Tomes of Eldritch Knowledge

Abstract Runaways #1 (2003) Written by unidentified author(s), contains history of Pride including future events, six copies known to exist, one in possession of Chase Stein.


Akashik Record Legion of Monsters: Satana#1 (2007) Named Satana as Queen of Hell and gave information on how to bind her into service.


Anten Decan Legion of Night #1 (1991) Details the demon-worshipping activities of the Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship, used to summon Aan Taanu.


Bible - see Holy Bible.


Black Book of Bast Uncanny Tales#14 (1953) Uses power of reptilian entity.

Book of Eternity Rampaging Hulk I#4 (1977) Exists on unidentified plane, used by Chen K'an of Universe-7711 to restore the severed connection between his astral and mundane selves.

Black Magic Marvel Mystery Comics #25 (1941) Used by Enric Zagnar to control the weather.


Black Sea Scrolls (Referenced) Marvel Premiere #4 (1972) Referenced by Ancient One, contained information on Shuma-Gorath and the Old Ones; uncertain connection to the People of the Black Sea and/or the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Book of Antag Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (1990) One of (at least) two copies of a book written in the 21st Century of Earth-691 (after the "War of the Worlds") by the space wanderer Antag which contained a series of clues leading to the location of Captain America's shield.

Book of the Byan'Hantandu Cloak & Dagger #8 (1988) Contains prophecies that guide their race.

Book of Cagliostro Marvel Premiere #12 (1973) A.k.a. Il Libro di Cagliosto, written by Cagliostro & Sise-Neg, passed to the Romani who served him, from Miarka to Lilia I to Lilia II, stolen by Baron (Karl) Mordo.


Book of Continuous Writings - see Book of Knowledge


Book of Dar Conan Saga #14 (1988) Written by Atlantean wizard, reassembles itself after destruction.


Book of Demonicus Defenders #95 (1981) Used by Dr. Strange to gain information on Avarrish.


Book of Eibon Journey Into Mystery #3 (1973) Written by apprentice to the sorcerer Eibon in pre-Cataclysmic Hyperborea, involved in opening of one of the seven gates to Hell in Louisiana, held by Dr. Strange until temporarily stolen by Urthona, restored to Strange by Agamotto.

Book of Enchantments Defenders #53 (1977) Used by Nicodemus against Dr. Strange; contains the Exorcism of Transferral, allowing the transfer of knowledge, power, & aura from another mage.


Book of Guchupta of Shamballah Savage Sword of Conan #201 (1992) Used by Thulandra Thuu to reanimate recently dead warriors.

Book of Kathulos Conan the Barbarian #8 (1971) Iron-bound book from the Hyborian era, presumably created by the god-demon Kathulos the Slave-Seer (of uncertain relation to the Old One Kathulos, an agent of Shuma-Gorath).

Book of Kell Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9 (1989) Associated with the Serpent Men (Sons of Set) which contains numerous spells, including one which summoned a Snake God.

Book of Kells Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3 (1993) Copy of the Christian Bible which was illustrated in Ireland; on Earth-691, it was later updated (in 2001) by the mutant Calligrapher to include the history of the second "Martian Masters" invasion and was later given into the custody of Shamrock by Dr. Druid.

Book of Knowledge Dr. Strange Annual #1 (1976) Held within Temple of Man, instantly transcribed anything happening within the temple, but writings ceased after the priests were murdered.

Book of Koth Savage Sword of Conan #183 (1991) Foretold of return of Kah-Tah-Dhen.

Book of Many Things Marvel Premiere #19 (1974) aka Sacred Volume of Kali, a book which the Ninja received from his teacher Master Khan and which later served as the prison for the the Ninja for centuries as punishment for his attempt to destroy the leaders of K'un-Lun, later held by Cult of Kali.


Book of Shades New Warriors #12 (2008) Alchemical text stolen from Diablo by Midnight's Fire, given to Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor)


Books of Shuma-Gorath - see Iron Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath.


Book of Sins - see Darkhold.

