(of Earth-11052)

Real Name: X-23

Identity/Class: Extradimesional (Earth-11052) mutant clone

Occupation: None; former Hydra operative

Group Membership: None; formerly Hydra (Deborah Risman, others)

Affiliations: Wolverine (Logan); formerly Hydra (Deborah Risman, others)

Enemies: Hydra (Gauntlet, Omega Red, Viper, others), S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury, others); formerly New Mutants (Berzerker/Ray Crisp, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Magma/Amara Aquilla, Multiple/Jamie Madrox, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa), X-Men (Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Rogue/Anna Marie Darkholme, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/Logan)

Known Relatives: Logan (Wolverine, genetic progenitor)

Aliases: "Kid" (nickname called by Wolverine), "the Ultimate Weapon" (called by Deborah Risman)

Base of Operations: Mobile; formerly an unidentified Hydra base

First Appearance: X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode, "X-23" (August 2, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: X-23 had superhuman strength, sufficient enough to kick a piano and chunks of a stone pillar at an enemy. Her strength also enabled to leap from a standing point up to a chandelier and up an entire staircase in one jump. She had two Adamantium claws that extended from her knuckles and one claw that extended from each foot. X-23 also possessed superhuman senses of smell and hearing, allowing to track and recognize others by scent and hear things from a farther away distance than a normal human. She has also been known to carry Hydra-issue computerized discs that affix themselves to the forehead of a victim and render them unconscious, as well as explosives that attach to solid objects.

Height: 5'1" (presumably)
Weight: 110 lbs. (presumably)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

History: (X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode - "X-23" (fb)) - Created by Hydra genetic scientist Deborah Risman as the twenty-third attempt at creating a perfect weapon using data from Project: Weapon X, the clone known as operative X-23 was deemed a success. From the moment of her birth, X-23 was molded by Hydra to remove any and all distractions, including her own emotions, causing bouts of explosive anger. Growing extremely isolated and prone to bouts of explosive anger, X-23 was trained to blend in naturally with other children but spent most of her in training sessions alone against Hydra's robots. As a young girl, during a session in which X-23 was supposed to integrate with other children at a playground, her anger was provoked after she witnessed the children with their loving families and she destroyed another young girl's music box and was led away by Hydra agents. At age twelve, X-23 was put through the same Weapon X process that had bonded Adamantium to the X-Man Wolverine's bones, where she first manifested claws. Some time after, during a training session, the intensely angry X-23 escaped the training area by cutting through the wall and began destroying Hydra's computer systems on the other side.

