These profiles represent (for the most part) individuals. Certain collective beings may be found here as well. Heroes and Villains, Cosmic entities, and civilians are the major examples.

U-105 (Anything)

U-106 of Ultraverse (unidentified Ultra)

U-366 (Gemini)

Ualu the Watcher (Quasar character)

Uathacht (Conan character)

Uatu the Guardian of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Uatu the Watcher (Earth-616's Watcher, Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men character) - by Norvo

Ubana, Lani (Lorelei, Savage Land Mutates)

"Ubbu" (Shazana's pet)

Uber Alles (Neo-Nazi Inhuman) - by Chadman

Uberhart, Richard (Nazi, Red Skull agent)

Uber-Machine (Spider-Man foe) - by Henrique Ferreira, Reformatted By Stunner

Ubiquitor of Earth-691 (31st Century, Galactic Guardians foe) - by Zerostar

U-Boat of Earth-88469 (Force America, Dead Clown foe)

Ubuwong of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

"U-Dev" (Deviant Horde)

Udo ?? of New Universe (Gnome agent, Nightmask character)

Udonta, Els (Incentaurian, Stonethrower)

Udonta, Oola (Universal Inhumans, Matriarch of the Incentaurians) - by Chadman

Udug (Pazuzu)

Ufo (Yellow Claw character) - by John Kaminski

Ugly John (X-Men ally) - by Grendel Prime

"Ugly Man" (Marvel Italia, Nadir, Inc. test subject)

U-Go Girl (X-Force) - by Proto-Man

Ugol of Earth-91600

Uilig the Watcher of Earth-691 (31st Century, Last Watcher)

Uiruson, Tani (Deathstroke)

Uitzilopochtli (Huitzilopochtli)

UJ1-DX (Red Ronin cyborg)

Uka-no-Mitama-no-Mikoto (Inari)

Ukko (Finnish sky-father god, Council of Godheads member)

Ula (Queen of Thryheim, Thor foe) - by Markus Raymond

Ulana the Watcher (Uatu's wife) - by Norvo

Uldulla (Conan foe)

Ulgen (Mongolian God)

Ulif (Jotunheim giant, Thor character)

Ulik the Troll

Ullikummis (Mesopotamian God/Demon) - by Will U and Snood

Ulluxy'l Kwan Tae Syn (Bloodstone character)

Ulpian (whore trader, Bran Mak Morn character)

Ultarnt (Inhuman) - by Chadman

Ulterminus (Terminus)

Ultima (She-Hulk foe) - by Will U

Ultimate Chaos (Tiamat)

Ultimate Destroyer (S'met'kth the Messiah)

"Ultimate Judgment of All the Gods" (Mangog)

"Ultimate Man-Wolf" (Dredmund Druid)

Ultimate Marvel Villain (combo villain(s), FOOM/Fun and Games Magazine) - by AvatarWarlord

Ultimate Mutant (Alpha)

Ultimate Predator (Man-Beast)

Ultimate Sentinel (Nimrod, Sentinel)

Ultimate Soldier (Warhawk)

"Ultimate Spider-Clone" (Spidercide)

Ultimate Spider-Slayer (Alistaire Smythe)

Ultimate Squirrel Girl of Earth-16127 (squirrel-armored heroine) - by Proto-Man

Ultimate Terminus (Terminus)

Ultimate Weapon (Torgo)

"Ultimate Weapon" of Earth-11052 (X-23, Wolverine's clone) - by Proto-Man

Ultimator (Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Ultimo (Iron Man foe)

Ultimus (Kree Eternal, Thor/Excalibur/Avengers foe) - by Markus Raymond

Ultimus (Major-L, Starforce Blue)

Ultivac, the Multi-Robot of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Ultragirl (Kree, teenage heroine) - by Snood and Will U

Ultra-Max (computer virus, Punisher/Daredevil/Wonder Man/Guardians of the Galaxy stories)

Ultra-Metallo of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Ultrana (Avengers foe)

Ultra Violet Man (mad scientist using invisibility tech, Thor foe) - by Proto-Man

Ultra-Woman of Earth-7712 (Fantastic Four)

"Ultra-Zombie" (Emery Arcenaux)

Ultrog of Earth-8311 (Larval Earth, Kangaroo the Conqueror ally)


Ultron of Earth-10102 (Hank Pym, Exiles character)

Ultraon Mark Twelve (Ultron-12)

Ultraon Twelve (Ultron-12)

Uluath (Undergod, Kid Kaiju/Elsa Bloodstone foe) - by Chadman

Ulvar (Gigantus "foe")

Ulyagoth (mystic principality, invoked by Loki)

Ulysses (Greek hero) - by Will U

Ulysses of Reality-7643 (Monark Starstalker's robotic falcon/nervous system)

Ulysses (Cyclops foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Ulysses Bloodstone (famous monster hunter)

Ul-Zyn, Tullk (Ronan character)

Umak (Frost Giant) of Earth-98101

Umar of Earth-83840

Umbala (Avengers character)

U'mbaya, A'Kurru (Icon)

Umberto ?? (Joseph character)

Umberto the Uncanny (Ebenezer Laughton, Scarecrow)

Umbotha, Tanuta (Q7 Strikeforce)

Umbra (Fantastic Four foe) - by Sammy 7D

Umbra (Advocates member)

Umbu the Unliving (Hulk foe)

Umu (Wakandan)

Umu, Villac (Jaguar Priest)

Un, Homer (Fenway)

Una (Captain Mar-Vell character)

Una (G-Force's second wife)

Una-Rogg (Captain Marvel foe) - by Chuck D

Unarmed Training Automaton 110 (All-Out)

Unbearable Bear (Who-Cares Bears)

Un-Being (Cosmic entity, Quasar foe)

Unca Masta (Master of the World)

Uncanny Umberto (Ebenezer Laughton, Scarecrow)

Uncegila (Wolverine foe) - by Markus Raymond

Uncinus (What The? character) - by Markus Raymond

Uncle Alain (Alain Weiss)

Uncle Ben (Linda Brown's uncle)

Uncle Bento of Earth-54202 (Spider-Ramen's uncle)

Uncle Elmer (kid's show host, Wonder Man character) - by Proto-Man

Uncle Jake (Jacob Grimm)

Uncle Julius (Toro's uncle)

Uncle Lex (leader of the Parasites)

Uncle Louie (Lineage/Gordon Nobili's uncle)

Uncle Martin (Martin Cunningham)

