Creations of Chris Claremont

A'askvarii (Black Goliath characters)

Abelard, Brian (Camarilla of the N'Garai)

Abby ?? (Excalibur character)

Action Force (X-Men characters) - by Norvo

Adams, Sam (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Adamson, David (Ms. Marvel character)

Advocates (X-Men training squad) - by MarvellousLuke

Aesklos (Tigra foe)

Afari, Jamal (Blade's former mentor) - by Markus Raymond

Agamemnon (Sword of Judgement)

Agathon (demon, Satana foe)

Agent M17 (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Agent Peterson (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Ms. Marvel character)

Alex ?? (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

All-Seeing Eye (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Androitti, Mr. (People's Defense Association of Harlem)

Andy ?? (Joseph Danvers' co-worker)

Andy ?? (Pete Wisdom character)

Angel (Warren Worthington III)

Anjulie of Earth-1289 (Excalibur foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Anne ?? (Purifiers, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Announcer (Coterie)

Anubians (xt, X-Men characters)

Aracht'yr (The People)

Arak of Earth-791 (Star-Lord foe)

Archivist (Baron Karza tool) - by Grendel Prime

Arclight (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Arion of Earth-791 (Star-Lord foe)

Ashake (Marada character)

Ashandriar (city, Marada story)

Astra (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Axe (Gladiators, New Mutants foe) - by Norvo

Azazello (demon, Magik foe)

Baba Yaga imposter (demon, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Bacchae (Fantastic Four/X-Men foes) - by MarvellousLuke

Badlands (Demon Bear dimension, New Mutants/X-Force) - by Proto-Man

Bailey, Gailyn (Jean Grey's niece, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Bailey, Joseph "Joey" (Jean Grey's nephew, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Bailey, Paul (Sara Grey's husband)

Barok (Fall People, Tongah & Seesha's son)

Basilisk (Satana character)

Battleaxe (Harriers)

Beast (Henry McCoy)

Beastmaster (Berserkers)

Behemoth (demon, Magik foe)

Bel-Dann (Kree officer) - by Prime Eternal

Belmont, Norman (Brood victim)

Berserkers (Alpha Flight/X-Men characters) - by Proto-Man

Bertie ?? ("Wally's Nightclub Raiders")

Bey, Khumbala (Iron Fist/Luke Cage foe) - by Norvo

"Bill" ?? (Excalibur character)

Black Blade (Muramasa Sword, Wolverine story)

Blackcloak (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Blackthorn (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Grendel Prime

Blindside (Harriers)

Blindside (Brood Mutants)

Bliss (Morlocks) - by Darc_Light

Blockbuster (Heat-Ray) - by Omar Karindu

Bloody Mary (Bacchae)

Boardman, Tom (Ms. Marvel character)

Bodine, Larry (New Mutants character) - by Zerostar

Boggart (Advocates member)

B'ok (The People)

Book (Genoshan, Professor X's "Excalibur" member) - by Norvo

Bouncer (Masque's "X-Men")

Bowman (Iron Fist ally)

Braddock, Jamie (Captain Britain (Braddock) brother) - by Loki

Bratpack (Mojo/Spiral agents)

Brawler (Berserkers)

Brickbat (Brood Mutants)

Bridges, Mrs. (Cassidy Keep employee) - by Proto-Man

Bristow, Peter (New Mutants character) - by Norvo

Broadband (Genosha, Professor X character) - by Norvo

Brood Imperiatrix (Great Mother, Brood queen) - by Darc_Light, Prime Eternal & Will U

Brood Mutants (X-Men villains) - by Darc_Light

"Brood Pets" (Brood creatures) - by Darc_Light

Buckman, Edward (former Hellfire Club leader) - by MarvellousLuke

Burke, Tracy (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Bushmaster, John (Power Master)

Butler, Harry (Ms. Marvel character)

Byrne, John (X-Men/Fantastic Four/She-Hulk character & writer) - by Norvo

Caiman (Genoshan, Professor X's "Excalibur foe) - by Norvo

Caledonia of Earth-9809 (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Camarilla of the N'Garai (Satana enemies)

Captain Hama (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Captain Prydain of Earth-7580 (Captain Britain Corps) - by Proto-Man

Carl ?? (District X character)

Carter, Sharon imposter (Coterie)

Cassidy Keep (Banshee's ancestral castle home) - by Proto-Man

Casta (Ashake foe)

Cat of Earth-8280 (Kitty Pryde, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Cecily ?? (Excalibur character)

