wilson-mercedes-deadpool-dprafMERCEDES WILSON

Real Name: Mercedes Wilson (maiden name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human magic-user;
    American or Canadian citizen

Occupation: Unrevealed;
    former teacher

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ilaney Brukner, Zoe Culloden, Montgomery Burns, T-Ray (Wade Wilson);
    formerly Deadpool (Jack/aka Wade Wilson)

Enemies: Black Talon (Samuel Barone) and his zombies, Bullseye (Lester), Deadpool (Jack; aka Wade Wilson), Alestaire Grunch, Landau, Luckman, & Lake, T-Ray (Wade Wilson);
Zoe Culloden

wilson-mercedes-dp33-magicKnown Relatives: Wade Wilson (aka T-Ray; ex-husband);
    Henry (father); unidentified mother

Aliases: "Angel with the Dirty Halo," "Angel" (from Wade);
    "Toots" (from Deadpool)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly a cabin in remote Maine;
    formerly a home in Maine;
    formerly an unidentified university in Calgary, Canada

Education: Unspecified teaching degree, presumably from a university in Calgary

First Appearance: (Unidentified, seen as part of an hallucination) Deadpool III#26 (March, 1999);
    (actual appearance; unidentified) Deadpool III#27 (April, 1999);
    (Mercedes name identified)
Deadpool III#28 (May, 1999);
    (Wilson surname identified)
Deadpool III#30 (July, 1999)

Powers/Abilities:  Her mystical powers largely unrevealed, Mercedes could at temporarily transfer power to another person, and she may have enhanced strength or durability. 

    As a resurrected being, it is unrevealed whether she retains the normal human limitations (requiring oxygen, heat, food, water, etc., although there is no notation about her not needing those things).

    Mercedes has some knowledge of philosophy and classic literature.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Light amber; originally brown (sometimes shown as blue)

Hair: Red; originally black 


(Deadpool III#29 (fb) - BTS) - Mercedes was high school sweethearts with Wade Wilson....or did they (see comments).

(Deadpool III#32 (fb)) - Mercedes and Wade Wilson met at a Calgary university where they had a philosophy class together.

     Wade liked "No Exit" while Mercedes hated it.

      She threatened to throw it in the fountain just so she would grab his hand. 

(Deadpool III#27) - Wade Wilson gave Mercedes a locket with their picture and the inscription, "MY ANGEL, WITH THE DIRTY HALO."

(Deadpool III#32 (fb)) - Wade and Mercedes had their honeymoon in Hawaii. 

     As they hiked across Manapua Beachhead, Wade swore he would love her until Hawaii froze over. wilson-mercedes-dp32-hawaii

(Deadpool III#32 (fb)) - Wade and Mercedes saw her parents every weekend for three years. 

(Deadpool III#30 (fb)) - Wade and Mercedes Wilson were happily married teachers in Maine until they decided to go off the grid and move to an isolated house in the woods. wilson-mercedes-dp32-jack

(Deadpool III#30 (fb) - BTS) - Mercedes was reading Jane Eyre in the living room in the dead of winter (which would be the last memory she retained upon being resurrected).

(Deadpool III#30 (fb) - BTS / Deadpool III#33 (fb)) - Jack, a mercenary/killer who had botched a job and was on the run from powerful people, fell into a river in Maine. 

(Deadpool III#30 (fb)) - While fetching water from the river, they encountered the mercenary in the water.

(Deadpool III#32 (fb)) - They both worried that he was dead, but as they stepped into the shallow stream and began to fish him out, Wade realized the man was still breathing. After they got the man onto land, Mercedes wondered whether he would make it, and Wade replied that they could only pray.

(Deadpool III#30 (fb)) - Thinking him a lumberjack that had fallen into the river and washed downstream, they took him into their home, got him cleaned up, and fed him warm soup. Lacking a phone, they planned to wait until morning to take him into town, but a snowstorm made them unable to leave their house for a week. 

(Deadpool III#33 (fb)) - Waking up in the cabin, Jack realized what a mess he had made of things, and he resolved that is was time to make himself disappear and usurp the lwilson-mercedes-dp33-axeife of Wade. With Wade happy to have another man around to talk to, Jack got him to tell him secrets about his life, his work, and his wife. 

