(Thunderstrike I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Bobby stayed away for days, leaving Marcy a few messages on the answering machine.

(Thunderstrike I#3) - Bobby saw Eric coming out of his apartment and he was furious, assuming Marcy was cheating on him.

(Thunderstrike I#4) - Bobby waited outside Salon Steele to see if Eric would show up, and when he did, Bobby took that as confirmation that Eric was cheating with Marcy. He planned to get revenge by taking Kevin.

(Thunderstrike I#5) - Bobby watched Kevin from afar and grew annoyed when the boy pretended to be a super-hero, playing with a replica of Thor's hammer.

(Thunderstrike I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Bobby reasoned that if he stayed away from Marcy long enough, she would realize how bad she needed him, but he continued to watch her.

(Thunderstrike I#7) - Bobby watched as Marcy and Eric walked together with Kevin, further evidence, he reasoned, of their affair.

(Thunderstrike I#8 - BTS) - Bobby returned home and grabbed Kevin, locking them both in the bedroom with Marcy and Susan Austin outside.

(Thunderstrike I#8) - Susan called Eric in, only making Bobby angrier, and Bobby ranted to Kevin about all of the challenges he was facing. Kevin got Bobby to admit he'd been taking steroids, resulting in massive mood swings, but when Kevin mentioned Eric, Bobby grew furious and grabbed Kevin violently. Bobby started apologizing to Kevin, but then Thunderstrike burst through the window, demanding that Bobby let the boy go. As Bobby collapsed in tears, Kevin yelled at Thunderstrike, saying Bobby needed understanding, not threats. As Marcy tended to Bobby, he begged that the police or medical professionals not be called as he would be cut from the team. Marcy promised to contact Thunderstrike through her attorneys.

(Thunderstrike I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Bobby got medical treatment and signed up for a visit with a psychiatrist, while working on his relationship with Marcy.

(Thunderstrike I#9) - The doctors warned Bobby that despite his strength and confidence, that the steroids would have long-lasting effects on his health. Bobby made plans to attend a party that Eric was hosting, though Marcy didn't think it was a good idea. At the party, Bobby bragged about his plans for the Smashers.

(Thunderstrike I#11) - Getting a call that a gun had gone off in Kevin's school, Bobby and Marcy rushed to the doctor, where Kevin was given a clean bill of health by the doctor, and Officer Concepcion and others questioned Ed Marrero, who'd witnessed the gun going off. Eric arrived, and they learned that a boy named Joey Greves had brought the gun to school. Bobby yelled at the police for asking questions instead of seeking answers.

(Thunderstrike I#12 (fb) - BTS) - With talk of trading Steele to a team in Los Angeles, Bobby and Marcy scheduled a flight to look at new homes to buy out there.

(Thunderstrike I#12) - At the airport, the villain Whyteout hit the area with a stark white energy. As Bobby and Marcy fled from the light, Bobby noticed Thunderstrike fighting Whyteout outside.

(Thunderstrike I#13) - When Kevin threw a fit about moving to Los Angeles, Marcy wondered if Bobby might quit football so that they could stay in New York and let Kevin be closer to Eric, but Bobby said football was his life.

(Thunderstrike I#15 (fb) ) - When Kevin collapsed in the schoolyard, falling into a mysterious coma, Bobby and Marcy rushed to his side, along with Dr. Gary Paretsky, Eric, and Susan Austin. Later, Kevin was miraculously healed (as a result of a conflict between Thunderstrike, Mephisto, and Odin).

(Thunderstrike I#19 (fb) - BTS) - Bobby called his agent to find out about options to cancel the transfer, but Bobby was informed that he would be cut from the team.

(Thunderstrike I#19) - Bobby told Marcy the news, then he kissed her and asked for another chance, apologizing for the terrible things he had done. After that, Bobby saw Dr. Paretsky working out at Marcy's club.

(Thunderstrike I#22) - Steele went to the stadium to clean out his locker before the big move, and he called Eric there to meet him. Bobby apologized to Eric for giving him a hard time, promised to take good care of Marcy and Kevin, and offered Eric a chance to punch him in the jaw, but Eric chose to shake Bobby's hand instead.

(Thunderstrike I#23) - At the airport, Bobby and Marcy were saddened and shocked that Eric had failed to make it to say goodbye to Kevin, but Kevin just boarded the plane bravely, boasting that his dad was probably off saving the world.

(Thunderstrike I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Eric passed away and was buried.

(Thunderstrike I#24) - Marcy and Bobby took Kevin to visit Eric's grave. There, Kevin held Bobby tight and called him "dad" for the first time.

(Thunderstrike II#1 (fb) - BTS) - After years in California, Bobby brought his family back to New York where he began hosting a sports show, interviewing people like Adam Mann. Kevin began struggling with anger management issues and was enrolled in the Maria Stark Academy.

(Thunderstrike II#1) - When Kevin got into a fight with Rakesh Vanamala in school, Ms. Silverstein called Bobby and Marcy in to talk things over. Rakesh's father Sateesh Vanamala ended up being a huge fan of Bobby's, and Bobby agreed to take Sateesh to a football game in order to get him to drop charges. Outside, Bobby tried convincing Kevin to work on his temper, but when Bobby brought up Eric, Kevin walked away in frustration.

(Thunderstrike II#2) - Hearing news that Thunderstrike had been spotted, Bobby and Marcy rushed to tell Kevin, only to learn that Kevin was Thunderstrike. Kevin explained that Steve Rogers had given him his father's old mace, and that it had changed him into a new version of the hero. Bobby suggested they place the mace into a safety deposit box while they considered what to do with it. That afternoon, Bobby picked up Kevin from school with his convertible, figuring it would be good for Kevin's reputation to have a celebrity pick him up. As they drove, Bobby shared with Kevin that Marcy was freaked out, but just then they were attacked by armed operatives (calling themselves Spartans) from Mann Industries who were seeking to obtain Thunderstrike's mace. As Gruenhilda the Valkyrie arrived to help Kevin and Bobby, Kevin changed into Thunderstrike and helped fight back. Bobby found himself impressed with Kevin's skills as Thunderstrike, and he wondered if he could get Marcy on board to approve of Kevin's super-hero activities. When one of the Spartans fired on a stone wall, it collapsed on Bobby, knocking him out. Kevin tried to save him, but Kevin reverted into his teenage form before he could stop the wall from completely collapsing.

(Thunderstrike II#3) - Bobby was rushed to the hospital, where Marcy was soon at his side. When Bobby woke up, he claimed he couldn't remember what had happened, and the authorities told him he'd been caught in a gas main explosion.

(Thunderstrike II#5) - When Marcy and Bobby saw a new younger Thunderstrike fighting Mangog on television, Marcy noted how closely he resembled Kevin. Marcy wondered if it was Kevin, but Bobby wondered. Later, Kevin visited with his friends Hilda Grune (Gruenhilda), Rakesh Vanamala, and Kiki Levine.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Al Milgrom.

This profile was completed 04/21/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by Chadman.

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