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Real Name: (full name unrevealed) Luke

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Nun

Group Membership: Presumably her convent

Affiliations: Sgt. Golachinsky, Lt. Sabrina Morrel, Madelyne "Maddy" Pryor; indirectly Spider-Woman (she was in the same room with her anyway)

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Ocean Beach Hospital in San Francisco, California

First Appearance: Avengers Annual I#10 (1981)

Powers/Abilities: Sister Luke had no superhuman powers, but was skilled at helping others recover from illness or injury.

History:  (Avengers Annual I#10) - As Spider-Woman waited to hear about the injured Carol Danvers' condition, Sister Luke and Sgt. Golachinsky led a recently sick child named Maddy Pryor out of the hospital.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Michael Golden, and Armando Gil.

Claremont named the little girl Maddy Pryor after the lead singer in the band Steeleye Span, and later used the name for his infamous X-Men character. Although they were not intended to be the same person, the instances were picked up on by fans. Madelyne Pryor assumed the little girl's appearance in Uncanny X-Men#238 during a brainwashing sequence as an in-joke.

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Sgt. Golachinsky has no known connections to

Sister Luke has no known connections to

  • Sister Jude, another nun associated with the Avengers, @ Avengers I#172
  • any other nuns

Madelyne "Maddy" Pryor has no known connection to:

  • Pryor-Summers, Madelyne Jennifer, clone of Jean Grey, mother of Cable, became Goblin Queen and allied with N'astirh, @ Uncanny X-Men#16

Sgt. Golachinsky

 Sgt. Golachinsky was a police officer who helped Sister Luke escort the young Madelyne Pryor out of the Ocean Beach Hospital.

--Avengers Annual#10

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Avengers Annual#10, p3, pan1 (Sister Luke, Sgt. Golachinsky images)

Avengers Annual I#10 (1981) - Chris Claremont (writer/co-editor), Michael Golden (penciler), Armando Gil (inker)

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