Centurion (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Chaka Khan (Robert Hao, Iron Fist foe) - by Spidermay

Chaka Khan (William Hao, Iron Fist foe) - by Spidermay

Chameleoid (xt race, Imperial Guard's Hobgoblin) - by Chadman

Chang, Kwai (Golden Tigers)

Charasulla (Vrakanin alien) - by Proto-Man

Charley ?? (Marvel U.K., Thames University student)

Cheever, John (journalist, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Children of Judas (Dracula characters)

Chimère (mysterious Genoshan mutant) - by MarvellousLuke

Chin ?? (Golden Tigers)

Cho, Shanna (reporter, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Chrome (Acolytes, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Chung (Daughters of the Dragon foe)

Cinnibar of Earth-791 (Star-Lord world)

Citadel of Light and Shadow (X-Men story)

C'jime (X-Men character) - by Chadman

Claremont, Chris (X-Men/Man-Thing/Fantastic Four character & writer) - by Norvo

Coach (Coterie)

Cole, Sharon (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Colonel Kutuzov (Starcore astronaut) - by Proto-Man

Colony (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Commander of Reality-791 (Lorq, Star-Lord foe)

Commissioner O'Neil (Shadow City)

Conover, Hannah (Brood Queen) - by Darc_Light

Conover, William (X-Men/Punisher ally) - by Darc_Light & Prime Eternal

Conrack, Donald (X-Men character)

constable (Dracula victim)

Corinne ?? (Hellfire Club servant)

Cornucopia (Berserkers)

Coterie (Contest of Champions II instigators) - by Darc_Light

Council of the Chosen (Ned Buckman's Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, mutants foes) - by MarvellousLuke

C'rel (People, X-Men character) - by Spidermay

Crimson Commando (Brotherhood trainee) - by MarvellousLuke

Crucible (Enclave)

Cruz, Jimmy (Camarilla of the N'Garai)

Crystal Casque (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Cult of Fire (New Mutants foes) - by Chadman

Cult of the Black Blade (Wolverine foes)

Cybelle (Morlock, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Cyborg Dingos (Reavers' pets) - by Darc_Light

Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Daemon, Alisabeth (Lady Daemon's sister)

Da Costa, Emmanuel (Hellfire Club, Sunspot's father) - by Norvo

Dale ?? (Brood)

Damiano, Nick (Phoenix (Rachel Summers) character) - by Chadman

Dansker (Satana foe)

Dantes, Dr. Edwina (Shadow City)

Danvers, Joseph (Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) father) - by Spidermay

Danvers, Joseph Jr. (Carol's younger brother)

Danvers, Marie (Carol's mother) - by Spidermay

Danvers, Steve J. (Carol's brother)

D'arnellians (Microverse race)

D'Bari IV (D'Bari)

Dean, Walter (Satana foe)

Deathstroke (Spider-Woman foe) - by Omar Karindu

Delany, Capt. (NYPD police captain) - by Proto-Man

Delgado, Marco (Acolytes, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Derath (Black Goliath ally)

de Ruyter, Andreas (Black Panther and Storm foe)

Destiny (Irene Adler, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Detective Harry (Spider-Woman (Drew) character)

Devo (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Dhasha Khan (Iron Fist foe)

Diane ?? (Bacchae)

Dimensional Doorways (Excalibur story)

Dini (Shadow City)

Dione (Sinbad's daughter)

Dirac of Earth-791 (Star-Lord foe)

Dire Wolves (Lupa, Savage Land Mutates allies)

Dire Wolves (Lupa, Savage Land Mutates allies)

Dive-Bomber (Brood Mutants)

D'ken (Shi'ar, X-Men foe)

Dr. Confort (Ms. Marvel character)

Dr. Fredericks (Ms. Marvel character)

Dr. Hartmann (Daughters of the Dragon foe)

Doctor Kelly (Spider-Woman (Drew) character)

Doctor McKay (X-Men character)

Dr. Rosen (Daughters of the Dragon character)

Doctor Synne (Captain Britain foe)

Dr. Travis (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Donal (leprechaun of Cassidy Keep) - by Proto-Man

Doombot A76 (X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Dragon of Earth-597 (Excalibur character) - by Loki

Dragonfly (Veronica Dultry, Ani-Men/Femizons/Masters of Evil) - by Chadman

Dreadnoughts of Reality-791 (Lorq spaceships)

Duke ?? (Jaime Rodriguez co-worker) - by Proto-Man

"Dune Devils" of Reality-791 (Trinity-That-Is-One symbiotic parents/offspring, Star-Lord characters)

