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Real Name: Waylon Wilkie

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Host of the "Uncle Elmer Show"

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Babette, Lance, Simon Williams

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cable Studio#7 in Manhatten, New York

First Appearance: (seen on a television screen): Avengers I#194 (April, 1980); (fully seen): Avengers I#201 (November, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Uncle Elmer had no superhuman powers. He was a skilled children's television show host and was gifted at tossing a pie.

History:  (Avengers I#194 - BTS) - During an episode of the "Uncle Elmer Show", Uncle Elmer introduced Simon Williams as Mister Muscles. Simon lifted a child up using one arm, but the kid fell, only to be rescued by Simon. Uncle Elmer then announced that Mister Muscles needed to learn Elmer's first rule of good manners-"thou shall not screw-up." He then prepared to hit Mister Muscles in the face with a pie.

 (Avengers I#201) - As he taped the latest episode of the "Uncle Elmer Show", Uncle Elmer once again introduced Mister Muscles and whispered to him that his job was hanging by a thread. He also warned that Simon needed to make the "whirl-a-round" skit a good one. As Simon spun a giant carousel around with his bare hands, Elmer announced that any child who grabbed a golden ring got a free meal at Burger Trough. As the children grabbed the rings that Elmer held up, one child grabbed Elmer's toupee and pulled it off on live television, revealing him to be bald. Elmer then ordered the tape stopped and blaming Simon, fired him on the spot.

 (Tales of the Marvels: The Wonder Years#2 (seen on a TV screen)) - Following the "death" of Wonder Man, Waylon Wilkie (complete with a new toupee) was interviewed about Simon's death. On screen, he explained that it took him a long time to get the rough edges off of Simon's "Mister Muscles" act on the "Uncle Elmer Show." He also added that despite that, Simon was a real trooper and that he would always remember him as part of the "Uncle Elmer" family.

Comments: Created by David Michelinie, George Perez, and Josef Rubinstein.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Babette has no known connections to

Lance has no known connections to

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Uncle Elmer has no known connections to

  • Uncle Ben, uncle of Linda Brown, @ Strange Tales I#97
  • Uncle Fudge's Ice Cream Parlor, favorite hangout of Rich Rider, Roger Cooper, & Bernie Dillon, @ Nova I#1
  • Uncle Lex (James Lexington Christian), organized & controlled the Parasites, @ Captain Britain II#13
  • Uncle Pykoo, Half-World turtle, genius, deciphered Gideon's Bible, @ Incredible Hulk II#271
  • Uncle Waddles, possible identity of Howard the Duck, @ Adventure into Fear#19
  • any other "Uncle" or "Elmer" characters


Babette was a child who appeared on the episode of the "Uncle Elmer Show" in which Simon Williams was fired. She rode the giant carousel along with Lance.

--Avengers I#201


Lance was another child who appeared on the episode of the "Uncle Elmer Show" that Simon was fired on. He rode the giant carousel with Babette.

--Avengers I#201

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Avengers I#201, p9, pan4 (Uncle Elmer, fullbody)
 p10, pan1 (Babette)
 p10, pan2 (Lance)
 p10, pan4 (Uncle Elmer, headshot)

Avengers I#194 (April, 1980) - David Michelinie (writer), George Perez (pencils), Josef Rubinstein (inks)
Avengers I#201 (November, 1980) - David Michelinie (writer), George Perez (pencils), Dan Green (inks)
Tales of the Marvels: The Wonder Years#2 (September, 1995) - Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning (writers), Igor Kordey (artist)

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