--[Dead Girl#5]

SVANTOVIT - Russian god, son of Svaros and Lada, brother of Perun
    -TIERMES (app)--[Soviet Super Soldiers#1]

S'VARA - Mindspawn
    female, orange hair
    *D* (app-mindspawn)--Sleepwalker#22, (named) 23

SVARGA – realm of the Dievas (Russian gods)
    --(Behind-the scenes) Thor #301 (1980); (identified) All-New OHotMU A-Z #3 (2006)

SVAROG - Russian sky god, father of Perun
    (app)--Thor I#300?, Infinity Gauntlet#2 (Thor300, [301], InfG2

SVAROG (Dragana) - armored warrior patterned after the above,
    --Iron Man: Legacy#3, 5

SVARTALFHEIM dim - realm of the Dark Elves
    Thor I#34_

SVEIN - Asgardian, child of Volstagg
    --Marvel Fanfare I#34

SVEN ?? - Stockholm, drug addict and possible dealer, friend of Ankhi

SVENSON, Mr. of the Old West - charged Jeb Barker with the disappearance of Tombstone's cattle
    --Marvel Westerns: Two-Gun Kid#1

SVENSON, Dr. HJARMAL KNUTE - Norwegian surgeon and explorer, designed special oxygen masks to allow the Kallusians to survive on Earth, saved the Wasp after she had been shot
    (app)--Avengers I#14 (14(fb),14

SVETLANA- of Mystikos Sect, Vampires, ally of Director Colvin, funded Mercy General Hospital, used blood banks to refraining from killing humans, hired Deadpool to protect them from the Claw Sect, given the Claw Sect's amulets by Deadpool.
                --Deadpool IV#30 (31

SVIN - Asgardian Rock Troll
    *D* (app)--
Marvel Graphic Novel: Raven Banner (Raven Banner (dies))

SVRADEN - Sword of Balder, forged by Sindi using a scale from Hurakei, feather of Gnori, jewel of the Jenna, and the water of the Lake of Lilitha
    --[Thor: Son of Asgard#1], 6 ([1-5], 6, 7

SVYATOGOR (Sasha Pokryshkin) - Bogatyri, Russian worker, mutated by nuclear power plant accident, named for Slavic folklore hero.
    superhuman strength, forced to wear support battlesuit due to damaged lungs, fire energy blasts, blond
    (app-bog)--Avengers West Coast#87 (87(fb), 87, 88

SWAD - Kyln guard, Devout
    (app)--Thanos#7 (8-11

SWAIN, Mr. - Global Security, INC; personal assistant to Ross Whittaker
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder

SWAINE, Dr. BRIAN - mutant, colleague of Professor X, operated IMA
    gills, pale green skin
    (app)--X-Statix#6 (7, 8

SWALES, Mr. - @ 1890, former sailor, died shortly after Dracula's arrival in London
    *D*--Stoker's Dracula; Dracula Lives#10 (11d)

SWAMI of Earth-148611 (Hamilton Hart) - Paranormal Platoon, killed in Pitt

SWAMI RIVER - a fake swami who was transformed into a ghost by a real spirit from the story
    --"The Spirit of Swami River" in Amazing Adult Fantasy#9 (Feb. 1962) (reprinted in X-Men I#86)  (art by Steve Ditko)

SWAMI RIHVA - Calliope's Carnival + Circus, captured Werewolf (Jack Russell) to learn location of Kaman-Ru's fortune from "Bloodstone"; had heart attack when confronted by the Werewolf
    *D* (app)--Werewolf by Night I#6 (7(fb), 6,7d)

SWAMP of FEARS - Mindscape
    nhabited by creeping vines that drained life force from their victims

SWAMPS of ENDLESS FLAME - in Kingdom of Asgard (dim), divide Jotunheim and Skornheim
    --Thor Annual#10 (map of Asgard)

SWAMP CITY (    ) - Florida Everglades city formerly dominated by Kong Lomerate
    (app)--Howard the Duck II#7 (7(fb), 7

