Creations of Steve Ditko

Able Chairs (Adam Able)

Adam Able (pre-FF alien) - by Future

Adria (Dr. Strange foe)

Aged Genghis (Dr. Strange character)

Agent K (Alpha Flight/Machine Man character) - by Grendel Prime

Aggamon (Dr. Strange foe)

Ahmed ?? (encountered Zokae & Okzik)

Akra (Ethicals)

"Amazing Fantasy Boy" (Spider-Man character) - by Markus Raymond

Angela (Enclave foe)

Anti-Magnetic Inverter (Spider-Man invention) - by John Kaminski

Ape Man (Gruner, pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Asmodeus (Dracula foe)

Astran (xt, Metal Master)

Aunt May (Linda Brown's aunt)

Automatic Car Wash (1960s, run by con artist Rocky Baines)

Axel, Anton (Amazing Adult Fantasy character) - by John Kaminski

Baines, Rocky (1960s con artist, encountered Martian prisoner) - by Ron Fredricks

Ba-Korr (warlord of Klangians)

Barge, Hugo (Pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Barney ?? (Bonehead's henchman)

Baron Brimstone (Machine Man/Spider-Man foe) - by Odd Rob & Grendel Prime

Baron Mordo's Minions (Dr. Strange foes)

Basher (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D. Ryall

Bealer, David (Speedball classmate) - by Prime Eternal

Ben ?? (thug, beaten by "Fourth Man")

Bentley, Clive (Dr. Strange character) - by Spidermay

Bentley, Victoria (Doctor Strange/Black Knight character) - by Clay Jodee

Biaggi, Vinnie (victim of the Basher)

Big Monk McGak (encountered Mister Zero)

Billings, John (Atlas sci-fi character) - by John Kaminski

Binary Bug (Machine Man foe) - by Kyle Smith

Binder (Imperial Guard Cohort)

Binder, Sam (1950s Explorers' Club member, encountered Monstro) - by Ron Fredricks

Birchwood, Miriam (Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Bishop (Hulk foe)

Black Knight (Merlin construct)

Bliss (Freak of Science foe)

Bloods (Daredevil characters)

Bobkins, Mary (Tommy Jr.'s future wife)

Bobkins, Tommy Sr. (Tommy Jr.'s father)

Bobkins, Tommy Jr. (1960s, Amazing Adult Fantasy) - by Ron Fredricks

Bobkins, Tommy III (Tommy Jr.'s future son)

Boder, Nathan (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Bogg, Hugo (encountered Ice-Monster)

bolo-cable launchers (used by Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

Bombers (Daredevil foes) - by Chadman

Bonehead (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D. Ryall

Bootblack (1960s angel, punished Simon Sledge)

Bouncer (Speedball foe) - by Markus Raymond

Bow, Alex (Speedball character)

Brad the Micronaut (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Brant, Eleonore (Betty Brant's mother) - by G Morrow

Briggs, Foxy (Spider-Man foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Brown, Linda (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Bruce Banner's Robot (created for Thunderbolt Ross) - by Prime Eternal

Bug-Eyed Voice (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D. Ryall

Burglar (Ben Parker's murderer, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Burnatt (Speedball character) - by Prime Eternal

Butch (Jeff Raye's cat)

Calurnians (xt, Rom characters) - by Spidermay

Cannibals (Daredevil characters)

Cap (encountered Thing from Planet X)

Captain Universe (Clare Dodgson)

Captain Universe (Ann Stanford)

Captain Universe (Monty Walsh)

Captain Universe (Eddie Price)

car/spaceship (Martian prison transport, taken by Rocky Baines)

Carboni, Guido (Captain Universe (Walsh) foe)

Carol ?? (1960s, owned Teddy)

Carter, Charleton (Mr. Doll victim, Iron Man character)

Carter, Tad (pre-modern era, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Cartland, Douglas Arthur (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Casey ?? (encountered Shadow Man)

Cat (Hibbs, Spider-Man foe)

Cat (Shroud ally) - by Prime Eternal

Chakar (Imperial Guard Cohort)

Charlie ?? (Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

Charlie ?? (Spider-Man foe) - by Proto-Man

Charlie ?? (Teen Brigade)

Chip ?? (encountered "Speed Demon")