(Deadpool III#33 (fb) - BTS) <At least according to T-Ray> - Jack planned to set the house on fire, kill Wade and be badly burns himself, after which he would use technology, plastic surgery, and falsified credentials to assume Wade's identity. He apparently believed he could even usurp Wade's role as Mercedes' husband. 

(Deadpool III#33 (fb)) - When the snow finally stopped, Mercedes drove off, planning to go to the nearest neighbor and use their radio to call for help.

(Deadpool III#33 (fb) - BTS) - Jack knocked out Wade (apparently with the blunt end of his axe) and doused the ground around Wade in gasoline. 

(Deadpool III#33 (fb) - BTS) - Having forgotten her wallet and worried about getting a ticket even that remote area, Mercedes returned home. 

(Deadpool III#33 (fb)) - Mercedes saw Jack standing over Wade about to drop the match onto the gasoline. wilson-mercedes-dp33-stabbed

    Jack tackled Mercedes, hoping she would be easily knocked out, but Wade then jumped on Jack's back, stabbed him, and then tackled him through a window. Recovering, Jack repeatedly stabbed Wade, but when Mercedes approached with an axe, Jack reflexively stabbed her in the chest. 

(Deadpool III#28 (fb) - BTS) - A battered Mercedes Wilson begged for help, "by all that's holy." 

(Deadpool III#29 (fb) - BTS) <10 years after having met Wade> - Mercedes was slain in front of Wade Wilson.

(Deadpool III#33 (fb)) - As Mercedes died, Jack carried her away, shattered by having slain the innocent woman with whom he had plotted to live.
(Deadpool III#33 (fb) - BTS) - Jack stole Wade's wallet and key, and buried both Mercedes and Wade Wilson (see comments), but Wade wasn't dead. Jack left in Wade's car.

(Deadpool III#28 (fb) - BTS) - Devastated and seeking penance, Jack mentally erased his past life.

(Deadpool III#33 (fb) - BTS) - Jack's former employers showed up at the Wilson's house. As they wished vengeance on Jack, Wade found something to live for. Wade continued on the path the path to vengeance, ultimately becoming the mystic T-Ray.

wilson-mercedes-dp26-hallucination(Deadpool III#33 (fb) - BTS) - As his vengeance plot against Deadpool, T-Ray resurrected Mercedes and arranged to put her in jeopardy to facilitate a bond between her and Deadpool, so that he would fall in love with her; and T-Ray could then torture him and take her away forever.

(Deadpool: Rank and Foul) - T-Ray instilled Deadpool with Mercedes-centered hallucinations.

(Deadpool III#33 (fb)) - T-Ray resurrected Mercedes with no memory of how she died. He plotted to put her in jeopardy and to manipulate into Deadpool into rescuing her. His goal was to have Deadpool fall in love with Mercedes, and when he his "heart was full of love and hope and glow," he would reveal the truth, intending to break Deadpool's spirit as he tortured him and forced him to watch as he took Mercedes away from him forever.

(Deadpool III#26 (fb) - BTS) - While flying in a helicopter with his pilot, Ilaney Brukner, and just before being assaulted by a group of AIM agents, Deadpool had an hallucination of Mercedes (although he didn't know who it was at the time) riding a flying saber-toothed rabbit while pouring bourbon into a pitcher of milk. Grabbing the controls and swerving to miss the hallucination, Deadpool alerted Ilaney to AIM's presence, after which he opened fire on the hallucination. When he saw Mercedes in place of Ilaney, Deadpool shot at her; missing (singeing her ponytail), he snapped out of it, and they ejected.

(Deadpool#26 (fb) - BT) - Deadpool began to have hallucinations (involving bunnies and Mercedes Wilson, though he did not recognize her at this time) leading him to seek out Dr. Bong for psychological therapy.

(Deadpool III#26 - BTS) - Deadpool related recent events, including the hallucination, to Dr. Bong, who diagnosed him as being insane.

(Deadpool III#27 - BTS) - Deadpool continued to hallucinate about Mercedes (pouring bourbon into milk, with non-flying cartoonish rabbits jumping all over the place). Bong told Deadpool he was suffering from spontaneous hallucinatory episodes resulting from severe mental trauma incurred over his lifetime of violence as a mercenary, and that they were manifesting at this time due to his destruction of the Messiah (S’met’kth). Planning to get to the meaning of the woman in the hallucinations through intensive therapy, Bong first prioritized eliminating the hallucinations so Deadpool could function as a mercenary effectively. Since Deadpool's healing factor would prevent medication from working, Bong prescribed a crash course therapy that would allow Deadpool to confront those aspects of his life the hallucinations represented through the violent death of a hero. Knowing he could kill Wolverine without really killing him (as his healing factor would protect him), Deadpool chose Wolverine as the target for his therapy and provoked a fight with him.