SWAMP CREATURES of Wundagore II - giant radiation-emitting praying mantis like creatures, existed prior to the arrival of the New Men, after which they were banished to the swamps
    (app)--Iron Man I#111

swamp demon of the Hyborian era - a.k.a. son of Jhebbal Sag - son of he and a fire demon, attacked Conan, slain by he, which in turn caused the death of Zogar Sag
    *D* (app-zogar sag)--Beyond the Black River; Savage Sword of Conan#26 (27d)

SWAMP MEN (Savage Land Mutates) - Savage Land, leader fathered a daughter through Leanne of the Lemurans, cared for her after Leanne died in childbirth, some enslaved by SHIELD to force them to mine for Antarctic Vibranium/Anti-Metal
    (D#19)—X-Men I#10 (Daredevil I#12,
    Marvel Comics Presents #10/4, Uncanny X-Men#457, New Avengers#5-6

SWAMP SERPENTS - Weirdworld creatures
    --Marvel Premiere#38

SWAMP TANK - Built by Ralph and used in effort to claim the Anti-Metal/Antarctic Vibranium from the Savage Land, ridden by Ralph & Carla, worshipped by Swamp Men, melted by Anti-Metal
    (app)--Savage Tales I#1/5

SWAMPWORLD of Earth-691 (Badoon Sisterhood) - original home of the Badoon
    -LOTIARA* (app-bs)--Defenders I#27 (28

SWAN, ELLEN of Earth-93060 -winged ultra, wife of Alec Swan
    --Firearm I#5

SWANN, Dr. EVAN - Empire State University scientist, supervised peter parker, allowed Tinkerer to use his lab when blackmailed with threat to expose his lack of a high school diploma, briefly possessed uni-power to stop quantum mechanic from destroying earth
    CAPTAIN UNIVERSE*--Amazing Spider-Man I#310 (311, Spectacular Spider-Man II#149, Web of Spider-Man#50, Amz326, 334, [337], 339, [346], 348, Amazing Spider-Man An25, Amz350

SWANSON, BRENDA - daughter of Harold Meachum, instructed by her mother on her deathbed to gain vengeance for their life with Harold being ruined; dedicated herself to kill Iron Fist, plotted to seduce him, fell in love with him; ultimately tried to kill herself to hurt him, but he saved her
    (app)--Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#1

SWANSON, GARY - dared Rick Jones to drive out onto the Gamma Bomb test site, blamed self for the creation of the Hulk and associated characters, founded Green Cross to help out victims of the Hulk, etc., led rebuilding of Bone, Idaho
    (app)--[Incredible Hulk I#1], 268, (identified) She-Hulk II#4 (4(fb), 4, 9

SWANSON, PAUL - former employee of Daily Bugle, attempted to steal case from Kat Farrell, broke into her apartment and killed her fish, arrested + fired
    (app)--Deadline#1 (2, [3], 4

SWANSON - West Tech High School, football player
    --Machine Teen#1

SWARILI tribe (N’Kantu, T’Chombi) - @ 1000BC, African, conquered by forces of Pharaoh Aram-Set and Nephrus, freed via sacrifice of N’Kantu
    --Supernatural Thrillers#5 (10(fb), 13(fb), 5(fb)

SWARM of "Earth-7031" - see ANTI-CREATION--Ms. Marvel Special#1

SWARM (Fritz von Meyer) - expatriate Nazi scientist, discovered South American bees mutated by exposure to meteorite, attempted to control them with psionic beam, body consumed by them before he could control them, achieved mental field around his skeleton in which he could form a giant swarm and control bees
    (I#11, U#7, 2006#11,  net/handbook+AmzSpGal))--Champions#14 (15, Spectacular Spider-Man II#36,37, [Secret Defenders#17],18,19 #9; [X-Men II#56], Sensational Spider-Man#9,10, Runaways II#7, Sensational Spider-Man III#29-30

SWARM race (Commander Tritt, Queen Brax) - extradimensional, co-habitate a world with the Bray, with whom they long warred; peace finally brought about via visiting Rogue (Anna Marie)
    hive-like mind, absorb others into their collective
    --X-Men Legacy I#271 (2012) (271 (fb), 271-273