(X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode - "X-23") - Sent to infiltrate a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility by Hydra, X-23 went rogue and cut a path to the computer files on all of the X-Men, learning all she could about Wolverine before she destroyed the computer and nearby video screens. When agents were alerted to her presence, she fled, eventually running to the roof, where she was cornered by guard dogs. Cornered, X-23 prepared to fight off the dogs but instead cut open a steam vent and escaped down the side of the building in the ensuing confusion and into the sewers. Not long after, X-23 made her way to the X-Men's mansion grounds, where she secretly witnessed a New Mutants training session, recalling her own time in training sessions. She then followed the students, jumping and hiding in the branches of trees, to the mansion itself, where she silently observed Storm and a pillow fight between Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, reminding X-23 of the intense isolation that Hydra put her through. After witnessing Jean Grey having a water fight in the kitchen with Cyclops, X-23 moved on, eventually going inside the mansion. When Professor X sensed X-23's thoughts, thinking they were Wolverine's, he found X-23 crying over a chess board but when he approached to help, X-23 placed a device on his forehead that rendered him unconscious. X-23 then ventured into the various X-Men's rooms, looking at their personal belongings, but when Cannonball wandered into Jean Grey's room looking for Jean, he discovered X-23, who downed Cannonball just like she had Professor X. She then proceeded to disable Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey before hiding on the ceiling when Iceman approached. Iceman soon heard X-23's breathing and when he turned around to see her, she attacked him as well. After X-23 took down Magma, the New Mutant Berzerker ran into Cyclops, who had discovered the unconscious Professor X. Wolverine soon arrived and, together with Rogue, the remaining X-Men tracked X-23's attack path past the unconscious Storm, Sunspot and Multiple before X-23 attacked Wolverine from below, cutting the floor out from under him. Leaping from the hole in the floor, X-23 dodged attacks from each of the remaining X-Men, downing them with relative ease by ripping the sleeves off Rogue's shirt and knocking her into Cyclops and Berzerker, then used an unconsciousness device before Rogue could fully utilize her newly absorbed powers. When Wolverine confronted her and demanded to know what she was after, X-23 immediately leapt in to attack, fiercely knocking Wolverine aside before fleeing. Giving chase, Wolverine found X-23 in another room but X-23 renewed her attack, kicking chunks of a stone pillar and then a piano at the X-Man. Relentlessly attacked, Wolverine explained that he had learned what Hydra had done to her and that no one, especially not a child, should have had to go through it. Yelling that she was not a child, X-23 continued attacking but Wolverine held her wrists and replied that she was still a child, even if Hydra tried to take that away from her. Even more enraged, X-23 jumped to attack Wolverine, extending her foot claw and she lunged at Wolverine's neck. Knocking Wolverine outside the mansion, X-23 exclaimed that everything that made her was because of Wolverine, who insisted he had no idea about the experiments that created her. X-23 accused Wolverine of lying before lunging at him once more but her attack was blocked by Wolverine's own claws. Crying, X-23 continued trying to attack but Wolverine explained that he was probably the one person in the world who knew exactly how she felt and that he was the closest thing she had to a family. Realizing he was right, the crying and emotional X-23 hugged Wolverine before a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopters flew overhead. Promising he would take care of S.H.I.E.L.D., Wolverine ordered a confused X-23 to go and, after a moment's hesitation, she ran off as Nick Fury's helicopter landed on the mansion grounds. Fury yelled at Wolverine, who insisted that X-23 had been through enough, and when Fury exclaimed that he couldn't just let her go, Wolverine replied that Fury could and would before walking off.

(X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode - "Target X" (fb) - BTS) - After he had gotten rid of S.H.I.E.L.D., Wolverine searched the Xavier Institute for X-23, who had fled to prevent Hydra from targeting Wolverine and the X-Men as well as herself. While Wolverine felt he could have protected X-23 from S.H.I.E.L.D., X-23 thought she was protecting him by not attracting Hydra to the Institute. She soon began a personal crusade against Hydra, planning to destroy every single one of their bases. Despite Hydra's attempts to set traps for her, X-23 continued to evade their grasp, secretly hoping that at some point, she would be led to the base housing the Supreme Hydra.

