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Real Name: Amanda Sheridan

Identity/Class: Normal human, unconventional technology user

Occupation: Head of Sheridan Industries

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Power-Man (Luke Cage), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Enemies: Deterrence Research Corporation (DRC), Anvil & Hammer, DRC Mandroids, Ross Holden (indirectly), Moses Magnum, Mr. Kraye, Eric Lazar

Known Relatives: unnamed husband (deceased), Thomas (grandson, deceased) and grand-daughter-in-law (deceased), Samantha Sheridan (great-granddaughter), unnamed great-grandson (deceased), unnamed great-granddaughter (female baby, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California, USA

First Appearance: Power Man Annual#1 (1976)

Powers/Abilities: Mrs. Sheridan was a normal aged but strong-willed woman. When she wore the suit of a DRC Mandroid, she had all the special powers of the armor, such as energy blasts, enhanced strength, flight plus high invulnerability to conventional and unconventional weapons.



(Spider-Woman I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Amanda Sheridan was a self-made woman. She built up her firm, Sheridan Industries, with her work and abilities. Once, while holidaying in Alaska, she and her husband were assailed by a bear and were forced to shoot it.

(Giant-Size Spider-Man#4 (fb) - BTS/Power Man Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - A great part of Amanda's family died in a central-American nation because of an experiment led by the Deterrence Research Corporation (DRC) and Moses Magnum. They were kidnapped and, together with many other prisoners, underwent a test of a nerve gas as human guinea pigs. Among them were Amanda's grandson, Thomas, his wife and one or two of their sons.

(Power Man Annual#1 (fb) - BTS) - Being left only with her great-granddaughter Samantha, Amanda Sheridan swore vengeance against the DRC. Amanda sought out the Punisher to kill Magnum, but found him unavailable. She sent other agents after Magnum, but they all disappeared. Amanda Sheridan then hired Power Man to kill Moses Magnum, as well as to protect her great-granddaughter, Samantha, whom she believed Magnum intended to abduct to use in his project. Cage agreed to protect Samantha and to stop Magnum and his plot, but refused to kill him. Amanda sent him to Tokyo, Japan, where he met up with Samantha.

(Spider-Woman I#34 (fb) - BTS) - After Magnum's apparent death, it seemed that Amanda had achieved vengeance, but the ruthless company reacted, trying a corporate takeover of Sheridan Industries. Only Mrs. Sheridan's strength of will kept her company united.

(Spider-Woman I#34) - The DRC sent two of its mercenaries, Anvil & Hammer, to kidnap Amanda. During the assault, Spider-Woman intervened but was not able to free the old woman.

(Spider-Woman I#34 - BTS) - Amanda was taken captive in the DRC Research facility near Santa Ana in California. Full of resources, the woman tricked one of her guards and managed to get out of her cell and steal a Mandroid armored suit.

(Spider-Woman I#34) - She quickly put on the suit and managed to pilot it, just in time to help Spider-Woman, who had come to the DRC Labs to help her. Amanda fired upon another Mandroid and knocked it out. Leaving the armor, the two women ran away on the highway, pursued by another squad of Mandroids. Sheridan could only spur Spider-Woman on to fight and beat Hammer and Anvil. They then soared toward a wall of flame, undertaking great risk to escape from the Mandroids. Their efforts paid off because Amanda arrived just in time for the board meeting, and her presence did not let DRC takeover the Sheridan Industries.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Lee Elias (pencils) and Dave Hunt (inks).

Profile by Spidermay and Snood.

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Samantha Sheridan

Moses Magnum initiated a mining operation on the island of Katsyu Shima, trying to tap the mineral and energy potential of the Earth's magma core. Samantha Sheridan, a geophysicist working as an environmental consultant on the Alaska pipeline, detected a hairline fault connecting the Alaskan and Japanese fault systems, which in turn made up major elements of the Pacific Rim. She predicted that Magnum's laser drill would, upon blasting through to the Earth's core, tear the Katsyu Fault wide open, which would topple the Pacific Rim like a line of dominoes, triggering earthquakes along the Japanese Fault, the Alaskan San Andreas Fault, etc. Magnum wanted Samantha Sheridan to assist him in controlling the laser drill's effects. Later, Amanda Sheridan hired Power Man to kill Moses Magnum, as well as to protect her great-granddaughter, Samantha, whom she believed Magnum intended to abduct to use in his project. Cage agreed to protect Samantha and to stop Magnum and his plot, but refused to kill him. Amanda sent him to Tokyo, Japan, where he met up with Samantha.

