Membership: Many unnamed extra-terrestrials (unknown race)

Purpose: Crippling Earth's economy and using the planet as armory

Affiliations: Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti (KGB)
    indirectly: an European Crime Syndicate (likely the Italian Mafia), a Florida-based Corporation

Enemies: Dixie Edison, Emmette Edison, Paladin
    presumably: Alpha Flight, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Soviet Super Soldiers

Base of Operations: Antarctica, Earth

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#21/3 (June, 1989)

(Marvel Comics Presents#21/3) - The Intergalactic Warlords planned to use Earth as an armory. They threatened the KGB to get their help in crippling the world economy. The KGB then pressured an European Crime Family to buy acres of land in the United States to poison it. The European Crime Family then blackmailed a Florida-based corporation to do their dirty work, but it didn't work because Emmette Edison bought the land instead, and Paladin was asked to investigate everything. Paladin went from base to base to finally find the Intergalactic Warlords in the Antarctic after calling from Moscow, asking some other heroes in for help. The Warlords captured Paladin with a tractor beam and threatened him, but it was already too late. More heroes arrived and stopped the Intergalactic Walords.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Ron Wilson & Dan Adkins.

For me Paladin is a blowhard and this story was told by him so over the top that it is hard to believe without restraint.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Intergalactic Warlors have no known connection to:

Dixie and Emmette Edison have no known connection to:

Dixie Edison

She was Emmette Edison's daughter, and when she found out that he refused to return thousand acres of land to the farmers in Seattle she faked a kidnapping to force her father to return the land. Paladin found her in Dallas and fled with her from her partners. He brought Dixie to her father in Seattle, and Emmette told his daughter the truth why he didn't give the land back and she believed him. Dixie then asked Paladin to further investigate in this case.


--Marvel Comics Presents#21/3

Emmette Edison

He was Chicago's most famous newspaper publisher and hired Paladin to rescue his kidnapped daughter Dixie. Her kidnappers had sent Emmette a ransom note wherein they demanded that he gave all his money to the poor. After Dixie was returned from her faked kidnapping her father told her that he only bought the land in Seattle to protect it from a Florida-based Corporation that wanted to use it as a toxic waste dump. Dixie believed her father and together they asked Paladin to investigate the Florida-based Corporation.


--Marvel Comics Presents#21/3

Intergalactic Warlords: Marvel Comics Presents#21, p23, pan3
Dixie Edison head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#21, p20, pan3
Emmette Edison head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#21, p20, pan3

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