(of Earth-19166)

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/ClassExtradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-19166) human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer, Protector of the Great Web

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsGarden-Spider (Petunia Parker of Earth-71925), Lord Spider of Earth-10113519, Sea-Spider of Earth-19192, SP//dr (Peni Parker of Earth-14512), Spidair of Earth-91202, Spiderling (Anna-May Parker of Earth-18119), Spider-Ma'am (May Parker of Earth-3123), Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), the Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-90214), Spider-Man (Takuya Yamashiro of Earth-51778), Spider-Requiem (Polymnia Swan of Earth-98117), Spider-Sting of Earth-38418, Spinster of Earth-93191, Sun-Spider of Earth-20023, V of Earth-43890, Web-Slinger (Patrick O'Hara of Earth-31913), White Widow (Venice Doadi of Earth-23233), numerous other Spider-Totems, unidentified companion spider

Enemies: Machine Bem Monsters of Earth-51778;
   formerly the Great Web's tangle

Known RelativesUnidentified parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Hall of Spiders, Earth-001

First Appearance: Spider-Verse III#1 (December, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Zero has the common abilities of all Spider-Totems which include enhanced strength, agility and a danger-warning "spider-sense." She also has additional powers granted to her by the Great Web of Life and Destiny, which include the powers to sense other Spider-Totems across the Multiverse and pull them across different dimensions, and the ability to manipulate and communicate with the Great Web itself.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Green (see comments)
Hair: Reddish-brown

History: (Spider-Verse III#6 (fb)) - When Reality-19166 was destroyed by a multiversal Incursion (see comments), one unidentified teenage girl was saved just as her Earth collided with that of another reality. As her reality disintegrated a spider-shaped portal opened behind her and a large arachnid entwined her with webbing, then pulled her from her parents' hands. She watched them die as it drew her through to safety, and subsequently learned she had been saved because she had been chosen for a specific role.

(Spider-Verse III#1) - Gaining the powers of a Spider-Totem, she adopting a costumed persona, Spider-Zero, and assumed the role of the protector of the Great Web of Life and Destiny, selected to be at the center to watch and take care of it, while its chosen Patternmaker, Spiderling (Anna-May Parker of Earth-18119), continued to make more of it. However, Spiderling went missing and the Web became sick and corrupted. Spider-Zero cut away the damaged portions, but the problem continued spreading. Needing to find Spiderling to heal and replace the damage, Spider-Zero enlisted the help of Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), pulling him across the Multiverse on a superstring tether before eventually meeting him on Planet Spider in Reality-51778. She then took Miles to Earth-001, where she showed him the Web and explained the problem that lay before them.

(Spider-Verse III#6) - Using a Spider-Idol Miles obtained on Earth-90214 like an antenna to boost her spider-sense, Spider-Zero was able to finally find the Patternmaker trapped within a tangle of the Great Web itself. Accompanied by numerous other Spider-Totems from across the Multiverse, she traveled to the tangle, but it proved to have a primitive consciousness; in pain from the Web's power being trapped within its snarl, it mistakenly identified them as invaders, opening up portals to Earth-51778 and bringing through an army of Machine Bem Monsters to fight the Spider-Totems. While the rest were busy holding them off, Spider-Zero communicated  with the tangle, distracting it so it loosened its grip on Anna-May enough to allow Miles to slip towards its center and release her. While Spider-Zero shared her common hurt with the Web and promised to never leave it alone, Anna-May send the rest of Spider-Totems back to their home realities and untangled the knot, returning the Web to a healthy state again. Spider-Zero then shared a tender moment with Spiderling and Miles before sending him back to Earth-616 as well.

Comments: Created by Jed MacKay, Juan Friger and Sheldon Vella.

   Spider-Zero is depicted with green eyes in Spider-Verse III#1 but with brown eyes in Spider-Verse III#6.

   The multiversal Incursion that destroyed her home reality was part of the string of Incursions that saw the entire Marvel multiverse collapse and led into Secret Wars. - Loki

Profile by HBK123 (and Loki for the subprofiles).

Spider-Zero has no known connections to:

Spider-Zero's parents

Spider-Zero's parents apparently died with their world during the Incursions. Ripped from their hands as she was rescued, she watched them disintegrate as her reality was destroyed.

--Spider-Verse III#6

spider companion

A large arachnid wearing a green patch with an insignia depicting a spider whose body consists of a stylized-zero (which is presumably where Spider-Zero gets her name from), the creature saved the girl who became Spider-Zero from the Incursion, and subsequently acts as her companion guarding the Great Web. Given its involvement in her origin, it may be the counterpart to the spider that bit Peter Parker on Earth-616.

--Spider-Verse III#1

images: (without ads)
Spider-Verse III#1, p15, pan2 (Spider-Zero, main)
Spider-Verse III#6, p8, pan4 (Spider-Zero, headshot)
Spider-Verse III#6, p18, pan2 (Spider-Zero, unmasked)
Spider-Verse III#6, p9, pan1 (Spider-Zero communicates with the Great Web)
Spider-Verse III#6, p2, pan1 (Spider-Zero, main image)
Spider-Verse III#6, p12, pan5 (parents)
Spider-Verse III#1, p16, pan3 (spider companion)

Spider-Verse III#1 (December, 2019) - Jed MacKay (writer), Juan Frigeri, Stacey Lee, Arthur Adams, James Harren, Dike Ruan, Sheldon Vella(pencils, inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Verse III#6 (May, 2020) - Jed MacKay (writer), Jose Carlos Silva (pencils, inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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