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Membership: At least three, all unidentified

Purpose: To defend their turf, to engage in robbery and violence against mutants.

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Tunnelers (Berzerker, Blow-Hard, Masque, Scaleface)

Base of Operations: Pier District on the Hudson River, New York City, New York

First Appearance: X-Factor I#11 (December, 1986)


(X-Factor I#11 (fb) - BTS) - The Savage Wolf Gang operated on the Hudson River's pier district and became notorious according to reporter Trish Tilby.

(X-Factor I#11) - Three members of the Savage Wolf gang encountered the Morlock Tunnelers while patrolling their territory. Believing them to be "well heeled yuppies" they planned to take advantage of them. The gang's leader ordered his men to take care of the guys while he would take the girl, referring to the lovely Scaleface. As they approached, the gang witnessed Masque using his powers to restore Bezerker's true form, (they had disguised themselves to leave X-Factor headquarters unnoticed), Now realizing they'd stumbled upon a group of mutants they now planned to kill them. The leader promptly shot Blowhard dead, and the green-jacketed man winged Masque. Berzerker countered by grabbing the leader's face and removing it from his body after which Masque jumped the green-jacketed man, using his powers to melt the banger's face like wax. The red-jacketed man was a little smarter than his friends, and ran to get help, running to the nearest payphone and calling the police. Unfortunately, it wasn't safe enough, and Berzerker fired a beam from across the pier that blew him (and the phone booth) to pieces.

The green-jacketed man was later shown on the news as Trish Tilby reported on the battle at the pier, his hideous appearance led Cyclops to deduce that Masque and the Tunnelers were involved, and led to the conflict in which Berzerker and Scaleface were killed.

Comments: Created by Louise Simonson and Walter Simonson.

Poor, stupid gangbangers...I almost pity them...almost. In their defense, it was dark, and they were kind of far away, so maybe they didn't notice that the "well-heeled yuppies" were dressed in rags, and Masque had a face straight from a Hammer Horror Film.

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The Savage Wolf Gang have no known connections to


 The leader of the Savage Wolf Gang was a stupid, scar-faced, perverted, mutant-hating cretin. He wanted to have his way with Scaleface, shot and killed Blowhard, and had his face blown off by Berzerker.

--X-Factor I#11

red-jacketed member

 The red-jacketed member of the Savage Wolf Gang was a little smarter than his friends, he just didn't run far enough away, poor sap. Berzerker blew him up when he stopped at a phone booth to call 911.

--X-Factor I#11

green-jacketed member

 The green-jacketed member of the Savage Wolf Gang shot and wounded Masque, and got his face turned to putty. He managed to survive, as his mutilated mug was shown on the news.

--X-Factor I#11

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X-Factor I#11, p13, pan8 (mainimage)
X-Factor I#11, p13, pan4 (leader)
X-Factor I#11, p14, pan6&7 (red-jacket)
X-Factor I#11, p14, pan4 (green-jacket)

X-Factor I#11 (December, 1986) - Louise Simonson (writer), Walter Simonson (pecils), Bob Wiacek (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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