Chuck ?? (encountered Thing from Planet X)

Cinnibar, Kathryn (Shroud foe) - by Prime Eternal

Clase, Otto (Speedball character)

Clea (Dr. Strange's wife, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Clyde (Speedball foe) - by Prime Eternal

Cobbwell, Professor (Spider-Man character) - by Proto-Man

Colossus (super-computer) - by Prime Eternal

commandant (Communist leader, Hulk foe)

Cooke, Joe (pre-FF Merlin foe) - by John Kaminski

Cooper, Teri (Speedball classmate) - by Prime Eternal

Coren, Mark (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Cosmos, B.J. (Spider-Man character) - by Prime Eternal

couple (Wax People)

Craig (federal agent, caught Ozak)

Creature From the Black Bog (giant monster) - by Prime Eternal

"Creatures from the Bottomless Pit" (1950s race) - by John Kaminski

Crime-Master (Spider-Man foe) - by Stunner

Crooked Face (Speedball foe) - by Prime Eternal

Crooked Man (Shroud foe) - by Prime Eternal

Cyttorak (demon) - by Per Degaton

Dakari (Shi'ar, Rom character)

Damien (Enclave)

Danebians (xt, Journey into Unknown Worlds) - by AvatarWarlord

Dave ?? (encountered Thing from Planet X)

Davis (Spider-Man character) - by G Morrow

Dawson, Duke (Satan Squad)

Deacon (Shroud foe) - by Prime Eternal

deceased's memory reader device (Shi'ar technology, Rom story)

The Demon (Demonicus)

The Demon of the Mask (Dr. Strange foe)

Demonicus (Dr. Strange foe)

Dennis, Peter (FBI, investigated Markham Moros)

Deth (xt planet, Ozak's homeworld)

Dethan (metamorphs, Ozak's race)

Dexter, John (pre-modern, vanished in mall)

Dimensional Man (Enclave foe)

Disintegrator (Blue City on the Moon) - by Prime Eternal

Distorter (Hulk foe)

Doctor Druid (Anthony Ludgate Druid, former Avenger...first super hero of the Marvel Age) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Rarque (Speedball character)

Dr. Warren (Dr. Strange character)

Dodgson, Clare (Captain Universe) - by Proto-Man

Dolly (xt child, 1960s Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Dorian (Speedball character)

Dormammu's Wraiths

Drago, Bull (convict, Totem foe)

Dragon Lord (mystic hero) - by Prime Eternal

Dragon Lord (Ral Dorn) - by Prime Eternal

Dragon Lord (Skagerackrakor)

"Drakos" (Shazana)

Dralla (Middle Ages hero) - by Spidermay

Drothor (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Druig (Enclave)

Druker (Enclave)

Duet (Slice and Dice)

Duner, Major (Wargod foe)

"Earth-59591" (2469 AD, Arro Goron)

Earth-Crawlers (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Earth-Iron Man Had Been a Traitor (What if? world) - by Proto-Man

Earth of the 30th Century (future traveled to by Fredrick Fenton)

Ebrok (creator of Cat People) - by Prime Eternal

Egghead's Android (Giant-Man/Wasp foe) - by John Kaminski

Einstein (Bombers)

Enclave (Dracula foes)

ersatz aliens (Mysterio/Tinkerer allies, Spider-Man foes)

Ethicals (Machine Man characters) - by Prime Eternal

Evilizer (fearsome item of power, Speedball story) - by Markus Raymond

Faceless Ones (Danebians)

Failure Five (Machine Man foe)

Fawlkes (Neutralizer ally)

Feathered Felon (Speedball)

Fenton, Fredrick (Journey into Mystery time-traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Fenton Electronics (Frederick Fenton's corporation)

Faltine (Dark Dimension race) - by Jean-Marc Lofficer

Fitch, Emil (Marak foe)

Flames of the Faltine (magic spell) - by Spidermay

"Fletcher, Hiram" (Death foe) - by John Kaminski

"Fourth Man" (1960s, living statue) - by Ron Fredricks

The Fox (Human Torch foe)

Fox, Charlie (encountered "Howler")

Frank ?? (Bill Parmenter's friend, encountered Gargantus)

Freak of Science (Speedball character) - by Patrick D Ryall

Frog-Man (Strange Tales) - by Future

Gage, Les (television newscaster, impersonated by Ozak)