    As Deadpool continued to have hallucinations despite the battle, Bong concluded and advised Deadpool that his recent perceived failure in destroying the Messiah had caused his mind to reflect on all of the various and sundry betrayals, violence, and other mistakes he had made in his darkest moments. Bong further told Deadpool that his mind had redefined those moments as opportunities for peace that had been stolen from him, and that the rabbits represented those lost opportunities, just out of reach; and that the woman -- who was pouring liquor into milk in the hallucinations -- represented Deadpool's own poisoning of his once-promising life. 

    Deadpool accepted much of this, but realized he knew the woman. As the hallucinations faded, Bong, considering the mission a success, hoped to complete his report with the identity of the woman from the hallucinations, but Deadpool told him it was just a woman who had stolen his heart before she died.

(Deadpool III#28 (fb) - BTS) - Mercedes found herself in Atlanta, Georgia, fleeing from Bullseye, with her last memory being reading Jane Eyre. wilson-mercedes-dp27-fleeing

(Deadpool III#28 (fb) - BTS) - In Atlanta, Georgia, Mercedes fled from Bullseye, although she didn't know why he was after her.

(Deadpool III#27) - Mercedes tripped and broke a heal while running, losing her locket in the process, and then got up and continued running.

(Deadpool: Rank and Foul) - T-Ray manipulated Deadpool into rescuing Mercedes.

(Deadpool III#28) - Running down the streets, Mercedes was spotted by Deadpool, who assumed he was hallucinating again until she actually collided with him. After Ilaney confirmed Mercedes was real, Bullseye made his presence known. After Mercedes asked for help, Deadpool recalled an injured Mercedes begging for help years before, and he tried to convince Bullseye to drop the contract, even offering to pay him.

    After Bullseye refused and assaulted Deadpool, Mercedes fled into the streets, calling for the police that two men were trying, but Bullseye caught up to her as she futilely sought to convince an off-duty cab driver to take her anywhere. Deadpool engaged Bullseye, blocking his thrown weapons with his own body and taking Mercedes in the taxi to flee; Deadpool repeatedly deflected her questions about why she was helping and what was his plan. After he told her that she had disrupted his sanity by walking back into his life, she argued that she had never met him, but he firmly told her to shut up and drop it (presumably so he could concentrate on Bullseye). When Mercedes asked Deadpool why he hated her, he had a flashback to her asking him that long before, and he told her that he could never hate her. 

    Bullseye caused their cab to blow up, and Deadpool dove through the windshield, asking Mercedes to stop screaming in his ear before they crashed on the ground. Deadpool warned Bullseye that he would kill him if he harmed "the girl," and when Bullseye refused to stop, Deadpool ultimately moved Bullseye into the path of his own weapon to save Mercedes. Having already referred to Mercedes as "angel" and making her suspect a connection, Deadpool told her this was short "Angel with a Dirty Halo," which made her think he was Wade. Telling Mercedes that that was what it said on the marriage license, Deadpool kissed her.wilson-mercedes-dp29-ten-d

(Deadpool III#29 (fb) - BTS) - Sensing Mercedes' resurrection, the Black Talon sought her out, apparently wishing to claim and study (and/or romance) her, and presumably wishing to learn who had resurrected her so he could master those advanced techniques himself. 

(Deadpool III#29 (fb) - BTS) - Deadpool traveled with Mercedes to his Bolivian "Casa Deadpool." Exhausted, she slept for an extended period of time.

(Deadpool III#29 - BTS) - Deadpool coerced an unidentified Latverian scientist based out Castle Doom to analyze a sample of Mercedes' genetic material, and he confirmed that she was not a clone. Deadpool then pressured the scientist to perform another test to prove she was not an alien, although the royal guard arrived soon after. 

(Deadpool III#29) - As Mercedes slept, Deadpool considered that she was most likely not real and debated killing her, but could not bring himself to do it. 

(Deadpool III#29 - BTS) - Alestaire Grunch cursed the day that he sold out to the likes of T-Ray and doubly cursed the day he heard the name Mercedes Wilson.

