Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Unknown; presumably sub-species of humanity (Post-World War II era)

Occupation: Hunter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Unnamed woman

Enemies: Men, including police

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The woman's garage, near a canal

First Appearance: Spellbound#22/1 (May, 1954)

Powers/Abilities: The Thing in the Mud could exist indefinitely underwater, and apparently on land as well. His scaly body and webbed appendages aided him in swimming.

History: (Spellbound#22 (fb)) - "The Thing in the Mud" lived underwater with his people, and would hunt giant crabs. One day, he engaged in a lengthy pursuit of a fleeing crab, and followed it so far away from home that he lost his way, and could not find his people. He ventured out to the surface, but a man he approached attacked him and called a policeman. When he struck the policeman and fled, the policeman shot him in the back of his shoulder. He fled to a nearby canal and hid within the mud.

(Spellbound#22) - Some time later, a woman passed by the canal and the creature dragged her into the mud. He told her his story, and recognized that she was different from the men who had harmed him. She brought him to her garage to dress his wound. Although she expected that he would leave before morning, instead he went out and stole a pearl necklace, which he gave her in the morning. In the days that followed, he continued to bring her stolen jewelry, and she began to realize that he was in love with her. One day, the police broke into the garage and beat him with billy clubs, identifying him as the local jewel thief. As they handcuffed the creature, they assumed that the woman was unaware of his presence on her property, leaving her in the clear. However, as they began to escort him away, the woman ran after them and kissed the creature on the lips -- she had fallen in love with him.

Comments: Created by an unknown writer and artist.

Let this tale enbolden the heart of every man: no matter how dirty, ugly, or scaly you might be, there is a woman willing to have you.

If this story is set on Earth-616, perhaps the creature is related to the Atlanteans or Deviants?

This story was reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales#3.

by Prime Eternal

The Thing in the Mud should not be confused with:


She discovered the Thing in the Mud one evening while returning home from her sister's. She took pity on the misunderstood creature and dressed his bullet wound. In return, the creature began bringing her jewels to show his affection for her. She realized his motives and that the items were stolen, and began to wish he would simply leave. However, when the police finally came for the creature, she realized that she truly loved him and planted a kiss on his lips.


Images taken from:
Spellbound#22, page 3, panel 4
Spellbound#22, page 5, panel 8
woman- Spellbound#22, page 5, panel 7

Spellbound#22 (May, 1954) - Stan Lee (editor)

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