Uncle McSlippery Slimer of Earth-88326 (Marvel UK, Real Ghostbusters) - by Loki

Uncle Morty (Silver Sable's uncle) - by Spidermay

Uncle Pyko (Halfworld, Rocket Raccoon ally) - by Norvo

Uncle Ted of Earth-51412 (Spider-Man (Patton Parnel)'s uncle)

Uncle Waddles (possible identity of Howard the Duck)

Undead Celestial of Earth-666 (Avengers of the Undead foe)

Undead G-Man (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Underchild (Doctor Strange foe) - by Markus Raymond

Underground Secret Agent (Rockman)

Underneather (Brotherhood of Evil Prepositions, Howard the Duck character)

Undertaker of Earth-5555 (Death's Head foe) - by Per Degaton

Undertaker (Spider-Man villain) - by Changeling

Undertow (SURF)

Underwood, Beck (attorney, Venom (Brock) character) - by Markus Raymond

Underwood, Olivia of Earth-712 (Foxfire)

Underworld (Jackie Dio, hitman) - by Chadman

Undoing of the World as We Know It (Tiamat)

"Undying One" (Dherk)

Unfair Bear (Who-Cares Bears)

Unforgiving One (Occulus)

Unger, Claude (Daredevil character) - by the Beetle

Unger, Dr. H.M. (Hate-Monger, Psycho Man construct)

Unhceglia (Unceglia)

Un-Human (1950s alien) - by Spidermay

Un-Human (android Human Torch and Toro foe) - by Ronald Byrd

"Unhuman" (Argus Fenn)

Unicorn of Earth-61828

Unicorn (Stockpile)

unidentified A'askvarii (Runestaff inhabitant)

unidentified A'askvarii (Galactic Marathon attendees)

unidentified accoster (Jarabesht, Conan character)

unidentified Achernonian (Reptyl's crewman)

unidentified Achernonian (Runestaff holder)

unidentified A-Chiltarian (Mourners)

unidentified A-Chiltarian (captain)

unidentified A-Chiltarian (Runestaff inhabitant)

unidentified acquisition leader (Games, Termagent agent)

unidentified Acroyear ambassador (Microverse, Planetary Council)

unidentified actor (1950s, encountered Wanda Warren)

unidentified agent (Worm Man employer)

unidentified agent of the Pope of Earth-311

unidentified agent that fell into the pit (A.I.M. agent, Man-Thing foe)

unidentified aide of Earth-10511 (General's aide)

unidentified alien (Wizard of the West)

unidentified alien (Breachpoint pioneer, Microverse)

unidentified alien (Mourners)

unidentified alien (infant, Silver Surfer character)

unidentified alien male (Mourners)

unidentified alien female (Mourners)

unidentified alien girlfriend (FOOM, Super-Hero's girlfriend)

unidentified alien (white head, large blue eyes; Mourners)

unidentified alien (golden male; Mourners)

unidentified alien (brown skin, beard; Mourners)

unidentified alien (pink skin, female; Mourners)

unidentified alien of Earth-982 (MC2, Wild Thing (Rina) character)

unidentified alien (encountered by "Lance Curtiss")

unidentified alien beaten by Sabretooth (Games, Battletide)

unidentified alien incapacitated by Psylocke (Games, Battletide)

unidentified alien skullcapped by Smith (Games, Battletide)

unidentified Alpha Centaurian (Mourners)

unidentified Alpha Centaurian (Runestaff inhabitant)

  • unidentified ambusher (Games, Termagent agent)
  • unidentified American Anthracite Company superintendent (Blue Blaze character)

    unidentified anarchist assassin (Invaders foe)

    unidentified announcer (1950s, slew Paul Kraus)

    unidentified announcer (Mojoverse, X-Men foe)

    unidentified Announcer (Galactic Marathon)

    unidentified Aquatican leader (Doctor Druid foe)

    unidentified archaeologist (encountered Shagg)

    unidentified archivist goddess (Mayapan)

    unidentified arena warriors (Mojoverse, X-Men foes)

    unidentified armored lackey ("Chromium Blue")

    unidentified armored lackey ("Clash")

    unidentified armored lackey ("Silent Scream")

    unidentified art teacher (Colossus character)

    unidentified assassin (Cutlass foe)

    unidentified assassin of New Universe (Nightmask foe)

    unidentified assassin (1400 Club; "sight")

    unidentified assassin (1400 Club; "sound")

    unidentified assassin (1400 Club; "strength")

    unidentified assistant director (Donald Dryans/Salmon Stunt Man ally, Spider-Man/Deadpool foe)

    unidentified associate of Earth-83234 (Arthur Winslow ally)

    unidentified associate (A.I.M. agent, Man-Thing foe)

    unidentified Ataraxian (Centurions)

    unidentified attendant monk ("Forbidden City" in Tibet, encountered Jonathan Storm)

    unidentified Axi-Tun mercenaries (served Lord Votan)

    unidentified baby (saved by Andrew Morris)

    unidentified Badoon bootlegger (Starforce Blue foe)

    unidentified bag snatcher (Marvel UK, frightened by Inspector Spectre)

    unidentified Baluurian female (Centurions)

    unidentified Baluuurian warrior ("Porcupine Puss")

    bandana-wearing-shooter combatant (Games, battlezone two combatant)

    unidentified bankrobber (stopped by Andrew Morris)

    unidentified bank customer (1940s, Miss America (Joyce) character)

    unidentified barkeep (Jarabesht, Conan character)

    unidentified bartender (Extra Points, Hercules character)

    unidentified bat-like Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified bathroom attendant (SHIELD, Black Widow character)

    unidentified bedouin (Abdullah Razmuz ally)

    unidentified Betan (Mourners)

    unidentified Betan commander (Godzilla character)

    unidentified Betan commander (Godzilla character)

    unidentified bidder (Elan, Rick Jones auction)

    unidentified big blue guy (prison planet Devin-9, Rocket Raccoon foe)

    unidentified bodyguard (worked for Devon Caxon)

    unidentified boss (Caviar Killer victim/former boss)

    unidentified boss (Merx Pharmaceuticals)

    unidentified bowman (Jarabesht, Conan character)

    unidentified boy (1950s, Jonathan Bascombe foe)

    unidentified boy of Earth-57780 (Short Circus member, Spidey Super Stories)