Dzilos (Brood member) - by Darc_Light

Earth-7580 (Excalibur story) - by Proto-Man

Earth-9112 (Phoenix Had Not Died) - by Proto-Man

Earth-70518 (Excalibur story) - by Proto-Man

Earth-99315 (Kree Earth, Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

Earth-99476 (Dino-World) - by Loki

Earth-523004 (Magneto and Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together, What if?) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Mover (Berserkers)

Earthquake (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Edward ?? (X-Men character)

Electron (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Elliot, Mr. (A.I.M., Ms. Marvel foe)

Eluke (Shi'ar, Dark Phoenix victim)

Empress Matilda Docks-Rotherhithe building (former Excalibur HQ) - by Proto-Man

Endros, Giao (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Ernie ?? (cop, Daredevil/Black Panther character)

Esmeralda ?? (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Examiner (X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Faelar (The People)

Fang (Shi'ar Imperial Guard, two versions) - by Chadman

Farrell, Mike (Captain America character)

Father Lyons (People's Defense Association of Harlem)

Feng-Tu (Realm of Death for Chinese Gods and K'un L'un) - by Will U

Ferrara, Dominic (vampire, Daughters of the Dragon foe)

Ferrol of Reality-791 (Trinity-That-Is-One homeworld)

Fire Fountain (X-Men/Alpha Flight story) - by Proto-Man

Firebird (Jade, Iron Fist character)

Flashfire (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Flaw (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Flying Tiger (Spider-Woman/Iron Man/Thunderbolts foe)

Forrest, Kelly (Dracula character)

Forrester, Aleytys (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Foster, Jane imposter (Coterie)

Fraser, Kate (Dracula foe) - by Loki

Freakshow (Genoshan mutant, Professor X ally) - by MarvellousLuke

Freeman, Angie (vampire, Daughter of the Dragons foe) - by Loki

Freeman, Tom (Angie Freeman's brother, People's Defense Association of Harlem)

Frobisher, Nigel (Excalibur foe) - by Loki

"Fuzz-Face" (Vrakanin alien) - by Proto-Man

Gallio, Marcus Domitius (Selene's husband) - by Chadman

gargoyles (Shadowqueen)

Garrett, Jeffrey (X-Student, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Gateway (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Gauntlets of Forever (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Geech (X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Gene ?? (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Genegineer (X-Men character) - by Stunner and Prime Eternal

General Morrison (Mount Valhalla commander)

Gianelli, Frank (Woman, Ms. Marvel character) - by Grendel Prime & Spidermay

Gino ?? (cameraman, X-Men character)

Gladiators (Dazzler/Beast/New Mutants characters) - by Elf with a Gun

Glamour (Genoshan mutant) - by Norvo

Gloom (Xavier Institute student) - by MarvellousLuke

Golachinsky, Sgt. (Avengers character)

Golden-Blade (Ms. Marvel and Iron Man character) - by Chuck D

Golden Tigers (Power Man/Iron Fist foes) - by Spidermay

Goth (X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

"Granny Gumbo" (Storm/Gambit character) - by Norvo

Great Mother (Imperiatrix, Brood queen) - by Darc_Light, Prime Eternal & Will U

"Grey, Jean" (Masque's "X-Men")

Grey-Bailey, Sara (Jean Grey's sister, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Griswalds of Earth-99476 (Dino-World)

Guardian (The People)

Guthrie, Melody (sister of Cannonball & Husk, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Hanson, Willie (veteran, encountered vampires)

Hardcase (Harriers)

Harding, Sally (Brood victim)

Harpoon (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Harriers (Wolverine characters) - by MarvellousLuke

Harry ?? (cop, Daredevil character)

Havok (Alex Summers)

Healer (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Heamon (The People)

Hecate (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Will U

Hilary (Excalibur character)

Hobgoblin (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Holden, Ross (Spider-Woman character)

Holloway, Rupert (Excalibur character) - by MarvellousLuke

Hölm, Alain of Earth-791 (Sandy & Kip's son)

Hölm, Gunnar of Earth-791 (Kip's father)

Hölm, Kip of Earth-791 (Star-Lord character) - by Don Campbell

Hölm, Marie of Earth-791 (Kip's mother)

Hölm, Rhys of Earth-791 (Sandy & Kip's son)

Hölm, Robyn of Earth-791 (Sandy & Kip's daughter)

Hölm, Sandy of Earth-791 (Star-Lord character) - by Don Campbell

Horde (X-Men foe) - by Spidermay

Host (Coterie)

