Andrews, Chet (Hellfire Club) - by Sammy 7D

Angel of Earth-1031 (X-Men)

Blackheart (Mephisto's son) - by Chadman

Black King (Quentin Templeton, London Hellfire Club) - by Proto-Man

Braddock, Sir James (Captain Britain (Braddock) father) - by Loki

Braddock, John (Hellfire Club member)

Buckman, Edward (former Hellfire Club leader) - by MarvellousLuke

Castlemere (Wolverine foe) - by Loki

Chantel, Lourdes (Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw's lover)

Chase, Randall (Firestar character) - by Zerostar

Chung (Wo-Han's security, Hong Kong Hellfire Club)

Clemens, Sir Patrick (18th century, Hellfire Club)

Clinton, George (18th century, Hellfire Club)

Corinne ?? (Hellfire Club servant)

Council of the Chosen (Ned Buckman's Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, mutants foes) - by MarvellousLuke

Da Costa, Emmanuel (Hellfire Club, Sunspot's father) - by Norvo

Diana, Lady Knight (18th century, Hellfire Club)

Ebon Knights (Hellfire Club)

Grey, Charles (18th Century Hellfire Club)

Hellfire Club of Earth-523004

Hellfire Club mansion (18th century, Lady Grey)

Hellfire Club San Francisco (ca. 1906)

Hellstorm (Son of Satan)

Jaspers, Sir James "Mad Jim" (Captain Britain foe)

John ?? (18th Century Hellfire Club)

Kaur, Benazir (Hellfire Club)

Kelly, Sharon (Robert Kelly's wife, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Kine, Benedict (Hellfire Club)

Lady Grey (18th Century, Hellfire Club)

Lady Phillips (Sir Gordon Phillips' wife)

LaNeige, Bianca (Generation X foe) - by Sammy7D

"League of Sensitives" (ca. 1906, Hellfire Club San Francisco Seers)

Leland, Harry (Hellfire Club, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Leonine (Hellfire Club, Wolverine foe) - by Loki

Lord Molyneux (head of San Francisco Hellfire Club ca. 1906)

Madame Hydra (Viper, Avengers/Spider-Woman/Captain America/Wolverine, etc. foe)

Manners, Sir Harry (Hellfire Club, early 20th century)

Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Mercedes (Hellfire Club) - by Loki

Ms. Hoo (Hellfire Club, Wolverine foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Payge, Reeva (Hellfire Club)

Phillips, Sir Gordon (former Lord Imperial of Hellfire Club) - by MarvellousLuke

Pierce, Donald (X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Pierce, Sir Waltham (WWI, Hellfire Club member)

Pryde, Katherine of Earth-1298 (Mutant X, Hellfire Club member) - by Peteparker

Red Bishop (Conrad Strathdee, London Hellfire Club) - by Proto-Man

Red King (Alan Wilson, London Hellfire Club member) - by Proto-Man

Red Queen of Earth-998 (originally Earth-9575, X-Man (Nate Grey) character)

Reiko ?? (Hellfire Club servant)

Rutledge, Nicholas (London Hellfire Club manservant) - by Proto-Man

Salmons, Richard (Hellfire Club guard) - by Proto-Man

Salome (San Francisco Hellfire Club @ 1906)

Selene (Black Queen, X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Sentinel of 1906 (Hellfire Club, X-Men foe)

Seville, Paris (Hellfire Club, White Queen) - by MarvellousLuke

Shadow King (X-Men foe)

Shaw, Cornelius (1861-1915, Esau's father, Sebastian Shaw ancestor)

Shaw, Jacob (Sebastian Shaw's father)

Shaw-Worthington, Elizabeth (18th century, Sebastian Shaw ancestor)

Steven ?? (Hellfire Club guard)

Tithe (Hellfire Club, Wolverine foe) - by Loki

Turner (Hellfire Club) - by Loki

von Roehm, Friedrich (X-Men foe) - by Norvo

White Knights (Hellfire Club)

White Queen (Emma Frost)

Wo-Han, Liu (Hellfire Club Hong Kong, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Worthington, Wallace (American Revolutionary War hero, Hellfire Club foe)

Worthington, Warren Jr. (Angel (Worthington)'s father) - by MarvellousLuke

Zhivago, Voldemir (Hellfire Club shareholder) - by MarvellousLuke

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