SWARMBOTS - robots of Dr. Doom, used to assault the Fantastic Four and abduct Franklin Richards.
    --Fantastic Four Annual#20

SWARMERS - giant ants on Dinosaur World, attacked by extraterrestrials, destroyed them in retaliation
    (app)--Devil Dinosaur#5 (6

SWASHBUCKLER of Earth-7484 - ally of Godwulf, wm, dark hair
    *D* (app-godwulf)--Captain America I#288 (Deathlok II#32(fb3d))

SWAY (Suzanne Chan ) - X-Men, mutant, child of naturalized Americans originally from Japan, grew up in California, powers suffered in New York, saving her from bullets from gangbangers, though both her parents died, trained by Moira MacTaggert, drafted into interim X-Men, slain by Krakoa, saved Darwin & Vulcan with the last of her energies
    slow down time around objects or beings
    *D* (XM: MC-MF)--X-Men: Deadly Genesis#3/2 (4 (fb), 6 (fb, dies)

SWEAT SHOP (Bongert, Flaherty, LaGraves, Leaman, Marty, Moranis, Pucci, Ramis) - operatives of Power Broker inc, perform clean-up operations.
    strength augmented
    (app)--Captain America I#329 (350, Amazing Spider-Man I#325, 394

SWEDISH DAN (    ) - Maggia, agent of Jimmy Sweets, killed by Punisher
    *D*--Daredevil vs. Punisher#2 (2d)

SWEENY, FRANK - inspector, Scotland Yard, investigated Baron Blood's murders
    --Captain America I#253 (254

SWEEPER ( ) - assassin, used by the mob, worked for Kingpin in the past, hired by Roman to terminate Wolverine
    --Wolverine II#183 (183(fb), 183, 184

SWEEPZWEAK - Death-Sponsors
    energy drainer, metallic spikes covering head
    --Uncanny X-Men Annual I#16

SWEET SMELL of SUCCESS - beanery employing Tillie Bunt
    --Howard the Duck daily comic strip 6/13/77

SWEETFACE of Earth-93060 (Angela Guadalupe Salazar) – Freex.
    multiple tendrils coming from body
    (app)--Freex#1 ([5(fb)], [9(fb)], 9(fb)/2(fb), [1(fb)], 1-5, Break-Thru#1, Freex#6, Night Man I#3, BThru#2, Wrath#4,5, Fr7-9, 10,11, Prime I#13/2, Giant-Size Freex#1, Frx12//Ultraforce I#1/2, Fr13,14, Firearm#15, Fr15, FireA#15/2, Fr16, 17, 18

SWEET GRASS - @ 150 years ago, member of the British Columbian Haida tribe, lover of Whistle Pig
    --Doc Samson II#1 (1 (fb)

SWEETWATER, LAYANA of Earth-Hercules 2300 - Wilameanis, father of Arimathes, in past tricked Hercules into "rescuing" her from her betrothal to Count Igwanus, later attempted to kill Hercules, vowed to never do so again after she hired the Assassins Guild and Arimathes was nearly killed in their attack
    (app)--Hercules I#2 ([2(fb)], 2, Marvel Graphic Novel: Hercules: Full Circle (fb), Full Circle, Marvel Comics Presents I#39/3 (fb)], 39/3, [40/3], 41/3

SWEET WILLIAM ( ) - Split-Second Squad
    (app-sss)--Avengers I#77 (Daredevil I#251?