Galactic Defender (Micronauts foe)

Gargantus (aquatic Marvel Monster) - by Prime Eternal

Garson (Sticker's ally)

Gart (Captain Universe (Eddie) foe)

gas canister (1950s, used by Sam Binder against Monstro)

Gaxton, Blackie (Spider-Man character)

Geni (1950s supernatural being) - by John Kaminski

Genie (transformed Freddy Sykes)

Ghost of Grismore Castle (pre-modern ghost) - by Spidermay

Ghost of Kragmoor Castle (encountered by Anton Axel)

Ghost of Springdale High (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Gladys ?? (Speedball classmate) - by Prime Eternal

Goldsmith, Archie (Machine Man character)

Goldsmith, Hiram R. (Archie's brother)

Goloks (extraterrestrials) - by Prime Eternal

Gorak (pre-FF character) - by Future

Gorga (animated toy, Captain Universe)

Gorlion (Dr. Druid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Goron, Arro (time traveler, 2469 AD alternate future) - by Ron Fredricks

Gotham Game Club (NOT related to some bat-guy!) - by Prime Eternal

Graffiti Guerillas (Speedball foes) - by Patrick D Ryall

gravity beam (invented by Arro Goron, 2469 AD)

"Greasy" Jimmy Genova (Shroud character) - by Prime Eternal

Great Gambonnos (Ernesto & Luigi Gambonno, Circus of Crime members) - by Chadman

Great Gordoni (Mystery Tales character) - by John Kaminski

"Great One" (pre-FF alien)

Greenfield, Fred (Machine Man character)

Grismore Castle (haunted castle)

Grokor (Komoks)

Gruff, Gorgi (Adam Able foe)

Guardian (sidekick of Phantom)

Gulgol (Dr. Strange character)

Gundar the Viking (Viking warrior) - by Spidermay

Gundar ?? (Viking descendant)

G'uranthic Guardian (Dark Dimension guardian) - by Prime Eternal

Guy Named Joe (Spider-Man character)

Haag (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Hagert, General (Wargod's father)

Hamir the Hermit (Dr. Strange character) - by Clay Jodee

"Hammer" Harrison (Enforcers member) - by Prime Eternal

Hanes, Frank (1950s time traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Harlequin Hit Man (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Harlock, Mr. (Speedball character)

Harris, Chick (Speedball character) - by Patrick D Ryall

Haunted House (House of Shadows)

Haven, Dr. Sol (victim of the Sticker)

Hicks, Claude (encountered Geni)

High-Intensity Field Cannon (designed for commandant, Hulk story)

Horace the Joker (Amazing Adventures character) - by Madison Carter

Hornetroids (Microverse race) - by Grendel Prime

House of Shadows (Dr. Strange/Rom foe)

"The Howler" (Tales of Suspense monster) - by John Kaminski

Hudaks (Dragon Rider trainers) - by Prime Eternal

Hulk (Glop, pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Humanoids (Hulk foes) - by Stunner

Hunk (convict, Totem foe)

"Iceberg Alien" (visitor from the stars, Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Ice-Monster (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Idol of Tibo (Karl King foe)

Images of Ikonn (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Imperial Gamesman (Micronauts foe)

Imperial Guard Cohort (Chakar's team, Shi'ar) - by Spidermay

Invaders (alien race) - by Future

Invaders (Martian movie characters)

Ion (Machine Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Jacque ?? (encountered "Iceberg Alien")

Jim ?? (Carol's husband, she owned Teddy)

Joe the Barber (made "Muggsy" Bogar vanish)

John ?? (ally of Creature From the Black Bog)

John ?? (Strange Tales)

Johnson, Frank (Zzutak creator/foe)

Johnson's monster (Zzutak foe)

Jolly Roger (Speedball foe) - by Prime Eternal

Jones, Cathy (1960s, played with xt child Dolly)

Jones, Timothy (1960s, Cathy's father, found Dolly)

Jukes (time traveler) - by Spidermay

Kaecilius (Dr. Strange foe)

Kanga Khan (Hulk foe)

Kate ?? (encountered Tyrannosaurus)

Kemplet, Serge (encountered "Creatures from the Bottomless Pit")

