Real Name: Martin Wigum

Identity/Class: Human mutate (possibly, see comments)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Harold Jenkins, Kirsten McDuffie, Frank Milo, Sammy, Shocker (Herman Schultz), Tanya, Tony

Known Relatives: Mrs. Wigum (wife, deceased), Michael Rochelle (cousin), Sara Rochelle (cousin-in-law)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (November, 2013)

Powers/Abilities: When ten inches tall, Buggitt secretes an oil from his pores that makes him extra slippery, is capable of jumping extremely high distances, possesses super strength, and is able to climb high buildings at incredible speed.

Height: 10"
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb) - BTS) - Martin Wigum's wife was arrested for capital murder, and the judge denied her bail. Before she went to trial, Mrs. Wigum hanged herself in her cell. To get revenge, Buggit tried killing the judge, but he was arrested and sent to prison. While he was there, his only visitor was his cousin, Michael Rochelle. After getting out of jail, Buggit went to stay with Rochelle and his wife, Sara. (Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb) - BTS) - Criminal Frank Milo had Councilwoman Stevens killed, and Robert agreed to take the fall for the murder if Milo would pay for Sara's medical treatment, as Sara had lupus. Wanting to help his cousin, Buggit made plans to steal the murder weapon so that there wouldn't be evidence against Robert.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - At the courthouse, Buggitt knocked over Harold Jenkins and stole the murder weapon from the evidence box, then he escaped, unseen by anyone (including Keith) except the hero Daredevil, who pursued him. Daredevil exposed Buggitt on the subway, but the villain fled, rushing up the stairs before leaping onto a light post and running up the side of a building, startling Tanya. Daredevil soon apprehended Buggit by dousing him with flour, but they happened upon Shocker committing a crime, and Shocker attacked the hero, allowing Buggit to escape. Daredevil still pursued him, but Buggit escaped by passing the Avengers (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor), who were battling a giant subterranean monster. Buggit tossed the gun in the river, then went home to find Sara Rochelle clutching the corpse of Michael, who'd just been shot to death.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - Daredevil entered the apartment and Buggit rushed across the room, strapping a small bomb to himself before he jumped through the window to escape, saying he only had revenge left. After Daredevil saved baby Connor from falling and helping wounded police officer Elliot, Daredevil called to warn the police, including assistant district attorney Kirsten McDuffie, to rush and protect Milo and his men. Buggit arrived with his bomb and rushed into the club, threatening Milo, Tony, Sammy, and others. Daredevil arrived and disarmed Milo's men, then knocked Milo out. The hero explained that he'd been working with Robert, who wanted Buggit to have a better life. Kirsten McDuffie brought Sara there and Sara helped get Buggit agree to surrender, as he knew he could help take care of her when he got out of jail.

Comments: Created by David Lapham (writer/artist).

Buggit is given a little bit of back-story, but there is no information on how he received his powers. He could be a mutate (presumed for this profile), a mutant, an Inhuman, an alien or alien experiment, a magic user, or even a construct. He may have been born ten inches tall, or altered at some point. We also know little about Mrs. Wigum, his wife, and whether she was also ten inches tall.

The origin of the bizarre name Buggit is unknown.

(Wiggum is also the last name of the police chief on the Simpsons).

Profile by Chadman.

Buggit should not be confused with:


(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - When a monster attacked the city, Daredevil and Spider-Man helped Connor and his mother survive a great fall.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#5


(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb) - BTS) - Police officer Elliot worked to contain the super-villain Shocker, but he was badly wounded.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - Elliot received medical treatment.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 ([Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb)], 5

Harold Jenkins

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - Harold Jenkins was with Kirsten McDuffie as she questioned Michael Rochelle, a man accused of murdering Councilwoman Stevens. In the lobby, a timy man knocked Harold down and stole the murder weapon.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4


(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - Keith stood guard at the courthouse while Michael Rochelle was questioned, and Matt Murdock, his legal advisor, waited outside. Kirsten McDuffie soon ordered Keith to bring Rochelle to Judge Wilson's courtroom. He soon saw Harold Jenkins get knocked down as a tiny man stole the murder weapon, a gun.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4

Frank Milo

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb) - BTS) - Criminal Frank Milo had Councilwoman Stevens killed for crossing him. He then got small-time crook Michael Rochelle to take the fall for the murder, and Milo promised to pay for the medical treatment of Michael's wife, Sara, who had lupus.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb) - BTS) - Milo transferred $20,000 to Rochelle's account.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - Milo was hanging out in front of Romeo's Deli and Meat Market when Tony gave him word that Rochelle had been let go after making a deal with the district attorney.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 - BTS) - Milo had Rochelle killed. Two cops were killed as well.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - Milo ate at his favorite restaurant with Tony and others when the police, including assistant district attorney Kirsten McDuffie, arrived to protect him from the threat of Buggit, who wore a bomb. Milo ran into the club as Daredevil disarmed his men, including Sammy the bartender, then he knocked Milo out before stopping Buggit from detonating the bomb. After Buggit was arrested, Milo boasted as they took him away.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 ([Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb)], [4 (fb)], 4, [4], 5


