SYA PAKA - see BRENNAN, MOLLY (app)--Red Wolf#2

S'YAN - uncle of T'Challa, father of T'Shan?, served as Black Panther after the death of T'Chaka and before T'Challa took the role
    BLACK PANTHER*--Black Panther I#8, (named as S'yan) Black Panther IV#1 (8(fb)/Black Panther IV#1(fb), 6, 18, 23, 24, 26

SYANITE DESERT - Microverse, Homeworld, presumably Sandzone
    Micronauts I#23/2

SYBARITE - see SKEIN (app)--Spider-Woman I#48

SYBIL - associated with biblical myth, scion of Stoker and Lailah, grandscion of Raziel + Beleth & Shaitan + Moloch, great-grandscion of Rudiger + ,
    assisted Olivier Stoker against Gambit and Anielle.
    mystic powers, large bald wf in leather
    --Gambit II#2 (3,4

SYBIL of Earth-93060 - acolytes of Argus
    *D*--Giant-Size Rune#1 (Rune#8,9d)

SYBIL DORN - Brethren, lover of Thane Ector, jealous of his interest in Sersi, disintegrated by Collector.
    Female, superhuman strength + durability, energy powers
    SYBYL DORN *D* (app-breth)--Avengers I#334 (335-339d)

SYBILLA - Olympian goddess
    SIBYLLA* (app-sib)--Dr. Strange III#54

SYBYL DORN - see SYBIL DORN (app-brethren)--Avengers I#334

SYCAMORE ( ) - mutant, X-Force training camp.
    giant + tree-like, extend root-like structures from his body
    (app)--X-Force I#129

SYDENHAM, GEOFFREY - American consulate in Madripoor, World War II, collaborated with Baron Strucker and the Hand in plot to turn the young Natasha Romanoff into their master assassin, later led neo-Nazi Icon organization
    (app)--Uncanny X-Men #268 (268(fb), Avengers 1959#1-5

SYDEWAZE (    ) - mutant, rejected from Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters
    (app-xavierschoolrejects)--Generation X Collector's Preview

SYDNEY – Elves of Santa Claus
    --Howard the Duck II#3

SYDREN - Drenx empath, associated with SWORD
    --Astonishing X-Men#10 (14-15, 17-18, 19-24

SYD’RYAK - mystic entity, invoked by Mechamage
    <Screen of Sydryak>--[Fantastic Four Annual 1999]

SYFON WARRIORS (Powerhouse ) - Nova Corps, regiment able to temporarily siphon abilities and energies of others
    --[Nova I#2]

SYGDAHL - Asgardian, mistook Spider-Man for some sort of goblin and tried to kill him
    --Thor II#51

SYKES, Det. BEVERLY- NYPD, second-in-command of the New York costume division, investigated New Warriors
    --New Warriors IV#1 (3 (fb), 1-6, 9

SYKES, EUGENE - anti-mutant congressman, proponent of mutant registration, opponent of Sally Floyd, arranged her release during the super hero civil war
    --Generation M#1 (4, Civil War: Front Line#7

SYKES, FREDDY - burglar, tried to rob demon Davy Jones
    (app-jones)--Journey into Mystery I#33/5

SYKES, RICKY - Thorite, murdered Mike Alexander for condemning Thor
    --Thor II#62

SYKES, SAMUEL "MIKE" - NYPD, father of Beverly, saved from mugger by Spider-Man
    --New Warriors IV#3 (3 (fb), 9 (fb)

SYKES, SETH     - nephew of "Slugger," teenage computer hacker, found and activated Replicus duplicate, sent to prison, but sentence commuted after sent Replicus to help Thor against the Dark Gods
    *D* (app-replicus)--Thor II#9 ([12]

SYKES, SYLVESTER "SLUGGER" - crime boss, used Replicus, allied with Chuda, sacrificed self to stop him after learning his true motives
    *D* (app-replicus)--Thor I#141

SYKES, - partner of Lewis as corrupt munitions vendors; encountered Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
--Mystic Comics#7 (December, 1941)

SYKES, Dr. - former agent of Kingpin, worked with Owl in plot to sell Mutant Growth Hormone
    --Daredevil II#45

SYKOS - demon serving Mephisto
    (app)--Thor I#205

SYLATIN - Breakworld, slain by Ord
    *D*--Astonishing X-Men#19 (20-23, 24

SYLK - Inhuman guard, helped Krush stop Kree theft of Terrigen crystals
   (app-krush)--Inhumans II#1

SYLLOQONIA - planet, covered with bars/taverns
    --Silver Surfer III#110

SYLOS VII - Microverse, visited by Biotron & Arcturus Rann, natives built Bioship to follow them, penetrated the Spacewall, mutated into Soul Survivors
    (app-soulsurvivors)--[Micronauts I#46], 47 (47(fb),