Khan, Kublai (Machine Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

King (Hulk foe)

King, Karl (Tibo foe) - by Spidermay

King Arthur (possibly the same as Earth-616's version)

Klang (homeworld of Klangians)

Klangians (warlike race, stopped invasion plan of Earth) - by AvatarWarlord

Knight (Hulk foe)

Knight, Franklin (Gotham Game Club)

Kole, Max (drummer, cursed by Madame Grimm)

Komoks (xt, giant conquerors, Tales to Astonish) - by AvatarWarlord

Konak, Karlos (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Kongo (animated toy, Captain Universe)

Kora (Ethicals)

Korumbu ("helped" Hugo Barge)

Kragg, Ben (Karl's brother)

Kragg, Karl (glory-seeking bodybuilder, Amazing Adult Fantasy character) - by Grendel Prime

Krills (xt race, pre-FF era) - by John Kaminski

Kronos (xd race, Kaliklak, Microverse)

Kruger, Nat (Old West bank robber, Warren Mace foe) - by Loki

Kwill (Imperial Guard Cohort)

"Kyrkalin" (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski

LaGuardia, Al (Speedball character) - by Prime Eternal

Lalique (Dragon Rider) - by Prime Eternal

Lama (1950s mystic, cursed greedy men to become Yetti)

La Roc, Pierre (1960s criminal, encountered living statues) - by Ron Fredricks

Leaper Logan (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D. Ryall

Lestron, Ted (pre-FF mutant) - by John Kaminski

Liberator (Rom foe) - by Spidermay

Living Brain (Spider-Man character)

"Living Pants" (Arnim Zola creations)

"living statues" (encountered Mike Rugger)

living wax statues (1960s, encountered by Pierre La Roc)

Logan, James (Gotham Game Club)

Lola (Speedball character)

Looter (Spider-Man foe)

Lou ?? (encountered Krills)

Lucky Lobo (Spider-Man foe) - by Stunner

Lunk (Graffiti Guerillas) - by Patrick D Ryall

Maccabee (Micronauts foe) - by Grendel Prime

Madame Grimm (pre-modern sorceress) - by Ron Fredricks

Magee, Thomas “Tommy” (Speedball character)

Magic One (protected "Creatures from the Bottomless Pit")

Mallon (pre-modern store detective, vanished) - by Ron Fredricks

Man in the Rat Hole (Worm Man)

Marak (pre-FF monster) - by Future

Marcus ?? (Speedball character)

Markas (used Drothor-mask)

Marlowe, Bret (Haag foe)

Martha (Journey into Mystery)

Martha (ally of Creature From the Black Bog)

"Martian Flying Saucer" (1960s, Tales of Suspense alien) - by Ron Fredricks

Martians (alien race) - by Future

Martin, the Most Dangerous Man in the World (1950s mutate, World of Mystery character) - by Loki

Master Khan (Power Man, Iron Fist, and Namor foe)

Masters of Menace (Clown-led Circus of Crime) - by Chadman

matter transporter (1950s, Jeff Raye invention)

Max The Axe (Daredevil foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mayson, Dorothy (Machine Man character)

Men with "atomic brains" (pre-FF characters)

Merlin's diary (magic book) - by Spidermay

Messenger, Tobias (Promise, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Metal Master (Hulk foe)

"meteors" (1950s, shrunk Mark Coren)

Miller, Bill (pre-modern, vanished in mall)

Miller, Dave (helped "Wanderers")

Missing Link (Pre-FF Monster) - by Future

Mister Doll (Iron Man/Spider-Woman (Drew) foe)

Mister E (Captain Universe foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mr. Huggins (Freak of Science foe)

Mr. Rasputin (Dr. Strange foe)

Mr. Vort (pre-FF character)

Mister Zero (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Mogard (Black Knight construct foe)

Moko (1950s gorilla, Sam Binder's show)

Molten Man (Mark Raxton, Liz Allan's half-brother, Spider-Man foe) - by Chadman

Molten Man-Thing (Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

Monkey Joe (Squirrel Girl's former partner) - by Chadman

"Monster" Ambassador (alien Supreme Council of Civilized Planets ambassador) - by Loki

