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Membership: None identified (1, 2, 3, 4)

Purpose: Criminal intent

Affiliations: Shrine (Kurran)

Enemies: Dragon's Claws (Dragon, Scavenger, Digit, Steel, Mercy)

Base of Operations: Earth-5555 circa 8162 AD

First Appearance: Death's Head I#2 (January, 1989)


(Death's Head I#2 (fb) BTS) - The Jesters were already a known threat to the Dragon's Claws before Scavenger joined.

(Death's Head I#2 (fb)) - The Jesters tracked down Dragon when he was without his team and cornered him in an ambush. The leader of the Jesters shot Dragon in his leg and arm, leaving him wounded on the ground. With a smile the Jester's leader ordered his team to kill the Dragon when Scavenger suddenly showed up to save Dragon. The skilled adventurer easily took out the entire team within minutes, leaving the area as silently as he had entered it.

(Dragon's Claws#10 - BTS) - The leader of the Jesters was hired by Kurran of the Shrine to get a man named Holden out of the country. When he found Holden, they hijacked a chemical waste transporter, travelled south on the Utopia Inter-Lin and killed two police officers while crossing a checkpoint. Because of this, the Game team Dragon's Claws was reactivated.

(Dragon's Claws#10) - The Dragon's Claws, unable to open fire at the chemical waste transporter, chose a daring approach to board the fast moving vehicle. The Jester was seemingly enjoying the chase, but when the Claws stopped the vehicle he didn't waste any time and escaped by jumping in the nearby lake.

Comments: Created by Simon Furman, Bryan Hitch, Dave Hine

The Jesters were first seen in a flashback when the Dragon's Claws' Dragon was thinking of his first encounter with Scavenger.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

The Jesters have no known connections to

Unidentified Jester (Leader)

The leader of the Jesters was the only member to actually dress as a jester. He was a skilled gunman.


--Death's Head I#2 (fb) (Death's Head I#2 (fb), Dragon's Claws#10

Unidentified Jester

The only woman of the group looked like she was made out of some kind of metal. She wielded a whip.


--Death's Head I#2 (fb)

Unidentified Jester

Another one of the Jesters. He was a tech-user.


--Death's Head I#2 (fb)

Unidentified Jester

The last of the Jesters. His power set remained unrevealed.


--Death's Head I#2 (fb)

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Death's Head I#2, p10, pan1 (main image)
Death's Head I#2, p9, pan4 (first jester)
Death's Head I#2, p10, pan2 (second jester)
Death's Head I#2, p10, pan5 (third jester)
Death's Head I#2, p9, pan2 (fourth jester)

Death's Head I#2 (January, 1989) - Simon Furman(writer), Bryan Hitch(pencils), Dave Hine(inks), Richard Starkings(editor)
Dragon's Claw#10 (1989) - Simon Furman(writer), Geoff Senior(Artist), Richard Starkings(editor)

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