    "unidentified boyfriend" (Jonas Graymalkin's 18th century boyfriend)

    unidentified boyfriend of Millie (Tim Blake foe)

    unidentified boyfriend (Raven's Perch, New Jersey, Leigh's boyfriend)

    unidentified blue-armored insectoid (Centurions)

    unidentified blue, demonic-looking creature of Earth-9591 (Ruins) (Nightcrawler)

    unidentified blue Inhuman (Inhuman of Utolan)

    unidentified blue-skinned female of Earth-81091 (Star Hulk character)

    unidentified boy (follower of Astrologer)

    unidentified boy (Calliope's Circus)

    unidentified boy (Brood victim)

    unidentified brother of Eleanore Grey ("Matthew")

    unidentified businessman (president of a corporation, hired Sammy Glenn)

    unidentified Buzz-Boy of Earth-905 ("Beast Boy")

    unidentified Buzz-Boy of Earth-905 ("Red Devil")

    unidentified Badoon (Thanos character)

    unidentified benefactor (Road Warriors' ally)

    unidentified bouncer (Skin and Bones club)

    unidentified bulky forehead disc Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified bull elk (Odd Dimension)

    unidentified butler (Maharajah of Shishkebob's butler)

    unidentified cab driver (Morbius character)

    unidentified Canopian president (Canopian race)

    unidentified captain (1950s fishing trawler crew, traveled to 16th century)

    unidentified captain of Reality-791 (Shakati's slavers)

    unidentified caretaker of Eveline O'Reilly (van Helsing)

    unidentified carriage driver (15th century, Dracula employee)

    unidentified carriage driver (18th century, worked for a merchant)

    unidentified cat ("Mittens")

    unidentified Centurion (Firelord foe)

    unidentified Cheetah person (Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patron, Doctor Who character)

    unidentified chief (animated the Totem)

    unidentified child of Earth-13729 (Skrull-like son of Wiccan & Hulkling) - by Proto-Man

    unidentified children (Captain Savage's children)

    unidentified children (Ricardo Del Wolverine relative)

    unidentified Chlorite of Latveria (X-Men novel)

    unidentified Chlorite of Los Angeles (X-Men novel)

    unidentified Chlorite of Surat (X-Men novel)

    unidentified Chlorite touched by Rogue (X-Men novel)

    unidentified Chronicle reporter (encountered Aldebarans)

    unidentified CIA agent (Team America character)

    unidentified clerk (Ma & Pa Grocery employee, Marvel RPG character)

    unidentified clerk (Speedball character)

    unidentified Code: Blue member (Code: Blue)

    unidentified colonel (spied on by Tinkerer)

    unidentified Communist agent (encountered Jason Wilkes)

    unidenfitied concubine (Emperor of Mongolia)

    unidentified consort/spouse/second-in-command (xt, to the leader of the Krugreppeans)

    unidentified Consortium soldier (Ergon race)

    unidentified Contraxian (scholar on Rus)

    unidentified cook (Power Broker Inc.)

    unidentified cop (Joe victim, Adventures Into Terror character)

    unidentified cop (encountered Simon Miller)

    unidentified cop (encountered "Burglar who walked thru walls")

    unidentified cop (NYPD, Power Pack character)

    unidentified copywriters (Merx Pharmaceuticals)

    unidentified Corsairs member (X-Student)

    unidentified Courga (Mourners)

    unidentified cousin (Screwball's cousin)

    unidentified concerned cowboy (helped Charlie Feather)

    unidentified creature of Earth-77211 (6,000,000 years in the future, Hatch-22 foe)

    unidentified creature ("City of Dreams")

    unidentified creature ("Skreeal")

    unidentified crewman (Space Queen crew)

    unidentified crewman (1950s fishing trawler crew, traveled to 16th century)

    unidentified crimelords (Manipulator allies, Avengers foes)

    unidentified criminal (Tales to Astonish)

    unidentified criminals ("Green Thugs")

    unidentified crustacean combatant (Games, battle zone one combatant)

    unidentified cultist (Cult of the Black Blade)

    unidentified Cyber-Ninja (Cyber-Ninjas)

    unidentified cyber-ninja assassins of Earth-9602 (Amalgam characters)

    unidentified cyborg of Earth-9591 (Ruins) ("Deathlok")

    unidentified dad of Earth-77640 (possibly Sister Voodoo's father)

    unidentified daughter (Brian Kingston's daughter)

    unidentified daughter of Reality-81165 (Balok's daughter)

    unidentified daughter of Sidewinder's ex-partner of Earth-8107 (cartoon, Spider-Man character)

    unidentified Deadpool's Father by Patrick D Ryall

    unidentified delegate (Elan, Intergalactic Council)

    unidentified demon (created Black Mirror)

    unidentified demon (Zukala ally)

    unidentified Demon (Zreate'th)

    unidentified demon (Ghost Rider foe)

    unidentified demon (servant of Beelzeboul)

    unidentified demon (Blaze foe)

    unidentified demon (Illuminator character)

    unidentified demon (The Hood foe, sought Hood's cloak) - by Proto-Man

    unidentified dentist (Mr. Graybar's dentist)

    unidentified Deonist (Mourners)

    unidentified deputy (Old West, Steam Rider character)

    unidentified Dethan ruler (ruler of Deth, sent Ozak to Earth)

    unidentified Deviant (First Line character)

    unidentified Deviant (First Line character)

    unidentified Deviant guard (Phraug's guard, pre-Cataclysm)

    unidentified Dire Wraith (Doctor Strange character)

    unidentified disintengrating Sssth (Sssth race)

    unidentified doctor (1950s, Clayton's physician)

    unidentified doctor (1950s, discovered Clarence Hopkins' fatal illness)

    unidentified doctor (1950s, treated John Marcus)

    unidentified doctor (1950s, declared Craine dead)

    unidentified doctor (Jonas Case associate)

    unidentified dog (Professor Vance's dog)

    unidentified dog (impersonated by Ozak)

    unidentified dog (owned by Andy Carmody)

    unidentified dragon ("Barrier")

    unidentified dreamer (Tales to Astonish)

    unidentified driver (Caxon Oil Company)

    unidentified driver (Donald Menken's driver)

    unidentified driver of Earth-88194 (Shadowline, Merchants)

    unidentified driver (Smedley's driver)

    unidentified Druff (former prisoner of the Runestaff - possibly)

    unidentified Druff (representative of the "God of the Druff")

    unidentified drunken man (1950s, Ricky Stone victim)

    unidentified Dutch trader (16th century, allied with Jakkaru)

    unidentified Earth Exploration Ship Captain (encountered Afran Mistforms)

    unidentified Earthman (encountered "Tele-phony")

