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Aamshed (Dracula/Varnae foe)

Adam (Frankenstein's Monster)

Adze (vampires, Blade foes)

Alden, Goodman (17th Century, Dracula character)

Algren, Tara (Dracula ally/Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Amber ?? (vamped)

Angela ?? (attempted sacrifice of Enclave)

Arni ?? (Dracula victim)

Asmodeus (Enclave)

Asmodeus (demon, Ghost Rider foe/Dracula character)

Belonging (Dracula characters)

Belski, Louis (actor turned vampire) - by Prime Eternal

Bessie (Hellcow)

Black Mirror (mystic item, housed Darkhold page)

Blood Countess (Elizabeth Bathory)

Bloodstorm (Dracula clone, Nightstalkers foe) - by Markus Raymond

Brown, Charity (17th Century)

Byelai, Odette (vampire)

Cagliostro (Dracula character)

Carl ?? (Amber's agent)

Carpathian (bat-like vampire, Legion of the Unliving)

Cavelli, Anthony (Spider-Man/Dracula foe) - by Grendel Prime

Charniputra (vampires, Blade foes)

Chelm, Inspector (vampire hunter)

Children of Judas (Dracula characters)

Chimera (magic item, Dracula story)

Chowder, Dr. (Dracula character)

Colton, John (SAS, Captain Britain & MI13 character) - by Loki

Comte St. Germain (servant of Dracula)

Corley, Duncan (Dracula foe) -by Per Degaton

Cross, Tara doppelganger (Dracula's Brides, Blade foe)

D'Alescio, Marguerite (pawn of Dracula)

Damien (Enclave)

Darkhold (Book of Sins) - by Patrick D Ryall & Snood

Death Man (Mortus)

DeCade, Lenore (vampire, Dracula ally)

demon realm (alien dimension, connected to Black Mirror)

Dering, Randolph (Morlands Monster)

DeVill, Hellyn (18th Century)

Devil's Heart (mystical creature)

Dimensional Man (Enclave)

Dr. Hennessy (Spider-Man/Dracula character)

Domini (Dracula's bride)

Dracula (the main man, baby!)

Dracula Pendant (picture of Maria)

Druig (Enclave)

Druker (Enclave)

DuBois, Helene (descendent of Jacques)

DuBois, Jacques (Frenchman, agent of Cagliostro)

Duff, Eric (Ewan's son)

Duff, Ewan (Dracula foe)

Earth-74425 (Bravavelli advertisements world) - by Spidermay

Ebers, Augustus (Yazdi Gem)

Ebers, Florence (Yazdi Gem)

Ebony Blade (vampire-fang-containing fake; planted to be wielded by Black Knight (Dane Whitman) ) - by Snood & Loki

Eisner, Marie (17th - 18th Centuries)

Eisner, father (17th Century)

Enclave (Asmodeus' cult)

Faceless Man (shambler)

Faust, Jason (voodoo user)

Flynn, Bethany (Dracula character)

Forever Man (Gideon Smith)

Frankenstein's Monster (Dracula ally/foe)

Frost, Deacon (Blade/Hannibal King foe) - by Markus Raymond & Snood

Gargoyle (Isacc Christians, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Geoff ?? (Dracula story, Ilsa Strangway victim)

German nobleman (Yazdi Gem)

Glass, Rebecca (Belonging)

Gold, Martin (common law husband of Lilith's other self)

Golem, Judiah (Occult Inspector)

Gordski (vampire, Defenders and Dracula foe)

Grant, Richard Thomas (Broadway Project)

Graves, Clifton (Dracula's servant)

Gretchin ?? (15th century, Lilith ally)

Hall, Clinton (Broadway Project)

Hans ?? (15th century, Dracula foe)

Hellcat (Defenders member) - by Chadman

Hellcow (Bessie the cow)

Hellstorm (Son of Satan)

Howard the Duck (the duck, the myth, the legend)

Hua, Kuai (Dracula servant)

Huntingcut, Josiah (Broadway Project)

Immortal Nine (Pool of Blood users)

Jones, Orji (Blade ally, Dracula foe)

Joshua (Dimensional Man)

Juito (Yiki Onna)

Katinka (Vampire Hunters)

Kaufman, Elvira (Dracula victim)

Kuyuk (Charniputra vampire)

Lala (vampire, Nimrod ally) - by Prime Eternal

LaVeau, Marie (voodoo queen)

Legion of the Damned (civil war soldiers serving Dracula)

Legion of the Damned (vampire cult)

Legion of the Unliving (Dracula forced to participate in) - by Omar Karindu

Lewis, Dr. Thomas (Broadway Project)

Lianda (Dracula foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Lila ?? (Belonging)

