Real Name: Braggadoom

Identity/Class: Terrestrial artificial life form

Occupation: Toddler?;
    former Smasher of Everything There Is

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Arnold Krank (creator)

Enemies: Power Man (Luke Cage), Thing (Ben Grimm)

Known Relatives: Arnold Krank (adoptive father)

Aliases: the Mountain that Walks like a Man (or is it the Soup that Eats like a Meal?); Runaway Salad (nickname from the Thing)

Base of Operations: Arnold Krank's apartment, New York City, USA;
    formerly Mr. Krashner's Bio-Systems Inc., New York City, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Two-In-One I#13 (January, 1976)

Powers: In his protoplasmic form, Braggadoom could consume a human being by engulfing and digesting/absorbing it much like an amoeba. He apparently absorbed the intelligence of those he consumed, but lacked their discipline. Braggadoom initially grew progressively larger and stronger, reaching a peak of over 300 feet in height. He had vast, class 100 strength and was extremely durable. Initially, he had a child-like intellect, but as he grew larger, he developed a personality similar to any human (who likes to smash everything in sight). At any stage of his development, he had a hankerin' for some smashing!
Presumably once he reduced to the size of a human toddler, his physical abilities matched that level as well.


(Marvel Two-In-One I#13 (fb) ) - Braggadoom was inadvertently created by Arnold Krank, who was involved in a Bio-Genetics Project at Krashner's Bio-Systems, Inc. Krank's a little absent-minded, and he grew careless and inadvertently mixed an unidentified substance with a special cellular tissue he'd been using. The mixture suddenly grew too hot and he dropped it, allowing the contents to spew outward and coalesce into a pulsing, throbbing, greenish mass with a life of its own.






    Krank's boss, Mr. Krashner, was delighted at the discovery of the secret of life and called a press conference to announce this. One of the reporters became too inquisitive and stuck a finger into the spongy mass, which suddenly sucked him in and absorbed him. The mass then absorbed Krashner and took on a humnaoid shape. The figure continued to grow, and it soon burst through the top of the building and went on a rampage in the city. Krank went to the Baxter Building and recruited the Thing (the only one home) to stop the creature, who was then about 40' tall.








(Marvel Two-In-One I#13)-Krashner hired Power Man to assist the Thing, who found himself outmatched by the immense creature. In the course of their struggles, the creature threw the Thing through a wall in Central Park, which made the noise "Braggadoom!". The creature liked the name so much, he took it for himself (no, really!). Cage arrived soon after, but Braggadoom picked them both up and hurled them across the city. When the two heroes caught back up with him, Braggadoom, now over 300' tall, was ripping apart one of the city's bridges. Braggadoom was too powerful for either Cage or the Thing to hurt, but they did manage to swim to the bottom of the East River and up-end him by pulling his feet out from underneath him. Krank feared that Braggadoom's unstable atomic structure might reach critical mass and explode, but instead it suddenly shrank to the size of a hand-held doll.



Krank picked up the docile form of Braggadoom, who again possessed an infantile mindset. Krank believed that Braggadoom had been lashing out at his parent figure, and that if he were raised properly, he could develop like a normal human being. Krank somehow altered Braggadoom so that he would grow and develop at a normal human rate, and then brought him back to his apartment to raise as his own.





Comments: Created by Roger Slifer, Len Wein, and Ron Wilson.

    I guess if Braggadoom aged at the same rate as Franklin Richards, after 25 years of real time he'd be...exactly the same age as he was then. Hmm...maybe he could be taken to the future where he could grow up, and then return as an adult. Oh, that's been done, too? Several times? ...Ah, Braggadoom's an artificial life form and could age however rapidly anyone wanted it to. C'mon, how can you leave a cute little monster like that in Marvel Limbo. I think he's a good candidate to be recruited for the inevitable return/team-up of Xemnu the Titan and Spragg the Living Hill.

Braggadoom has no known connection to:

Arnold Krank

Arnold Krank

Arnold Krank was employed as a biological researcher at Krashner's Bio-Systems, Inc. He was working with a team of scientists on a special Bio-Genetics Project. He inadvertently created Braggadoom while not paying attention to what he was doing. After his boss, Mr. Krashner, was consumed by his creation, he fled for help. He related the whole story of Braggadoom's creation to Luke Cage while trying to hire him, but neglected to mention that the Thing was out there fighting the giant creature by himself at the time. Krank attempted to reason with the giant creature, to no avail. Once it was reduced to a handheld size, he reclaimed it, devised a means to slow its growth, and decided to raise it as his own. 

Krank was a little absent-minded, and spoke with a constant stutter. He was apparently an expert in the field of genetics, as well as infant psychology, or whatever...




--Marvel Two-In-One I#13

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Marvel Two-In-One I#13, cover (main image)

Marvel Two-In-One I#13 (January, 1976) - Roger Slifer (writer), Len Wein (pencils), Ron Wilson (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)

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