    "unidentified Echomelian assassin woman" (Murd Blurdock love interest)

    unidentified Elan (Mourners)

    unidentified elder (Resistance, Land of the Golden Star, Thor character)

    unidentified emissary (slain Contraxian scout)

    unidentified energized Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified enforcer/punisher (Grad Nan Holt, one of many)

    unidentified enraged knife-wielder of Reality-691 (Courga race)

    unidentified Entari (dissected by Eben Stafford)

    unidentified Entemen (Mourners)

    unidentified escaped Martian prisoners (1960s, encountered by Rocky Baines)

    unidentified ex-mother-in-law (Scorcher's family)

    unidentified explorer (Baloneyverse, Wildmoon, She-Hulk foe)

    unidentified Explorers' Club member (1950s, overheard by Sam Binder)

    unidentified extradimensional demon (Vision & Scarlet Witch foe)

    unidentified extradimensional king (Dr. Strange character)

    unidentified extraterrestrial (Mystirum, encountered Connel)

    unidentified extraterrestrial (attacked Andrew Morris)

    unidentified extraterrestrial circus owner (encountered by Clyde Higgens)

    unidentified extraterrestrial criminal (Manoo foe)

    unidentified faculty friend (Andy Carmody ally, Cable story)

    unidentified failed experiment (Ludwig von Frankenstein creation)

    unidentified farm boy of Reality-81165 (Bront character)

    unidentified farmer (encountered "Green Thing")

    unidentified father of Namora (Atlantean, adopted into Royal Family)

    unidentified father (Pyre's father)

    unidentified father of Anesthesia

    unidentified father of Jeff (Modt)

    unidentified fearful parent and pup of Reality-691 (Courga race)

    unidentified female (Magma Men)

    unidentified female of rality-691 ("Alphans")

    unidentified Ferengi of unrevealed reality (Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patron)

    unidentified field agent (Authority's agent)

    unidentified film student (Purity member)

    unidentified "Find Your Truth" winner (Perdita, Oracle Adventures)

    unidentified fin-headed alien (Maximum Security alien prisoner)

    unidentified fire-headed female of Reality-200080 (18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt)

    unidentified fireproof Inhuman (Fantastic Four foe)

    unidentified first mate (S.S. Recovery)

    unidentified fish of Earth-712 (Drusilla Jones' pet)

    unidentified fisherman (Iron Fist/Wu Ao-Shi's husband)

    unidentified Flb'dbi (S.H.I.E.L.D. (NOT a group featuring Nick Fury!)

    unidentified flower girl (New Timbetpal citizen)

    unidentified flying Inhuman (Camp Echo-1 internment camp)

    unidentified Fomalhauti (Runestaff inhabitant)

    unidentified Fomalhauti (Galactic Marathon observer)

    unidentified former host (Undying host)

    unidentified (former) warden (prison planet Devin-9)

    unidentified four-armed-hairy guy (Centurions)

    unidentified friend (Charlie Murphy's friend)

    unidentified friend (of Armory)

    unidentified furry creature (Maximum Security alien prisoner)

    unidentified Galactic Marathon fans (R'malk'i race)

    unidentified general (spied on by Tinkerer)

    unidentified general (South American, killed by Clete Brandon)

    unidentified general of Earth-92131 (X-Men '92 cartoon, US Army)

    unidentified german nobleman (Yazdi Gem)

    unidentified ghost of Earth-52123 (summoned by Ignatz Nopply)

    unidentified ghost Inhuman (Camp Echo-1 internment camp)

    unidentified giant teenager (mutated by Eugene Wildeman, Hulk/Prime foe)

    unidentified giant flying creature (Conspiracy)

    unidentified girl (World War 2, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) character)

    unidentified girl (kidnapped girl, Little Pan ally)

    unidentified girlfriend of Za (Reality-8116, Tyjorian)

    unidentified girl with horns (mutant caught by Charmaine Grand)

    unidentified Glx (Rick Jones' manuscript auction)

    unidentified Glx (Consortium members)

    unidentified Glx (Mourners)

    unidentified Glx (Galactic Marathon spectators)

    unidentified gold prospector (encountered "Poker Face")

    unidentified Goora female (Chlorite)

    unidentified gorilla (stolen by Franz Radzik)

    unidentified gorilla (allegedly killed by Rocky Martin)

    unidentified gray rock giant (Centurions)

    unidentified green-armored combatant (Games, Battletide)

    unidentified green customer (Perdita, Oracle Adventures)

    unidentified green-jacket (Savage Wolf Gang)

    unidentified green tentacled creature (Thor foe)

    green winged combatant (Games, battlezone "four")

    unidentified grocer (took loan from Oliver Gombol)

    unidentified gruel-server (Land of the Golden Star, Thor character)

    unidentified Guna (Mourners)

    unidentified gunman (Lacuna's murderer)

    unidentified guy (Schechter high school yearbook staff)

    unidentified henchman of Earth-5555 (Death's Head (FPA) foe)

    unidentified henchman of Earth-5555 (Death's Head (FPA) foe)

    unidentified herald of the Wyrm (Niord foe)

    unidentified hero (First Line character)

    unidentified hero (First Line character)

    unidentified hero (First Line character)

    unidentified hero (died alongside Smokin' Joe)

    unidentified heroine (died alongside Smokin' Joe)

    unidentified Hit the Top emcee (show host, encountered Thomas Beeres)

    unidentified hobo (1950s criminal hobo, Phantom of the Farm enemy)

    unidentified horsekeeper (16th century, worked at Broken Mast)

    unidentified host (of the Thousand)

    unidentified hotel manager/owner (Starkesboro, Massachusetts)

    unidentified house doctor (Caxon Oil Company)

    unidentified human ghost ("Ghost Miner")

    unidentified human slave (Phraug's slave, pre-Cataclysm)

    unidentified humanoid council member (Microverse, Planetary Council)

    unidentified HYDRA agent (Madame Hydra's pupil)

    unidentified hypno-therapist (Hulk character)

    unidentified Inhuman (Fantastic Four I#240) - by Ron Fredricks

    unidentified Inhuman child ("Earthquake Baby")

    unidentified Inhuman child (presented to Royal Family)

    unidentified innkeeper (Blackworld citizen)

    unidentified insect-winged female of Reality-200080 (18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt)

    unidentified insectoid (Imperial Guard member)

    unidentified insectoid (Maximum Security alien prisoner)

    unidentified insectoid combatant (Games, oasis sector)

    unidentified inventor (Stark International)

