Adder (Shang-Chi foe)

Agent D (DuCharme)

Agent Syn (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Agents Syn (Shang-Chi foes)

Anna ?? (Shang-Chi character)

Argus (Shang-Chi foe)

Asquint, Pendleton (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Beswick, Theresa (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

"Big Ben" Donovan (Marvel Knights foe)

"Big Guy" (Past Assassins)

Black Demon Sect (Shang-Chi foes) - by Prime Eternal

Black Jack Tarr

Blair, Nicholas (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Blevins (Shang-Chi foe)

Blue Diamonds (rare diamonds) - by the Beetle

Bolo (Golden Daggers, Oriental Expediters)

Brynocki (Shang-Chi foe)

Brynocki's Marauders (Ultra-Men)

Bucher, William (Fourth Reich, Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Burtonwil, Lord (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Carter, Rufus (Shang-Chi character) - by Prime Eternal

Chang (agent of Kogar)

Chankar (Golden Daggers, Oriental Expediters)

Chen (Joy Boys)

Cinnabar (Circus of Moon Sun)

Circus of Moon Sun (Shang-Chi characters) - by Spidermay

Corporation (Captain America, Hulk, (and a bunch of other) foes) - by the Beetle

Council of Seven (Si-Fan) - by Prime Eternal

Cult of Kâli (worshippers of Kâli, Shroud, Spider-Woman Iron Fist and Shang-Chi foes) - by Prime Eternal

Dacoits (Cult of Kâli) - by Prime Eternal

Dacoits of Death of Earth-79816

Darkstrider (Shang-Chi foe) - by Spidermay

Dawning Light (Shang-Chi foes) - by the Beetle

de Peyraud, Renee (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Death-Dealer (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Diadem (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Dr. Chow (Shang-Chi character)

Dome (Joy Boys)

DuCharme - partial entry

Dweller in Darkness (Si-Fan, Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Earth-79816 (What if? world) - by Proto-Man

Fah lo Suee (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle, with Prime Eternal and Chuck D

Fong, Linda (Adder's daughter)

Fong, Robert (Adder)

Fourth Reich (Bucher)

Fu Manchu (the greatest fiend the world has ever known, Shang-Chi's father) - by Prime Eternal

George (Circus of Moon Sun)

Ghost-Maker (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Golden Beetle (hypnotic item) - by the Beetle

Golden Claws (Shang-Chi characters) - by the Beetle

Golden Daggers (Oriental Expediters)

Golden Dawn (Brynocki followers)

Golden Dragon (enigmatic statue)

Gregor (Past Assassins)

Greville, Amanda "Mandy" (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Greville, Melissa (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Greville, Robert (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Grindhouse (Heroes for Hire foe) - by Madison Carter

Griswold, sir Herbert (Tarrant)

Hackstabber, Rufus T. (Shang-Chi/Defenders character) - by Prime Eternal

"Hir Soot" (Past Assassins)

I.D.I.C (Shang-Chi foes) - by the Beetle

Joy Boys (Shang-Chi characters) - by the Beetle

Kimba (Golden Daggers, Oriental Expediters)

Kismet (Fantastic Four/Quasar character) - by Proto-Man

Kogar (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Kuramoto, Shintaro (IDIC)

Kwai (Golden Dragon)

Larner, James (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Lazarus (Shang-Chi foe)

Lee, Cho (Golden Dragon saga)

Lee, Tommy (Joy Boys)

Left-Hand Path (satanists, Order of the Golden Dawn)

Light-Seekers (Order of the Golden Dawn)

Lord of Darkness (Darkstrider)

Lugash, Dr. (IDIC)

Madame Hydra (Viper, Avengers/Spider-Woman/Captain America/Wolverine, etc. foe)

Mad Dog (Hellcat foe) - by Chadman

Mad Slayer (Shang-Chi foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mandroids (armor/weapon, Tony Stark creation) - by Spidermay

Markham, Christine (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Midnight Slasher (Lazarus)

Mister Man (Past Assassins)

Monstrobot (robot, servant of Brynocki) - by Prime Eternal

Moon Sun (Darkstrider ally)

Mordillo (Shang-Chi foe)

Moving Shadow (Shang-Chi's brother) - by Grendel Prime

Murder Mansion (Black Jack Tarr's home) - by Prime Eternal

Order of the Golden Dawn (Fu Manchu's organization) - by Prime Eternal

Oriental Expediters (Shang-Chi foes) - by the Beetle

Pan Sing (Circus of Moon Sun)

Past Assassins (Shang-Chi foes)

"Patch" (Past Assassins)

Paulve, Anton (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Pavane (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Peko (Fu Manchu's monkey) - by Prime Eternal

Petrie, Dr. James -partial entry

Prime Mover (Dr. Doom's robot) - by Omar Karindu

Project: Ultra-Violet (Mordillo)

Puff Adder (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Quinn, Jenny (Golden Dragon saga)

Razor-Fist (original, agent of Carlton Velcro) - by Prime Eternal

Razor-Fist (second, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Elektra, Avengers, Captain America, etc. foe) - by Prime Eternal

Razor-Fist (third, brother of the second) - by Prime Eternal

Reston, Clive of Earth-79816

Richard (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Rynor (Circus of Moon Sun)

Samisdat (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Sata (Shang-Chi foe) - by Grendel Prime

Seth-Amon (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Shadow Slasher (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Shadow-Stalker (Shang-Chi foe) - by Prime Eternal

Shadow Thief (Golden Dragon, Shang-Chi foe)

Shaka Kharn (Shang-Chi ancestor/foe) - by Spidermay

Shang-Chi of Earth-79816

Shareen (Golden Dragon, Shang-Chi character)

Sheena (Circus of Moon Sun)

Shockwave (Shang-Chi foe, MI-6 traitor) - by Prime Eternal

Si-Fan (Fu Manchu's minions) - by Prime Eternal

Sing, Pan (Circus of Moon Sun)

Sir Denis Nayland Smith of Earth-79816

Sklar (agent of Kogar)

Skolnik (Oriental Expediters)

Skullcrusher (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Snake (Circus of Moon Sun)

Stern, Lionel (Golden Dragon, Shang-Chi foe)

Sumo (Chankar)

Sybilis (Circus of Moon Sun)

Syn Variants (Agents Syn)

Tarrant (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Three-Cornered Sight (Order of the Golden Dawn)

Tiger-Claw (Shang-Chi foe, rogue Si-Fan) - by Prime Eternal

Tiko (Circus of Moon Sun)

Tsaa (Past Assassins)

Twenty-Third Sect (Order of the Golden Dawn)

Ultra-Men (Brynocki's robots)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (first, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (second, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (third, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (fourth, Council of Seven)

unnamed Si-Fan assassin (fifth, Council of Seven)

Velcro, Carlton (Shang-Chi foe) - by the Beetle

Vienna (mercenary, Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle & Snood

Viper (Madame Hydra)

Warlords of the Web (Shang-Chi foes)

Warmflash, Dinah (Quigley J. Warmflash’s daughter)

Warmflash, Quigley J. (Give this profile an even break!) - by Prime Eternal

War-Yore (Shang-Chi foe) - by Prime Eternal

Wu, David (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Wu, Leiko of Earth-79816

Xiao (Freelance Restorations, Shang-Chi character) - by Prime Eternal

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