Real Name: Cullen (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Law enforcement official (Texas Ranger)

Group Membership: Texas Rangers

Affiliations: Arizona Kid (Davy Laramee), Chief Grey Fox, Kirby, Cliff Macklin, Nan Macklin, Happy Hicks, Miss Ramsdell, Red Rand, Mayor Trumbull, Senator Talley Wing

Enemies: Creech Gang (Job Creech), Sir Reginald Farnol, Marshal Sam Forbes, Bart Trager

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Fort Houston, Prairie City, southern Texas, USA (late 1800s)

First Appearance: Arizona Kid I#1 (March, 1951)

Powers/Abilities: Major Cullen was a fine horse rider. He usually carried a pistol and, despite his aged appearance, remained adept at combat.

Height: 5'11" (by approximation)
Weight: 165 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray

History: (Arizona Kid I#1) - When the frontier scout Arizona Kid was brought to Fort Houston by Captain Macklin because he wanted to join the organization, Major Cullen noted that at 17, the Kid was too young to be a Texas Ranger, but hired him as a scout for their group. The next day, Cullen led the Texas Rangers to the spread owned by Kirby, a rancher whose cattle had been rustled. When Kirby recognized Major Cullen's horse as the one which the rustler had rode, a fight nearly broke out, but the Arizona Kid calmed down the situation then proved the culprit was Bart Trager, a new Texas Ranger. Bart grabbed Major Cullen as a hostage to secure his escape but the Kid fired and hit him, leaving Major Cullen safe. Cullen led the Texas Rangers to break up the rustlers whom Trager had been leading. Major Cullen was very impressed by the Arizona Kid's performance on his first outing with the team.

(Arizona Kid I#1/2) - Major Cullen asked for volunteers to examine a supposed massacre perpetuated by Apaches at Apache Wells near Butler City. The Arizona Kid, Captain Macklin and Happy Hicks volunteered.

(Arizona Kid I#2/2) - After gunfighter Red Rand was released from prison, Major Cullen had a meeting with him, reminding him how he vowed to kill Judge Sobey, who had since become Mayor Sobey of Hangtown. Cullen cautioned him that if he returned to Hangtown, there would be trouble, but Rand insisted he had reformed and would not cause trouble. After Rand left, Mayor Sobey contacted Major Cullen and asked for the Texas Rangers to protect him. He delegated the task to Captain Macklin, who sent the Arizona Kid and Happy Hicks.

(Arizona Kid I#2/5) - When professional game hunter Sir Reginald Farnol visited Fort Houston, he requested a guide to the Apache hunting grounds and Major Cullen assigned the Arizona Kid. Farnol returned from the hunt outraged by the Kid's "insubordination" and demanded Cullen arrest him but Cullen took no action as the Kid proceeded to beat Farnol in a fistfight.

(Arizona Kid I#3) - Major Cullen received word from the Arizona Kid of an Apache warpath led by Big Bear. Major Cullen ordered the Kid and other Texas Rangers to defend homesteaders from the Apaches.

(Arizona Kid I#3/5) - Major Cullen sent the Arizona Kid to Cactus City to deliver a letter.

(Arizona Kid I#4) - After three men from Kalmath Wells were killed on Apache land, Mayor Trumbull sent for the Texas Rangers and Major Cullen led an investigation personally. The Arizona Kid tried to help Cullen negotiate with the Apaches but as the Apaches came to meet with them, one of the townsfolk lost his temper and opened fire on the Apaches. Nan was taken prisoner by the Apaches in retaliation but the Kid secured her release. Having learned the Apaches killed the three men because of gold on their land, Major Cullen helped negotiate with Chief Grey Fox so that Washington, D.C. would sent soldiers to defend the Apaches against further incursions.

(Arizona Kid I#4/2) - Major Cullen led the Texas Rangers nearby Cactus City to make camp but Captain Macklin went into town with Nan, Happy and the Arizona Kid to meet Macklin's brother Kent. When the Rangers were subsequently framed for murder by Marshal Sam Forbes, Major Cullen rode into town with other Texas Rangers to help fend off the marshal's men and Cullen witnessed Forbes' death at the hands of the Arizona Kid. Major Cullen was annoyed that the Kid murdered Forbes because he wanted him to be tried for his crimes.

(Arizona Kid I#4/5) - After Captain Macklin was injured by the outlaw el Chivuto in San Antone, Major Cullen resolved he would lead a force of Texas Rangers to San Antone to apprehend the outlaw. The Arizona Kid asked to be part of the mission but Major Cullen refused, not wishing to risk his best scout. However, the Kid went to San Antone anyway and killed el Chivuto. When Major Cullen arrived in San Antone and asked why the Kid disobeyed his orders, the Kid claimed he went to San Antone to obtain supplies for Happy and just happened to "run into" el Chivuto. Major Cullen realized there was no point in trying to discipline the Kid.

(Arizona Kid I#5/5) - When Senator Talley Wing led a buffalo hunt into Sioux territory, he demanded the Texas Rangers provide protection, which Major Cullen promised, against the objections of the Arizona Kid that the hunt would increase tension between them and the Sioux.

(Arizona Kid I#6) - Major Cullen led the Texas Rangers to Sioux Falls to battle the Creech Gang, who had been virtually destroying towns as they raided them. The Arizona Kid and Captain Macklin captured Job Creech when the gang attacked Sioux Falls but Ox Creech retalited by taking Nan as a hostage to secure Job's release. Major Cullen refused to let Job go free; ultimately Job was lynched to death by the townsfolk but the Kid and Cliff rescued Nan.

(Arizona Kid I#6/5) - Major Cullen assigned Captain Macklin to assemble six men and find the outlaw Twist Reeves but refused the Arizona Kid's request to join the hunting party because the Kid was needed for game hunting. Cullen was then surprised when the Kid found and killed Reeves.

(Wild Western I#21/4) - Miss Ramsdell came to Fort Houston to discuss the disappearance of her brother near the Crossy Ranch. Major Cullen sent the Arizona Kid to investigate.

(Texas Kid I#9/3) - Major Cullen and the Arizona Kid discovered trander Jules DuBois had been selling liquor to the Utes tribe so they would run amock. After the Kid drove DuBois out, he masqueraded as White Elk and kidnapped Nan in an attempt to turn the Texas Rangers against the Utes but the Kid realized something was wrong and had Major Cullen hold back while he investigated. The Kid ultimately rescued Nan and turned DuBois over to the Utes for justice.

Comments: Created by an unknown writer and Russ Heath.

This profile was completed 6/12/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

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Arizona Kid I#4, page 2, panel 5 (main)
Arizona Kid I#4, page 2, panel 2 (headshot)

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