Membership: None identified

Purpose: To act as accountants and retrieval of property agents for Spyder

Aliases: IRB

Affiliations: Spyder

Enemies: Lila Cheney, Conal Duran, Grey Havero, Phil Hovannes, Karen, Ben Locklin, the New Mutants (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Mirage/Dani Moonstar, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Warlock, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), their "worst fear"

Base of Operations: Spyder's retrieval ships, mobile throughout space

First Appearance: New Mutants I#67 (September, 1988)

(New Mutants I#67 (fb) - BTS) - The Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade worked as accountants for the extraterrestrial slave trade Spyder.

(New Mutants I#67) - When one of his former slaves, Lila Cheney, turned up missing just as he had use for her, Spyder ordered a retrieval ship and summoned the Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade (IRB), noting that the retrieval ship should be sent to Earth. Soon after arriving in New York, the IRB reported to Spyder that their approach had not been noticed by the people below and they tracked Lila to a shiny black building. Happy to hear the news, Spyder ordered the IRB to land and prepare for the retrieval of his "property." Landing the ship at two nearby skyscrapers with a loud "CRUNCH," the IRB announced that they would need to cut their way into the building and Spyder ordered the IRB to have their double entry molecular dispersal ready. The IRB then cut a giant hole in the roof and entered the building in the middle of a concert Lila Cheney was performing, leading many of the concert goers to think their arrival was nothing more than a part of Lila's show using special effects.

When the IRB grabbed Lila, her friend Cannonball of the New Mutants, who was watching the show from backstage, jumped into the battle in an attempt to rescue Lila. The other New Mutants teleported to the concert a few minutes later but one of the IRB still managed to capture Lila and he ordered the IRB back to their ship. The New Mutants fought the retreating IRB with one of them proclaiming that the New Mutants were interfering with the requisition of misappropriated property, prompting the New Mutants to ask if the aliens were lawyers. Remarking that it was a waste of time to fight lawyers, Mirage was told by one of the IRB that they were accountants not lawyers but she used her powers on him anyway, bringing forth a physical representation of the IRB's worst fears: a gigantic alien monster. By the time the New Mutants dealt with the monster, they noticed most of the IRB had fled and Magik suggested they rush to the roof. Unfortunately, the New Mutants appeared on the roof just in time to see the IRB fleeing the scene in their ship with Lila in tow.

Comments: Created by Louise Simonson and Bret Blevins.

    All we ever seen of Karen is the lower part of her face, as the top part is obscured by a word balloon.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade have no known connections to:

The IRB's "worst fear"

The Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade's worst fear was a gigantic destructive monster. During the battle against the Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade, the New Mutant Mirage contacted the mind of one of the IRB agents and conjured forth a physical representation of the IRB's worst fears. Erupting from the floor, the "worst fear" began rampaging and destroying everything in sight. By the time Mirage was able to cancel the physical illusion, the IRB had fled into the air via their spaceship.

--(physical illusion of the worst fear) New Mutants I#67


Karen was an Earth civilian attending a Lila Cheney when the Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade busted into the building in an attempt to capture Lila. Karen immediately yelled "Monsters!" at the sight of the IRB but one of her friends suggested Karen not worry about it, as a similar event happened at Lila Cheney's last New York concert.

--New Mutants I#67

images: (without ads)
New Mutants I#67, p11, pan2 (Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade flying & Karen)
New Mutants I#67, p12, pan1 (Intergalactic Red-Tape Brigade grabbing Lila)
New Mutants I#67, p18, pan3 (the IRB's "worst fear")

New Mutants I#67 (September, 1988) - Louise Simonson (writer), Bret Blevins (art), Bob Harras (editor)

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