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Real Name: Thomas Moreau

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Revolutionary

Group Membership: his own faction of mutates

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Genoshan Cabinet (Fabian Cortez, Alda Huxley, Phillip Moreau, Pipeline/Cormick Grimshaw, Jenny Ransome), Magneto, Mutate #56, Quicksilver, Amelia Voght

Known Relatives: Dr. David Moreau (Genegineer, father), Phillip Moreau (brother)

Aliases: Mutate #665

Base of Operations: Genosha

First Appearance: Magneto: Rex#1 (May, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Zealot is a mutant with the ability to manipulate earth and rock, which allows him to turn the earth fluid and solid at will, trapping those he wants. He emits a bright yellow light from his hands while using his mutant abilities. Zealot believes Genosha is his source of power and his connection to the land allows him to re-energize, it seems likely his powers will also work outside of Genosha. Zealot also used his powers to torture enemy mutates, believing he could cleanse a soul. Zealot is a charismatic leader rallying dozens of mutates to oppose Magneto.

Height: 5'9" (by approximation)
Weight: 170 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bald due to the genetic remodification


(Magneto Rex#2 (fb) - BTS) - Young Thomas Moreau was the son of Genoshan scientist the Genengineer. And like all other Genoshan children was tested for the mutant gene after his 13th birthday. Thomas tested positive for mutant potential, which automatically condemned him to life as a mutate. Thomas was one of the first genepositive Genoshans subjected to genetic remodification, branded with his Mutate serial number and sealed inside the standard bodysuit all Genoshan mutates wear.

(Magneto Rex#1 (fb) - BTS) - When civil war erupted between the Mutates and Magistrates, Zealot organized a fanatical band of Mutates. These mutates began to see Zealot as their savior.

(Magneto Rex#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zealot learned Magneto had brokered a deal with the United Nations to become the recognized ruler of Genosha. Believing himself to be the true native son of Genosha, Zealot rallied his followers to join him in disposing of Magneto.

(Magneto Rex#1) - Zealot witnessed the arrival of Magneto's son, Quicksilver and send several of his men to capture the Avenger.

Having successfully captured Quicksilver, Zealot met with his followers in the ruins of a church where assured his followers Magneto would be another tyrant. He then revealed to have already started a war against Magneto and revealed Quicksilver tied to a cross. Zealot, however, was unaware X-Man Rogue witnessed the entire ordeal as well.

(Magneto Rex#2 - BTS) - once QuickSilver was put in prison, Rogue, with the help of Amelia Voght successfully rescued Quicksilver.

(Magneto Rex#2) - Zealot used his powers to torture a mutate prisoner for standing with Magneto who he considered a false prophet. Focusing his power on the prisoner's brain he erased his mind to have the mutate join his ranks.

Sometime later, Zealot and his men located Quicksilver, Rogue and Amelia Voght in the streets of Genosha after they just rescued Mutate #56 from being attacked by other mutates as he'd contracted the legacy virus. Determined to show his might, Zealot ordered his men to kill the disease-carrier, doing so before the heroes could act. However, just then Magneto's new council (Jenny Ransom, Phillip Moreau, Pipeline and Fabian Cortez) and several mutates teleported in. The two groups clashed until Magneto himself appeared.

(Magneto Rex#3) - Seeing Magneto, Zealot used his powers to control the earth and trap him. Zealot's brother Phillip begged him to stop, reminding him he was his brother. Zealot, however, refused to listen as he was abandoned by their father to the mutate process. Magneto then managed to free himself and seemingly crushed Zealot to death by trapping him in a metal cocoon and hurled into space, thus ending Zealot's threat.

Comments: Created by Joe Pruett, Brandon Peterson and Matt Banning.

This profile was completed 3/20/2019, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Zealot has no known connections to

Mutate #56

  Mutate #56 was one of the many Genoshan Mutates who contracted the Legacy Virus which caused irrational fears in other mutates, scared to catch the disease as well. As such, Mutate #56 was attacked in the streets of Genosha by two other mutates who marked the man with a large letter L on his face as to warn others. However, just then Quicksilver, Rogue and Amelia Voght intervened who rescued the mutate. Moment later, Zealot and his men arrived and ordered his men to kill the disease-carrier, doing so before the heroes could act.

--Magneto Rex#2

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Magneto: Rex#1, p20, pan5 (main image)
Magneto: Rex#1, p10, pan2 (in the shadows)
Magneto: Rex#3, p13, pan1,2&3 (Mutate #56)
Magneto: Rex#2, p19, pan3 (Mutate #56)

Magneto: Rex#1 (May, 1999) - Joe Pruett (writer), Brandon Peterson (pencils), Matt Banning (inks), Mark Powers (editor)
Magneto: Rex#2 (June, 1999) - Joe Pruett (writer), Brandon Peterson (pencils), Matt Banning (inks), Mark Powers (editor)
Magneto: Rex#3 (July, 1999) - Joe Pruett (writer), Brandon Peterson (pencils), Matt Banning (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

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