Monsteroso (micro-monster) - by Prime Eternal

Monsters of Bald Mountain (living statues) - by Prime Eternal

Monstro (pre-FF monster, Journey into Mystery) - by John Kaminski & Ron Fredricks

"Moon Satellite" (transported Mark Coren)

Mopox (Komoks)

Moran, Ray (Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Morgo, Edward (hypnotist, would-be robber, Amazing Adult Fantasy) - by Ron Fredricks

Moros, Markham (xd, 1950s cult leader) - by Ron Fredricks

The Moth (Human Torch foe) - by Prime Eternal

mountain lion (1960s, slain by Teddy)

Mouse (Shroud ally) - by Prime Eternal

"Muggsy" Bogar (criminal fugitive, Joe the Barber foe) - by Grendel Prime

Mummy (Amazing Fantasy character) - by Madison Carter

Mystic Prod (Nightmare weapon)

Nancy (Strange Tales)

Nast, Charlie (year 2100, Strange Tales character) - by Prime Eternal

"Nazakka" (Dr. Strange character)

Nebb, Aubrey (caught Great Gordoni)

Nemesis (Captain Universe foe) - by Proto-Man

Netherworld of Eternal Doom (Demon of the Mask's realm)

Neutralizer (Iron Man foe) - by Markus Raymond

Newton, Professor (Spider-Man character) - by Proto-Man

night watchman (Wax People)

Niven, Peter (Gotham Game Club)

Noki (Rojans)

Norton, Otis (encounterd Ghost of Grismore Castle)

O'Brien, Bernard (NYPD, Peter Parker character) - by Copeinator123

oil lamp (Geni prison)

Okzik (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski

old man (encountered Dralla)

Orann (sorcerer, enemy of Cat People)

O'Reilley, Seymour (Spider-Man character, Midtown High School bully)

Ozaan (Frog-Man foe)

Ozak (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski & Ron Fredricks

Ozt (xt, shrunk Mark Coren)

Paradise III (Microverse)

Parmenter, Anne (Bill's wife)

Parmenter, Bill (encountered Gargantus)

Parmenter, Dan (encountered Gargantus, Bill's father)

Pawn (Hulk foe)

Perlongetti, Louie (Speedball character)

Petty, Mr. (designer of the Living Brain, Spider-Man character)

Phantom (wielder of the Evilizer)

Phipps, Hinton (Speedball character)

Planetoid 12 (2100, visited by Charlie Nast)

police officer (Wax People)

Poltergeist (Marvel fantasy race) - by Grendel Prime

P184 (alternate future spacecraft)

Possessors (Dr. Strange foes)

Price, Eddie (Captain Universe)

Price, Jane (Captain Universe (Eddie) foe)

"Price, Kendra" (Eddie's mother)

Price, Roger (Jane's husband)

"Price, Timothy" (Eddie's father)

Primus (Captain Mar-Vell ally) - by Prime Eternal

Princess Python (Zelda DuBois, Circus of Crime member) - by Chadman

Professor Ace (helped Brad the Micronaut)

Professor Dark (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Professor Dolen (pre-FF time traveler) - by John Kaminski & Ron Fredricks

Professor Serak (scientist, U.S. military)

Professor Stromm (Geophysicist, Commandant slave, Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

"Proletariat" (Speedball foes)

Proton Beam (commandant weapon used against Hulk)

Prowler (Hibbs, Spider-Man foe)

Pseudo-Hulks (Arnim Zola creations, Avengers foes) - by John Kaminski

Pulitzer Patty (Speedball character) - by Markus Raymond

Purple Dimension (Aggamon)

Purple Gem (Aggamon)

Quantum Mechanic (Captain Universe foe) - by Madison Carter

Quartet (Slice and Dice)

Queen (Hulk foe)

Quintet (Slice and Dice)

Quogg (Tales to Astonish) - by Future

radar outpost (Canada, invaded by Krills)

rain control device (Journey into Mystery)

Rammatpolen (home of Dragon Riders) - by Prime Eternal

Rank, Rocco (Amazing Fantasy character) - by Madison Carter

rat (Worm Man foe)

Rath (Captain Universe (Eddie) foe)

Raye, Jeff (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Ray Projector (invented by "Hiram Fletcher")

Reigel, Charles (Gotham Game Club, Hulk foe) - by Prime Eternal

Reptos (Microverse race)