(X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode - "Target X") -  When Wolverine was captured by Hydra operatives Omega Red and Gauntlet, X-23 came to his rescue, kicking Omega Red away from Wolverine and knocking the gun out of Gauntlet's hand before helping get Wolverine to safety. As they left, Gauntlet reported back to Hydra that X-23 had been drawn out. Once she had safely gotten Wolverine away from Omega Red and Gauntlet, X-23 threw Wolverine on the ground and threatened him, demanding to know why he had come there. Remarking that it was nice to see X-23 again, Wolverine admitted that he was just as surprised to see her as she was to see him. When he asked what was going on, X-23 caught the scent of trouble and announced that Wolverine needed to get out of there. As they traveled, Wolverine asked about X-23 possibly needing to get out there and X-23 soon complained that Wolverine was slowing her down while taking the time to superhumanly heal his injuries. Trying to get X-23 to open up, Wolverine asked her again what was going on but X-23 continued moving, prompting Wolverine to ask her why she had fled the Xavier Institute after their last encounter. X-23 explained that she was trying to protect Wolverine and the Xavier Institute from Hydra, who was still trying to recapture and use her as a weapon. When they both heard the approach of Omega Red and Gauntlet, X-23 noticed a tracking device on Wolverine's boot and angrily remarked that he might as well turn himself in for not noticing the device. Realizing that Hydra had captured Wolverine and let him escape in order to recapture her, X-23 was soon forced into a specific forest location alongside Wolverine, who recognized that Gauntlet and Omega Red were leading the two mutants into a trap. X-23 refused to believe that she was being led into a trap and Wolverine asked that she trust and let him help her but X-23 angrily exclaimed that no one could help her, commenting that the only way S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra would stop hunting her if is she were no longer alive. Wolverine replied that he was living proof that X-23 could get beyond what Hydra had made her and X-23 sternly wished that Hydra had taken away her memories, as Wolverine's had been, before telling Wolverine that if really wanted to help her, he would stop following her. Led into an area surrounded by rocks, Wolverine and X-23 were ambushed by Omega Red, Gauntlet and a small army of Hydra agents. X-23 impulsively jumped right in to attack Gauntlet, who blasted X-23 with a sonic cannon. Wolverine covered X-23 with his own body in an attempt to protect her but both were quickly knocked unconscious by the sonics. Taken to a Hydra base, Wolverine demanded to know why Hydra couldn't just leave X-23 alone and Hydra leader Viper claimed X-23 was the one hunting them. Viper then claimed X-23 was on a crusade to destroy every Hydra base despite their failed attempts to recapture her. Viper then showed Wolverine footage of the captive X-23, who had been fixed with device that kept her unconscious and was being led into a Hydra lab to erase her rebellious mind. Announcing that X-23 would be the perfect weapon without emotion or free will, Viper left Wolverine to Omega Red but Wolverine soon escaped and ran to rescue X-23, who had awakened just before her mindwipe was set to occur. By the time Wolverine had arrived, X-23 had taken out her guards and the two reunited, with X-23 opting to stay in the facility to take out the Supreme Hydra. She then again repeated that Wolverine was the one who shouldn't be in the Hydra base before a recovered Omega Red attacked them both. Fleeing Omega Red, X-23 placed explosives all around the facility as Viper learned of X-23's escape and ordered an evacuation of the facility. When explosions began to destroy the facility, Viper attempted to escape in a Hydra craft and Wolverine arrived on the roof in time to see X-23 climbing up the side of the craft. Thinking she was making a mistake, Wolverine attempted to stop X-23's mission of vengeance, insisting that thing didn't have to be that way, but X-23 replied that they did before Wolverine fell from the craft's ladder back onto the roof. Once inside the cockpit, X-23 confronted Viper, announcing that she had made her what she was. A nervous Viper offered to give X-23 anything she wanted but X-23 claimed that Viper could never give her what she truly wanted. Gauntlet then appeared, warning X-23 that it was over, and X-23 agreed, tossing explosives all over the cockpit area. As a recovering Wolverine watched from afar, the Hydra craft exploded and crashed back to the ground. Later, as S.H.I.E.L.D. rounded up the Hydra agents, Nick Fury asked Wolverine where the girl was and Wolverine replied that she didn't survive the craft's explosion but as he departed the scene with S.H.I.E.L.D., Wolverine picked up X-23's scent and smiled, unaware that X-23 had survived and remained in the nearby woods to make sure Wolverine was safe before departing herself.

Comments: Created by Craig Kyle.

Depending on how you look at it, this version actually predates the comic (Earth-616) version of X-23, who didn't appear until NYX#3 (February, 2004). That is, unless you count Wolverine I#80 (April, 1994), in which a tissue sample from Wolverine is held up in a vial labeled "Logan. X. #23."

While profiles normally list all writers and artists involved with an issue (or episode) as the creators, the "X-23" episode credits specifically stated that the X-23 character was created by Craig Kyle.

X-23's physical height and weight is presumably the same as her Earth-616 counterpart.

Since the "Target X" episode has never been on DVD, I had to use youtube to watch the episode for the sake of writing this profile. Unfortunately, none of the videos on youtube had the ending credits intact but the credits I was able to find are listed in the Appearances list. If the episode is ever released on DVD and I am able to find the full art credits, I will add them to this profile.

