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Real Name: Gog

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Mojoverse/Mojoworld) bipedal

Occupation: Warrior, tracker, bounty hunter

Group Membership: Works as a team with his son Gog N'Magog

Affiliations: Gog N'Magog, Major Domo, Mojo, Spiral ("Ricochet" Rita Wayword), Warwolves, unidentified announcer, unidentified arena warriors;
   formerly Dazzler (Alison Blaire), Longshot, Mojo II, Quark

Enemies: Arize, Eliot of Earth-616, Longshot, Shatterstar (Gaveedra Seven), X-Babies (Archangel, Bishop, Cyke, Iceboy, Gambit, Shower, Sugah), X-Force of Earth-616 (Cable/Nathan Summers, Caliban, Domino/Neena Thurman, Meltdown/Tabitha Smith, Rictor/Julio Richter, Siryn/Theresa Cassidy, Sunspot/Roberto Da Costa, Warpath/James Proudstar), X-Men of Earth-616 (Beast/Hank McCoy, Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Phoenix/Jean Grey, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rogue, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett)

Known Relatives: Gog N'Magog (son)

Aliases: "Fleabag" (called by Major Domo)

Base of Operations: Mojoverse

First Appearance: Longshot I#1 (September, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Gog was a well-known warrior and tracker in the Mojoverse, although usually working in a team with his son he was seen leading large groups of warriors/trackers on several occasions. Besides his aparant leadership quality he possessed enhanced strength, durability and preferred hand-to-hand combat. After he first arrived on Earth-616 he became stuck in between dimensions and could become intangible at will. Gog also possessed a special whip that had the ability to open portals to the Mojoverse, he was seen summoning and commanding the Warwolves.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Black
Hair: White


(Longshot I#1 - BTS) - Gog and his son Gog N'Magog were considered to be among Mojo's finest warriors.

(Longshot I#1) - Gog led a group of Mojo's warriors and trackers to hunt down his adversary, the rebel leader Longshot. When a freak portal transported Longshot to Earth-616 they followed him as well. Once there, only Gog's son Gog N'Magog managed to keep track of Longshot.

(Longshot I#1 (fb) - BTS) - On Earth-616, Gog and the others learned they were stuck with no way to return home. A plan was devised to open a portal to the Mojoverse using Spiral's magic spells and the sacrifice of a human baby. Gog ordered his men to kidnap an innocent baby while they prepared for the ceremony at an abandoned windmill.

(Longshot I#1) - While Gog, Spiral and the others were involved with the ritual at the mill, Longshot arrived together with survivalist Eliot and the baby's mother, determined to rescue the child. Longshot attacked the creatures guarding the windmill's entrance but soon learned all of those that had followed him through the portal could become intangible because they were stuck in between dimensions. Hearing the ruckus, Gog watched Longshot come in and realized his opponent had become amnesiac. This made Gog decide to leave Longshot on Earth. However, Longshot's fight with the creatures resulted in a fire that quickly engulfed the windmill, which forced Gog and Spiral to rush the ritual. While Spiral began her dance, Gog wondered where his son could've gone, unaware Gog N'Magog was actually helping Longshot reach the top of the windmill. Right before Spiral could kill the baby, Longshot threw a large object at them. Spiral and Gog immediately became intangible which allowed Longshot to quickly grab the baby and escape. Mere moments later, Gog and the others disappeared, realizing they had lost the battle.

(Longshot I#3) - Gog and Spiral found Longshot who was in the company of a man who'd just tried to commit suicide. Spiral was eager to kill Longshot, but Gog reasoned they'd need him as his luck would allow them a way back to Mojoworld. They followed Longshot and his newfound friend into a power plant. There, Gog ordered his men to attack Longshot. However the creatures seemed to have a weird effect on the machines causing a massive blackout across Manhattan. Although Longshot was able to defeat several creatures in the dark, he was ultimately overpowered and tied to one of the machines. Gog's insights proved to be on the money: there were diamonds at the plant that contained sufficient power for Spiral to open another portal. Right before they entered the portal, Gog grabbed the still amnesiac Longshot by the throat. The villain savored the moment, telling his oblivious opponent he would return to Mojoworld and drop in on all of Longshot's friends to murder them. Though he still didn't know what happened to his son Gog N'Magog, he and the other creatures entered the portal and returned to Mojoworld.