(Deadpool III#29) - The Black Talon and his zombie army assaulted Casa Deadpool. While the Black Talon briefly communicated with Mercedes via a dream, Deadpool sent Monty to watch over her. Awakening, she was initially terrified by Monty's scarred appearance, but he explained that Deadpool had sent him to protect her from the zombie invasion. Explaining her history with Wade Wilson (who was a teacher when she last knew him a week ago), Mercedes was shocked to learn how many enemies Deadpool had. 

    When the zombies broke in, Monty was unable to stop them, and they brought Mercedes before the Black Talon where Deadpool had been captured and bound. Mercedes was mortified when the Black Talon stabbed Deadpool in the chest, but she was further disturbed when Deadpool recovered and brutally beat Black Talon. When she begged "Wade" to stop killing Black Talon, Deadpool insisted he had a right to revenge and told her to stop giving him a hard time before he forgot how bad his life had been since she came back and made him wish he'd never saved her in the first place. Mercedes ran away in tears.wilson-mercedes-dp31-gun

(Deadpool III#30) - Mercedes asked Deadpool what had happened to bring him to this state/career/identity, and she punched him in the abdomen when he was flippant. Apologizing, she asked him to take off his mask, but he told her his face wasn't anything she could handle. On Monty's advice, Deadpool told Mercedes the circumstances of her death and how he had become Deadpool, after which he removed his mask and they hugged. 

     Upon meeting Mercedes, Ilaney noted, "but she's so...skinny"...and Mercedes replied "...and you're not." Deadpool was going to have Ilaney fly him and Mercedes to Morocco, but Monty presented Deadpool with a lead, and so they instead went to Hellhouse. 

(Deadpool III#30 - BTS) - As Monty got further information, including the marriage license, photographs, and black ops incidents in the area, T-Ray ambushed and subdued Monty.

(Deadpool III#30) - Mercedes waited by the helicopter with Ilaney, but when she heard an explosion in Hellhouse, she rushed to check on Wade despite Ilaney telling her not to worry. 

(Deadpool III#30 - BTS) - After helping Deadpool fight off mercenaries loyal to T-Ray, Patch took Deadpool to Grunch who was slain by a number of cats before he could reveal anything.wilson-mercedes-dp31-upper

(Deadpool III#30 (fb) - BTS) - T-Ray left Monty hanging by his neck and wrapped in barbwire at Hellhouse.

(Deadpool III#30 - BTS) - Finding Monty's seemingly dead form, Mercedes screamed.

(Deadpool III#30) - The scream drew Deadpool, and T-Ray's note allowed Deadpool to realize T-Ray was the culprit.

(Deadpool III#31 (fb) - BTS) - Mercedes accompanied Ilaney, Monty, and Deadpool via teleportation to a Landau, Luckman, & Lake facility to get treatment for Monty.

(Deadpool III#31) - Sitting with Ilaney, who was nauseated from the transit, Mercedes was disturbed by the overall insanity of Deadpool's life. She was subsequently manhandled and thrown in a holding cell along with Deadpool and Ilaney due to unauthorized travel to the facility. Considering that ultimately they were there because of T-Ray, she asked Deadpool to promise that they would track him down like a dog and kill him. 

    Though surprised at her bloodthirsty nature, Deadpool agreed, after which he vomited up bomb materials he kept stored in latex in his stomach, and he blew open the door to their cell. When Mercedes picked up an automatic weapon, Deadpool yanked it out of her hands and asked what had gotten into her, and she told him that if this was what his world was about, it was time she started fitting in. 

    After LLL security forces pinned them down, Mercedes asked why they just didn't blow them all away, as that was what Deadpool did. Trying to prove himself better, Deadpool prepared to surrender to LLL in exchange for their sending Mercedes and Ilaney back home with their memories of him wiped clean (as he didn't like what associating with him was doing to her).

    Ultimately, however, LLL Overboss Zoe Culloden used her "Overboss Killswitch" to render the troops unconscious. Not liking what working with LLL had done to her, Zoe departed with a recovering Monty, and they offered Deadpool passage through a doorway that would give him and Mercedes a chance of living a normal life together, somewhere T-Ray could never find them.

