Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: Si-Fan

Affiliations: Fu Manchu, Celia Ricadonna

Enemies: Fah Lo Suee, Clive Reston, Shang-Chi, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Black Jack Tarr

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Shadow Stalker

Base of Operations: Mobile at Fu Manchu's London bases

First Appearance: Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#3 (March, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: The Shadow-Stalker is an accomplished martial artist, able to hold his own against Shang-Chi. He is particularly renowned for his ability to hide within shadows. He occasionally wears a twin mace in his hair which he can swing as a weapon.

History: (Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu#3)- Considering the Shadow-Stalker to be his most trusted and highly regarded agent among the Si-Fan, Fu Manchu dispatched him to kidnap Sir Denis Nayland Smith of MI-6. Using one of Fu Manchu's Phansigars to blow out the tire of Smith's car, and provide a distraction for Shang-Chi, Shadow-Stalker swooped down as soon as Shang was gone, and quickly struck Black Jack Tarr, Clive Reston and Sir Denis Nayland Smith unconscious. He then carried Smith's body back to Fu Manchu's base hidden beneath Buckingham Palace.

When Shang-Chi came to Buckingham Palace in pursuit of Smith, Fu Manchu had him and Shadow-Stalker chained to a post in a concrete pit, and informed Shang that if he defeated Shadow-Stalker, Smith would be immediately slain by one of the Phansigars. Shang grappled with Shadow-Stalker, and managed to maneuver himself so that Shadow-Stalker's mace would break the chain holding him to the post. Shang then shattered the post with a powerful kick, knocking Shadow-Stalker unconscious.

(Master of Kung Fu I#28)- When Fah Lo Suee broke away from the Si-Fan to oppose Fu Manchu, Shadow-Stalker pretended to defect to her side, but only so that he could ruin her schemes. When Shang-Chi came to Fah Lo Suee's fortress in Honan, Shadow-Stalker revealed his true allegiances in order to assist Shang-Chi against Fah Lo Suee's forces. The two enemies fought side-by-side against Fah Lo Suee's men, defeating them with ease. Shadow-Stalker suggested to Shang-Chi that the two of them join forces and overthrow both Fu Manchu and Fah Lo Suee so that they could rule the Si-Fan themselves, but Shang refused his offer. Shadow-Stalker informed him that when they met next, they would again be enemies.

(Heroes for Hire II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Shadow-Stalker was hired by Ricadonna to take out Shang-Chi.

(Heroes for Hire II#4) - Shadow-Stalker attacked Shang-Chi in a restaurant in Chinatown, New York. He was able to injure Shang-Chi, but in the end the mace on his head got stuck in a wooden column and Shang-Chi knocked him out.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy and Vince Colletta.

Dr. Doom employed a robot duplicate of the Shadow-Stalker in Master of Kung Fu I#60.

Shadow-Stalker was included in the pin-up of Shang-Chi's foes found in Master of Kung Fu I#102.

In his first appearance, Shadow-Stalker only wore his hair-mace during his clash with Shang, but in his second appearance, he wore it all the time.

Shang has a few foes with unusual weapons attached to their bodies such as Razor-Fist and Shadow-Hand, but Shadow-Stalker has them both beat-- he can remove his mace!

One of Doug Moench's most avid readers of Master of Kung Fu was Bill Wu, who often took the creators to task over the colours chosen to colour Asian characters' skin. He was particularly offended by the banana-yellow colour used for the Shadow-Stalker. Moench later named Leiko Wu after Bill, as she was the first Asian character in Master of Kung Fu with a sensible skin colour. So, a request to all you Marvel creators out there planning to use Shadow-Stalker to jazz up your stories-- please don't use the banana-yellow skin tone!

by Prime Eternal

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