   Magnum's agents ambushed Samantha Sheridan. Power Man was on hand to to fight them off, but he was then struck from behind by Magnum himself, who knocked him to the ground and incapacitated both Cage and Samantha with some sleeping gas. Magnum and his men loaded the two in their plane to Katsyu Shima. Upon awakening, Cage overheard Sakura speaking through a hidden wrist comlink to the Council of the Chosen, who ordered him to slay Sheridan immediately. Though chained, Cage assaulted Sakura, stopping him from killing Sheridan. However, Magnum then opened a door below Cage and Sakura - whom Magnum had suspected of treachery, which Cage confirmed - dropped them both out of the plane. Cage survived the fall and broke Samantha out of her prison cell, after which she led him to Magnum's laser drill. They were discovered by Magnum and his men, who began firing upon them. Cage took out Magnum's men and then confronted Magnum but the villain fled only to return with a laser to kill him. However, a massive earthquake then occurred, bringing the facility down upon their ears. Cage fled with Sheridan, while Magnum fell down the hole below his laser drill.

   In the subsequent months, Samantha helped her grandmother, Amanda, in leading her company, Sheridan Industries. Samantha was with her grandmother when Anvil & Hammer kidnapped the old woman. She knew that they were DRC mercenaries, and wanted to whistle up a crack commando team after Amanda, but agreed with Spider-Woman's plan to free the woman. While Spider-Woman freed Amanda, Samantha went to the board meeting where the DRC men had the opportunity to convince the other members of the Sheridan Industries of its proposed acquisition. Samantha gained time for Spider-Woman, who succeeded in taking Amanda back just in time.

--Power Man Annual#1 (Spider-Woman I#34

Ross Holden

Ross Holden was a normal human. He was the Director of Personnel at the DRC Research Facility near Santa Ana in California. He welcomed Ariadne Hyde, a woman who needed a job, but who actually was Jessica Drew in disguise. Ross was immediately conditioned from Jessica's pheromones and let "Ariadne" convince him to do a tour of the complex. He had to leave Ariadne alone for going to a meeting but kissed her, promising her that if she had played her cards well, she would have found a good future in the company. Jessica escaped with Mrs. Sheridan, so Ross Holden never saw Ariadne again.


--Spider-Woman I#34

Eric Lazar

Eric Lazar was a normal human who apparently worked for the Sheridan Industries and was a trusted member of the Sheridan board for six years, but he really worked for the DRC. He was present at the meeting when a decision was sought on DRC's proposal to take over Sheridan Industries. When Spider-Woman escorted Mrs. Sheridan to the meeting, one of the DRC men ordered to Lazar to fix the situation. He extracted a gun but Spider-Woman was faster and shot a venomous blast, knocking him out. 

--Spider-Woman I#34




Mr. Kraye

Mr. Kraye was a normal human and worked for the DRC. He was present to the meeting who had to decide about the DRC proposal of acquiring of the Sheridan Industries. He knew that Mrs. Sheridan had been kidnapped and also was informed that the Mandroids had tracked Spider-Woman and Mrs. Sheridan into the fire. He was sure to conclude the business but was surprised few moments later, when Spider-Woman escorted Mrs. Sheridan to the meeting.

--Spider-Woman I#34




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Power Man Annual#1 (1976) - Chris Claremont (writer), Lee Elias (pencils), Dave Hunt (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)
Spider-Woman I#34 (January, 1981) - Chris Claremont (writer), Steve Leialoha (co-plotter/pencils), Patterson/Milgrom (inkers), Denny O'Neil (editor)

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