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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, citizen of Halwan

Occupation: Mercenary

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Black Mariah, Master Khan, Sharyd, Rakim, Weaponeers of Al-Khalad

Enemies: Angel (Warren Worthington III), Askari (Jono Baraka), Callisto, Alan Cavenaugh, Major Gamal Hassan (deceased), Hub, Husk (Paige Guthrie), Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), Omega Sentinel (Karima Shapandar), Power Man (Luke Cage), Shola Inkosi, General Umabaja, Taniqa Umbaja, Viper (Ophelia Sarkissian)

Known Relatives: None (see comments)

Aliases: "The master of the bladed weapons" (nickname used by Scimitar himself), "big man" (nickname used by Iron Fist), "The Swordsman" (nickname used by Taniqa)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed,
                                   formerly mobile throughout the world

First Appearance: Iron Fist I#5 (June, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Scimitar possessed no known superhuman abilities. A superb swordsman, he specialized in the scimitar, his weapon of choice, though he was more than proficient at fighting with any form of bladed weaponry. During his years in prison, he further improved his already borderline peak human level stamina, concentration and focus, allowing him to keep up with an unparalleled martial artist like Iron Fist. However, when he got distracted or angered he'd lose this edge. Scimitar had a tendency to overestimate his prowess, foolheartedly believing himself capable of countering superhuman power of the Iron Fist. In battle, he always carried several (concealed) blades on his body. Recently, Scimitar replaced most of his actual blades with energy swords of unknown make.

Height: 6'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 190 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown (left eye white)
Hair: Black


(Iron Fist I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Scimitar served at the pleasure of the rightful ruler of Halwan. When Master Khan took control of the country, he involved him in his long, complicated scheme against Iron Fist (Daniel Rand). Khan sent Scimitar to London to kill Gamal Hassan, a former major in the Halwani revolutionary army and an ally of Iron Fist. As part of Khan's plan, a note was sent to in Hassan's name, luring him to London and certain death. Scimitar, and a number of soldiers, one of them named Rakim, surprised Hassan, killed him and set the plan in motion.

(Iron Fist I#5) - Scimitar and Rakim watched from the rooftops as Iron Fist (in his civilian guise) and his acquaintance Alan Cavenaugh approached Hassan's hideout in London. Unsure what to do because they were expecting Iron Fist, Rakim asked Scimitar what to do next. His answer was simple: Kill them, in hopes of drawing Iron Fist into the open. He sent Rakim and the other soldiers in first, but when Rand (who had changed into his Iron Fist costume) and Alan (an experienced IRA terrorist) defeated them, Scimitar managed to get the drop on the martial arts hero. However, Iron Fist's responses were still quick enough to dodge Scimitar's famed killing blow, which genuinely surprised the Halwani assassin. As they fought, Iron Fist grew more and more impressed by Scimitar's skills, their fight leading from Hassan's home to the nearby train tracks where the bladed baddie used an approaching train to beat a strategic retreat. Alan spotted him though and alerted Iron Fist, an act the Scimitar repaid him for by stabbing the ginger Irishman. The fight continued, with Iron Fist deciding he had to beat Scimitar as a man, and not rely on the supernatural abilities of the Iron Fist. After he managed to anger Scimitar, breaking the man's concentration, Iron Fist knocked him out with a blow to the neck.

(Iron Fist I#5 - BTS) - The unconscious Scimitar was taken into custody.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#88 (fb) - BTS) - Scimitar was tried and sentenced to several years in prison for the murder of Major Hassan. During this time, his hatred for Iron Fist grew into an obsession. Feeling the Fist was responsible for his current predicament, Scimitar spent most of his time in jail training for a rematch. He further improved his fighting skills and mastery of the blade by using an old broomstick. When he was released, Scimitar began a new career as a mercenary for hire. When Chinatown drug lord Black Mariah wanted to acquire his services, he jumped at the chance when he learned the assignment would lead to another confrontation with Iron Fist.

(Power Man & Iron Fist I#88) - When Iron Fist learned Black Mariah was responsible for introducing a new, lethal type of acid, he tracked her down to the lower tip of Manhattan only to discover Scimitar waiting for him at her side. Eager for revenge, Scimitar engaged Iron Fist while Mariah casually continued to knit. The Fist was surprised at how much Scimitar had improved since their last duel, even fearing the Halwani hitman might be able to beat him. After a while, Mariah ordered Scimitar to finish the Fist off, which he tried to do but failed because of Rand's tactical use of his iron fist. Startled when he realized not even years of training were sufficient to overcome the iron fist, Scimitar left himself open for a counter attack and was knocked out with a simple nerve chop. Black Mariah then involved herself, acting defenseless until she got close enough to stab Iron Fist with her poisoned knitting needles. When the Fist passed out, she dragged his body upstairs to throw him off the roof. Luckily, Power Man arrived in time to catch his partner and stop the fleeing Mariah and Scimitar by throwing a street light through their van. Scimitar tried to fight him, but Luke Cage dismissed him with a single punch.

(Iron Fist III#1 - BTS) - Even more hungry for revenge on Iron Fist after the Black Mariah incident, Scimitar was eventually hired by Sharyd to help press the Fist into his service.

(Iron Fist III#1) - Scimitar had a rematch with Iron Fist in San Francisco as part of Sharyd's complicated schemes. Even though Scimitar hit Rand in the shoulder with a knife, he still managed to summon the Iron Fist which smashed the Halwani's weapon of choice and once again took him out.

