Official Name: Republic of Rudyarda

Continent: Africa

Population: 1,650,000

Capital City: Viceroy

Government: Republic

Major Languages: Afrikaans, English

Monetary Unit: Rudyarda shilling

Major Resources: Aircraft, coal, diamonds, gold, iron ore, machinery, metallurgy, mining, steel, timber, uranium

National Defense: Armed Forces of Rudyarda

International Relations: Rudyarda is a member of UNESCO, the United Nations and the World Health Organization. It shares an alliance with nearby country Azania and has enough relations with the United States of America to have a consulate there. It is often an enemy of the African nation of Wakanda, even causing a diplomatic incident when they jailed Wakandan King T'Challa.

Rudyarda was formerly an economic and political ally of the mutant-hating nation of Genosha.

Extraterrestrial Relations: None

Places of Interest: City Prison, an abandoned metal works factory, airport, tenements

Domestic Super Humans: Rock Python (M'Gula)

Non-Human Population: None

Prominent Citizens: Nathan Kumalo, Ronald Pershing, Jeth Robards

Superhuman Residents: None

Domestic Crime: Rudyarda has had several violent clashes within its borders between the black and white classes.

International Crime: Klaw once traveled to Rudyarda to broker a deal for Wakanda's Vibrotron device with Jeth Robards, only to kill Robards and get imprisoned for his crimes after being apprehended by the Thing and Human Torch. Following abuse suffered in prison, Klaw vowed revenge on Rudyarda.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#119 (February, 1972)

History: (Marvel Atlas I#2 - Rudyarda entry - BTS) - The Republic of Rudyarda was founded by voortrekkers who had left South Africa during the early 20th century, frustrated by the second Boer War. Named in honor of British author Rudyard Kipling, whose 1899 poem "The White Man's Burden" was seen by many as championing imperialistic superiority. Known for its metallurgy and mining, Rudyarda was protected by its own Armed Forces.

(Fantastic Four I#119 (fb) - BTS) - Rudyarda became known as one of the last remaining strongholds of white supremacy in all of Africa.

(Marvel Atlas I#2 - Rudyarda entry - BTS) - Over time, Rudyarda was plagued with strife due to the black vs. white class struggle, leading to several violent reprisals on both sides. At some point, Rudyarda became a member of the United Nations, UNESCO and the World Health Organization. They maintained a close alliance with the nearby Azania, opened an United States consulate in Manhattan, New York and were at one point an economic and political ally of Genosha.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition I#2 - Rock Python entry - BTS) - M'Gula was born in Viceroy, Rudyarda.

(Marvel Atlas I#2 - Rudyarda entry - BTS) - M'Gula became the supervillain Rock Python and amassed a criminal record in Rudyarda.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition I#2 - Rock Python entry - BTS) - Rock Python was expatriated from Rudyarda.

(Fantastic Four I#119 (fb)) - Jeth Robards and Nathan Kumalo stole the Vibrotron device from Wakanda and planned to meet and sell the device in Rudyarda, a neighboring country to Wakanda. Having overheard the thieves' plans, Wakandan King T'Challa pursued the criminals into Rudyarda alone. Arriving inconspicuously in Rudyarda, T'Challa attempted to stealthily blend in with the natives but he was soon arrested for not having proper identification and, unable to convince the local police that his Black Leopard costume was not a terrorist sect uniform, T'Challa was placed in City Prison.

