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Real Name: Joe Huntley

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Security guard at Eagle Plaza

Group Membership: Eagle Plaza support staff

Affiliations: Forge, Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Enemies: Dire Wraiths

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Eagle Plaza, Dallas, Texas

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men I#187 (November, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Joe possessed no superhuman abilities and, while still fit for a man his age, was definitely past his physical prime. Joe was a loyal employee who had gained Forge's explicit trust. He spoke with a distinctive Texas twang.

Height: 5'7" (by approximation)
Weight: 165 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White


(Uncanny X-Men I#187 - BTS) - Eagle Plaza security guard Joe Huntley was on duty in the lobby during the night shift. He watched Storm (Ororo Munroe) rush out of Forge's private quarters and on to the rainy streets of Dallas. As he watched her go, a Dire Wraith teleported into the lobby only to be instantly destroyed by Forge's defensive systems.

(Uncanny X-Men I#187) - Just as the intruder alarm sounded, Joe greeted a group of Dire Wraiths in human guise who claimed to be FBI agents here to protect Forge. Relieved to get some backup, Joe opened the doors and fell prey to the Dire Wraith who traded Mathis' form for Joe's. The Wraith used Joe's identity to shut down the security systems and even managed to convince Forge the intruder alert was merely a glitch.

   When Storm returned to Eagle Plaza after she nearly got ambushed by a Dire Wraith, she discovered Joe's remains inside his crumpled uniform. Figuring Huntley had become the Dire Wraiths' latest victim, she swore his death would not go unavenged and took up his gun and ammo belt.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Dan Green (inks).

Alas poor Joe, we hardly knew ye. Huntley was yet another in a long line of security and law enforcement personel who ended up victimized and mind controlled in one of Chris Claremont's stories. He joins the likes of hapless museum security guard Gus Hovannes who unwillingly served as Kulan Gath's host body in Marvel Team Up I#79, British police officer Ray Mulholland who involuntarily donated his body to the Warwolves in Excalibur: The Sword Is Drawn, and of course several New York cops who tried to stop the fight between the X-Men and the Marauders in Uncanny X-Men I#240 and found themselves transformed into demons by the Inferno event.

Profile by Norvo.

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images: (without ads)
Uncanny X-Men I#187, page 3, panel 5 (main image, slain and form copied by Dire Wraith)
Uncanny X-Men I#187, page 3, panel 2 (Joe Huntley dies) 

Uncanny X-Men I#187 (November, 1984) - Chris Claremont (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Ann Nocenti (editor) 

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