Lilith (Daughter of Dracula) - Snood & Prime Eternal

locket (used by Orphelus)

Lord Benitio (15th century, Dracula character)

Lord Vargas (15th century, Dracula character)

Lord von Roon (15th century, Dracula character)

Lupeski, Anton (Satanic cult leader)

Lydia (werewolf)

MacDonald, Jacqueline (Dracula character)

MacDonald, Peter (Dracula character)

Mallony, "Big" Mike (Spider-Man/Dracula foe)

mansion (owned by Ilsa Strangway)

Marcus the Centaur Warrior (Deadpool character) - by Markus Raymond

Marshal (foe, Old West)

Maxfield, Dr. Alice Joyce (Spider-Man/Dracula character)

McFarland, Bishop (Dracula character)

McGruder (victim of Louis Belski)

McKenna-Drake, Marlene (wife of Frank)

M'Dammen, Azu (Blade ally, Dracula foe)

Mephisto (Hell-Lord, the Devil)

minor demons (Puishannt)

Montesi, Giacomo (Montesi Family)

Montesi, Giuseppe (Montesi Family)

Montesi, Marcello (Montesi Family)

Montesi, Paolo (Montesi Family)

Montesi, Vittorio (Montesi Family)

Morlands Monster (Dracula foe)

Mortus (Dracula foe)

Musenda (Blade ally)

Neal, Angelica (Dracula character)

Neal, Frank (Dracula character)

Neal, Laurie (Dracula character)

N'Garai (demons) - by Nick the Squid & Snood

N'Garai creature (Dracula/X-Men foe)

Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Nimrod (Lord of vampires) - by Prime Eternal

Nital, Adri (Taj's son)

Nital, Taj (Dracula foe) - by Markus Raymond

O'Hara, Angel (Lilith character)

O'Reilly, Eveline (Abraham van Helsing's daughter, Dracula character) - by MarvellousLuke

Orphelus (Dracula character)

Pool of Blood (Dracula story)

Puishannt (Six-Fingered Hand)

Pyne, Liza (actress turned vampire) - by Prime Eternal

Rat Bomber (vampire, Legion of the Unliving)

Red Widow (Winter Guard member/manipulator, Red Room graduate) - by Proto-Man

Reynolds MacDonald, Anna (Dracula character)

Reynolds, Richard (Dracula character)

Russoff, Grigori (Werewolf great, great, great, grandfather)

Russoff, Jerome (musical werewolf, pre-World War II)

Russoff, Renfield (musical werewolf, pre-World War II)

Russoff, Stefan (musical werewolf, pre-World War II)

Russoff Trio (musical werewolf group, pre-World War II) - by Proto-Man

St. John, Anabelle (Dracula character)

Samhain (Vision/Scarlet Witch foe) - by Markus Raymond

Sarge (hellhound, Legion of the Unliving)

Satus (Enclave)

silvery pathway (demon realm, Black Mirror)

Simms, Seymour "Simian" (Spider-Man/Dracula foe)

Six-Fingered Hand (demons)

Smirnoff, Gregor (Dracula character)

Smith, Gideon (Forever Man)

Smyth, Dennis (Dracula character)

Snowsnake (vampire, Legion of the Unliving)

Sondra (Enclave)

Stone, Gary (actor, Dracula character)

Strangway, Ilsa (Dracula character)

Strong, Ogun (Blade ally, Dracula foe)

Switzler, Beverly (Howard the Duck character)

Synch (Generation X member) - by Norvo

Tangerine (MI13 agent, Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Tartoff (1950s, Dracula foe) - by Markus Raymond

tavern (1465, Dracula story)

temple (demon realm, Black Mirror)

Tituba (1691, Salem Witch Trials, Dracula character)

Topaz (Werewolf/Dr. Strange character)

Torgo (Dracula's opponent for Lord of Vampires title)

Turac, Elianne (Turkish foe of Dracula)

unidentified servant-girl (vampirized by Dracula)

Valkyrie (Brunnhilde, Asgardian goddess/Defenders member) - by Chadman

van Helsing, Abraham (Dracula's #1 foe) - by Per Degaton

van Helsing, Rache (15th century, Dracula foe)

Varnae (first Vampire Lord) - by The Squid & Per Degaton

Von Frankenstein, Frank (foe of Vlad Tepes)

Werewolf (Jack Russell) - by Prime Eternal, Ronald Campbell, Madison Carter, Snood & Markus Raymond

Williamson, Mr. (Mortus' father)

Windom (Faceless Man)

Yazdi, Gholem (Yazdi Gem)

Yazdi Gem (Dracula item)

Y'Garon (demon)

Yiki Onna (vampires, Blade foes)

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