Book of Skelos Savage Sword of Conan #2 (1974) Several copies of an iron-bound book apparently compiled in the Hyborian Era by Vathelos the Blind; held by Kulan Gath, traded to Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble by Merlin in exchange for the meteorite from which he created the Ebony Blade. Compendium for arcane knowledge (history, geography, gods, demons, wizards, rituals, prophecy and dagger; included spell to summon the demon Azoth.

Book of Summonings Ultimate Super-Villains (1996) Used by cult to summon Mephisto, incinerated by Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch).

Book of Thoth Captain America Comics #20 (1942) Ancient magical text allegedly created by the Egyptian deity Thoth and possessed the ability to raise the dead among other spells. Used by the Spawn of the Witch-Queen and the Cult of Black Magic, used in ceremony to resurrect the Witch-Queen, presumed destroyed by Captain America.

Book of Vathelos Savage Sword of Conan #2 (1974) Iron-bound tome from the Hyborian Era, uncertain relationship to Book of Skelos.

Book of the Vishanti Strange Tales #116 (1964) Greatest known source of white magical knowledge in the Earth dimension to which all its possessors throughout time have added spells; Ancient One traveled back to Babylonian time and defeated Gryphon that guarded book for priests of Marduk, stole book and returned it to his time, passed from him to Dr. Strange.


Book of Zxaxz Spellbinder #1 (1988) Charts interdimensional time and space.


Celeano Fragment Scarlet Witch #1 (1994) Written by Professor Laban Shrewsbury based on research on the tomes of planet Celeano, referenced by Agatha Harkness.


Darkhold (Referenced) Marvel Spotlight #3 (1972); (full) Marvel Spotlight #4 (1972) Made up of the ancient, indestructible parchments upon which the Elder God Chthon inscribed all his arcane knowledge of the time.


Dead Sea Scrolls No appearance unless it is an alias for the Black Sea Scrolls Remains of some 800 ancient manuscripts discovered in caves near the Dead Sea at Qumran in 1947, gave detailed information about a strict but unorthodox Jewish sect known as the Essenes who were living in the Qumran area during the lifetime of Christ and throughout the years when the earliest Christian groups were forming.


Demonic Concordance X-Force #85 (1999) Used by Jennifer Kale to learn information about Pandemonia.


Diary of the Aged Genghis Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1993) Written by Aged Genghis, obtained by Lord (Julian) Phyffe, passed to son, Augustyne Phyffe; disposed of by Dr. Strange in the realm of the Grogronks of Gronk. Cursed item.


Diary of Grigori Russoff Werewolf by Night #15 (1974) By Grigori Russoff; contains virtual copy of the Darkhold (transcribed by the elder Gregor Russoff), used by Modred the Mystic to recover the original Darkhold.


Diary of Patsy Walker Marvel Comics Presents #1 (2007) Enchanted by Gargoyle (Isaac Christians) when she was trying to use it to write a novel, given power to make her dreams come true; she never wrote the novel, and eventually the spell brought several versions of her (aspects of what she once wished to be) to life; spell eventually reversed when Patsy found the key and locked the diary again.


Do Do That Voodoo That You Do So Well Howard the Duck #9 (1981) Held by Mammy Tuba, used by Howard the Duck against Black Talon (Thibodaux Boudreaux).


Druid Tome Captain America #256 (1981) Previously contained within Greymoor Castle, sought by Dredmund the Druid, contained essence of Samhain, destroyed by Vision & Scarlet Witch.


Emotion as Energy Marvel Super Special #5 (1978) Ancient text used by Khalis-Wu the Darklord to learn how to harness emotional energy for personal power.

Ensorcielammia Scarlet Witch #1 (1994) Written by Karkoth, referenced by Agatha Harkness.


Fur Bible - see Fur Journal.


Fur Journal Hellstorm #20 (1994) A.k.a. Fur Bible; bound in hide of first man on Earth (Adam K'ad-Mon), possessed by Stephen Loss, Jennifer Silence, and Satana.


Geometries of Shadow Doom 2099 #13 (1994) Earth-928; written by Castiglione, arcane mathematics.


Ghita Destroyer#1 (1989) Contains legends of Shiva.


