full body

Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Robotic lifeform

Occupation: Murderworld robot

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Arcade, Miss Locke, Mister Chambers (employers), Moira MacTaggart robot, Amanda Sefton robot, Candy Southern robot (fellow Murderworld robots)

Enemies: Polaris

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Murderworld

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men#146 (June, 1981)

Powers/Abilities:  The Illyana Rasputina robot could alter the shape of its face, able to change for a normal Illyana appearance to that of a sharp-toothed demonic appearance. The robot also knew how to use a handgun.

head shotHistory:  
(Uncanny X-Men#146) - When Arcade and a robot of Doctor Doom captured the X-Men in Arcade's Murderworld theme park, many of the former X-Men members soon arrived to save their friends. The former members were soon ambushed by Miss Locke, an ally of Arcade, who sent them through a series of tubes and into Murderworld themselves. Polaris found herself on a carousel and quickly heard the sound of laughter. She turned to see who she thought was Illyana Rasputina, the sister of the X-Man Colossus. Polaris attempted to tell "Illyana" that she was there to help, but the carousel horses soon came to life and began to attack her. Using her mutant magnetic powers, Polaris made quick work of the robotic horses and then tried to introduce herself to "Illyana" as a friend. "Illyana" replied that she knew who Polaris was and that she had a surprise for her. "Illyana"'s face then became very demonic-looking and she brandished a handgun, firing at Polaris. Polaris was forced to use her magnetic powers against "Illyana," revealing the metallic innards of an Illyana Rasputina robot, which exploded into pieces under the magnetic force of Polaris's powers.



Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and Josef Rubinstein.

Profile by Proto-Man


The Illyana Rasputina robot has no known connections to

Uncanny X-Men#146, p18, pan2 (Illyana Rasputina robot, fullbody shot)

 p18, pan3 (Illyana Rasputina robot, headshot)

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