"the shoplifters"

Membership: Faith, Rocky (Theodore)

Purpose: To avoid paying for goods

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Unidentified hero (see comments)

Enemies: Unidentified clerk

Base of Operations: The basement of Butler's Badger Bar and Grill, New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure: New York, New York (1985)

History: (Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure: New York, New York - BTS) - Rocky, under unrevealed circumstances, left his family and hit the streets. Faith, one of seven children to a single mother, was neglected and opted to take her chances on the streets as well. Via unrevealed circumstances, they ended up together. Working together, they tried their hand at shoplifting, stealing several sodas and potato chips from the store Ma & Pa Grocery at the corner of 10th Street and Cleveland. They managed to steal the items and get out of the store, outrunning the single old woman working in the shop, but their luck ran out when they ran into a hero who happened to be passing by. After the shop worker was convinced not to press charges by the hero, Rocky was returned to his family and Faith was placed in foster care. When the hero returned to check on the young shoplifters a week later, both children had become subdued by their experiences and promised the hero that they would never steal or run away again.

Comments: Created by Kate Novak, Jeff Grubb, Dennis Kauth and the Mighty Marvel Bullpen (see Appearances list for list of artists involved in the book).

Given this story is from a role-playing game, what heroes our shoplifters met could vary on which hero is being played by the game's players. If the hero has a popularity over 3, Faith is impressed by the hero while Rocky won't be, no matter who you play. If the hero is gentle, the kids go without a fuss. Rocky will be sent back to his family, whereas Faith will be sent to foster care due to her home life. If the hero is rude, they will both develop a life long grudge against the hero.

Your choice of hero could also go about the case in various ways. You could swiftly turn the kids over the police, pay for their goods and even check up on them a week later. You could also lose karma points if you injure the children.

Profile by David Lawrence.

"The shoplifters" have no known connections to:


Age 12, Faith was one of seven children at home with a single mother. Eventually fleeing her home life, she ended up in the street and met up with a young boy named Rocky. Caught by an unidentified hero after a shoplifting, she was later put in foster care.

--Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure: New York, New York - BTS


Age 9, Theodore (nicknamed Rocky) left his family and ended up on the street, where he met a young girl named Faith. Together, the two shoplifted food from Ma and Pa Grocery. When caught by an unidentified hero, Rocky was not impressed and was later returned to his family.

--Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure: New York, New York - BTS

unidentified clerk

An employee of the Ma & Pa Grocery, an unidentified old woman clerk noticed Faith and Rocky's attempt at thievery and chased them into the street. They outran the clerk but an unidentified hero convinced her not to press charges.

--Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure: New York, New York - BTS

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Marvel Super Heroes Official Game Adventure: New York, New York (1985) - Kate Novak, Jeff Grubb (writers, designers), Dennis Kauth (layouts), the Mighty Marvel Bullpen: Jeff Butler, Bret Blevins, Kerry Gammill, Butch Guice, Walt Simonson, John Romita Sr., Frank Miller, Jim Shooter, Luke McDonnell, Brian Postman, Mike Zeck, Bob Layton, John Byrne, June Brigman, Bob Wiacek (interior art), Barbara Deer (editor)

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