    unidentified ISA scientist of Reality-80324 (Paradox character)

    unidentified jalopy driver (car destroyed by Thing (Ben Grimm))

    unidentified janitor (stopped Supreme Calculator)

    unidentified Japanese local monk (Buddhist, lived near Temple of the Spider)

    unidentified Jester of Earth-5555 (Dragon's Claws foe)

    unidentified Jester of Earth-5555 (Dragon's Claws foe)

    unidentified Jester of Earth-5555 (Dragon's Claws foe)

    unidentified Jester of Earth-5555 (Dragon's Claws foe)

    unidentified Judan (prisoner of the Runestaff)

    unidentified judge (Marcus' father, Matt Murdock character)

    unidentified judge (Culthan race)

    unidentified Kamado (Mourners)

    unidentified Kawa (Mourners)

    unidentified Khitan wizard (Conan character)

    unidentified kidnapper (kidnapper of women)

    unidentified kidnappers (1940s criminal trio)

    unidentified king (xt, Krangros race)

    unidentified king (xt, used Bog Beast)

    unidentified king of Studduj (Earth-5555, Death's Head (FPA) foe)

    unidentified knight (summoned forth by Zakka)

    unidentified knight challenging Hildegarde with his sword (Blackworld citizen)

    unidentified knight who picked up Sif (Blackworld citizen)

    unidentified Korbinite (Mourners)

    unidentified Kree officer (encountered Tel-Kar)

    unidentified Kree scientist (Pulse creator)

    unidentified K'un-Lu host (Urchin, Contagion)

    unidentified large, blue cellmate (prison planet Devin-9, Rocket Raccoon foe)

    unidentified later male owner (19th century, Black Mirror)

    unidentified lawyer of Earth-83234 (Paul Same's lawyer)

    unidentified lawyer (Darius Scott Pilling associate, Iron Fist foe)

    unidentified leader (Savage Wolf Gang)

    unidentified leader (Eternals of Eyung)

    unidentified leader (xt, Krugreppeans)

    unidentified leader of Earth-1191 (Xavier's Underground Enforcers)

    unidentified librarian (Starkesboro, Massachusetts)

    unidentified lieutenant (Cygnorion race)

    unidentified lifemate (P!ndyr Champion's lifemate)

    unidentified lighthouse keeper ("Robot on a Rampage")

    unidentified lioness (Hyborian lion, Amra character)

    unidentified liquid Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified living wax statue (1960s, encounted by Pierre La Roc)

    unidentified lizard ghost ("Desert Lizard")

    unidentified lizard guy (Centurions)

    unidentified lover of Earth-10511 (of Roxxon scientist Martin)

    unidentified lovely woman with delicate wings of Earth-9591 (Ruins) ("Wasp")

    unidentified lottery authority man ("Rich Unlce Pennybags/Mister Monopoly", Swamp City)

    unidentified mace-fisted Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified "magician" of Earth-59462 (Marvel UK, aliens invaded Earth)

    unidentified magician (Monster in the Iron Mask foe)

    unidentified man with the cylindrical story (met Philip Lerou)

    unidentified marshals (Games, Termagent agent)

    unidentified Mars-lost member (Men on the Wall)

    unidentified male of Manphibian's race (murders Manphibian's mate)

    unidentified mammoth god/demon (worshipped by "Yeti" race)

    unidentified man (Old West, corrupt Cavalry scout)

    unidentified man ("Little Man in Black")

    unidentified man (encountered "flying saucer")

    unidentified man who walked on the sea (encountered Joe Russo)

    unidentified man with Bowler (Calliope's Circus)

    unidentified man with a fly-swatter (pre-FF, encountered Zogg)

    unidentified manager (Man Mountain Marko's manager)

    unidentified mandible/fang/visor guy (Centurions)

    unidentified Marauder (1859, Marauders member)

    unidentified Marauder (1859, Marauders member)

    unidentified mask and fedora-wearing shooter combatant (Games, battlezone two combatants)

    unidentified master of Earth-1289's Anjulie (Excalibur foe)

    unidentified Mantis foe ("Saigon Mugger")

    unidentified mechanic possibly of Reality-791 (Iforani)

    unidentified medical examiner (District X character)

    unidentified mediocre man of Earth-78423 (Newspaper Strip, Howard the Duck character)

    unidentified Megan (Mourners)

    unidentified Megan (Rick Jones character)

    unidentified memorabilia dealer of Ultraverse (Solitaire character)

    unidentified merchant (18th century, Jeremy Haynes victim)

    unidentified mermaid (caught by Jeremy Torgan, 1950s)

    unidentified father of Miek (Sakaarian native)

    unidentified military commander (Krangros, summoned by Kid Kaiju)

    unidentified mistress (Paul Robbins' mistress)

    unidentified M'Ndavian (Galactic Marathon observer)

    unidentified model (encountered Luther Benedict)

    unidentified monarch of Xeron (Space Parasite foe)

    unidentified monarch of Xeron's advisor (Space Parasite foe)

    unidentified monk (Dr. Doom ally)

    unidentified monkey (served Carver)

    unidentified monster (Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade's worst fear)

    unidentified monster (Avengers foe)

    unidentified monster-summoning Universal Inhuman (Leviathon Mother foe)

    unidentified mother of Namora (human)

    unidentified mother (Hu Sak's mother)

    unidentified mother (Ricardo Del Wolverine relative)

    unidentified mother of Za (Reality-8116, Tyjorian)

    unidentified mother of Cadre (Moon Knight/Spider-Man character)

    unidentified mover (Menagerie of Rimthursar, host of Borna)

    unidentified mover (Menagerie of Rimthursar, host of Slithgarn)

    unidentified murderer ("First" Ghost Rider foe)

    unidentified mutant (Brotherhood character)

    unidentified mutant (Brotherhood)

    unidentified mutant (Brotherhood)

    unidentified mutant (Brotherhood)

    unidentified mutant (Brotherhood)

    unidentified mutant (Brotherhood)

    unidentified mutant of Earth-811

    unidentified mutant (Russian mutant underground) - by Prime Eternal

    unidentified mutant (X-Ranch)

    unidentified Mystic Flame host (Fiery Mask character)

    unidentified N.A.R. member (New American Revolution)

    unidentified narrator of Earth-59462 (Marvel UK, aliens invaded Earth)

    unidentified native chief (1950s, sold Monstro)

    unidentified Neanderthal man (summoned forth by Zakka)

    unidentified neighbor (1950s, called police on Ed Wilson)

    unidentified new member (1950s, tricked Rocky Miller)

    unidentified new Scotland Yard's coroner (Blade character)

    unidentified N'Grith ("A'Aug")

    unidentified N'Grith ("D'Aknopf")

    unidentified Noltoi outcast (Gullivar Jones character)

    unidentified nurse of Reality-8116 (Altarix native, worked with Doctor Hoggarth)

    unidentified nurse (Power Broker Inc.)

