Real Name: Teri Cooper

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: High school student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: David Bealer, Monica DeLuise, Gladys, Chick Harris, Patty O'Donnels, Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)

Enemies: Bouncer, Jolly Roger

Known Relatives: Mrs. Cooper (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Springdale, Connecticut

First Appearance: Speedball#2 (October, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Teri Cooper was an average high school student.

History: (Speedball#2/2) - On Teri's first day at Springdale high school, Gladys introduced her to David Bealer and Robbie Baldwin. Bealer suggested that they play a game of volleyball together, but Robbie declined, needing to protect his secret identity as Speedball. As a result, Teri became closer to David than she was to Robbie.

(Speedball#3/2) - Teri attended a martial arts demonstration at their school hosted by film star Chick Harris. When David playfully pretended to strike Robbie, Robbie reacted in fear, needing to protect his identity, and David needled him for being a "sissy," but Teri suggested that threatening people wasn't funny. When a band of terrorists took Harris and Teri captive, Speedball came to their rescue, only to throw Teri right into David's arms.

(Speedball#8/2) - With the prom only three days away, David and Teri were going on a date to Chez Louis, and suggested that Robbie double date with them. Robbie declined at first, but new student Monica DeLuise wound up coming as his date. Unfortunately, David's reservation was missing when they showed up. The teens were threatened by criminals who were after Monica because her father was a senator, but Speedball rescued them.

(Speedball#9) - Teri witnessed Robbie receiving a dressing-down from their teacher, and she chided David when he made fun of Robbie.

(Speedball#10) - Gladys, David, Teri and Robbie were going on a field study when they ran across a giant chicken mutated by the formula of Dr. Rarque. They escaped the creature, and later joked about the incident. David, Teri and Gladys all wound up wearing monster masks, kidding Robbie about confronting the "marvels of modern science."

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/5) - Teri was interviewed by Patty O'Donnels for her video report on student opinions of cafeteria cutbacks.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/3) - Teri, David and Robbie were visiting their local museum's collection of pirate gold when the criminal Jolly Roger burst in and stole the gold. The incident inspired Teri and David to go exploring at the town's caves, where they were nearly attacked by the Jolly Roger again, but Speedball came to their rescue.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#6/5) - Teri was out shopping with her mother and about to head to a study date with Robbie, when her mother's purse was snatched by the Bouncer. Speedball arrived and knocked the purse from the Bouncer's hands.

(Marvel Comics Presents#56 - BTS) - Teri left a message for Robbie on his answering machine, telling him what his homework for the next day was.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Steve Ditko, Roger Stern and Jackson Guice.

Teri's name was given as "Teri" in her first two appearances, but was often given as "Terri" thereafter.

by Prime Eternal

Teri Cooper should not be confused with:


Mrs. Cooper was Teri's mother. She approved of Robbie Baldwin, and was not against Teri's seeing him socially. Her purse was briefly snatched by the Bouncer, but recovered by Speedball. She didn't think much of Speedball's poor crimefighting skills.

--Marvel Super-Heroes III#6/5

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