Hostess (Coterie)

Hovannes, Gus (Spider-Man character) - by Norvo

Hrimhari (Asgardian Wolf God)

Hub (Genoshan mutant, Professor X character) - by MarvellousLuke

Hulk android (Arcade creation) - by Proto-Man

Hungry (Heroes for Hope comic, X-Men foe) - by Madison Carter

Hunter, Stevie (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Huntley, Joe (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Hurricane (Marvel UK)

Hussar (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

H'ylthri (xt race, Iron Fist foes) - by Chadman

Hypernova (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Iceman robot (X-Sentinels)

Illyich, Vassily (Savage Land Mutates foe)

Imperial Chalet of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Imperial Guard (Shi'ar Empire, X-Men/Avengers/Inhumans characters) - by Chadman

Impulse (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Imura, Ieyasu (Spider-Woman (Drew) character) - by Norvo

Inkose (Ashake foe)

Inquisitor (Wolverine foe)

Ironwood, Cissy (Spider-Man character) - by the Beetle

Ishima, David (Spider-Woman (Drew) character) - by Norvo

Jack ?? (X-Men character)

Jade (Iron Fist character)

Jaeger IV of Reality-791 (planet, Star-Lord story)

Jahf (M'Kraan Crystal guardian)

Jahrmarkt (Nightcrawler characters) - by Markus Raymond

Jardine, Amos (Nightcrawler/Spider-Man/Man-Thing foe) - by Markus Raymond

Jason of Sparta of Earth-791 (Star-Lord character)

Jayroam's (nightclub, X-Men story)

Jean Bomb (WMD, Conquest creation....X-Men story) - by Norvo

Jehan (Shadowqueen's brother)

Jerry ?? (Phoenix (Rachel Summers) character)

Jihad (Fantastic Four character)

Jill ?? (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Jill ?? (Purifiers victim) - by Norvo

Jimi (People, X-Men character)

Jones, Arabella (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Jubda'ar of Reality-791 (Lorq, Star-Lord foe)

Juber (Shi'ar, Dark Phoenix victim) - by Chadman

Jubilee (Bratpack)

Judas Man (Spider-Woman ally) - by Will U

Juhasz, Andras (vampire, Vampire Tales) - by Loki

Kan (Wong's ancestor)

Kapplebaum, Abraham (Anna's father)

Kapplebaum, Anna (Captain America character) - by Norvo

Kelly, Sharon (Robert Kelly's wife, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Kelson (leprechaun of Cassidy Keep) - by Proto-Man

Kendrick (Conan character)

Keos (Ashake foe)

Khadar (Ms. Marvel (Danvers) foe) - by Spidermay

Kierrok (N'Garai, X-Men foe) - by Stunner

Kimura, Asano (Wolverine character)

"Kojak" (Rat Pack)

Koroviev (demon, Magik foe)

Krait (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Kramer, Pamela (Judas Man's daughter)

Kraye, Mr. (Spider-Woman character)

Kthara (Satana/Hellstorm foe)

Kymri of Earth-1289 (Warlord World/Barsoom, Excalibur character) - by MarvellousLuke

Kyrii (demonic beings)

K'ythri (husband of Sharra, Shi'ar god)

Lasha (Savage Land Mutates foe)

Lady Daemon (1930s era magic user) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Lady Grey (18th Century, Hellfire Club)

Lancer of Counter-Earth (Franklin) (Fantastic Four foe) - by SQUEAK

Lansing, Edward (Champions foe)

Lawson, Thomas (vampire, Legion of the Damned)

Lazar, Eric (Spider-Woman character)

Leash (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Lee ?? (Golden Tigers)

Leland, Harry (Hellfire Club, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Len ?? (Ms. Marvel character)

Leprechauns of Cassidy Keep (Irish leprechauns) - by Proto-Man

Levin, Major Debra (Alexi Vazhin's aide) - by Prime Eternal

Lexi (Gladiators member)

Lifeline (Harriers)

Lightning Rod (Genoshan mutant) - by Norvo

Lisa ?? (Studio 13 patron)

Lockdown (Fantastic Four foe) - by Changeling

Lockup (Brood Mutants)

Longbow (Harriers)

"Longshot" (Masque's "X-Men")

Lord-Commander D'reel of Reality-791 (Lorq, Star-Lord foe)

Lord of the Plants (Berserkers)

Lord Shingen (Wolverine foe)

Lord Tuan (K'un-Lun, Iron Fist character)