    unidentified nurse (Scott Summers' childhood)

    unidentified Oasis sector latter combatant (Games, Battletide)

    unidentified Oceanier woman (encountered by Ted Higgens)

    unidentified officers (Space Queen crew)

    unidentified old fakir (encountered Hal Burns)

    unidentified old geezer (Black Clock, Journey Into Mystery)

    unidentified old inventor (created Phantom Bullet's gun)

    unidentified old lady (fallen angel Lucifer host)

    unidentified old ladies (Street Speeder's nemesis)

    unidentified old man (Conan character)

    unidentified old man (1950s, guarded town from monster)

    unidentified old man (1950s, robbed by Charlie Frost)

    unidentified Oona's mate (at Odin's auction, Land of the Golden Star)

    unidentified orange council member (Microverse, Planetary Council)

    unidentified Orange Lotus Cult member of Ultraverse

    unidentified Osirusian spokesperson (Menace character)

    unidentified Osirusian Captain's daughter (Menace character)

    unidentified overfleet commander (xt, Drenx)

    unidentified owlhoot (Old West, Skinny Smithers foe)

    unidentified owner (traded car to Honest Ernest)

    unidentified painter (encountered/created the Glob)

    unidentified paperboy of alternate Earth (encountered mutate Connel)

    unidentified parents ("Price Kendra & Timothy")

    unidentified partner (Raven, Old West)

    unidentified partner (NYPD, Morbius character)

    unidentified patient (1950s, Brentwood Institution)

    unidentified pharaoh (ancient Egypt, encountered Tom Gorman)

    unidentified photographer (Daily Bugle)

    unidentified physician (Action Force)

    unidentified physicist (Giant-Man (Pym) character)

    unidentified pier guard (Caxon Oil Company)

    unidentified pilot (alternate future, flew P184)

    unidentified pilot (encountered Lithodia Rexians)

    unidentified pilot (encountered Charlie Nast)

    unidentified pilot of Earth-8107 (Norman Osborn's pilot)

    unidentified pilot of Earth-8017 (Daily Bugle)

    unidentified pilot (Legion of the Living Lightning)

    unidentified pilot of Reality-791 (K'yndarii)

    unidentified Placer City Sheriff (Texas Kid character)

    unidentified poker player (Old West, encountered Blackjack)

    unidentified police detective (1950s, arrested Hal Terrence)

    unidentified police lieutenant (1950s, caught Professor Thornton)

    unidentified policeman (1950s, hunted vampires)

    unidentified policeman (1950s, helped Ed Wilson)

    unidentified police officer (Marsha Collins' partner)

    unidentified Power Broker Inc. agent (Brick's co-worker)

    unidentified priest (Ricardo Del Wolverine ally)

    unidentified priest (Bastianite)

    unidentified priest god (Mayapan)

    unidentified priest of the Order of St. George of Earth-Shadowline

    unidentified princess (xt, guarded by Bog Beast)

    unidentified prisoner (Journey into Mystery character)

    unidentified professor (encountered Albert Nesbit)

    unidentified prognathic combatant (Games, battle zone one)

    unidentified Protector of the Universe (Elan race)

    unidentified psychiatrist (encountered "Moon-Man")

    unidentified psychiatrist (1950s, "Guardians of Mankind")

    unidentified public relations department employees (Merx Pharmaceuticals)

    unidentified Punisher of Earth-691 (31st Century, "Double Bonus")

    unidentified pyrokinetic (X-Student, Watchers on the Wall)

    unidentified queen (Monsters Unleashed character)

    unidentified queen (Ergon race)

    unidentified rabbit (Heart Devourer victim)

    unidentified radar operator (encountered Krills)

    unidentified R.C.X. members of Earth-811 (RCX)

    unidentified real-estate agent (encountered Cal Ferris)

    unidentified receptionist possibly of Reality-791 (Iforani)

    unidentified receptionist (Merx Pharmaceuticals)

    unidentified receptionist (Oracle Adventures)

    unidentified recruiter (Power Broker Inc.)

    unidentified red-jacket (Savage Wolf Gang)

    unidentified red-spike-hands Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified referee (soccer referee, Ricardo Del Wolverine game)

    unidentified religious figure (Lupine race)

    unidentified reporter (encountered "Moon-Man")

    unidentified reporter (encountered Swami Mordo)

    unidentified reporter (interviewed Lem Whipple)

    unidentified reporter (accidentally caused Braggadoom's mutation)

    unidentified reporter (Power Pack character)

    unidentified reporter (Mount Pressure, She-Hulk character)

    unidentified reptoid (Mourners)

    unidentified resistance member of Earth-10511 (woman with star on her head)

    unidentified resistance member of Earth-10511 (maybe Magneto or Quicksilver)

    unidentified river monster (Blackworld citizen)

    unidentified robot ("Robot on a Rampage")

    unidentified robot (First Line character)

    unidentified robot or armored villain (Car and Cable cartoon)

    unidentified robotic Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified Runestaff prisoner (Elan race)

    unidentified R'Zahnian leader (Zamu's superior, Doctor Druid foe)

    unidentified (Rockhouse Operation)

    unidentified Sagittarians (Galactic Marathon observers)

    unidentified sacrament (Mother White victim (almost), freed by Moon Knight)

    unidentified sailor (encountered Alethea, transformed into merman, 1950s)

    unidentified saloon barman (Texas Kid foe)

    unidentified Saturnian woman (encountered Gerald Morsden)

    unidentified scientist (World War 2, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) character)

    unidentified scientist (created Lo-Karr)

    unidentified scientist (Lord Sett, Microverse)

    unidentified scientist of alternate Earth (encountered mutate Connel)

    unidentified scientist (Bob Brant and the Trouble-Shooters character)

    unidentified scientist (1950s, caused mutant plant)

    unidentified scientist (rebuilt Crypto-Man)

    unidentified scientist ("Dr. Gruber")

    unidentified scientist (examined Screemies, aided Jimmy Woo)

    unidentified scientist (encountered/created the Glob)

    unidentified scientist (colleague of Paul Hartwick)