X-23 appeared in the still shot of the X-Men at the end of the final X-Men: Evolution episode but I did not include that as an appearance since there was no story behind the image, other than just a still to end the series. Given the glimpse of the future that Professor X had, it seems likely that X-23 would have joined the X-Men (or at least the New Mutants) at some point had the series continued.

In the final X-Men: Evolution episode, "Ascension, Part II," Professor X glimpses the future of Earth-31129 in which X-23 was a member of the X-Men. While this is an appearance of a cartoon X-23 in the series, this possible future would actually be an alternate future version of X-23 and not the Earth-11052 version of X-23. Therefore, I have not included that episode's summary in X-23's history.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-11052's X-23 has no KNOWN connections to:

Earth-11052's Deborah Risman has no KNOWN connections to:

Deborah Risman

Deborah Risman was a Hydra scientist who had joined for the chance to experiment in genetics beyond the realm of conventional science and government allowance. While employed with Hydra, she was tasked with creating a perfect weapon from data stolen from Project: Weapon X by Hydra but she failed 22 times before succeeding with operative X-23, a female clone of the X-Men's Wolverine (formerly operative Weapon X). When Hydra attempted to remove any and all distractions, including X-23's emotions, Risman witnessed X-23 exhibit bouts of intense anger and chose to stay on with Hydra to make sure X-23 would be ok and she was later present when X-23 cut through the walls of her training area and began destroying Hydra computers. Realizing that Hydra could not control X-23 and growing to care for X-23, Risman later risked her life to meet with S.H.I.E.L.D. after one of their facilities was broken into by X-23, hoping that by working with S.H.I.E.L.D., she could undo some of the damage she had already done to X-23 while in Hydra's service. Introducing herself to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Nick Fury and Wolverine, who had been brought in to assist when his DNA was discovered at the scene, Risman informed them that Hydra had sent operative X-23 to infiltrate the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility but X-23 had went rogue. She then showed Fury and Wolverine a data disc containing video footage of X-23's bouts of anger to show how uncontrollable X-23 was. As Risman accompanied Fury and Wolverine out of the facility, Nick Fury remarked that the computers had come back online and that X-23 had last viewed information on the X-Men, prompting Wolverine to announce his plans to go after X-23 alone. When Fury disagreed, Risman insisted that Wolverine was the only person capable of fighting X-23 and Fury reluctantly gave Wolverine one hour.

--X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode, "X-23"

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X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode, "X-23" (all images in this profile)

X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode, "X-23" (August 2, 2003) - Craig Kyle (story, writer), Chris Yost (writer), Greg Johnson (head writer), Steven E. Gordon (character design), Kimberly Bowles (assistant character design), Robert Harand, Douglas W. Kirk, Benoit Le Pennec, Paul Rivoche (layout design), Fred Reyes (prop design), Thom Enriquez, Paul McEown, Rusty Mills, Matthew Youngberg (storyboard art), Mainframe Video (picture finishing), Kenichi Shimizu, Masahito Kimura, Hiroshi Takaguchi, Takuo Tominaga, Masafumi Yamamoto, Hiroyoshi Iida, Koutaro Yamawaki, Nobukazu Sakuma, Yuji Ogata, Genishi Murakami, Keiko Hattori (key animators), Sachiko Abe, Koji Hirano, Aiko Hirao, Makato Iguchi, Satoshi Inoue, Akie Mita, Satomi Shirayoshi (digital painters), Masao Ichitani, Mitsuyoshi Kosugi, Rie Honda, Takao Shimuzu, Yoko Nagai, Masato Miyake (BG art), Curt Geda (director, storyboard art), Toru Ishida (chief director), Shu Honda (BG director), Mark T. Collins (editor)
X-Men: Evolution cartoon episode, "Target X" (September 13, 2003) - Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost (writers), Frank Paur (director), others

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