Official Name: Boh-Tan-Ee

Nature: Planet in the outer spiral arm of the Cladeen galaxy

Natives: Unidentified insects, at least

Population: Unrevealed

Capital City: Unrevealed

Government: Unrevealed

Languages: Unrevealed

National Defense: Unrevealed

Places of Interest: Briat Inn (as seen in the two images in the main profile)

Visitors: Lila Cheney, Jornik, unidentified Skrull, many tourists and travelers, insects (as seen in the main image)

First Appearance: X-Factor I#110 (January, 1995)boh-tan-ee-planet-briat-skrull


(X-Factor I#110 (fb) - BTS) - A lush and verdant jungle paradise, Boh-Tan-Ee's economy relied mainly on interstellar commerce, with a heavy emphasis on tourism.

    On Boh-Tan-Ee, beings could have their every whim catered to, their every wish fulfilled.

    The Briat Inn was regarded for its excellent service and luxurious surroundings.

    It was also considered a refuge, a place where one could move about and still maintain some modicum on anonymity, whether they were royalty or celebrities sought out by the masses, or fugitives of one sort or another, pursued by a select few.

(X-Factor I#110 (fb) - BTS) <"cycles" before the main story> - On the run from mutant thief Lila Cheney, whose ill-gotten loot he had pilfered, the alien thief Jornik traveled to Boh-Tan-Ee.

    He apparently stayed at the Briat Inn and had some interactions with an unidentified Skrull before fleeing to Earth.

(X-Factor I#110) - Lila Cheney assaulted this Skrull, forcing him to reveal Jornik's destination.

Comments: Created by John Francis Moore, Todd Dezago, Jan Duursema, and Al Milgrom.

    We don't know if Boh-Tan-Ee has an indigenous population beyond the plants and insects. The four panels included in this profile cover all known information about Boh-Tan-Ee.

    Boh-Tan-Ee is obviously a play on the word "botany," the study of plants.

    I'm not aware of other references to the Cladeen galaxy.

    I could/should probably do sub-profiles on the insectoids, the foliage, and the Briat Inn...but I'm wiped out from a cold...all the info is here if anyone wants to expand...

Profile by Snood.

Boh-Tan-Ee has no known connections to




(X-Factor I#110 (fb) - BTS) - On the planet Boh-Tan-Ee for unrevealed reasons and duration, a skrull encountered alien thief Jornik, who was on the run from terrestrial mutant thief Lila Cheney.

    The skrull was aware of Jornik's destination when Jornik fled to Earth.

(X-Factor I#110) - From within the Briat Inn, Lila Cheney assaulted this skrull, knocking out the Inn's door and into the foliage where he begged for mercy.

    Lila advised him that he had best tell where Jornik was or pain would be the least of his worries.

    At that, the skrull handed her a cube containing an image of Earth and told her that is where Jornik had gone.

forcing him to reveal Jornik's destination.

--X-Factor I#110

images: (without ads)
X-Factor I#110, pg. 1, panel 1 (main image, Briat Inn & Boh-Tan-Ee skies, with insects);
          panel 2 (skrull kicked out of Briat);
          panel 3 (skrull on back in vegetation);
          panel 5 (Earth image cube)

X-Factor I#110 (January, 1995) - John Francis Moore (plot), Todd Dezago (script), Jan Duursema (penciler), Al Milgrom (inker), Kelly Corvese (editor)

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