    unidentified scientist (Commandant slave, Hulk character)

    unidentified scientist of Earth-1610 (Captain America/Frank Simpson ally)

    unidentified scientists (Count Nefaria's Project N)

    unidentified Scourge member (Wolverine foe)

    unidentified secretary (Senator Ward)

    unidentified seeress (encountered by Dr. Domino)

    unidentified senator (Monstrollo foe)

    unidentified Sentinel of Earth-Guthrie's Sentinel ("X-Sentinel")

    unidentified servant (Conan character)

    unidentified servant of Jakkaru (Raizo Kodo foe)

    unidentified servant (New Timbetpal)

    unidentified servant of Earth-2301 (cyborg, Doom/T'Channa's servant)

    unidentified servant-girl (vampirized by Dracula)

    unidentified Set-worshipping female (used Sword of Bone)

    unidentified S.H.A.P.E. commissioner (Marvel Italia, Nadir, Inc./A.I.M. double agent)

    unidentified sharp-tooth web-digit Centurion (Centurions)

    unidentified sheriff (Old West, Black Rider character)

    unidentified sheriff (Old West, Black Rider character)

    unidentified sheriff (Old West, Black Rider character)

    unidentified sheriff (Old West, Black Rider character)

    unidentified sheriff (Old West, Black Rider character)

    unidentified sheriff (1960s, encountered Ben Hobbs)

    unidentified Shi'ar woman (Contagion victim)

    unidentified shield-bearer ("Bwokkians", Metz ally)

    unidentified S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop)

    unidentified S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (aided Agent L)

    unidentified shopkeeper (encountered Tim Blake)

    unidentified Si-Fan assassin (first, Council of Seven)

    unidentified Si-Fan assassin (second, Council of Seven)

    unidentified Si-Fan assassin (third, Council of Seven)

    unidentified Si-Fan assassin (fourth, Council of Seven)

    unidentified Si-Fan assassin (fifth, Council of Seven)

    unidentified sister (Sons of Yinsen, New Timbetpal)

    unidentified Sister of Grace ("Carol")

    unidentified Sister of Grace ("Melinda")

    unidentified Sister of Grace ("Meredith")

    unidentified Sister of Grace ("Sherril")

    unidentified Sister of Grace ("Stephanie")

    unidentified Skrull of Reality-77640 (ally of Red Skrull)

    unidentified Skrull (Solbrodd's beloved)

    unidentified Skrull (First Line character)

    unidentified Skrull (encountered by X-Factor & Lila Cheney)

    unidentified Skrull motorist (Silver Surfer story)

    unidentified Skrull would-be empress (Skrull deviant, would-be emperor, Fantastic Four foe)

    unidentified skull-chested vigilante of Earth-9591 (Ruins) ("Punisher")

    unidentified slaver (extraterrestrial, Cannonball foe)

    unidentified Sleepwalker (David Daily version)

    unidentified snake-performer of Earth-9591 (Ruins) ("Princess Python")

    unidentified sociopath (Soul’s of the Damned)

    unidentified sorcerers (employed of Cat People)

    unidentified sorceress (Kull character)

    unidentified sorceress (17th century, owned Black Mirror)

    unidentified sorcerer of Reality-81165 (Balok's sorcerer)

    unidentified spectactors (Games, Battletide)

    unidentified spider companion (Spider-Zero companion)

    unidentified spike-head (Centurions)

    unidentified Spineless One of Mojoworld (Vennema Multiversal client)

    unidentified spirit (encountered by Jordan)

    unidentified spy (Hulk foe, stole Bruce Banner's robot)

    unidentified stalker (Wasp foe)

    unidentified starship passengers (xt, Kodabak race)

    unidentified steed (xt, used by Thuvrian king Archon)

    unidentified Stygian sorcerer of the Black Ring (Conan/Red Sonja foe) - by Spidermay

    unidentified super-strong Inhuman (Avengers foe)

    unidentified SWAT team captain (possessed by Malice)

    unidentified table-breaker (Jarabesht, Conan foe)

    unidentified Taxi driver (Darklove pawn)

    unidentified taxman ("Rich Unlce Pennybags/Mister Monopoly", Swamp City)

    unidentified teacher (taught John the Changeling)

    unidentified teacher/assessor (Grad Nan Holt, one of many)

    unidentified technician (Power Pack character)

    unidentified tenant (Bradbury Americana)

    unidentified tentacled alien (Eben Stafford victim)

    unidentified tentacled cyclopean (xt, Imperial Guard member)

    unidentified Thanos-Thrall (xt, Hujah race)

    unidentified Thanos-Thrall (xt, Hujah race)

    unidentified Thanos-Thrall (xt, Hujah race)

    unidentified Thanos-Thrall (xt, Kodabak race)

    unidentified thief (encountered Lama)

    unidentified 30th precinct lieutenant (Man-Wolf character)

    unidentified thug (Black Widow foe)

    unidentified Tibetan tribesman (warned "William Allanson" of dragon)

    unidentified time traveler (killed by Adolf Hitler of Earth-14534)

    unidentified tourist (American attacked by vampire Maria, saved by Giuseppe Montesi)

    unidentified toy store manager (1960s, sold robot teddy bear)

    unidentified Tsiln female (Gog mate or sister)

    unidentified TV host (Power Pack character)

    unidentified TV viewer (Power Pack character)

    unidentified 21st century Moorlands victim (Lenore DeCade victim)

    unidentified tyrant (1950s, Nightmare Men victim)

    unidentified unicorn (Red Sonja foe)

    unidentified US senator of Eart-1241 (31st century, Captain Dash character)

    unidentified used Stuff clerk of Earth-8107 (junk shop employee, Mr. Frump foe)

    unidentified vampire (Blade foe)

    unidentified vampire (Thor foe)

    unidentified vampire (turned Francois Chicault)

    unidentified Vega-Man ("Flying creation")

    unidentified victim ("First" Ghost Rider, possible daughter)

    unidentified victim (Lily Marlowe victim, first; possible vampire)

    unidentified victim (Lily Marlowe victim, second shown; possible vampire)

    unidentified villager (Blackworld citizen)

    unidentified villager who found Ora (19th century Transylvania)

    unidentified visitor (1950s, opposed George Farren)

    unidentified Wakandan male (Black Panther character, tortured by Killmonger)

    unidentified warden (encountered Two-Headed Thing)

    unidentified warden (Short Circuit victim)

    unidentified warlord (Eternals of Eyung)