SYLPH - extradimensional race, doctor imprisoned in labor camp for performing medical experiments in search for cure for a plague, escaped to Earth and befriended Nate Grey, recaptured by hunters from dimension

SYLLTH race - space jellyfish, encountered by Silver Surfer, detected and fled from the approaching Annihilation Wave
    --Annihilation: Prologue#1

SYLVANA - Redstone, ally of Star-Lord
    (app-redstone)--Marvel Preview#18

Sylvari Freighter - encountered in Gul Damar's dockyard
    --[X-Men Legacy #257]

SYM - Symbiont, befriended and enabled mindless Hulk to survive, sacrificed life to prevent Hulk from dying
    (app) *D*--Incredible Hulk Annual#13

S'YM - demon from Otherplace, former servant of Belasco and later Magik (Illyana Rasputin), formerly possessed transmode virus.
    vast strength, virtually indestructible
    DUKE BLEYS* (U#7)--Uncanny X-Men#160 (Magik I#2-4, New Mutants I#14, 17, 29, 32-34, New Mutants Special Edition#1, NM43, 47, 50, 52, Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/6, [Power Pack I#40], UX231, 234, NM67, X-Terminators#1, NM70, 71/PP42, XTerm4/Avengers I#300, NM72,73, Excalibur I#39, Cable II#14, X-Men Unlimited#19, [Magik II#1], 2-4
, New X-Men#38-41

  • S'YM of Earth-89112 - allied with Goblin Queen and successfully opened a stable portal to Otherplace, conquered Earth, severely wounded by Dr. Strange, destroyed by Phoenix Force
        *D* (app-earth89112)--What If II#6
  • SYMAK - inhuman, father of Agon, grandfather of Black Bolt, husband of Tarith
        --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#2]

    SYMBION – planet of Sectaurs, twin suns, insects had evolved into human form
        --Sectaurs#1 (2-8

    "SYMBION" - symbionic planet, strengthens itself and its inhabitants with periodic union, encountered + misunderstood + nearly destroyed by Starlord
        --Marvel Premiere#61

    SYMBIONIC MAN - android/cyborg created by Simon Ryker using power siphoned from Dr. Doom and Namor, died in battle with Namor
        *D* (app)--Super-Villain Team-Up#4 (Marvel Spotlight I#27d

    SYMBIONIC WEAPON-SUIT-MARK TWO - shield armored suit, similar to Mandroid units, designed by Ratchvek and Taki, overheated in test battle and attacked SHIELD Shock Troopers, disabled by Nick Fury
        (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#173/2

    SYMBIONTs (Sym) - dimension of poisoned world, spine-like creatures, attach to other animal life, enabling them to survive poisoned vegetation, gain mobility in return
        (app)--Incredible Hulk Annual#13

    SYMBIONTS of FERROL - scorpion-like creatures, drain moisture from others, existed in symbiosis with trinity-that-is-one
        (app)--Marvel Preview#14

    SYMBIOSIS - over-sized semi-sentient cannon designed by G.B. Blackrock and used by Thunderpunch
    techno-x)--Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club#41

    SYMBIOTE race (Carnage, Hybrid, Venom, Donna/Scream, others unidentified)
        group of symbiotes released in New York City by Doom weapon implanted in Stark satellite
        (OH: Spdm: BiB)--(spider-man's alien costume) Amazing Spider-Man I#252, Secret Wars I#8;
        race--Amazing Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1 (Amazing Spider-Man I#431(fb), Spider-Man Family#1 (fb), Rune vs Venom#1, ASSS#1, Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1, Venom Super-Size Special#1, Spectacular Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1, Web of Spider-Man Super-Size Special#1, Rune vs Venom#1, New Avengers#35-36/Mighty Avengers#8-9, Cable & Deadpool#49-50

    Symbiote clones - created in the Microverse by Marquis Radu via Carnage and Venom
        --Venom II#27 (Minimum Carnage Omega

    SYMKA - scientist that oversaw the transformation of Devos into a powerful warrior
        (app-devos)--Fantastic Four I#377 (377(fb)

    SYMKARIA (Silver Sable) - European nation bordering Latveria
        --[Amazing Spider-Man I#2__], 3__

        --Amazing Spider-Man I#2__

    SYMPATICO (Billy Carlon) – vigilante who grieved for people he beat up, could feel others' pain
        (app)--Marvel Year-in-Review '93

    SYMPIRA – extraterrestrial woman, caused own sun to go nova in attempt to gain power, spent centuries in cocoon absorbing power, attempted to become overlord of race, stripped of power by Silver Surfer
        --Silver Surfer III#

