Real Name: Maccabee

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) being (race unidentified)

Occupation: Gladiator in the Arena of Death

Group Membership: Gladiators of the Arena of Death

Affiliations: Imperial Gamesman

Enemies: Acroyear, Bug

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Arena of Death, Homeworld, Microverse

First Appearance: Micronauts Annual#1/3 (1979)

Powers/Abilities: Maccabee was a powerful and burly humanoid being from somewhere in the Microverse who was almost 9' tall, although he stooped slightly. He had brown skin, likely enhanced level, with below average intelligence and was loyal to Baron Karza's Imperial Gamesman. He spoke in an alien language that was understood by the Imperial Gamesman, but few else. His agility was normal at best and he relied more on his strength (at least enhanced levels). He wore only yellow trunks with matching boots and gauntlets, and had only three digits on each hand. Maccabee had no hair, black eyes and bumps on his brow, which probably helped with head-butting, and sneered a lot, seemingly reveling in violence.


(Micronauts Annual#1/3 - BTS) - Maccabee was kidnapped/exiled from his home planet somewhere in the Microverse and forced to participate as a gladiator in the Arena of Death. The Imperial Gamesman selected Maccabee to act as his personal bodyguard when he was in the Yard of the Gladiators, where other kidnapped aliens were forced into the pre-game trials.

(Micronauts Annual#1/3) - Protected by Maccabee, the Imperial Gamesman was alerted to the non-participation in the trials of Acroyear and Bug. When he felt he was being mocked by Bug, the Gamesman ordered Maccabee to discipline the two. However, Maccabee chose to attack Acroyear instead of Bug and punched away with his massive fists. Acroyear was able to dodge these blows and picked up the bodyguard. He then hurled Maccabee at the Imperial Gamesman. An infuriated Gamesman commanded that Maccabee be the first to enter the Arena for losing to Acroyear.



Comments: Created by Bill Manto (writer) & Steve Ditko (penciler and inker).

    Maccabee was likely killed in the Arena of Death in the initial skirmish.

    Judah Maccabee led a revolt by the Jewish people against the Greco-Syrian empire circa 160 B.C.

Profile by Grendel Prime


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Imperial Gamesman

    The Imperial Gamesman of Baron Karza's Arena of Death ran the Yard of the Gladiators, where the alien gladiators were forced to practice in pre-game trials with each other before going into the Arena of Death, and monitored the gladiators' progress. He was alerted to Acroyear and Bug's refusal to engage in the violent exercises against fellow combatants by a dog soldier and went to them, seeking to intimidate them with Maccabee's presence. Bug and Acroyear sought to ignore them but the Gamesman ordered Maccabee to attack. Acroyear defended himself and threw Maccabee at the Gamesman, who fell underneath the gladiator's massive bulk. He then commanded that Maccabee be the first to enter the Arena of Death.

    He was about 5'9", bald (shaved?) with a black moustache. He was cruel, smug and arrogant, secure that he was protected by Maccabee and the dog soldiers monitoring the gladiators on the wall. He appeared to have no particular skills.

    He was probably killed by Baron Karza in his wholesale slaughter of Homeworld's inhabitants.

Micronauts Annual#1/3

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Micronauts Annual#1, p36, panel 3 (main)

p36, panel 2 (head)
p36, panel 2 (Imperial Gamesman)

Micronauts Annual#1/3 (1979) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Steve Ditko (pencils & inks), Allen Milgrom (editor)

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