    unidentified warning-bearer (xt, Sreneskian race, Omega the Unknown character)

    unidentified warrior (xt, fought Bog Beast)

    unidentified warrior of Reality-8116 (Zygotean Landing Party 017)

    unidentified warrior (xt, Krugreppeans)

    unidentified Watcher

    unidentified water-breathing alien (Monster from the Lost Lagoon)

    unidentified Waterfront Gang member (Namor/Namora foe)

    unidentified Waterfront Gang member (Namor/Namora foe)

    unidentified Waterfront Gang member (Namor/Namora foe)

    unidentified water god (Mayapan)

    unidentified wedding ceremonial administer (Darklore/Maya wedding, Adam Warlock story)

    unidentified weird scientist (employee of the Boss)

    unidentified werewolf (Hyborian era, bit Ghunthar)

    unidentified werewolf (bit Kenneth Long)

    unidentified werewolf ("Crimson Claw", Johnny Blaze foe)

    unidentified wife (Ricardo Del Wolverine relative)

    unidentified wife (Super-Intendant, Power Man story)

    unidentified wing amputee ("dragons" of the Negative Zone)

    unidentified "winged Secret Serviceman" of Earth-9591 (Ruins) ("angel")

    unidentified winged snaketail female (Centurions)

    unidentified witch (18th century, Salem)

    unidentified witch (1950s, helped kill vampire Igor Plaznik)

    unidentified witch doctor (Africa, befriended Mr. Doll)

    unidentified witness (neighbor of Carla and Gerry Thornehill, Vampire Tales)

    unidentified wizard (Conan character)

    unidentified woman (had a drink with Sammy Glenn, Smith City)

    unidentified woman (loved Thing in the Mud)

    unidentified woman (encountered Cal Ferris)

    unidentified woman impersonator (Jacob Shaw)

    unidentified woman riding winged horse of Earth-9591 (Ruins) ("valkyrie")

    unidentified woodsman (Heart Devourer victim)

    unidentified wrist-blade combatant (Games, oasis sector)

    unidentified Xartan (possibly; Mourners)

    unidentified Xeronian (Thanos-thrall, maybe more than one)

    unidentified Xeronian (Nebula's minion)

    unidentified Xeronian delegates (Intergalactic Council)

    unidentified y-mask (Centurions)

    unidentified young girl of Earth-9591 (Ruins)

    unidentified Z'Nox survivor (Senator Ward ally)

    unidentified zoo official (1960s, tricked by Mike Mullins)

    "Uninvited" (Albert Manning)

    Uninvited of Earth-57780 (Spidey Super Stories, Spider-Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Union Jack (James Montgomery, Lord Falsworth, WWI era hero) - by MarvellousLuke & Norvo

    Union Jack of Earth-811 (Joey Chapman, RCX)

    Unipar (Coconut Grove leader) - by Proto-Man

    Uni-Power (Time Traveler/Enigma Force)

    Unit Four (Diamondback LMD)

    Unit L17 of Earth-10511 (Deathlok)

    Unit L17 of Earth-10511 (General/Peacelok)

    Unit One of Earth-92131 (X-Men '92 cartoon, US Army operative)

    Unit 1 (Alley Behind a Closed-Down Laudromat Comic Con guest, Image Comics character)

    Unit 2 (Alley Behind a Closed-Down Laudromat Comic Con guest, Image Comics character)

    United States Marine (Defender)

    Unkceglia (Unceglia)

    Unknown (Lurking Unknown)

    Unnameable (Defenders foe)

    Unnamed (Unnameable)

    Unnthinnk (Six-Fingered Hand)

    Uno (Ghost Rider character) - by Markus Raymond

    Uno (Spider-Man foe) - by Zerostar

    Uno-Who possibly of Earth-665 (Captain Mar-Vinn character, Not Brand Ecch)

    Unog (Fifth Galaxy, recruited Karl Kragg for Mr. Universe challenge)

    Unos (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

    "Unspeakable" (Johnny Blaze foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Unspoken (former Inhuman king) - by Chadman

    Unsterblich (Hydra, Captain America foe)

    Unstoppable Woman of Earth-200781 (Susan Storm, Frightful Four)

    Unum (She-Hulk foe)

    Unus the Untouchable (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)

    Unuscione, Angelo (Unus the Untouchable)

    Updike, Terrence (New Universe, Justice character)

    Updraft (X-Student) - by MarvellousLuke

    Uplink (Chain Gang)

    Uproar (Heavy Metal, Brute Force foe)

    Urbaam (Canopian, Professor Sfeen's wife)

    Urban, Steven (Daredevil character)

    Urchin (Contagion story)

    Urg (Cosmic Commandos)

    Urge to Be--Enfleshed (Cleito)

    Uriah (Disciples of Doom)

    Urich, Ben

    Urich, Doris (Ben Urich's wife, Daredevil/Spider-Man character) - by Chadman

    Urich, Jimmy of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

    Urich, Phil (Goblin King/Goblin Knight/Hobgoblin/Green Goblin)

    Urid (Tirenian king, killed by Warka)

    Uriel (Noble Kale character) - by Proto-Man

    Uri-El (Johnny Blaze/Punisher character) - by Markus Raymond

    Urizen, Ev Teel (Mummudrai)

    Urizen, Ul'var (Mummudrai's "brother")

    Uroc (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Uroc the Unstoppable (Uroc)

    Ursa Major (Mikhail Ursus)

    Ursa the Man-Bear (19th Century, Red Wolf foe)

    Ursicus (Inhuman)

    Ursla (Conan character)

    Ursula (Swiss heroine)

    Ursus (Roman, Bran Mak Morn foe)

    Urthona (Dr. Strange character)

    Uru Monster (Uroc)

    Uru Warrior (Uroc)

    Ur-Xanarrh (Conan foe)

    U.S. Agent of Earth-21993

    U.S. Archer (US One, Star Stop)

    Ushas (Cult of Kâli, Iron Fist foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Usire (Osiris)

    U'Sr'Pr (Her/Kismet foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Usshir (Conan character)

    Utah Kid (Old West outlaw, Matt Slade foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Utah Kid (Spade Borden, Old West outlaw) - by Grendel Prime

    Ute (Gatherers) or follow this link Ute the Watcher (dimension of Proctor, partial entry)

    Uthar (Jolena's enemy)

    "utmost" (Captain Hip)

    Utu (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

    Uval Q'baal (Conan character)

    Uys (Seeker, Inhumans; Kadlec's brother)

    Uzi (Grip)

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