SWEETS, JIMMY - Maggia, agent of Hammerhead, brought in by Daredevil, turned evidence on Hammerhead
    --Daredevil vs. Punisher#2 (3

SWEIKERT, Dr. MAX - @ World War II, Nazi, performed experimental surgeries, cut Laura Livingston's Achilles tendon, slain by Combat Kelly
    (app)--Combat Kelly and the Deadly Dozen#8 (9

SWELL (Eddie Gunham) - Street Arabs circa 1907 AD, noted that he had been killed when his staff was destroyed by Kid Twist
    used staff of power
    --Runaways II#27, (identified as Swell) 28 (29-30

SWENSEN, JENNIFER of Earth-148611 - see CHROME (app)--Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#1

SWENSEN, KARL - father of Jenny, invented MAX technology, slain by agent of Fritz Krotze
    --Spitfire and the Troubleshooters#1 (   
    Amazing Fantasy II#19/2, Sp&Ts1d)

SWENSON - Vigilance, unwittingly fired on Avengers Quinjet as it flew over their base
    (app-vig)--West Coast Avengers II#43

SWENSON, LUCILLE of Earth-93060 - Elven's mother
    --Elven#1 (2-4

SWENSON's GARAGE (Mr. Nelson, Stu) - Glenville, employed Johnny Storm
    --Fantastic Four: First Family#3 (4-5

SWIFT - Foreigner’s Death Squad
    Enhanced speed and reflexes, mind and abilities transferred into new host upon death

SWIFT of Eurth - alternate dimensional counterpart of Quicksilver, Champions of the Realm, brother of Witchfire
    (app-eurth)--Avataars2 (2(fb)

SWIFT of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD ( ) - Midnight Wreckers.
    reckless female
    --Machine Man II#1 (2-4 , Thor Corps#2, Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow: Book Three

SWIFT, ARTHUR - alleged mutant, killed by another student ("geek") and eyes stolen in an effort to emulate the U-Men/3rd Species
    (app-geek)--[X-Men II#118]

SWIFT CLOUD of Earth-483 - see KANE, JACALI--Marvel Zombies 5#2

SWINBOURNE, Dr. - referenced by Dr. Linda McGill
    --[Fantastic Four: First Family#1]

SWINE (Commander Hector Santiago) - Rio De Muerte ("River of Death"), cousin of Donna Maria Puentes, slain by the Man-Fish
    (app)--Captain America I#206 (207,208

SWITCH - killer, armed with switchblade
    --Moon Knight III#50

SWITCH (Devon Alomar) - mutants, King Bedlam’s hellions.
    trade minds with others, wm, blond
    (net)--X-Force#87 (88-90

SWITCHBLADE ( ) - Requiem Sharks, killed by Charnel
    (app-rs)--Death's Head III#10 (11,12

    possessed by demogorge, killed and absorbed powers of other midnight sons
    --Nightstalkers#10 (Ghost Rider III#40, Darkhold#11, Morbius#12, Spirits of Vengeance#13)

SWITZLER, BEVERLY - friend and lover of Howard the Duck, niece of Lee, briefly forced to marry Dr. Bong, annulled, former actress
    (app)--DUCK GIRL, the Half-Naked Girl--Howard the Duck I#1 (2-11, 14, Marvel Treasury Edition#12, Howard the Duck Annual#1, HtD#15, 17, 18, 25, 30, 31, Howard the Duck Magazine#1, 1/2, 1/3, 2, 2/2, 3, 5, Marvel Team-Up I#96, Crazy#63, 66, 69, 71, 74, 75, 7, HtD II#5/2//6, 6/2, 6/3, 6/4, 7, 7/2, 7/3, 8, 8/2, 9, 9/2, 9/3, Howard the Duck I#33, She-Hulk II#14, Spider-Man Team-Up#5/2, Howard the Duck Holiday Special#1, Generation X#23,25, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/5, [Howard the Duck IV#1 (fb)], 1-4, Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1

SWITZLER, BEVERLY "LEE" - uncle of Beverly, ally of Howard the Duck
    --Howard the Duck I#20 (21, [22, 27], 30-31, HtD Magazine#1, 1/2, 1/3, 2/2, 3, 5?, Crazy#63, 65 (misnumbered as #66), 66?, 68?, 69, 71?, 72?, 74?, 75?, 77?, Howard the Duck#5/2, 6,

    alias used while brainwashed by SOOPhI--Amazing Spider-Man: Back in Quack#1

S.W.O.R.D. (Abigail Brand, agent Deems, Lockheed, agent Paulletz, Syndren, feline agent) - Allies of SHIELD, handle all extraterrestrial matters, based in the orbiting Peak until its destruction at Skrull hands, allied with Ord
    Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department (XM: MC-MF)--[Astonishing X-Men III#1], 6 ( Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?#1/2 (fb), [AXM#5(fb)], [1-5], 6, 7, 10, Astonishing X-Men#13-18, 19-24, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men#1, Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?#1/2