(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - A giant purple monster attacked New York City, destroying property, and battled the Avengers (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor) during his attack.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - The monster continued battling the Avengers, but it soon collapsed in defeat.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (Daredevil: Dark Nights#4-5

Michael Rochelle

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb) - BTS) - A small time hood working for the Cantafore mob family, Michael Rochelle struggled with alcoholism and frequent arrests, due to burglary, car theft, and breaking and entering. When Rochelle's cousin, the criminal Buggit, was arrested for the attempted murder of a judge, Rochelle was the only person to go visit Buggit. When Buggit got out of jail, he came to stay with Rochelle and his wife, Sara.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb) - BTS) - Frank Milo had Councilwoman Stevens killed. Milo promised Michael that he'd pay for treatment for Sara's lupus if Michael took the fall for the murder.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb)) - Rochelle secured Matt Murdock as his legal advisor. He explained that he needed to stay out of jail to be there for his wife and cousin.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb) - BTS) - Frank Milo transferred $20,000 to Michael's account.

(Daerdevil: Dark Nights#4) - Rochelle was questioned by Kirsten McDuffie, who accused him of being hired by Frank Milo to commit the murder.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 - BTS) - Rochelle was let go and he returned home, but was shot to death through the window.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - When Buggit returned home, he found Sara Rochelle clutching Michael's corpse.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - Sara kept clutching Michael's corpse.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 ([Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb)], 5 (fb), [4 (fb)], 4, [4], 4-5

Sara Rochelle

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb) - BTS) - Sara Rochelle was married to Michael, a small-time criminal who was in and out of jail. Michael's cousin, the diminutive criminal Buggit, came to live with them after he was released from prison. Later, Michael was arrested for the suspected murder of Councilwoman Stevens.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb) - BTS) - Michael had agreed to take the fall for the murder because criminal Frank Milo had promised to take care of Sara's lupus.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 - BTS) - Michael returned home from the courthouse, but was shot and killed through the apartment window.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - Buggit returned to the apartment and found Sara Rochelle clutching her husband's corpse.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - As Daredevil entered the apartment, Buggit explained how Frank Milo had promised Michael that he'd pay for treatment for Sara's lupus if Michael took the fall for the murder of Stevens. Sara saw Buggit strap a bomb to himself and run. Sara was soon taken in to the police station. Kirsten McDuffie took Sara down to a restaurant where Buggit was planning to kill himself, Frank Milo, and others, but Sara helped convince Buggit to turn himself in.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 ([Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb)], [5 (fb)], [4], 4-5


(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - A bar tender at a steak restaurant, Sammy was there when a gunfight broke out between Frank Milo's men and Daredevil, then Buggit, a diminutive criminal with a bomb strapped to him, though Daredevil stopped him.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#5

Councilwoman Stevens

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb) - BTS) - Frank Milo, criminal, arranged to have Councilwoman Stevens murdered for crossing him.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb) - BTS) - Councilwoman Stevens was murdered by a gun.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - Photos of Stevens were shown to Michael Rochelle, who was accused of the murder.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 ([Daredevil: Dark Nights#5 (fb)], [4 (fb)], 4


(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - Wearing a towel while reading a paper in her upstairs apartment, Tanya was shocked when the small criminal Buggitt ran by, then she saw Daredevil in her window and flirted. He asked her for a cup of flour, but turned down her offer of wine.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4


(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4) - After hearing about the release of Michael Rochelle, who'd been accused of murdering Councilwoman Stevens, Tony delivered the news to Frank Milo.

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#5) - Milo ate at his favorite restaurant with Tony and others when the police, including assistant district attorney Kirsten McDuffie, arrived to protect him from the threat of Buggit, who wore a bomb.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (Daredevil: Dark Nights#4-5

Mrs. Wigum

(Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (fb) - BTS) - Mrs. Wigum, the wife of the criminal Buggit, was arrested for capital murder, and the judge denied her bail. She hanged herself in her cell before her trial.

--Daredevil: Dark Nights#4 (4 (fb) - BTS

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Daredevil: Dark Nights#4, p7, pan2 (Tony)
Daredevil: Dark Nights#4, p14, pan1 (Mrs. Wigum)

Daredevil: Dark Nights#4-5 (November-December, 2013) - David Lapham (writer/artist), Tom Brennan (Editor)

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