    SYNAPSE (Max ) - Emissaries of Evil, encountered Daredevil/Laurent Levasseur in France
        control others by manipulating electrical impulses of brain
        --Daredevil I#377, (named) 378 (379(fb), 379

    SYNAPTIC LEECHES - scorpion-like creatures, either extraterrestrial or designed by SHIELD II
        Burrow under skin and place victim under the control of person in symbiosis with the mother
        --USAgent II#2 (3(fb), 3

    SYNARIO (Angela Bradford) - former computer programmer for Gilsoft, created brain-inducer to plant images in a person's brain in an attempt to steal enough money to start own company
        (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#438 (438 (fb), 438

    SYNCH (Everett Thomas) - mutant, Generation X, sacrificed self protecting others from bombs planted by Adrienne Frost, resurrected by Selene, died again
        duplicate abilities of those in near proximity, bm
        *D*R*D* (OH: BoD, app)--[Uncanny X-Men I#316], X-Men II#36 ([Generation X: Crossroads (fb)], [UX317], X36, UX317, X37, UX318, Generation X#1-3, X-Force#42, GX4, X-Men: Prime, GX5-9, Wolverine II#94, Uncanny X-Men An1995, GX10-15, 17, Generation X An1996, GX An1997, Generation X: Crossroads, GX29, 31,32, Marvel Team-Up II#1, GX33-40, 41, X-Men Unlimited #20, GX42, Amazing Spider-Man I#437, GX43-47, GX An1998, GX48,49, 50, X-Man#50,51, XMU23, GX52(fb), 52-57, Wolv141, GX58, An1999, GX59, New Warriors II#5, GX67-69,70d, X-Necrosha#1r, X-Force III#22, Magneto IV#4d

    SYNCHRON of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - luck powers
        -STRANGE ATTRACTOR--Punisher 2099#23 (24d)

    SYNCHRO-STAFF - space phantom, agent of Immortus, posed as artifact in Limbo that took Avengers through time and "revealed" false histories of the synthezoid Vision and others
        --Avengers I#133 (134, Avengers Forever#7

    SYNDICATE (Bruno + Frank Costa, assassin) - criminal organization, actually another name for the Maggia
        --Tales of Suspense I#96 (97, Punisher War Journal#2+3(fb), Marvel Preview#2

    SYNDICATE - Harlem criminal organization, enemies of and later affiliated with Willis Stryker, employed the Hitman - same as above?
        --Hero for Hire I#1 (1(fb), 2, [Spectacular Spider-Man II#4,5]

    SYNDRA of the pre-Cataclysmic era - former goddess of the Torrannans, placed curse on them after they descended into decadence, apparently died some time later
        (app-torranna)--Kull the Destroyer#28 (28(fb), [28(fb, dies)]

    SYNERGISTS - deep space aliens, able to create areas of pure order, worshipped and controlled by Cynodd
        --Gun Runner#5

    SYNGE, AMINA - Foursaken, former lover of Jamie Braddock
        summon ectoplasmic salamander-creatures
        --[Uncanny X-Men#472], 473 (473 (fb), [473 (fb)]/474 (fb), [472], 473-474

    SYNGE, DESDEMONA of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - casino owner
        --X-Men 2099#1 (2,3, 16-19, 21

    SYNGE, LYTTON  of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - brother of des, addicted to shriek, mutated by des
        --X-Men 2099#1 (2,3, 17-19,21

    SYNN, lord BARRINGTON - British nobleman, descendent of king Henry the 4th, distant relative of Micah, hired Crossbow to kill him before he could be connected to the Synn line
        --Daredevil I#204

    SYNN, MICAH - leader of Kinjorge tribe, descendent of king Henry the 4th, distant relative of Micah, encountered daredevil on several occasions, kidnapped debbie nelson, attempted to kill becky blake and vanessa fisk, established criminal empire until eventually became soft and weak from excessive life in new york city, surrendered to daredevil to escape from the kingpin's wrath
        savage and brutal warrior.
        (1980s, app)--Daredevil I#202 (204, 206,207, 210-214

    SYN SQUAD  of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. - genetically alter warriors serving Synthia
        --Ravage 2099#16

    SYNRAITH – extradimensional demon, first summoned to earth by Gracie Destine.
        able to alter perceptions of reality
        (app)--X-Men/ClanDestine #1 (2(fb), 1(fb), 1,2

    SYNTHESIZER (Dr. Arkady Tegai + Dr. Zoya Vasilievna - merged)
        - Soviet husband and wife research scientists, secretly collaborated with Yuri Garnoff’s mutant underground.
        merge into composite form, harness electromagnetic emissions, fly, project light and energy blasts
        (app)--Soviet Super Soldiers#1

