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Real Name: Tullamore Voge

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-1289, Warlord World/Barsoom Earth)

Occupation: Slave dealer

Group Membership: None, although he keeps a pack of Hounds

Affiliations: Crimson Pirates (Broadside, Hound, Killian, Sea Dogs), Goth, Goth (Beldame, Sanguine, Wanderer), Masque, Ransome Sole and his organization (Big Casino, Bludgeon, Cudgel, Manacle, Revenant), Shockwave Riders (Farahd, Galadriel), Warwolves
formerly Bloody Bess, Sketch

Enemies: Bamfs, Bloody Bess, Colonel Alexi Vazhin, Ziggy Karst, Simyon Kurasov, Major Debra Levin, Shadow King, Scorpion Boy (Rico), Sketch, X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Cable/Nathan Summers, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Phoenix/Jean Grey, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Thunderbird/Neal Shaara, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
formerly Voge's slave market, somewhere in the Multiverse;
formerly Earth-616, hidden city, Northwest China;
formerly Earth-1289, Warlord World/Barsoom Earth

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men I#383 (August, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Tullamore Voge possesses the same strength, endurance and blue skin as most inhabitants of Earth-1289. Voge has telepathic abilities and is able to shield his mind from probing if he actively focuses on keeping people out. Voge can enslave weaker minds, turning them into his hounds if he manages to complete the mental bonding process. He has access to technology that allows him to travel between dimensions.

Height: 4'8" (by approximation)
Weight: 280 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

(Uncanny X-Men I#385 (fb) - BTS) - Earth-1289 native Tullamore Voge was an influential interdimensional slave trader. He employed the services of the Crimson Pirates to aid his large slaver organization.

(X-Men II#104 (fb) - BTS) - Determined to conquer his native world of Barsoom, Voge sent in the Crimson Pirates to deal with Kymri, that world's Captain Britain. She was unable to stop the Pirates from taking slaves and she herself ended up being genetically altered to become the personal hound of the Crimson Pirate leader Killian.

(Uncanny X-Men I#385 (fb) - BTS) - Voge planned to set up a similar operation on Earth-616 and hired the Chinese warlord Goth and his men to help him collect humans and deal with production and logistics.

(Uncanny X-Men I#383 (fb) - BTS) - Voge also secured the services of the renegade Neo known as Ransom Sole, who ran the Slash, a high end Moscow night club. Sole lured many Russians to his club and allowed them to be kidnapped and taken as slaves.

(Uncanny X-Men I#383 - BTS) - Colonel Alexi Vazhin had sent Major Debra Levin to infiltrate the Slash. When Levin was captured, a team of X-Men (Beast, Cable, Gambit, Phoenix, Storm) offered Vazhin to try and rescue her. Sole managed to defeat them as well. Hungry for profit, Sole invited both Tullamore Voge and the Shockwave Riders to their auction.

(Uncanny X-Men I#383) - Tullamore Voge arrived in Moscow accompanied by four of his loyal Hounds. Along with the Shockwave Riders he took the opportunity to inspect the X-Men before the auction. The mutants had all been turned into living statues by Sole's mutant slave Sketch. However, none of them realized Storm was actually a LMD supplied by Russian mobster and X-Men associate Simyon Kurasov. With the LMD taking her place, the real Storm was free to infiltrate the club and free Debra Levin. She was attacked by Sole's henchmen Bludgeon and Cudgel who she smashed through a wall with her winds, alarming Voge, Sole and the Shockwave Riders to her presence. In response, Sketch used her powers to turn the Storm LMD's arms into machine guns and attacked Voge and Sole, but the Shockwave Riders quickly defeated the artificial lifeform. Before she was taken out of the fight, Sketch released the X-Men from their captivity allowing them to attack. The mutants fought Sole and his associates Big Casino, Manacle, Revenant as well as the Shockwave Riders. While this was going down, Sketch successfully trapped Voge and his hounds in one of her creations. After Phoenix dealt with Revenant the Shockwave Riders didn't see any point in continuing the fight and openend a teleportation portal taking Sole and his men with them, leaving Voge behind as the X-Men's captive.

(X-Men II#103 - BTS) - Around the same time, the Goth kidnapped every person in Salem Center, as well as the X-Men Colossus, Archangel, Psylocke and Thunderbird.