(Longshot I#6 - BTS) - Gog was reunited with his son Gog N'Magog.

(X-Men Annual II#1) - Gog and Gog N'Magog were given a new mission: retrieve Arize the creator who had fled Mojoworld and was hiding on Earth-616 after the rebellion had been crushed by Mojo's forces. Arriving on Earth in Afghanistan, Gog and Gog N'Magog were joined by the brainwashed rebel-leader Quark, two arena warriors and an announcer who supplied the event with live commentary because it was being broadcast on Mojoworld. Using a tracker, Gog quickly got a tag on Arize's location and led the group there. Gog, however was unaware Charles Xavier had sensed Arize's arrival and had made sure his X-Men were already present in Afghanistan. Not too long after that, Gog and the others encountered the X-Men Rogue and Gambit who'd been sent by Cyclops. Gog ordered the two arena warriors to attack Rogue while he himself was attacked by Gambit. While the battle raged, the other X-Men arrived. Aware they were outnumbered, Gog and Gog N'Magog realized there was no chance of winning and decided it best to return to Mojoworld. Once they opened a portal, all of them quickly fled while the X-Men stayed behind with Arize. Back on Mojoworld, Mojo was enraged that this failure had become his highest rated show to date, a fact Gog tried to exploit by explaining they won the masses for him. This annoyed Mojo even more. He grabbed Gog, almost crushing his neck with his fingers. Major Domo explained his master's fury: the masses were laughing at Mojo, rather than with him. When he finally let go of Gog Mojo declared he didn't need Arize anymore and would create life without him.

(X-Men II#11 - BTS) - Mojo was eventually brought down thanks to the combined forces of Longshot's rebels and the X-Men. Although Longshot and Dazzler were now considered the ruling class, they entrusted Mojo II to rule the Mojoverse in a fair manner.

(X-Men II#47 (fb) - BTS) - Because he had replaced Mojo, Gog and Gog N'Magog now considered Longshot their master. They faithfully followed him around, kneeling and bowing at every turn.

(X-Men II#47 (fb) - BTS) - As part of his desire to erase the original Mojo's successes, Mojo II secretly had the diminutive X-Babies slated for termination. Gog and Gog N'Magog were tasked with "cancelling" them and set out to hunt them.

(X-Men II#46) - The search for the X-Babies led Gog and Gog N'Magog to an underground casino in New York City on Earth-616. They revealed their presence when X-Men Gambit and Bishop, who happened to be there enjoying themselves, had just saved the X-Babies from some trigger-happy bouncers. Gog made it clear they'd come to "cancel" the X-Babies.

(X-Men II#47 (fb) - BTS) - Gog and Gog N'Magog easily defeated Gambit and Bishop, letting the building collapse on top of them. However, they were unable to prevent the X-Babies from escaping.

(X-Men II#47) - Gog and Gog N'Magog located the X-Babies in Little Italy and followed them to an old carnival. While the X-Babies hid between several stuffed animals Gog and his son tore their way through the attractions. When Gambit and Bishop caught up, the fight continued, finally forcing the X-Babies to take a stand and help the X-Men. During the fight Phoenix and Storm arrived with the added force of the little Shower and Iceboy (X-Babies). All this angered father and son so much they were about to turn savage and kill and eat their opponents. The arrival of Dazzler gave them pause, immediately kneeling down to honor their master's woman. Dazzler had expected Gog and Gog N'Magog would go rogue and had come to check up on them. Displeased by the havoc they'd wrought, Dazzler punished the duo with an intense light flash. She then opened a portal to Mojoworld and sent them back home. With Gog and Gog N'Magog gone, Dazzler offered the X-Babies to come and live with her and Longshot, which the little ones eagerly accepted.

(X-Force I#59 - BTS) - Mojo ordered Gog and Gog N'Magog to kidnap Shatterstar.

(X-Force I#59) - Gog and Gog N'Magog located Shatterstar who was now part of the mutant group X-Force. The father and son team attacked X-Force when they were en route in their armed airplane the Pacrat. Tearing through the hull of the airplane they quickly grabbed Shatterstar and jumped out, teleporting away. Cable was able to hitch a ride just in time.