(Iron Fist III#2) - Iron Fist refused to concede and battled Sharyd using martial arts until Scimitar took Joy captive. Sharyd gave Iron Fist a location to bring the Key to when he was ready and threatened to kill Miranda and Joy if Iron Fist failed to show.

(Excalibur III#12 - BTS) - After serving another stint in prison, Scimitar resumed his career as a mercenary, losing his left eye at some unrevealed point.
He also replaced his traditional steel weaponry with two energy blades. Revamped, Scimitar was hired by the African mercenary cadre the Weaponeers of Al-Khalad to help secure the East African island nation of Zanzibar for Hellfire Club White Queen Courtney Ross who sent Viper to assist them. In order to do so, Scimitar helped abduct Taniqa, daughter of Zanzibar president Jono Baraka (secretly the hero Askari). Unbeknownst to Scimitar and the Weaponeers, the X-Men Angel and Husk were present on Zanzibar during the assault. This in turn brought in X-Men associates Callisto, Hub, Prime Sentinel and Shola Inkosi who met up with Zanzibar's president Jono Baraka who revealed he was also the (long retired) superhero Askari. Shortly after joining forces, they spotted the Weaponeers's giant craft in the air over the island.

(Excalibur III#12) - Shola Inkosi attacked the Weaponeers' ship with a telekinetic burst that disabled most of the vessel's primary systems. Scimitar was ordered by Al-Khalad to deal with whoever was responsible, which he did by invading Zanzibar's palace and taking vice president Umbaja's daughter Taniqa hostage.

(Excalibur III#12) - After hitting the Weaponeers' barge, Inkosi and the other Genoshan mutants followed Askari's orders and followed him to the royal palace where Baraka wanted to plan the counter attack with General Umabaja, vice president and leader of the armed forces. However, when the mutants arrived at the palace they found Scimitar and the Weaponeers waiting for them, along with their hostages

(Excalibur III#13) - Prime Sentinel recognized the mercenary from Interpol bulletins, describing him as a terrorist-for-hire, wanted in over a score of nations for acts that preceded his reputation for ruthlessness and cruelty. That didn't stop the mutants from attacking, with Askari using his force bolts to hit Scimitar in the chest, giving Taniqa the opportunity to hit the bladed baddie in the face, drawing blood before running off. Angered, Scimitar chased her to pay Taniqa back in kind for making him bleed. The newly arrived Husk eventually ended the chase by stepping in and facing Scimitar. Somewhat overconfident because she figured he was a pushover based on the file she'd read on him, Husk was thoroughly surprised by Scimitar's skill and speed. As it turned out, the Weaponeers had supplied Scimitar with information on the various members of the X-Men and their exploitable weaknesses. Slicing through her armored form with his energy blades, he forced Husk to return to her human form, which left her temporarily stunned and defenseless.

(Excaliburt III#13 - BTS) - Scimitar took Husk back to the Weaponeers' ship where president Baraka, Taniqa and her father were already being held prisoner. Back in Zanzibar, the Weaponeers turned on Viper who was fighting Angel and Callisto at the time. Surviving, the three met up with the remaining Genoshan mutants for a final attack on the Weaponeers.

(Excalibur III#13) - When Viper, Angel and the others managed to breach the Weaponeers' defenses, Scimitar stood ready to kill them. However, Husk (still stuck in her human form) attacked him, eager for a rematch. Honor and duty bound for a fight to the death, Scimitar engaged the young girl, eventually overcoming her defenses and readying himself for a killing blow. Just then, he was shot in the back by Viper, as payback for the Weaponeers turning on her.

(Dark Reign Files#1) - Following Norman Osborn's takeover of SHIELD, he had the living computer Quasimodo compile comprehensive data profiles on all available allies, enemies and possible operatives. Scimitar, who apparently survived getting shot by Viper, was listed as being extemely expendable. Quasimodo further pointed out that while Scimitar seemed like little more than a fanatical muslim extremist, he actually had no ideology beyond getting paid for his services. Classifying him as a poor performer against costumed targets but a master of kidnappings, assassinations and intimidations against average civilians, Quasimodo added that all Scimitar wanted to do was work and be recognized for his accomplishments.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), John Byrne (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks).

It's never been made clear if Scimitar is a (blood) relative of the Scimitar who fought the First Line during their invasion of the Lion's Throne circa 1980. Considering becoming Scimitar is a hereditary title and if you include the magic of the sliding timescale, it's very well possible Scimitar was a child when his father fought (and died) fighting the First Line in the pre-modern era. The fact that Scimitar claims he had been bred to his task for generations during his first appearance further supports that.

Oh, speaking of topical dates and sliding timescales... Let us kindly forget Claremont's narration in Scimitar's debut issue insisted all of this went down on Wednesday, March 10th, 1976...

Markus Raymond added the missed appearance in Iron Fist III#2.

Profile by Norvo.

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images: (without ads)
Excalibur III#13, p19, pan5 (main image)
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Iron Fist III#1, p19, pan3 (new Sharyd costume)
Excalibur III#13, p4. pan4 (in action)
Excalibur III#13, p19, pan7-9 (taken out by Viper)

Iron Fist I#5 (June, 1976) - Chris Claremont (writer), John Byrne (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)
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Dark Reign Files#1 (April, 2009)

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