Grimorium Verum Hellstorm #3 (1993) Ancient occult text cataloging the arsenal of Darkness, almost as powerful as the Darkhold, bound in flesh, used by Patsy Walker to summon Satan (Marduk Kurios); it or a copy was later held by Bible John.


Hammer of Witches - see Malleus Maleficarium.


Hierarchy of Hells: A Layman's Guide to the Demonological Tree Hellstorm # () By Avram Siegel.


Holy Bible Fantastic Four Annual #3 (1965)  Contains Old Testament (including the Torah) and New Testament, written by Hebrew & Christian followers of God/Yahweh, respectively, via his word.


How to Lurk with the Demons without getting your Butt Burned! Marvel Year In Review 1992 (1992) By Michael Dumas. Commercially available novel


Infernus Diabolicon Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #3 (2007) Part of library of Dr. Strange of Earth-2149.


Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath (Referenced) Conan the Barbarian #37 (1974); (full) Conan the Barbarian #258 (1992) Apparently created by Shuma-Gorath long before bound books existed on Earth, utilized against Shuma by Crom circa 19000 & 10000 BC.


Kartkuthi New Avengers #31 (2007) Held by Dr. Strange, one passage was read by Wong to liberate Strange's astral self when it had been trapped by a mystic sword with which he had been impaled.


Kojiki Black Axe #2 (1993) Tells history of the magic sword Grasscutter.


Koran Hulk #256 (1981) Written by Mohammed via the word of Allah/Yahweh, has power against vampires.


Lemegton Vampire Tales#3 (1974) Used by Demon-Fire's Poison-Lark to summon Arachne to feed on Amanda Saint.


Levant Rubric Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #68 (1994) Created by a necromancer for Darius of Persia more than 2000 years ago, contained methods to create magical servitor, part of Azopardi's collection, destroyed by Strange

Libro del Malditos Werewolf by Night #19 (1974) "Book of the Damned," presumably a partial(?) copy of the Darkhold; three versions exist, including one held by Geraldo Kabal & discovered by Jack Russell & Raymond Coker; referenced cure for lycanthropy.


Lifeline Tablet See Tablet of Life and Time.


Maleficio Nightmare #2 (1995) Written in or before the age of Sumer, read by Nightmare, held by Lucre; the Sumerians correctly predicted that the Celts would base Driudism on the inversion of the Malefico's principles; written in cuneiform.


Maligo Extermino Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #3 (2007) Part of library of Dr. Strange of Earth-2149.


Malleus Maleficarium Excalibur #99 (1996) A.k.a. Hammer of Witches; written by Jakob Sprenger, a Dominican inquisitor, in 1486; translated by British King James, that copy later held by the Hellfire Club London in their Necromanteion; extensive information on demonology.


Mortis Paratus Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #3 (2007) Part of library of Dr. Strange of Earth-2149.


Mourning Call scrolls Marvel Comics Presents#55 (1990) By Philip Lemarchand, creator of the Lament Configuration; a copy used by Jack Russell to summon the spirit of Gregory Russoff.


Necronomicon Journey Into Mystery#3 (1973) Written by Abdul Alhazred based on the Darkhold; alternate reality version created by Sumerians and involved with chainsaw-wielding undead-fighter who traveled to Earth-2149.


Necropoor Chronicle Silver Surfer Annual #5 (1992) Referenced by Wild One.


Pnakotic Manuscripts Scarlet Witch #1 (1994) Partially written by Great Race of Yith and the Old Ones, later found in Hyperborea of Eibon's era, referenced by Agatha Harkness.


Precis of Thaumaturgical Regenerations Marvel Super-Heroes #14 (1993) By Lord (Julian) Phyffe, includes seven volumes.


Sacred Volume of Kali - see Book of Many Things.


"Scroll of Eternity" Strange Tales #136 (1965) Given to Dr. Strange by Aged Genghis to reach Eternity, instead sent him to Realm of Eternal Madness to face the "Demon of the Mask."


Scroll of the Red Tower of Gazal Savage Sword of Conan #204 (1992)


Scrolls of Pandimensional Warlords Marvel Super-Heroes #1 (1990) By St. Brendan, contains an entire chapter devoted to Zreate'th


Scrolls of Watoomb Dr. Strange #81 (1987) Usurped from Dr. Strange by Urthona, restored to Strange by Agamotto.