(X-Force I#60) - Gog and Gog N'Magog operated the machines that held Cable and Shatterstar prisoner. When Mojo entered the room he ordered them to activate the machines and torture both heroes. After a while both heroes were strapped onto chairs where they were forced to watch holovids Spiral had secured from a hundred years into the future. In these holovids they witnessed what would become the hundred year war in which Shatterstar would kill Mojo. But when Cable broke free and tried to rescue Shatterstar, Spiral appeared and used her magic to digitize both heroes.

(X-Force I#60 (fb) - BTS) - Mojo planned to use the heroes as digitized pawns in a new show he would broadcast from Earth-616 where he could siphon off the ambient energy humans release when watching television. To keep up the ruse, the heroes were kept prisoner on Mojoworld where Gog and Gog N'Magog guarded the fortress.

(X-Force I#60) - Gog and Gog N'Magog were outside the entrance to Mojo's fortress on guard duty. They suddenly smelled Earthers but succumbed to a surprise attack by X-Force members Rictor and Meltdown. With them taken out, X-Force entered but found nothing but a television set. When they turned it on, they were shocked to see the intro to Mojo's newest program "the Cable and Shatterstar Show". Longshot explained they'd been digitalized and trapped inside Mojo's televised product in a form in which they couldn't survive.

(X-Force I#61) - With X-Force seemingly trapped inside the empty fortress, Gog and Gog N'Magog alongside a large group of warriors arrived to kill the mutants. While Meltdown and Sunspot kept the warriors at bay Spiral had joined with Longshot and Siryn to rescue Cable and Shatterstar. Once they'd been rescued Caliban destroyed the television set which caused a backlash that destroyed the show and returned Mojo to Mojoworld. With Gog, Gog N'Magog and the warriors defeated, X-Force prepared to return to their native dimension.

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti, Arthur Adams, Brent Anderson, Whilce Portacio, and Scott Williams.

In X-Force I#59 it was revealed Gog and his son speak an unidentified language.

There seems to be some confusion over Gog and Gog N'Magog/Ma'gog's name, lets break it down:
Longshot I#1; character calls himself Gog and his son Magog (no Ma'gog).
Longshot I#4; character's son calls himself Gog N'Magog
Longshot I#5; character's son calls himself Gog N'Magog, Longshot uses Gog as a nickname for him.
X-Men Annual II#1: father and son team are still called Gog and Gog N'Magog. Major Domo calls character Gog.
X-Men II#46: character calls their team Gog and Ma'gog.
X-Men II#47: Jean Grey calls character Ma'gog. (this is the first error, one could reason Grey didn't know who was who)
X-Men: The Animated Series S05E5 "Longshot": Mojo calls character Gog.
X-Force I#60: character calls his son Gog. (this could be a nickname, like Longshot used in Longshot I#5)
X-Force I#61: character calls his son Gog. (this could be a nickname, like Longshot used in Longshot I#5)
Let's hope future writers use their real names Gog and Gog N'Magog.

Additional information
-pre-Multiverse reality: X-Men Adventures vol.1 (1992-1994), X-Men Adventures vol.2 (1994-1995), X-Men Adventures vol.3 (1995-1996), Spider-Man Adventures (1994-1996), Adventures of the X-Men (1996-1997) and Adventures of Spider-Man (1996-1997).
-Earth-92131: X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon, Spider-Man: The Animated Series cartoon.
-Earth-15730: X-Men '92 vol.1 (2015), X-Men '92 vol.2 (2016-2017).

(X-Men: The Animated Series S05E5 "Longshot" (fb) - BTS) - Mojo regained power and ousted Longshot, who managed to escape capture. The tyrant tasked Gog to return him, alive. Gog, however failed to stop Longshot from traveling to another reality.