Rever, Brad (Wargod foe)

Rever, Dan (Wargod ally)

"Ring of Full Power" (Dr. Strange weapon) - by Spidermay

Ritual of Ikonn (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Robot soldiers (Supreme Calculator)

Rod ?? (encountered Tyrannosaurus)

Rogan, Jean (Dave Miller's fiancée)

Rojans (encountered by Jeff Raye)

Rook (Hulk foe)

Rooney, Mike (Captain Universe (Dodgson) foe)

Rrorgo (alternate future xt race) - by Spidermay

Rugger, Mike (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Ruthar (Sub-Mariner foe)

Sacred Ball (used by Magic One)

Sagar (Klangian warrior)

Salt, Henry (Journey into Mystery)

Sammy ?? (Bonehead's henchman)

Satan Squad (Machine Man foes) - by Prime Eternal

Satellite Machine (Dr. Doom weapon) - by John Kaminski

Satus (Enclave)

Screamers (thralls of Soul Masters)

Screaming Idol (Tiboro's item)

Sextet (Slice and Dice)

Shadow Man (pre-FF creature) - by John Kaminski

Shawn, Dr. Lyman (victim of Screamers)

Shazana (Dr. Strange foe)

Shiffman, Maxie (Spider-Man character)

Simpson, Abigail (pre-modern, vanished in mall)

Sir Baskerville (Dr. Strange foe)

The Sixth Dimension (home of Tiboro)

Skagerackrakor (Dragon Lord) - by Prime Eternal

Skipper (Speedball character)

sky seat (invented by Arro Goron, 2469 AD)

Sledge, Simon (1960s, ruthless businessman) - by Ron Fredricks

Slice and Dice (Speedball characters) - by Markus Raymond

Smith, Joe (Spider-Man character)

"Snake" Marston (Enforcers member) - by Prime Eternal

Sol-Mac (microwave weapon, Machine Man story) - by Prime Eternal

Solo (Slice and Dice)

Sondra (Enclave)

Sorcerer (pre-FF character) - by Future

Soul Masters (Captain Mar-Vell foes) - by Prime Eternal

Spaceship (used by Zokae & Okzik)

Spade (thug, beaten by "Fourth Man")

Sparling, Jessica (Hulk character)

specimen cage (used by Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

"Speed Demon" (pre-modern speedster) - by Ron Fredricks

Spinybeast (Dr. Strange foe) - by Spidermay

Spy who cannot be Caught (Worm Man)

Squirrel Girl (BEST SUPER-HERO EVER!!) - by Kyle Smith

Stanford, Ann (Captain Universe) - by Proto-Man

Stanford, Jenny (Ann's daughter)

Stanford, Johnny (Ann's son)

Stanley, Simon (time machine inventor)

Stara (Primus' wife)

Statue of Liberty (opposed Undersea Giants)

Sticker (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D. Ryall

Stillwell, Dr. Farley (Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Stone, Earnest (Gotham Game Club)

Stromm, Mendel (Spider-Man foe) - by G Morrow

subterranean cavern (home of "Creatures from the Bottomless Pit")

Sunset Bain (Machine Man and Iron Man character) - by Chuck D, the Prime Eternal & Snood

Supreme Calculator (pre-FF future robot) - by John Kaminski

Sykes, Fredd (1960, criminal turned genie) - by Prime Eternal

Teddy (1960s toy) - by Ron Fredricks

Teen Brigade (Rick Jones' allies) - by Prime Eternal & Proto-Man

"Tele-phony" (pre-FF micro-alien) - by John Kaminski

Teleporting Machine (used by "Kyrkalin")

Tenley, Debra (Earl's wife from Earth)

Tenley, Earl (Danebians)

Thing from Planet X (Tales of Suspense alien) - by John Kaminski

The Thing in Cell 13 (pre-FF monster) - by Future

thought machine (1950s, Rojan technology)

Tiboro (Dr. Strange foe)

Tim Boo Ba (classic monster character) - by Prime Eternal

time machine (invented by Frederick Fenton)

time machine (invented by Arro Goron, 2469 AD)

time machine (invented by Simon Stanley)

time machine (future technology, used by Mary Bobkins)

Tong (Kublai Khan's servant)