(Uncanny X-Men I#384) - Tullamore Voge was taken to the Research Bureau, located in the former KGB headquarters at Seskaya Square. There, he frustrated Colonel Vazhin and Major Levin by refusing to speak during his interrogation. Levin and Phoenix came up with a strategy to gain information from him. After several hours of silence, Levin suddenly pulled her gun on Voge and fired a blank at his head. The moment of shock caused Voge to drop his guard, allowing the telepathic Phoenix to probe his mind. However, just as she was inside Voge's mind she was telepathically contacted by Wolverine through Cerebro. He informed them of the Goth's attack on Salem Center, unaware they were working for Voge as well. Their little chat caused Voge to notice the intruders in his mind and he attacked them, using his powerful mental influence to begin turning Wolverine into a Hound. Phoenix saved her teammate by forcibly removing him from the Astral Plane. Before she could turn her attention to Voge, she was blindsided by Stryfe who attacked her in order to take over Cable's body without anyone noticing (see comments). Back in reality, Voge joked the X-Men's plan hadn't quite worked out. Moments later, the Crimson Pirates successfully penetrated the Research Bureau (after blackmailing Russian defense minister Dmitri Koniev to grant them access). Overwhelmed by the sudden arrival of their enemies, the X-Men couldn't stop Voge from being freed. The Crimson Pirates also captured Cable, Storm and Gambit.

(X-Men II#104 - BTS) - The Crimson Pirates took the X-Men to the Goth's secret city in China where they met their captured teammates. Together, they eventually freed themselves and explored the massive underground complex which served as the slave trader's processing center. Realizing he couldn't win against the slavers, Gambit cut a deal with the Goth. He offered the X-Men's services, allegedly to prevent them from being given into slavery. In reality, Gambit hoped this tactic would allow them to get close enough to take the Goth out.

(Uncanny X-Men I#385) - Voge and the Crimson Pirates convened with the Goth in their secret underground city. When Gambit's team returned from the slave collecting mission they'd been sent on by Voge, the Goth and other slavers were surprised when they brought the remaining X-Men in as prisoners. Believing a celebration was in order, the Goth asked Sanguine for some refreshments. Sanguine still had Colossus under his control and was about to siphon off his life energy and transfer it to the Goth. Furious, Gambit reminded Goth of their deal, but Goth replied he was planning to sell him and the other X-Men as slaves anyway. Several moments later Voge watched as Beldame returned with the last of the X-Men; Beast and Phoenix. Voge was surprised when he got anomalous readings from them after which he was hit in the jaw by Beldame, who turned out to be Phoenix in disguise. By then, Beast, mentally linked with Forge, had shut down the slave collars the X-Men were wearing, allowing them to regain their powers and senses. Reunited, both X-Men teams fought the Goth, his crew and the Crimson Pirates while Voge ducked for cover. The fight ended when the Goth began to drain the X-Men of their life energy. Rogue however absorbed Gambit's power and threw a supercharged card at Goth, killing him. After his death, the X-Men rounded up the villains, freed the slavers' captives and made arrangements to deliver everyone to the appropriate authorities or their homes, effectively ending Voge's slaver organization on Earth.

(X-Treme X-Men I#35 - BTS) - Tullamore Voge escaped imprisonment through unrevealed ways.

(X-Treme X-Men I#35 - BTS) - Colonel Alexi Vazhin kept track of Voge's activities and found the slaver was involved in a worldwide network of clandestine arenas where mutant gladiators fought each other. After his attempts to infiltrate the operation failed, Vazhin reached out to Storm and the newly formed global mutant police force X.S.E. She accepted the mission and set out to investigate the arena in Tokyo.

(X-Treme X-Men I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Voge would regularly visit a number of arenas across the globe, enjoying the mutant fights. During one of his visits he spotted his old enemy Storm fighting in the arena. Eager to have his revenge on the weather witch, he contacted her manager Masque.

(X-Treme X-Men I#39) - Voge approached Masque in the London arena during a party after a match. He tried to buy Storm, offering to pay whatever it took to get his hands on her. Masque accepted this more than generous offer.

(X-Treme X-Men I#39 - BTS) - Later that night, Masque told Storm she'd been sold and would be transfered as soon as final arrangements were completed. However, Masque decided to use this time to earn some extra money with Storm by making her go on a farewell tour fighting in arenas around the world. During this ordeal, Storm and her ally Callisto managed to break free of Masque's control, ending the deal with Voge.

(Nightcrawler IV#5 - BTS) - Voge continued his slaver organization with his own slave market from an unidentified dimension.

(Nightcrawler IV#11 - BTS) - Voge's slave market was run by Barsoom's slavers and several Hounds. He seemed to have a particular interest in children, capturing hudreds if not thousands of children from across the omniverse and keeping them in his base until they could be sold. Voge reasoned nobody would miss a child here and there, even one with super powers.

(Nightcrawler IV#5 (fb) - BTS) - Learning that the pan-dimensional auguries predicted an extraordinary future for the young mutant Ziggy Karst, Voge planned to control that future and sent his Crimson Pirates to Earth to capture her.

(Nightcrawler IV#5) - Voge had to remind the Crimson Pirates of their mission on Earth after they'd wasted considerable time enslaving everyone inside the Rowsdower's Bar and Grill in Maryland. Chiding them via hologram, Voge sent the Pirates to capture Ziggy who was working at NARWAL (North American Robotic Weapon Advancement Laboratory), a research facility elsewhere in Maryland.