Secrets of Light & Shadow Marvel Fanfare #8 (1983) By Jack van Nyborg, used by James Mandarin to unwittingly summon the Dark Crawler/Slitherer.

Shiatra Book of the Damned - see Darkhold (or a copy of it).


Spelling Made Easy Incredible Hulk Annual #18 (1992) By Lucian Aster, a book of necromancy aimed at the lay reader, used to transform 666 humans into demons that were sacrificed to free the Wild One.

Tablet of Death and Entropy Amazing Spider-Man#546 (2008) Lemurian tablet, obtained by Mr. Negative from Det. Willoughby, shattered by Spider-Man, but not before he had copied its inscription; used to take blood from Bruno Karnelli and form a poison fatal to all of his blood relatives.

Tablet of Destinies Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities (2007) Stolen by Zu-Bird (Pazuzu) from Anu, recovered by Ninurtu. Granted Anu the power to lead the Annunaki (Mesopotamian gods).

Tablet of Life and Time Amazing Spider-Man #68 (1969) Written in ancient Atlantis or Lemuria, portions caused Silvermane to age regress beyond birth temporarily, full portion used by Hammerhead's sister and the Lizard. Grants immortality and great power

Tablet of T'lehlyeh Avengers #40 (2001) Sought by Esteban Diablo.


Tablet of Zhered-Na Incredible Hercules#123 (2009) Points the way to the Omphalos; location revealed to Artume by Neptune.


Text of Tantilova Marvel Comics Presents#63 (1990) Used by Past Master to exorcise unwanted spirit presences.

Thanatosian Tomes
(Referenced) Marvel Premiere 4 (1972) Referenced by Ancient One, contained information on Shuma-Gorath and the Old Ones.


The Soul Away Plan For Fame And Fortune Marvel Year In Review 1992 (1992) By Michael Dumas, commercially available novel. Teaches how to sell one's soul to demons for temporal power and material wealth, used by Mordo to sell soul to both Mephisto and Satannish.

Tome of "Uncoma" Marvel Comics Presents#111 (1992) Power source to Thanademos.

Tome of Zhered-Na (Adventures into) Fear #11 (1972) Granted to Cult of Zhered-Na as enhancement to scrolls from Zhered-Na's teachings, granted by dark spirit & a divine spirit, guarded by the Hellphyr, formerly held by Joshua Kale.


Tomes of Sabatea Savage Sword of Conan #56 (1980) "Evil-Reeking Tomes of Sabatea"; contained black magic, used in the Hyborian era by Zafra.


Torah ??? () A portion of the Old Testament composed of the five books of Moses via the word of Yahweh.


Unausprechlichen Kulten (Referenced) Marvel Premiere #4 (1972) By Von Junzt; contained information on Shuma-Gorath and the Old Ones, the Black Stone in the mountains of Hungary near Stregoicavar, and of a monstrous toad-like entity, referenced by Ancient One.

Vermis Mysterii, de Journey Into Mystery#3 (1973) "Mysteries of the Worm"; Written in the 1500's by Ludving Prinn, an alchemist said to have lived for 500 years; allegedly having invisible demon companions, Prinn was finally killed by witch-hunters; awaiting immolation at the stake, he wrote his book; used by would-be occultists in Rhode Island to summon the Shambler from the Stars circa 1973.

Will of Khonshu Moon Knight #37 (1992) Inspired by Khonshu, written by Imhotep.

Belasco used a number of unidentified tomes & grimoires in his library with Otherplace/"Limbo" (Referenced) Magik #2 (1984); (full) Magik #4 (1984)

An unidentified tome of Agatha Harkness' was used by the Scarlet Witch to track a kidnapped Mockingbird to the domain of Satannish Avengers West Coast #99 (1993)

The libraries of New Orleans-based occultist Morgan Cooper and that of the 14th century Order of Frater Inficio (both seen in Gambit #3, 2004) likely contained a number of occult tomes.

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