SWORD AND SKY, the - Hyborian era, tavern in Kelbaza; Conan was reunited with Ispirana here before both were forced to flee
    --Conan the Barbarian I#264

    sentient sword, worshipped by Wayfinder and his people, created the Microverse to allow his people to escape demons attacking them, then became the Enigma Force
    SUNSWORD, SWORD-STAR* (app-esits)--Marvel Preview#4/2, Micronauts I#31 (Marvel Preview#4/2, 7/2, Micronauts#31(fb)/35(fb)

SWORD of APOCALYPSE - temporarily used by Hulk as Apocalypse’s agent War
    --Incredible Hulk II#457 (458, Spider-Man#84

SWORD of BONE - Cornerstones of Creation, associated with Oshtur, weapon of Cadaver, transformed from his own rib
    (Mystic Arcana-Swords)--Secret Defenders I#16 (Mystic Arcana#1/2, Secret Defenders#16
    Mystic Arcana#1/3

SWORD of DAMOCLES (Argos, Pyre, Stranglehold, Zona, Ulysses Dragonblood + Arcadia DeVille(q))
    - Damocles foundation field agents/warriors for Damocles Foundation, pursued Ulysses and Arcadia in attempt to force them to rejoin, encountered X-Force, transformed into reptiles by Selene
    --X-Force I#83 (84, 97

SWORD of EVIL - see BLACK BLADE (app-blade)--[Wolverine II#1], 2

SWORD of GLORY (Mr. Albasini) - North African fanatics/terrorists, allied with Silver Wolf
    --Sable & Fortune#1, (named) #3

SWORD of GONRA - forged before 19, 500 B.C. by scorpion priest, granted power from the Scorpion God
      (app-gonra)--Kull the Conqueror III#9 (9(fb), 9-10

SWORD OF FANGS of Earth-93060 - weapon of Mantra
    --GWENDOR's CLAW--Mantra I#1

SWORD of JUDGEMENT (sic) - led by modern day terrorist Agamemnon
    --Marvel Two-In-One#10

SWORD of JUSTICE  of Earth-Nightside - Lost Treasure of Tao
    able to destroy supernatural beings
    (app-taine)--Nightside#3 (4

SWORD of KAMUU - magic item
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#62/2 (Dr. Strange II#31(fb), SubM#62/2-63/2, 65/2-66/2, Dr. Strange II#31(fb), 31-32, Namor I#60-32

SWORD of LIBERTY - opposed by Punisher and "Ice" Phillips
    --Punisher War Journal I#52 (53

SWORD of LIGHT - given to Black Knight (Dane Whitman) by Lady of the Lake.
    release energy stored within shield of night
    --Heroes for Hire I#2

SWORD of MIGHT - power item of Merlyn, used by Reaver
    --Captain Britain I#1

SWORD OF POWER - Baluurian vessel commanded by Tranjaar
    --Fantastic Four I#290

SWORD of SCONE - Wielded by a time-traveling Shadowcat in 1936, restoring Shadow King to corporeal form.
    Disrupt psychic (and possibly other) energies
    --X-Men: True Friends#3

SWORD of SCOTIA - the claymore used by Red Ian Og, contains his spirit, allowing others to use it as the Clansman
    (app-clansman) --Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors

SWORD of SKELOS of the Hyborian era - a pair of swords empowered by a certain spell from the Book of Skelos, allows the sorcerer to be directed to fly through the air and kill a victim    
    --Sword of Skelos; Savage Sword of Conan#56 (57, 58

SWORD of STRENGTH - Cornerstones of Creation
    SWORD of BONE* (app-coc)--Conan the Barbarian I#128 (129-->Sword of Bone)