Lords of the Golden Dragon (Dr. Strange foes)

Lorelord (Berserkers)

Lorq of Reality-791 (xt, Star-Lord foes) - by Donald Campbell

Lou ?? (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Lucas (Fantastic Four ally) - by Sammy 7D

Luis ?? (Jaime Rodriguez's friend) - by Proto-Man

Lupa (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Luther (nightclub owner, X-Men character)

Lynn ?? (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Lyszinski, Dr. Maureen (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Mac ?? (Ms. Marvel character)

MacInnis, Ian (Lady Daemon ally)

MacKenzie, Dr. Neil (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Macro (Ashake foe)

MacLlyanllwyr, Arianrhod (Marada character)

MacLlyanllwyr, Donal (Marada character)

MacTaggert, Joe (Moira's husband, X-Men character) - by Norvo

MacTaggert, Moira robot (Murderworld) - by Proto-Man

MacWirther, Angus (X-Men character) - by Loki

Madri (The People)

Magique (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Magneto android (Arcade creation) - by Proto-Man

Maguire, John Joseph (X-Men character)

Magus (Technarchy, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Makede (Ashake's physician)

Malice (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Mallet of Destiny (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Mallory, Keith (Robert's son)

Mallory, Robert (Daredevil/Black Panther character) - by Chadman

Manacle (Deathbird pet, X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Manh, Leong Coy (Karma's brother)

Manh, Nga Coy (Karma's sister)

Manh, Tran Coy (Karma's brother, FF/Spider-Man foe)

Mannequin (xt, Fantastic Four foes) - by Proto-Man

Marada the She-Wolf (Roman Empire era warrior)

Marat of Earth-70518 (Excalibur character)

Marauders (Mr. Sinister henchmen, X-Men foes) - by MarvellousLuke

Marcella ?? (Excalibur character)

Mark ?? (Purifiers victim) - by Norvo

Martin's gang (X-Men characters)

Marv ?? (Ms. Marvel character)

Marvel Girl robot (X-Sentinels)

Mary ?? (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Masque's "X-Men" (disfigured Morlocks) - by Darc_Light

Massey, Mitch (sheriff, X-Men foe)

Master Builder (Berserkers)

Masters, Alicia imposter (Coterie)

Masterson, Alda (X-Men character)

Matthew ?? (District X character)

Matsunaga (X-Men character)

McKenna, Mary (Wolverine character) - by MarvellousLuke

McKenna (Mary's father)

M'Dhar (The People)

Mechamage (Fantastic Four ally) - by Sammy 7D & Prime Eternal

Melyan Constructs of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Mendelhaus, Klaus (Nazi war criminal) - by Prime Eternal

Mentor (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Merrin (Iron Fist foe)

M'kai (People, X-Men character) - by Spidermay

Mickey (The People)

Minor Domo (Mojoverse, assistant of Major Domo) - by MarvellousLuke

Mirielle (The People)

Miss Locke (Arcade's assistant) - by Proto-Man

Mister Chambers (Arcade's assistant) - by Proto-Man

Mister Jellicoe (X-Men character)

Mr. S'lar (Shi'ar navigation officer) - by Chadman & Proto-Man

Modt (M'Kraan Crystal guardian)

Molly ?? (waitress, X-Men character)

Montoya, Serafina (X-Men character)

Moran (Maggia member)

Morgan ?? (Ms. Marvel character)

Morrel, Harry (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Morrel, Paul (Spider-Woman (Drew) character) - by Norvo

Morrel, Sabrina (Spider-Woman (Drew) character) - by Norvo

Morrison, Priscilla (X-Men foe) - by Prime Eternal

Morrow, Fran (Brood victim)

Mortag (Black Goliath foe)

Mutate #1149 (Genoshan) - by Darc_Light

Mutate #7781 (Genoshan) - by Norvo

Myrmidons (Greek myth, Fantastic Four character--sort of) - by Will U

Naiad (Advocates member)

Nanites (Badoon/Brood technology, Contest of Champions II)

Nanny (Magneto's robot) - by Spidermay

Neutron (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

New Mutants of Earth-811

N'Garai (demons) - by Nick the Squid & Snood

Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)

Night Cruiser (Lockdown)

Nightside (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Nimrod of Earth-811 (X-Men foe)

N'kzaii, K'rk (Shi'ar captain) - by Chadman & Proto-Man

N'rill'irēē (Imperial Guard)

Ntshonge (Ashake's chamberlain)

O'Donnell, Eamon of Otherworld (Keeper of Cassidy Keep, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke & Proto-Man