    Agreeing to start a new life together, Deadpool and Mercedes (and Ilaney) passed through the portal...but instead found themselves by their old cabin in Maine and confronted by T-Ray.wilson-mercedes-dp32-full-mostly

(Deadpool III#32) - Deadpool attacked T-Ray who transported them to some mystic/astral/whatever realm, leaving Deadpool, Mercedes, and Ilaney to watch a flashback of Wade and Mercedes Wilson finding and pulling a man out of the water. When Deadpool went off on the flashback Wilsons, trying to advise them to kill the man instead, T-Ray confronted Mercedes and Ilaney. When T-Ray offered Ilaney a chance to depart safely to her home, Mercedes advised her to take it, but she refused, and T-Ray summoned flying piranha-like creatures to magically transport her away while seemingly consuming her. T-Ray then had Mercedes watch via a mystic crystal ball  while restrained by mystic hands as he confronted Deadpool. 

    T-Ray challenged Deadpool with memories of Wade and Mercedes' life together, which T-Ray reviewed in detail while Deadpool only seemed vaguely familiar. Deadpool assaulted T-Ray, trying to force him to give Mercedes back to him. T-Ray then transferred Deadpool to a vision of Ilaney's plane crashing with Mercedes' parents, where he noted that he would leave Ilaney trapped in an endless loop of this crash unless Deadpool gave Mercedes to him. When Deadpool punched away Mercedes' mom (or a representation thereof) as a "guilt-inducing extra," T-Ray asked Mercedes how Deadpool wouldn't remember her parents.

    When Deadpool attacked T-Ray anew, T-Ray asked him why -- if T-Ray was the man who had destroyed his life -- when Deadpool discovered they were working together at Hellhouse, he didn't even shoot him a dirty look.

    T-Ray then transported them to the Calgary university location where they first met, but when T-Ray asked him about it and Deadpool denied that he knew that was not where he and Mercedes met, Mercedes confronted him, asking him how they had met. When he didn't remember, noting he was distracted with the killer T-Ray, Mercedes began to question why he didn't remember how they met or her parents.wilson-mercedes-dp33-redwhite

    T-Ray then announced that Deadpool had never met Mercedes' parents, and he asked why he had chosen this date to torture him. Deadpool had no idea, but Mercedes realized it was her and Wade's anniversary. T-Ray then revealed that the reason Deadpool didn't remember is that they weren't his memories...T-Ray was Wade Wilson. Watching the flashback again, Deadpool was devastated as he realized that it was indeed him, not T-Ray, being pulled out of the water by Wade and Mercedes. 

(Deadpool III#33) - Mercedes and Deadpool both denied T-Ray's claims initially. T-Ray then revealed Deadpool's history as Jack, usurping other lives, and detailed how Jack had assaulted the Wilsons. 

    Further detailing his own revenge plot against Deadpool, T-Ray then transformed Mercedes into a red-haired, pale-skinned form (perhaps reflecting his own form?).

    As Mercedes watched, T-Ray apparently summoned all the people Deadpool had ever killed, and Deadpool was briefly upon seeing how many there were. 

    T-Ray then told Mercedes that he had given her new life and access to his own power, and now, as his final gift, they would together crush the spirit of the man who had destroyed their heaven.

    However, as T-Ray taunted Deadpool with what he had nearly had and had instead lost, Deadpool ultimately considered that while he had been a very bad person in the past, he had been actively trying to be a better person, and he felt like he had been succeeding. As a result, Deadpool laughed at T-Ray's convoluted plot. Deadpool then apologized to Mercedes for what he'd done, acknowledging that it didn't make it any better, and he reminded her she had a second chance, and she should make sure she didn't end up like him or T-Ray.

    Deadpool then confronted T-Ray, noting that he had brought his wife back from the dead to set her up with her murderer, just to torture the murderer. Deadpool then told T-Ray to ask Mercedes what was worth, death or this.

    Accusing T-Ray as a "twisted wreck of a man," Mercedes granted power to Deadpool to defeat him, but she withdrew her power before Deadpool could kill T-Ray. When T-Ray argued that he had given Mercedes power so they could share vengeance, Mercedes countered that he had used her, and that she would not let that happen anymore. 

    After noting that they would free Ilaney from the loop in which T-Ray had trapped her, Mercedes considered that she wasn't sure what was next, as not all ending were clean one. When Deadpool asked her if they could be, she kicked him in the Johnsonial region and denounced him for killing her and setting up her husband to become the devil. She further told him that while she was not as corrupt as T-Ray, Deadpool still had to pay for what he had done; nonetheless, she told Deadpool that she was giving him a fighting chance, which is better than T-Ray would have given him. 