    SYNTHETIC MAN - android of unknown origin, used by Sorcerer. walked off a pier into the Gulf of Mexico after the Sorcerer’s death
        Superhuman strength and durability, alter to rubber-like consistency, controlled by mental commands of Sorcerer.
        -HOLLOW MAN (net-spidfan)--Marvel Super-Heroes II#14

    SYNTHIA – extraterrestrial entity, encountered Starfox, revealed true form to him to force him to leave him alone. crystalline entity.
        take on appearance of beautiful humanoid female and perhaps others, possibly generate attraction from others
        (app)-- X-Factor Special Edition#1 (Silver Surfer III An#4/2

    SYNTHIA  of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D. (Mannix Dunn(d), Alan Gris(d), Darrius Rush, Gori Kinda, X-11)
        - corporate power
        --[Ravage 2099#9],11([9,10],11

    SYNTHOIDs - see AIM SYNTHOIDs (app)--Tales of Suspense I#78/2

    SYN VARIANTS - five men, powers duplicated those of Agent Syn
        (app-as)--Master of Kung Fu#95

    SYPHON ( ) - Warpy, used to police Cloud Nine and keep visiting member of Excalibur in line.
        small, brown-skinned bald boy with large ears, tentacle-like arms, green + yellow costume
        --Excalibur I#63

    SYPHONN - Negative Zone, attempted to use Conqueror Wheel and Soul Gem to take over both the Earth dimension and the Negative Zone, briefly revived and controlled corpse of Mar-Vell
        (app)--[Warlock II#1], 2 (3,4

    SYRANI of Earth-715 - former head of the Sisterhood’s security police, investigated actions of Lyra & Mogon, forced Lyra to kill Mogon to prove loyalty
        (app-fem)--Savage Tales#1/2

    SYRRH – extraterrestrial, keeper of gardens of Omnaah, fled own planet due to religious persecution, ship crashed on Omnaah, killing soulmate, Silver Surfer transformed Omnaah to make it hospitable for him, injured by pirates who kidnapped Nova (Frankie Raye) imposter/Mephisto, healed by Surfer.
        male, blue skin, long blond hair
        --Silver Surfer III#99

    SYRRO, Major – Skrull
        --Avengers Annual#14

    SYSTEM CRASH (Bitmap, Infomorph, Killobyte, Steel Collar, Technospike, Wirehead)
        (app)--Daredevil I#326 (327-329, Silver Sable#25, DD330-332

    SYTH ( ) - Genoshan, Unforgiven.
        scythe-like blade on wrists
        (app-un)--X-Men II#26 (Avengers West Coast#101

    SYTSEVICH, BORYA of Earth-982 - uncle of Rhino
        --Amazing Spider-Man Family#3/2 (2009)

    SYTSEVICH, MIRIAM - mother of Rhino
        *D* -- (named) [Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America#4]

    SYTSEVICH, YULYA of Earth-982 - uncle of Rhino
        --Amazing Spider-Man Family#3/2 (2009)

    SYTH'KACH - Shi'ar military officer, confronted and destroyed by Super-Nova
        --New Warriors II#41

    SYTHIA of the Hyborian era (Alexi, Gurda, Llrissa, Vassilisa, Vlad Bloodhawk, Yuri)
        - northern realm beyond Hyperborea
        (app-vas)--Red Sonja III#8 (9-13

    SZALK  - SHIELD II, brought Dmitri Panshin to Nick Fury
         (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce

    SZARDOS, JIMAINE - see MAGIK—X-Men I Annual#4 (Nightcrawler III#8(fb), X-Men Annual#4-->Sefton)

    SZARDOS, MARGALI - see MARGALI of the WINDING WAY (OH2006#7-Margali, net)—X-Men I Annual#4 (Excalibur minus 1, Nightcrawler III#8(fb), XM I An4, Man-Thing II#11, Dr. Strange II#57,58, Excalibur I#76,77, 83,85, 100(fb), 96,97, 99,100, [102],103, X-Men Unlimited#19, Ex108, Fantastic Four III#20, Fantastic Four An1999, Maximum Security#3, Nightcrawler III#9-11

    SZARDOS, STEFAN - son of Margali, childhood friend of Kurt Wagner, went insane, killed by Nightcrawler
        *D*--Marvel Team-Up I#89?/Uncanny Origins#8 (Nightcrawler III#8(fb), 11(fb)

    SZYMANSKI, PETROV of Earth-148611 - Siberian Project
        --PsiForce (nu)#27

    SZYNSKI, RINA - killed in 1982 by Winter Soldier (James Barnes)
        --Captain America#617 (2011)

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