(X-Men: The Animated Series S05E5 "Longshot") - Gog arrived on Earth-92131 in hot pursuit of Longshot. As he stepped through one of Spiral's portals, he was accompanied by two massive warriors and the teleporter herself. Lucky as ever, Longshot had fallen right in the lap of the young X-Man Jubilee. Spiral quickly grabbed Longshot and was ready to kill him. Gog stopped her and reminded her they had to return him alive. In an effort to save Longshot, Jubilee declared herself the Princess of Pyrotechnics, releasing a powerful blast that allowed Longshot to escape, taking the mutant teenager with him. Realizing they needed some assistance Gog used his whip to open a portal to Mojoverse, summoning the Warwolves who he sent after them. After some time Gog and the others caught up with the Warwolves who'd driven Longshot and Jubilee into a blind alley. Now joined by Wolverine they prepared to fight Mojo's pawns. But once the X-Men made quick work of the two warriors and the Warwolves, Spiral and Gog decided to pull the plug, not having anticipated this kind of resistance. Once they returned to Mojoworld Gog and Spiral faced the wrath of Mojo, prompting Spiral to declare that if he wanted Longshot so bad he should get him himself. Enraged by her nerve Mojo grabbed her and drained almost all of her lifeforce until Major Domo "suggested" it wasn't that bad of an idea. Co-opting the idea and taking credit for it, Mojo decided they would go to Earth and capture Longshot and the X-Men. Mojo ordered Gog to get his "guys" to wardrobe and prepare for their imminent invasion. Not much later Mojo, Major Domo, Gog and Spiral returned to Earth where they kidnapped Jubilee in an effort to lure Longshot and the X-Men into their trap. Their plan proved successful: Longshot, Beast, Rogue and Wolverine fell right into their trap. Now part of a new game show the X-Men had to fight for their lives while Spiral and Gog watched over their prisoner. The X-Men however, successfully reached Mojo's arena where Gog awaited Longshot. He quickly defeated Longshot with his whip but was, in turn, taken out by Beast. Now Mojo's was the loosing hand the ratings plummeted to the ground, realizing he couldn't win he ordered Spiral to return them home. Right before Longshot could kill Mojo with a sword Spiral used her abilities and returned all of them home.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Gog has no known connections to:


An announcer was selected to join on a mission to retrieve Arize the creator who'd fled Mojoworld and was hiding on Earth-616. Arriving on Earth in Afghanistan, the group consisted of Gog and Gog N'Magog, brainwashed rebel-leader Quark, two prime area warriors and the announcer who supplied the event with live commentary because it was being broadcast on Mojoworld. When the group encountered the X-Men, the announcer did indeed that, provide the fight with live commentary. The announcer was attacked by Beast who kicked him and Quark high up in the air, Wolverine then kicked them to Gog's side. Aware they were outnumbered, Gog and Gog N'Magog realized there was no chance of winning and decided it best to return to Mojoworld. Once they opened a portal, all of them quickly fled while the X-Men stayed behind with Arize.

--X-Men Annual II#1

two arena warriors

Two prime arena warriors were selected to join a mission to retrieve Arize the creator who'd fled Mojoworld and was hiding on Earth-616. Arriving on Earth in Afghanistan, the arena warriors were joined by Gog and Gog N'Magog, brainwashed rebel-leader Quark and an announcer who supplied the event with live commentary because it was being broadcast on Mojoworld. When the group encountered the X-Men, Gog ordered the two arena warriors to attack Rogue while he himself was attacked by Gambit, the warriors, however, successfully took Rogue down. While the battle raged, the other X-Men arrived. Wolverine stabbed one of the warriors in the stomach prompting the other warrior to reveal they had no choice but to serve Mojo. Psylocke reasoned they always had a choice and stabbed the other warrior in the head with her psyche-knife. Aware they were outnumbered, Gog and Gog N'Magog realized there was no chance of winning and decided it best to return to Mojoworld.

Comments: The X-Men Annual was pencilled by several different artist which caused the two arena warriors to be drawn completely different over the course of the issue. Starting out as purple creatures almost resembling the Korbinite (Beta Ray Bill's race) to humanoid-biped's simple wearing a metal helmet.

--X-Men Annual II#1

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X-Men Annual II#1, p27, pan2 (arena warriors, first part of story)
X-Men Annual II#1, p33, pan1 (arena warriors, second part of story)

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X-Force I#61 (December, 1996) - Jeph Loeb (writer), Kevin Lau (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Bob Harras (editor)

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