Classification: Semi-humanoid insectoid race; sub-species of the Insectivorids

Location/Base of Operations: Kaliklak, Spiral Path, Microverse

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: Baron Karza, Hydra, Phobos race

First Appearance: Micronauts Annual#2 (1980)

Powers/Abilities: They have pointed teeth, antennae, two digits on each limb, and they carry hand-held energy blasters. They have at least two thin wings, enabling their flight.

Traits: The Kronos are green-skinned semi-humanoid insectoids. They are referred to as distant cousins of Bug's people within the same Insectivorid race. They are described as warlike.

History: (Micronauts I#26/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Kronos and Phobos races served Baron Karza in his plot to conquer the Microverse.

(Micronauts Annual#2 (fb) - BTS) - Professor Prometheus learned of the Kronos. As the Toymaster, he created robot Kronos.

(Micronauts Annual#2 - BTS) - A robot Kronos was one of those sent by the Toymaster to assault the X-Men. It drove Bug off of a display counter and into a water tank, after which it was assaulted by a Sharkos replica. The Toymaster and his Microverse replicas were ultimately defeated by the Micronauts.

(Micronauts I#26/2 (fb) - BTS) - As Baron Karza took control of Force Commander (Argon), ruler of Homeworld, there was a resurgence of evil throughout the Microverse. On Kaliliklak, the warlike Kronos and Phobos races began to defy Queen Esmera's imperial edicts from the Great Nest.

(Micronauts I#26/2 - BTS) - Queen Esmera reported the Kronos and Phobos' defiance to the Planetary Council of the Microverse.

(Micronauts I#28/2 - BTS) - One of Karza's Faceless Priests opened a portal between the Microverse and Earth dimensions to transport Karza's forces past the Spacewall that they might carry the battle to Earth. Kronos (or Phobos) and Reptos were amongst the forces transported across the portal; they joined forces with Karza's allies in Hydra, fighting S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Micronauts. Karza was ultimately defeated and his forces sent back to the Microverse.

Comments: Adapted by Bill Mantlo and Steve Ditko.

Kronos were toys in the Mego Micronaut line, and they were adapted to the Marvel Multiverse in the pages of Micronauts.

The Phobos were mentioned once as another race on Kaliklak that had served Karza in the past. In the Microverse, Phobos usually refers to the Phobos unit robots, used by Karza. The Phobos units were Mego toys. However, until I hear differently, I'm considering the Phobos as another race on Kaliklak, somewhat similar in appearance to the Kronos.
    For the record, the toy of the Kronos looks closer to the Phobos:

Profile by Snood.

The Kronos have no known connections to

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Micronauts Annual#2, p17, panel 2

Other Appearances:
Micronauts I#26 (February, 1981) - by Bill Mantlo (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), Armando Gil (inker), Louise Jones (editor)
Micronauts I#28 (April, 1981) - by Bill Mantlo (writer), Pat Broderick (penciler), Danny Bulanadi (inker), Louise Jones (editor)

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