SWORD of SURTUR - spell that apparently tapped into the power of the Twilight Sword, unwittingly used by Jack Holyoak and briefly turned Dr. Strange into a frog
    --Doc Samson II#1

SWORD of ULTIMATE SHADOW - used by Necromancer
    --Dr. Strange III#47

SWORD that CONQUERS ALL - empowered by Sho-Onoru?, used by Katuman, taken by Conan and used to banish Helgor
    (app-kat)--Conan the Barbarian I#247 (248

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Sword of the agent of Heaven - wielded by one of the Critics judging Darrel Daniel, used to send souls to Heaven--Man-Thing I#6

Sword of the American Samurai - Gifted to the American Samurai by the Keepers of the Sacred Koan. Cuts through solid walls--Elektra I#11

SWORD of APOCALYPSE - temporarily used by Hulk as Apocalypse’s agent War--Incredible Hulk II#457

Sword of Asmodiar - wielded by demon Asmodiar against King Arthur Pendragon & Merlin, able to slay Asmodiar--Marvel Preview I#22

Sword of Azrael - able to cut through virtually any substance--Wolverine III#48

Sword of the Basilisk - Wielded by the demonic Basilisk to slay Satana--Marvel Team-Up I#80

Sword of the Crusader - Empowered by Arthur Blackwood's ancestors, wielded by Blackwood as Crusader. Power varies with faith of its wielder--Thor I#330

SWORD of DAMOCLES (Argos, Pyre, Stranglehold, Zona, Ulysses Dragonblood + Arcadia DeVille(q)) - Damocles foundation field agents/warriors for Damocles Foundation--X-Force I#83

Sword of Dawn - see Caliburn; wielded by Adam Crown--Knights of Pendragon I#16?

Sword of Demonicus - Used by Mephisto to remove briefly Zarathos from Johnny Blaze--Ghost Rider II#76

Sword of the Devourer of Souls Immense weapon wielded by Devourer of Souls, powered by infernal otherworldly force that ravages and numbs the body while paralyzing the soul--Savage Sword of Conan I#90

Sword of Doom - see Twilight Sword--Thor I#337

Sword of the Elder Gods Created by the Primal Gods of the Hyborian Era (sometimes referred to incorrectly as Elder Gods), used by Conan to slay the Devourer of Souls--Conan the Barbarian I#199

SWORD of EVIL - see BLACK BLADE--Wolverine II#1

SWORD OF FANGS of Earth-93060 - weapon of Mantra--Mantra I#1

Sword of Frey - Later held by Balder. Can fight of its own accord when unsheathed--Thor I#294

Sword of Gagol - formerly wielded by Gagol, chief troll of Otherworld, used against Black Knight (Dane Whitman). Could be charged with flames--Hulk Comic #9 (1979)

SWORD of GLORY (Mr. Albasini) - North African fanatics/terrorists, allied with Silver Wolf--Sable & Fortune#1

Sword of Gonra - forged by the Scorpion god for Gonra circa 19,500 BC, used to fight off army of invaders at the Temple of the Scorpion God. Enhanced fighting prowess--Kull the Conqueror I#9

Sword of Graven Used to fight the Dragon of Set and protect town of Solvantha--Conan the Barbarian I#143

SWORD of GONRA - forged before 19, 500 B.C. by scorpion priest, granted power from the Scorpion God--Kull the Conqueror III#9

SWORD of JUDGEMENT (sic) - led by modern day terrorist Agamemnon--Marvel Two-In-One#10

word of Justice  of Earth-1211 - One of the three "Lost Treasures of Tao," formerly held by Suzuki Shosan, obtained by Simon Benedict, returned to Shosan by Sydney Taine.. Able to destroy supernatural beings--Nightside#3 (4

Sword of Kamuu - magic item originally wielded by pre-Cataclysmic Atlantean ruler Kamuu; powers amplified by the Eye of Zartra--Sub-Mariner I#62/2

Sword of Korrek - wielded by Korrek of Katharta. Cleave most other metals, project mystic force--(Adventure into) Fear #19

SWORD of LIBERTY - opposed by Punisher and "Ice" Phillips--Punisher War Journal I#52