(Nightcrawler IV#6) - Voge watched from his office as the Crimson Pirates captured Ziggy Karst and several other NARWAL scientists before teleporting them to Voge's base. However, they were followed by the X-Man Nightcrawler who allowed himself to be teleported in along with several Bamfs. Nightcrawler assured Karst and the imprisoned humans he could easily return them to Earth thanks to the tiny teleporting Bamfs. Before he left, Nightcrawler warned Voge that he would surely regret it if the X-Man had to come back again. Infuriated but intimidated, Voge stood by as Nightcrawler returned everyone to Earth. He then ordered Killian to withdraw his pirates, claiming the young mutant wasn't worth the trouble.

(Nightcrawler IV#8 - BTS) - Voge discovered the body of Omega Black, constructed by the White Sky organization using the remains of the original Omega Red. He sent the Crimson Pirates to retrieve it from the West China Desert, Voge, however, was unaware Omega Black had become a vessel for the Shadow King. When the telepathic Crimson Pirate Bloody Bess used a psi-scan she accidentally released the Shadow King. The powerful psionic entity then possessed all the Crimson Pirates except Bloody Bess who went to Nightcrawler.

(Nightcrawler IV#10 - BTS) - Agreeing to help his enemies, Nightcrawler accompanied Bess back to the Crimson Pirate's location where he managed to best the Shadow King. Free of its influence, the Crimson Pirates took advantage of the confusion in the aftermath of the battle and kidnapped two of Nightcrawler's students, Rico and Ziggy Karst.

(Nightcrawler IV#11) - Voge welcomed his latest captives in holographic form, though he did question Killian's decision to capture them despite his previous orders. Killian showed Voge what the teens would grow up to become by activating an enhancer field. Intrigued by their potential, Voge was sure he could turn a profit and started an online bidding. Before any deal could be made, Rico and Ziggy managed to escape. Voge then grew tired of the Pirates' continued failure. He had the group electrocuted and opted to sell them into slavery. Voge decided to release the Warwolves to catch Rico and Ziggy but they were aided by Nightcrawler and Bloody Bess who had followed the Pirates' trail. Together, the four of them faced Voge's Warwolves.

(Nightcrawler IV#12) - Wondering what took the Warwolves so long, Voge took his hounds to check on their progress. They ran into Rico who had disobeyed Nightcrawler's orders to return to the Blackbird. Instead, Rico was out to free all of Voge's young slaves. Unafraid, he jumped on the Hounds which convinced Voge he'd be better off getting out of harm's way. Before Voge could run off, he was captured by a group of Bamfs who teleported him to a cell aboard the Blackbird. There, the slavemaster was held at gunpoint by Ziggy while Nightcrawler and Bess finished off the Warwolves.

(Nightcrawler IV#12 - BTS) - Voge and the slavers were turned in to the proper authorities while many of the stolen children were returned safely to their homes. Those who didn't have a home to return to enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Adam Kubert (pencils), Tim Townsend, Dan Panosian (inkers).

Tullamore Voge hails from Earth-1289 where his "race" first appeared in Excalibur I#17 (December, 1989). On Barsoom Earth live several types of beings; humans like on Earth-616, blue humans like the slavers and Kymri and her people, green humans, white ape-like beings, red ampibious-like beings and the Dragic like Lockheed. Like the others Voge is considered a baseline human for Barsoom standard as revealed by Beast in Uncanny X-Men I#384.

Voge's unidentified ally in Uncanny X-Men I#384 was Stryfe, a plot that had since been abandoned. The enemy's identity was never revealed in the comics, but Claremont revealed who he was on his Cordially Chris forum in 2003: "It was meant to be Stryfe, as a precursor to the arc that would close-out 2000, wherein the X-Men and Xavier would be "evicted" by the Summers Clan (Stryfe, Scott, Cable, Alex, Jean and Rachel), who would present the school to the public as the Summers School For Mutants. They would control X-Men (vol.2) and the fugitive team would be on the run in Uncanny (X-Men). And that would be the status quo until (Uncanny X-Men) #400, when things would get really squirrelly."

Tullamore is the name of a town in Ireland famous for its whiskey production. And a stiff drink is what you need if you want to explain just how Earth-616 authorities would deal with an extradimensional like Voge. Slavery is a punishable offense, sure, but try finding a jury of his peers when the defendant is a plump, blue "wot-wotting" Mojo stand-in. He might fall under the jurisdiction of A.R.M.O.R., though chances are they'd simply extradite him to Barsoom after a stern talking to.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Tullamore Voge has no known connections to

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Nightcrawler IV#5, p16, pan4 (wants Ziggy Karst)
Nightcrawler IV#12, p10, pan5,6 (imprisoned)

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