redhand-taric-marada-fullredhand-taric-marada-face-close-obscurredTARIC REDHAND

Real Name: Presumably Taric, at least

Identity/Class: Human (1st through 10th Century AD); see comments

Occupation: Pirate, captain of an unidentified ship

Group Membership: Captain of an unidentified pirate crew

Affiliations: Marada the She-Wolf;
    he apparently believed in and possibly worshipped the Olympian pantheon, notably Zeus

Enemies: Merchants (including Amahl ibn Hassan) and soldiers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Scourge of the Southern Seas;
    "corsair" (from Marada; really just a description as corsair is another term for pirate)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly mobile aboard his ship

First Appearance: Epic Illustrated#22 (February, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Taric Redhand had the charisma and leadership skills to lead a band of pirates on enough successful adventures to drive the local empire (see comments) to plot his death.

    He was experienced with a sword, but would also use whatever was at hand to his advantage in a fight, whether it was a table, chalice,

    Taric Redhand was reckless and bold, focusing more on the thrills life had to offer than worrying about his personal safety.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (perhaps 220 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald with black beard


(Epic Illustrated#22: Wizard's Masque, Part I (fb) - BTS) - Taric Redhand was a pirate of sufficient renown that the Empire (see comments) considered him a threat.

(Epic Illustrated#22: Wizard's Masque, Part I (fb) - BTS) - Taric Redhand knew the merchant Amahl ibn Hamad.

(Epic Illustrated#22: Wizard's Masque, Part I (fb) - BTS) - The Empire plotted a trap for Redhand. Their dromond (see comments) , which seemed to be a galley carrying the Empire's wealth, instead carried a number of Roman soldiers eager to slay Redhand. redhand-taric-marada-face-full

    Considering the dromond to be easy pickings, Redhand led his crew to invade it, at which point they were surprised and by the  soldiers.

(Epic Illustrated#22: Wizard's Masque, Part I - BTS) <Approximately 7 A.D.; see comments> - Young sorceress Arianrhod tried to use a magic spell to return herself and Marada home, which instead allowed a Gyatrias (a tentacled demon dwelling in the void between worlds) to grab Marada and pull her through a portal. As she vanished, Marada futilely hurled her sword, which was left sticking in her cabin floor.

((Epic Illustrated#22: Wizard's Masque, Part I) - Marada emerged "another day" aboard the dromond where Taric Redhand's pirates battled the soldiers. As Marada struggled fiercely, the Gyatrias released her in favor of easier prey, and she was left on the ship when the Gyatrias took a pair of pirates through its portal. Thinking Marada a she-demon, the soldiers' captain attacked her, but she slew him, followed by the rest of the attacking soldiers.

    Noting he had thought that this day would be the end of himself and his crew, Taric Redhand pronounced Marada to be their savior, a goddess risen from Hades' dread domain. He then introduced himself and welcomed Marada, telling her that anything they possessed was hers. 

    Days later, Redhand's ship approached Djeriabar, the Black Isle, which Taric pointed out to her, along with the tower on the headland belonging to Jaffar ibn Haroun Al-Rashid, allegedly the world's greatest wizard, who Taric thought might be able to return Marada to her home. When Marada noted that she had never heard of Jaffar, he asked what that proved, as she had never heard of him (Taric) either. However, he continued that Jaffar would be willing to aid her and that he might even enslave or kill her. He instead asked her to stay with him, to be first-mate of his ship and his bed, and he assured her she would not be sorry.

    Having promised Arianrhod's father that she would see Arianrhod home safely, Marada declined, while also taunting that she might not be content to share either bed or command. Laughing as he acknowledged this, Taric further noted that he doubted he would be pleased with the outcome if Marada challenged him. He then suggested that they part as friends and comrades-in-arms over a jug of wine. redhand-taric-marada-handy

    Shortly thereafter in the city's central bazaar, Marada voiced her concerns that hanging out in this public place was foolhardy for one of his profession, and that she thought they would just drink aboard his ship. When Taric argued, "Where's the fun in that?" Marada reminded him that pirates were drawn and quartered. Seconds later, Taric was recognized by Amahl ibn Hamad; while Taric tried to greet him as friends, Marada assured Amahl that he was mistaken. While Amahl seemed to accept Marada's explanation, Amahl's outburst drew soldiers who also recognized Redhand.

    As Marada engaged the approaching soldiers, Taric finished his wine and then joined the fight, pushing the table into a pair of guards and smashing one of them over the head with his goblet. Marada warned Taric that his arrogance would one day cost him, Taric noted -- as he hurled food into another soldier's face -- "at worst, only my life. And I'll lose that anyway, sooner or later." Fighting back to back, he continued that, in the meantime, danger only made life sweeter and that he who dares nothing gained nothing, a point he punctuated by putting his hand on her backside.redhand-taric-marada-speared

    Marada jokingly countered that he who pushed his luck may suddenly find himself fighting alone. Figuring that they had to get away from this soldiers before they dared to return to the ship and that Marada had little hope of seeing Jaffar now, Taric attempted to lead them to safety.

    However, as they reached a set of stairs, Taric turned back to his pursuers, noting that the lads seemed so eager to shed their blood that it would be a shame to disappoint them. As Taric delighted in living up to his reputation as a mad fool, one of the soldiers hurled a spear into his chest. Tumbling forward into their pursuers, Taric noted that it seemed that father Zeus was more eager to hear their stories than he had anticipated (and he presumably died).

(Epic Illustrated#22: Wizard's Masque, Part I - BTS) - Fleeing on her own, Marada noted that if Taric had listened to her, they would both be far from their safe and alive.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont and John Bolton.

    The founding of the City (Rome) is traditionally set in 753 BC, so the 760th year of the city of Rome would be roughly 7 AD.
--courtesy of John McDonagh and Darci

    When Marada was transported away from Arianrhod, she emerged "another place, another day." So, while Marada left 7 AD, she may have emerged days, months, or perhaps centuries later (or earlier).

    A dromon is a galley/warship popular in the Roman Empire, while a dromond is a medieval fast-sailing galley or cutter. The dromon was popular in the 5th - 12th centuries AD, the start of which is nearly 500 years after Marada left Arianrhod. I'm less certain in re-reading this story that the Empire that plotted to trap Taric Redhand was actually Rome, and not perhaps Turkey or somewhere else? A couple days sailing later, they were in a Middle Eastern nation.

    Taric Redhand invoked Zeus, Adonis and Hades, all part of the Olympian pantheon/Graeco-Roman mythology.

    This profile was completed 03/08/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

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Epic Illustrated#22/1, story pg. 8, panel 3 (full);
       pg. 9, panel 2 (face, full);
          panel 3 (face, close-up, obscured);
       pg. 11, panel 1 (grabby);
       pg. 12, panel 3 (speared)

Epic Illustrated#22 (February, 1984) - by Chris Claremont (writer), John Bolton (artist), Stan Lee (editor and publisher), Archie Goodwin (editorial director), Jo Duffy (managing editor)

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