(Fantastic Four I#119) - Two days later, the Wakandan second-in-command Taku contacted the Fantastic Four in America and informed them of T'Challa's trek into Rudyarda and expressed concern that T'Challa was in trouble. Agreeing to help, the Fantastic Four sent the Thing and Human Torch to Rudyarda to investigate and following a tense moment in which the two heroes halted an attempted skyjacking, the two arrived in Rudyarda, where the airport was divided into separate lines for skin color. Not thrilled to see the segregation in the airport, Thing and the Torch watched as several taxicabs ignored their request to stop until finally, the Thing grabbed one of the cabs and demanded the driver take them where they wanted to go. Soon arriving at the tenement address of Nathan Kumalo, Thing and the Torch interrogated Kumalo, who gave up information willingly since Robards had since double-crossed him. Learning where Jeth Robards was to meet the buyer of the Vibrotron and that T'Challa had been imprisoned in City Prison, the Thing and Torch stormed City Prison, finding it full of political prisoners and freeing T'Challa. They then assisted T'Challa in retrieving his Black Leopard costume from the police before heading towards the abandoned metal works where Jeth Robards was set to meet the Vibrotron buyer. Confronting Robards, the trio of heroes soon learned that the Vibrotron buyer was the Black Leopard's old enemy Klaw. Following a brief battle, the trio of heroes defeated Klaw and he was arrested and when the heroes were expected to exit the abandoned metal works through segregated doorways, the Thing, annoyed with the class struggle in Rudyarda, ripped out the wall housing the doorways.

(Avengers I#126 (fb)) - After he was arrested in Rudyarda, Klaw was dragged away by Rudyardan police and incarcerated, where he received constant beatings because his skin was colored red. While in prison, Klaw vowed to destroy Rudyarda and their sort of "justice."

(Avengers I#126 (fb) - BTS) - Following his own incarceration in Rudyarda, T'Challa held a certain amount of contempt for the white supremacists in Rudyarda. Rudyarda eventually sent an ambassador, Ronald Pershing, to their consulate in the United States and Pershing remained in the USA for some time, even meeting T'Challa at various functions over time.

(Avengers I#126 - BTS) - Disguising himself as Rudyardan ambassador Ronald Pershing, Klaw visited Avengers Mansion and was greeted by T'Challa, now having returned to his original codename of Black Panther. Unaware of Klaw's ruse, Black Panther exchanged brief tense remarks regarding Rudyarda's supremacist policies before the "ambassador" admitted he needed the Avengers' help, prompting the Black Panther to summon the heroic team. Introducing "Pershing" as the representative of Rudyarda, Black Panther allowed "Pershing" to explain how members of the Rudyardan consulate had recently been experiencing threats of death by sound and fire. As he continued his story, noting the death of a gardener at the Rudyardan consulate, the Avengers were attacked by a solid-sound Klaw construct and his ally Solarr. The Klaw construct revealed his treatment at the hands of the Rudyardan police and Solarr blasted "Pershing" (to keep up Klaw's ruse) before the two villains disappeared. After being revived by the Scarlet Witch, "Pershing" constantly tried to talk Black Panther into giving up his throne in Wakanda while the Avengers searched for Klaw and Solarr and eventually, the Black Panther deduced that Klaw was posing as Pershing in an effort to take over Wakanda to use as a base of operations for his revenge on Rudyarda. After Klaw and Solarr's defeat, the Black Panther admitted that while Rudyarda did not like Wakandans, Klaw's over-playing of his role is what had tipped him off to Pershing not being who he claimed to be.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

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Profile by Proto-Man.

Rudyarda has no known connections to:

City Prison

City Prison is a centralized prison in Rudyarda in which T'Challa was sent to after being arrested in Rudyarda for not having proper identification. Upon learning that T'Challa was in City Prison, the Fantastic Four's Thing and Human Torch stormed the prison and found it full of political prisoners before freeing T'Challa.

--Fantastic Four I#119

images: (without ads)
Marvel Atlas I#2, p46, Rudyarda entry main image (location of Rudyarda on a map and flag of Rudyarda, main image)
Marvel Atlas I#2, p46, Rudyarda supplemental image (Thing and Human Torch arriving at Nathan Kumalo's Rudyarda tenement)
Avengers I#126, p10, pan2 (Klaw arrested in Rudyarda)
Fantastic Four I#119, p12, pan1-3 (City Prison)

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