Totem (animated totem pole) - by Prime Eternal

Tribal chief (encountered Tyrannosaurus)

Trio (Slice and Dice)

"Tucker, Tom" (1950s greedy man...became Yetti) - by Ron Fredricks

Turkel, Gideon (Gotham Game Club)

Tutaku (Journey into Mystery)

Two-Legged Rat (Speedball foe) - by Patrick D. Ryall

Tyrannosaurus (pre-FF monster) - by John Kaminski

Uatu the Watcher (Earth-616's Watcher, Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men character) - by Norvo

"Ubbu" (Shazana's pet)

Uncle Ben (Linda Brown's uncle)

Undersea Giants (pre-FF race) - by John Kaminski

unidentified agent (Worm Man employer)

unidentified alien race (xt, inspiration for the alien imposters from Amazing Spider-Man I#2)

unidentified colonel (spied on by Tinkerer)

unidentified Dethan ruler (ruler of Deth, sent Ozak to Earth)

unidentified dog (impersonated by Ozak)

unidentified escaped Martian prisoners (1960s, encountered by Rocky Baines)

unidentified Explorers' Club member (1950s, overheard by Sam Binder)

unidentified general (spied on by Tinkerer)

unidentified native chief (1950s, sold Monstro)

unidentified pilot (alternate future, flew P184)

unidentified race (sentient rocks, Komoks failed to conquer them)

unidentified radar operator (encountered Krills)

unidentified scientist (Commandant slave, Hulk character)

unidentified scientists and generals (encountered "Martian Flying Saucer")

unidentified scientists (1950s, helped Mark Coren)

unidentified spy (Hulk foe, stole Bruce Banner's robot)

unidentified witch doctor (Africa, befriended Mr. Doll)

unnamed chief (animated the Totem)

unnamed clerk (Speedball character)

unnamed criminal (Tales to Astonish)

unnamed Earthman (encountered "Tele-phony")

unnamed janitor (stopped Supreme Calculator)

unnamed lighthouse keeper ("Robot on a Rampage")

unnamed man with a fly-swatter (pre-FF, encountered Zogg)

unnamed pilot (2100, encountered Charlie Nast)

unnamed robot ("Robot on a Rampage") - by Prime Eternal

unnamed sorcerers (employed of Cat People)

Unog (Fifth Galaxy, recruited Karl Kragg for Mr. Universe challenge)

Vaporizer (commandant weapon used against Hulk)

Vapors of Valtorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Vipers of Valtorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Vogez, Hans (The Thing in Cell 13 foe)

Voltor (Imperial Guard Cohort)

Wade, Joshua (Gotham Game Club foe)

Walsh, Monty (Captain Universe) - by Madison Carter

Wand of Watoomb (mystic wand, Dr. Strange/Spider-Man stories) - by Spidermay

"Wanderers" (pre-FF extraterrestrials) - by John Kaminski

Wani (Dragon Lord foe)

Wargod (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Warren, Miles (Jackal, terrorist former college professor, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Warren, Raymond (Midtown high teacher, Spider-Man character) - by G Morrow

The Watchers (partial entry)

Wax Mannequins (Wax People)

Wax People (pre-FF characters) - by Future

Weason, Senator (Wargod foe)

"Weisskopf, Hubert" (encountered Zokae & Okzik)

White (friend of "Fourth Man")

"Will This Be the End of The World?" world (micro-world) - by Prime Eternal

Witherspoon, Barry (Machine Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Witherspoon, Gloria (Barry's wife)

Wormly, Richard (Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief's assistant) - by G Morrow

Worm Man (Strange Tales character) - by John Kaminski

Xanadu (Kublai Khan's base)

Yetti (1950s, cursed man)

Young, Max (Mendel Stromm's former assistant, Spider-Man foe) - by G Morrow

yo-yo (future technology, temporarily owned by Tommy Bobkins Jr.)

Yucoya-Tzin (Zzutak controller)

Zak (xt, shrunk Mark Coren)

Zamu (Dr. Druid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Zoga (Sub-Mariner foe)

Zogg (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski

Zokae (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski

Zola's "birds" (Avengers story)

Zota (Dr. Strange foe) - by Per Degaton

Zuka (pre-FF character)

Zzutak (monster) - by Prime Eternal

List compiled by Prime Eternal

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