(of Earth-19338)

Real Name: Peter Parker (presumably) (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-19338) human mutate (presumably)

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: Spider-Army (Doppelganger of Earth-616, Lady Spider/May Reilly of Earth-803, Octo-Spidey/Peter Parker of Earth-11983, Silk/Cindy Moon of Earth-616, Sp//dr/Peni Parker of Earth-14512, "Spider the Hunter" of Earth-19156, Spider-Girl/Anya Corazon of Earth-616, Spider-Girl/May Parker of Earth-982, Spider-Ham/Peter Porker of Earth-8311, "Spider-Man" of Earth-15151, "Spider-Man" of Earth-19338, "Spider-Man" of Earth-51142, Spider-Man/Ben Parker of Earth-3145, Spider-Man/Hobie Brown of Earth-138, Spider-Man/Hulk of Earth-200527, Spider-Man/Otto Octavius of Earth-616, Spider-Man/Pavitr Prabhakar of Earth-50101, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-616, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-7122, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-90266, Spider-Man/Takuya Yamashiro of Earth-51778, Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928, Spider-Man J/Sho Amano of Earth-7041, Spider-UK/Billy Braddock of Earth-833, Spider-Woman/Ashley Barton of Earth-807128, Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew of Earth-616, others)

Affiliations: Spider-Army

Enemies: Inheritors of Earth-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Morlun, Solus, Verna)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile throughout Earth-19338

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man III#9 (January, 2015)

Powers/Abilities: "Spider-Man" presumably had the same powers as Spider-Man of Earth-616, including superhuman strength, agility and a danger-warning "Spider-Sense."

Height: 5'10" (by approximation) (see comments)
Weight: 167 lbs. (by approximation) (see comments)
Eyes: Brown (presumably) (see comments)
Hair: Brown (presumably) (see comments)

History: (Amazing Spider-Man III#9) - "Spider-Man" was observed in the Web of Life and Destiny by the Inheritors of Earth-001.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#14 - BTS) - Recruited onto the multiversal Spider-Army against the Inheritors, "Spider-Man" joined numerous other spider-totems on Earth-001's Loomworld in a battle against the Inheritors.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#15) - After the defeat of Inheritors, "Spider-Man" watched as May Parker of Earth-982 said goodbye to Peter Parker of Earth-616 before returning to his home reality.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith.

This character was never identified but he's seen with other Peter Parker counterparts and is clearly based on DC's Rorschach from the Watchmen series.

"Spider-Man"'s physical stats are based on Peter Parker of Earth-616.

This profile was completed 9/25/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Copeinator123.

"Spider-Man" has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Amazing Spider-Man III#9, p24-25, pan1 (Peter Parker, main image)

Amazing Spider-Man III#9 (January, 2015) - Dan Slott (writer), Giuseppe Camuncoli (penciler), Cam Smith (inker), Nick Lowe (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man III#14 (April, 2015) - Dan Slott (writer), Giuseppe Camuncoli, Olivier Coipel (pencilers), Wade von Grawbadger, Cam Smith, John Livesay (inkers), Nick Lowe (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man III#15
(April, 2015) - Dan Slott (writer), Giuseppe Camuncoli (penciler), Cam Smith (inker), Roberto Poggi (inker), Nick Lowe (editor)

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Last updated: 09/25/2021

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