Offset (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Oracle (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Outer Dark (xd, Lady Daemon)

Overlay (X-Student) - by MarvellousLuke

Ozawa, Osama (Colleen Wing's great-uncle, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Padraic (leprechaun of Cassidy Keep) - by Proto-Man

Palmer, Harry (Brood) - by Darc_Light

Parisi, Domenic "Don" (Jade's father)

Parisi, Jade (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Pathfinder (Berserkers)

Pathfinders (protectors of the Shi'ar Empire) - by Chadman

Paul ?? (Carol Danvers friend) - by Spidermay

Penrose, Noel (Kitty Pryde foe)

People (Lizard People/Saurians, Ms. Marvel/X-Men characters) - by Spidermay

People's Defense Association of Harlem (encountered vampires)

Peri (Pathfinders)

Pestilence (Plague, X-Factor/X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Peter (Colossus' son) - by Norvo

Petrie, Derek (Shadow-Captains)

Petrie, Salia (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Phil ?? (Doctor Doom employee)

Phil ?? (Jaime Rodriguez's co-worker) - by Proto-Man

Phil ?? (X-Men foe)

Phillips, Sir Gordon (former Lord Imperial of Hellfire Club) - by MarvellousLuke

Pica of Earth-1289 (Excalibur character)

Pierce, Donald (X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Pinpoint (Advocates member)

Piston (Harriers)

P!ndyr (xt race, Shi'ar Empire) - by Chadman

P!ndyr Champion (Skrull foe) - by Norvo

Polaris robot (X-Sentinels)

Ponce (vampire, Legion of the Damned)

P!rai (X-Men character) - by Chadman

Prince Gareth of Sparta of Earth-791 (Star-Lord's great-uncle) - by Donald Campbell

Professor X (Charles Xavier)

Pryor, Madelyne "Maddy" (Avengers character -- not related to the X-Men) - by Norvo

Puppy (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Purge (Genoshan, "Excalibur" member) - by Norvo

Purity (X-Men foes) - by MarvellousLuke

Rachelson, Dr. Hellen (Project N, Count Nefaria scientist) - by MarvellousLuke

Radion (Thing character)

Raksor (Skrull warrior) - by Prime Eternal

Ramsey, Dr. Keith (Captain Britain character)

Rand, Heather (Iron Fist's mother)

Rand'Kai, Miranda (Death-Sting, Iron Fist's half-sister)

Ranger (Harriers)

Rasputin, Illyana

Rassendyll, Judith (Excalibur character) - by Norvo

Rat Pack (Spider-Man/Luke Cage foes) - by Proto-Man

Reaver (Captain Britain foe)

Redwing (Fantastic Four ally) - by Sammy 7D

Reg ?? ("Wally's Nightclub Raiders")

Reichert, Tommy (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Reiko ?? (Hellfire Club servant)

Reno (Fantastic Four character/Jean Reno tribute) - by Zerostar

Rhiannon (Marada character)

Richards, Franklin of Earth-811 (Days of Future Past) - by Cypher

Ricky ?? (Shadow-Captains)

Riptide (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Roak (Maggia member)

Roak, Stephan (vampire, Legion of the Damned)

Robinson, Will (Ms. Marvel character)

Roche (Wolverine foe)

Rodriguez, Jaime (Nimrod ally) - by Proto-Man

Rodriguez, Senora (Jaime Rodriguez's wife) - by Proto-Man

Rodriguez, Tomas (Jaime Rodriguez's son) - by Proto-Man

Rogers, Larry (S.H.I.E.L.D., Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

Rolling Thunder (agent of Elias Bogan) - by Proto-Man

Rosetta Stone (Shadow City)

Rossi, Michael (X-Men/Ms. Marvel character) - by SQUEAK

Rubbermaid (X-Student) - by MarvellousLuke

Rupert ?? (Excalibur character)

Rupert ?? (Excalibur character)

Ruth ?? (Brood)

Saab Turbo of Stevie Hunter (X-Men stories)

Sabine (Bacchae)

Sabre (Brotherhood trainee) - by MarvellousLuke

Sacred Spears (Ashake's royal guard)

Salmons, Richard (Hellfire Club guard) - by Proto-Man

Samédàr (Shi'ar, X-Men foe)

Sandy from Pryd'Ri of Earth-791 (Star-Lord character) - by Don Campbell

Santos, Mrs. (People's Defense Association of Harlem)