SWORD of LIGHT - given to Black Knight (Dane Whitman) by Lady of the Lake. Released energy stored within Shield of Night--Heroes for Hire I#2

Sword of Master Pandemonium - Wielded by Master Pandemonium following his second transformation and alliance with Lore.--Scarlet Witch I#1

SWORD of MIGHT - power item of Merlyn, used by Reaver--Captain Britain I#1

Sword of Mogul - wielded by Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, allowed him to match blows with the Mjolnir-wielding Thor--Thor I#137

Sword of Naram-Sin - wielded by MAX reality's Devil-Slayer/Shagish Chulepti, used by Danny Sylva to decapitate the demon Belathauzer and the angel Gabriel--Dead of Night Featuring Devil-Slayer#3

Sword of Nauda - wielded by Nauda of the Silver Hand (of uncertain connection to the Celtic God Nuadhu). Fire-covered, virtually indestructible--Marvel Comics Presents I#107

Sword of Necromon - wielded by Necromon, leader of the Nethergods, against the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) & Arthur Pendragon, shattered by the Arthur's Excalibur--Hulk Comic#62

Sword of Nox - created from Darkforce, wielded by the Fear-Lord  Nox vs. Dr. Strange; steals souls as it slays--Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#38

Sword of Omen - wielded by Omen of the Legion of Night. Banish or destroy demons--Legion of Night#2

SWORD OF POWER - Negative Zone; Baluurian vessel commanded by Tranjaar--Fantastic Four I#290

Sword of Rimthusar - wielded by Rimthursar, the Cruel Striker, creator of the Menagerie; shattered by Thor's hammer, Mjolnir--Thor I#320

Sword of Satan - granted to demon servant of "Satan" (Mephisto and possibly others) to battle the Ghost Rider (John Blaze/Zarathos). Generate flames, slice demon flesh--Marvel Spotlight I#7

Sword of Scathach - Gifted to Cuchulain by his mentor, the prophetess Scathach. Highly durable--Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#3

SWORD of SCONE - Wielded by a time-traveling Shadowcat in 1936, restoring Shadow King to corporeal form. Disrupts psychic (and possibly other) energies--X-Men: True Friends#3

SWORD of SCOTIA - the claymore used by Red Ian Og, contains his spirit, allowing others to use it as the Clansman--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Blood on the Moors

SWORD of SKELOS of the Hyborian era - a pair of swords empowered by a certain spell from the Book of Skelos, allows the sorcerer to be directed to fly through the air and kill a victim--Sword of Skelos; Savage Sword of Conan#56

Sword of Skulveig - formerly wielded by Skulveig, a fire demon of Muspelheim, eventually taken by his son Hrinmeer (a.k.a. Flame) who slew Skulveig. Composed of unidentified metal, at least previously coated with poison from the fangs of Cerberus--Thor Annual#18

Sword of Stargod - origin unrevealed, wielded by Stargod of Other Realm, passed on to John Jameson when he gained the power of Stargod--Marvel Premiere I#45

SWORD of SURTUR - spell that apparently tapped into the power of the Twilight Sword, unwittingly used by Jack Holyoak and briefly turned Dr. Strange into a frog--Doc Samson II#1

Sword of Tem - Hidden by the "Elder Gods"  near the imprisoned Dark Angels--Conan the Barbarian I#164

Sword of Tolometh - associated with mystic beings Tolometh and the location Poseidonis, shares property with scabbard, used to kill blind warrior from Yamatai--
Conan the Adventurer#14

Sword of Ultimate Shadow Wielded by Necromancer of the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth, used against Dr. Strange of true Earth, claimed by the latter after Necromancer's defeat. Scimitar-shaped, cause great pain, even to astral self & through mystic defenses--Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#47

Sword of Yama Seemingly gifted circa the 1870s AD to an Indian rebel known as the Mahdi, but Yama and his fellow gods actually only gave the Mahdi illusory weapons for attempting to order them about, and he died in battle against the British. Blade covered in fire--Amazing High Adventures#5