    Deadpool thanked Mercedes and told her "No hard feelings," but she assured him that there were indeed hard feelings. As T-Ray and Mercedes vanished in a portal, T-Ray noted that they would continue their conflict on other worlds. T-Ray further told Deadpool to keep the name "Wade Wilson" as he didn't want it any more.

Comments: Created by Joe Kelly, James Felder, Pete Woods, and Walden Wong.

    Nothing has ever contradicted this storyline, although Deadpool has come to other conclusions via spurious logic. Based on this story, T-Ray is the real Wade Wilson, and Deadpool is Jack, although he goes by the name Wade still. That being said, Deadpool's poor memories can be chalked up to the amount of brain damage he has had over the years.


    A couple things were different in Deadpool's relating events of the circumstances of Mercedes' death. Per Deadpool:

  1. (Deadpool III#28 (fb)) shows Mercedes begging for help and asking why someone hated her, both while she was in a parka.
    (Deadpool III#33 (fb)) shows she wasn't wearing a parka and had no discussion with Deadpool when he knocked her out and/or when she approached him from behind with an axe and he stabbed her.
    Obviously, Deadpool's memories were WAY SKEWED, but it's possible such discussion was had between panels in the actual encounter
  2. (Deadpool III#30 (fb)) - The skin of the man they pulled out of the river was bleached almost white from exposure.
    I don't think Deadpool realized at the time that T-Ray was the man he believed to have been involved. It wasn't until after T-Ray assaulted Monty that Deadpool realized/accepted T-Ray's involvement.
  3. (Deadpool III#30 (fb)) - Not wanting to leave any witnesses, the mercenary killed Mercedes, who died in Wade's arms, although Wade survived.
    (Deadpool III#33 (fb)) - Jack carried Mercedes off after stabbing her, so she presumably died in Jack's arms. 
    At the time of Deadpool relating the above account, he believed he was Wade Wilson, so if Mercedes died in his arms, that fits with that belief.

    Additionally, a couple things were inconsistent in T-Ray's relating events from information revealed by Mercedes or what he had said himself:

(Deadpool III#33 (fb) - BTS) - Jack buried both Mercedes and Wade Wilson, but Wade wasn't dead. 
But then when Jack's former employers showed up, Wade was lying on the ground (above ground, and not covered in dirt).
These two accounts were 5 panels apart...

Per Mercedes: (Deadpool III#29 (fb) - BTS) - Mercedes was high school sweethearts with Wade Wilson. 
Per T-Ray, which Mercedes remembered: (
Deadpool III#32 (fb)) - Mercedes and Wade Wilson met at a Calgary university where they had a philosophy class together. Wade liked "No Exit" while Mercedes hated it. She threatened to throw it in the fountain just so she would grab his hand. wilson-mercedes-dp28-darker

    Deadpool III#28 showed Mercedes as significantly more darkly complected than other issues, although her skin tone and eye color definitely varied between issues.
    Art error, or part of her mystic/resurrected nature?

Thanks to Carl Farmer for providing the image from Mercedes' profile in Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul, and for removing the red line and the inset!

    This profile was completed 05/08/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

Mercedes Wilson
should be distinguished from:

Mercedes' parents


    The father is named Henry...the mother was not identified in-story. 

Their surname (Mercedes' maiden name) is unrevealed

(Deadpool III#32 (fb)) - Wade and Mercedes saw her parents every weekend for three years. 

(Deadpool III#32) - T-Ray transferred Deadpool to a vision of Ilaney Brukner's plane crashing with Mercedes' parents, where he noted that he would leave Ilaney trapped in an endless loop of this crash unless Deadpool gave Mercedes to him. 

    When Deadpool punched away Mercedes' mom (or a representation thereof) as a "guilt-inducing extra," T-Ray asked Mercedes how Deadpool wouldn't remember her parents.

--Deadpool III#32

Note: It is unrevealed whether Mercedes' parents were actually in the plane in which Ilaney crashed, meaning they died in it, or that T-Ray killing two birds with one stone...torturing Deadpool with Ilaney's torment and exposing his lack of memory of Mercedes' parents.

    I don't THINK we know anything else about them...

images: (without ads)

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