Sapper (Ms. Marvel/Iron Man character) -by Chuck D

Sapphire Styx (Roche ally, Wolverine foe) - by Markus Raymond

Sarran, Jimmy (NYPD, Angie Freeman ally)

Sasha (Alexi Vazhin's aide)

Saurus (X-Men student) - by MarvellousLuke

Scalphunter (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Scania of Reality-791 (xt, Star-Lord characters) - by Donald Campbell

Scimitar (Iron Fist foe) - by Norvo

Scintilla (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Scrambler (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Scungili crime family (Spider-Woman foes) - by the Beetle

Sea Fang of Earth-791 (Kip Hölm's ship)

Sea Spine (Imperial Guard, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Secbots (used against X-Men) - by Spidermay

Sefton, Amanda robot (Murderworld) - by Proto-Man

Sega (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Selene (Black Queen, X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Severin, Mary (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Seville, Paris (Hellfire Club, White Queen) - by MarvellousLuke

S'gur (People, X-Men character)

Shadow-Captains (Excalibur foes) - by Proto-Man

Shadowcat of Earth-597 (Excalibur character) - by Norvo

Shadow City (Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

Shadow-Hunters (Fantastic Four characters) - by Proto-Man

Shadow King (X-Men foe)

Shadowqueen (Dr. Strange foe)

Shadow-X of Earth-6141 (Excalibur foes) - by Proto-Man

Shakari, Davan (Eric the Red, X-Men/Starjammers foe) - by Chadman

Shakati, Kyras of Earth-791 (Star-Lord foe) - by Donald Campbell & Snood

Shaman, Arthur (AIM, Defenders foe) - by Spidermay

Sharra (wife of K'ythri, Shi'ar god)

Sharyd (Iron Fist character) - by Chadman

Shell (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Shellbot (Gladiators "member")

Sheridan, Amanda (Spider-Woman character) - by Spidermay & Snood

Sheridan, Samantha (Amanda's daughter)

Shi'ar Death Commandos (X-Men foes) - by Chadman

Shi'ar Grand Council (X-Men characters)

Shimura, Eiko (X-Men character)

Ship of Earth-791 (Starlord)

Shomron, Daniel (Legion's godfather, Professor X/Magneto character) - by Norvo

Shotgun (Harriers)

Sid ?? ("Wally's Nightclub Raiders")

Silicon (X-Men student) - by MarvellousLuke

Silver Fox (Dr. Strange character)

Sister Luke (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Sketch (X-Men ally) - by Prime Eternal

Skitz (X-Corporation, X-Men character) - by Norvo

S.K.U.L.L. (Fantastic Four foes) - by Proto-Man

Skur'kll (Brood, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Slipstream (Davis Cameron, X-Men member) - by Norvo

Smasher (Vril Rokk, Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Snitch (Bratpack)

Snow, Charlie (Daily Bugle, Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Snowqueen (Conan ally)

Soul Drinker (X-Men foes) - by Stunner

Southern, Candy robot (Arcade creation)

Sparks (Rat Pack)

Sparta of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Spitball (Brood Mutants)

Sp'yxx (Imperial Guard, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Sssesthugar (H'ylthri)

Stancheck, Dr. Archibald (Project N, Count Nefaria's scientist) - by MarvellousLuke

Starbolt (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Starfighters of Reality-791 (Lorq spaceships)

Star Sharks (Brood vessels) - by Darc_Light

Steel Serpent (Davos, Iron Fist/Spider-Man foe)

Steelback Warriors (Shi'ar, Lilandra foes) - by Chadman

Stephens (Jaime Rodriguez's co-worker) - by Proto-Man

Sterno (Woman Magazine)

Stitches (Rat Pack)

"Storm" (Masque's "X-Men")

Storm android (Dr. Doom creation) - by Proto-Man

Strafe (Rat Pack)

Straight-Arrow (Bratpack)

Stringfellow (X-Corporation, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Stuart ?? (Selene victim)

Stuart, Mr. (X-Men character)

Sturdy, Professor Kenneth (Count Nefaria's scientist) - by Proto-Man

Sullivan (Daredevil character)

Summers, Katherine (mother of Cyclops, Havok and Vulcan) - by MarvellousLuke

Sunder (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Surisha (Tigra foe)

Susan ?? (waitress, X-Men character)

Sword of Judgement (Thing/Black Widow foes) - by SQUEAK

Sydenham, Geoffrey (Wolverine/Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

S'ym (Otherplace, X-Men/New Mutants foe) - by Norvo

Szardos, Stefan (Nightcrawler's adoptive brother) - by Markus Raymond

Tak (The People)