Sword in the Star - Sentient sword, worshipped by Wayfinder and his people in reality-7414, traveled to Earth-616, created the Microverse to allow his people to escape demons attacking them, then became the Enigma Force--Marvel Preview I#4

Sword in the Stone - removed from anvil block by Arthur Pendragon, proving his worth as ruler of Camelot--Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#8: Merlin entry

Sword that Conquers All - over 15, 000 years old, granted to the Stygian warrior Katuman by the the sorcerer Shu-Onoru, who obtained it from his demon familiar Helgor. Able to shatter or melt most substances on contact, leaves trail of energy able to subdue most humans--Conan the Barbarian I#248

Swords of Secret Five blades of ancient power, includes Ginrei & Kurokaze--X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame#4 

SWORDMASTER of Earth-Doom ( ) - alternate dimensional counterpart of Freebooter, Thunderguard
    --A-Next I#10 (11

SWORDS of the NEW DAWN (Martin Rheinhardt) - @ 1980s, white supremacist group, plotted death of Abraham Lincoln Brown though they were actually just a diversion for the Dragon Tong's plot to do the same
    (app-rheinhardt)--[Daredevils#11/3], Mighty World of Marvel II#7/3

SWORDSMAN (Jacques DuQuesne) - Avengers, Lethal Legion, Batroc’s Brigade, Carson's Carnival, Legion of the Unliving, former agent of Mandarin and Egghead, costumed criminal, eventually reformed under guidance of Mantis, killed by Kang, body reanimated by eldest of earth’s Cotati.
    master swordsman, used sword equipped with ability to fire energy bolts + flame + gas
    *D* (I#14, D#20, M, OH: BoD, net)--Avengers I#19 (Avengers Spotlight#22/2, Av19(fb(SoloAv2(fb))/Av65(fb)/Hawkeye III#3(fb)
    Av19,20, 29,30, Tales of Suspense I#88/2, Alpha Flight Special Edition#1, Avengers Annual#1, Captain America I#105, Av65, 78,79, 100, 114(fb), 121(fb), 114(fb2), Giant-Size Avengers#4(fb), Av121(fb), 129(fb), 112-114(280(fb)), 115,116, Defenders I#9, Av117, Def10(Av157(fb), Av118, Def11, Av119-124, Captain Marvel I#31, 32/Av125, CM33, Av126, 280(fb), 127, Fantastic Four I#150, Av128,129, Giant-Size Av2d (Avengers West Coast#61?), Av130(d), Avengers Annual#16(d), Avengers III#10+11(d)

SWORDSMAN (Phillip Jarvert) - alternate earth, Gatherer, grew up in circus with Clint Barton of his world, left Earth alongside Magdalene to start new life
    -CHEVALIER* (AZU#2, app)—Avengers I#343 ([355(fb)], [344(fb)], 343-344, 355(fb), 355-358, 360, 362, [363], 367, 372, 378,379, Incredible Hulk II#417, Av390-392, Iron Man I#323, Av393, IM324, Av394, Incredible Hulk II#439-440, Av397, Avengers Unplugged#6, Thunderbolts#8, Avengers III#1-3, 4(fb), 4, Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual 1998

SWORDSMAN (Andreas Strucker) - pawn of Purple Man, manipulated and trained by Baron (Helmut) Zemo
    (2006#11)--New Thunderbolts#2, (named) #3 (17(fb), 2-4, 6, GLA#2, NewTb#7-10, 12, 16, 17, 18, Thunderbolts#19/100, 101, 103-104, 106-109, [113 (fb)], Civil War: The Initiative#1/2, Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures (fb), Tb: DM, Thunderbolts#110-115, Nova IV#2-3?

SWORDSMAN ( ) - student of original Swordsman (DuQuesne), fought Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Kate Bishop, henchman to Ringmaster
    (app)--Hawkeye IV#2 (8

SWORDSMAN of Counter Earth-Franklin - see DEADPOOL of EHR.
    --Avengers II#

SWORD-STAR - see SWORD in the STAR (app-esits)--Marvel Preview#4/2

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