Takeda (X-Men character)

Talon (Madripoor air force, X-Men story)

Tam ?? (Genoshan Magistrate, X-Men character)

Tanner, Jacko (Captain Britain supporting cast) - by Loki

Telempathic Crystal of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Template (Manh twins, Bratpack)

Temptress (Brood Mutants)

Terminators (Spider-Woman (Drew) foes)

Thomas ?? (Robert Mallory's driver)

Thomas, Josey (Brood) - by Darc_Light

Those Who Sit Above in Shadow (Thor, Alpha Flight, and X-Men characters) - by Stunner and Prime Eternal

Tibbidoe, Tom (reporter, X-Men character)

Tikos of Earth-791 (Star-Lord character)

Timebomb (Harriers)

Titan (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Tobe ?? (Doctor Doom employee)

Toby ?? (Dracula victim)

Toby ?? ("Wally's Nightclub Raiders")

Tommy ?? (Marvel UK, Thames University student)

Tommy ?? (Golden Tigers)

Tommy (Morlock Massacre victim) - by Prime Eternal

Tommy ?? (Shanna Cho's cameraman, X-Men story)

Townshend, Tabitha (Woman, Ms. Marvel character)

Tracker-Tiger of Mojoverse (warrior of Mojo) - by MarvellousLuke

Trademark Police of Mojoverse (Mojo employees)

Trinity-That-Is-One of Reality-791 (xt, Star-Lord characters) - by Donald Campbell

Trovao (Advocates member)

Trypthe (Imperial Guard, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Tsuboro (Cult of the Black Blade)

Tuoks'enhaamin (Shi'ar Grand Council)

Turac, Elianne (Dracula foe)

Umbra (Advocates member)

unidentified insectoid (Imperial Guard member)

unidentified medical examiner (District X character)

unidentified SWAT team captain (possessed by Malice)

unidentified tentacled cyclopean (Imperial Guard member)

Upper West Side Community Association (vampire enemies)

Vachon, Emil (Daughters of the Dragon foe)

Vazhin, Colonel Alexi (KGB, X-Men ally) - by Prime Eternal

Vertigo (Savage Land Mutates/Marauders) - by Chadman

"Viperion" (Gladiators member)

Viri (People, X-Men character)

Vixen (Captain Britain foe) - by Loki

von Roehm, Friedrich (X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Vrakanin (extraterrestrial race, New Mutants foes) - by Proto-Man

Vulcan (Black Goliath foe)

Vung (Shadowqueen foe)

Wallis (X-Men character)

"Wally's Nightclub Raiders" (Excalibur foes) - by Loki

Warbirds (Lupo, Savage Land Mutates allies)

Warbot (AIM, Defenders foe) - by Spidermay

Warhawk (mercenary, Iron Fist/X-Men foe)

Warhawk (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Warhawk (Harriers)

"Warlock" (Masque's "X-Men")

Warshot (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Warskrulls (X-Men/Starjammers foes) - by Chadman

Warstar (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Watson-Parker, Mary Jane imposter (Coterie)

Weaponeers (Vrakanin aliens) - by Proto-Man

Webwing (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Chadman

Wetherell, Manoli (reporter, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Whiphand (Brood Mutants)

Whiteout (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Whitmore, Jim (Ms. Marvel character)

Wicked (Genoshan mutant, Professor X ally) - by MarvellousLuke

Wildways (dimensional crossroads) - by Proto-Man

Wilford, Betsy (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Wilford, Bonnie (Marvel colorist, Chris Claremont's ex) - by Norvo & MarvellousLuke

Windhölme of Reality-791 (planet, Star-Lord story)

Wingfoot, Wynona (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Wo-Han, Liu (Hellfire Club Hong Kong, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Wolfe, Sara (Dr. Strange character) - by SQUEAK

Woman (Carol Danvers' magazine) - by Spidermay

Worm (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Wu, Chen (Golden Tigers)

Wu, Cynthia (Golden Tigers)

Xenon (Advocates member)

X-Sentinels (Steven Lang's X-Men duplicates) - by Proto-Man

Y'Bsgloth (Elder Gods, Triad)

Y'Garon (Elder Gods, Triad I, Dracula foe)

Y'Griarth (Elder Gods, Triad)

Yin, Mei (Cult of the Black Blade)

York, Sandy (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Yukio imposter (Coterie)

Yü-Ti (Lord Tuan)

Zuri imposter (Coterie)

List compiled by Markus Raymond

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