T ( ) - Lady-Killers, partner of A, agent of Mister X.
    savage + brutal fighter, uses whip, petite wf, dark hair
    --Wolverine II#159 (160, 161

T-5 (Tuatola T'Tuana Timon) - Spammers, died from Facade virus
    *D* (app-Spammers)--Cable/Deadpool#2 (2d)

T-BAR - criminal, imprisoned alongside Quicksilver
    --X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead

T-BIRD - Thunderbolts ship
    --New Thunderbolts#1

T-BIRD of Earth-1100 (John Proudstar) - alternate dimensional counterpart, mutated by Apocalypse, eventually broke his hold and returned to X-Men, temporal flux caused him to have remained a slave, joined Exiles, fell in love with Nocturne, impregnated her, rendered comatose after sacrificed self implanting anti-matter bomb in Galactus, left behind on Earth-Skrull by talus
    WAR*, THUNDERBIRD* (OH:AoA)--Exiles#1 (1(fb2), 1,2, 3,4(16(fb1)), Ex5(16(fb2)), 6(16(fb3)), 7, 8(fb1)/(16(fb4), 8(fb2)/(16(fb5), 8(fb3) 8(fb4), Ex8(fb5), 8(fb6), 8(fb,leisure?)/Ex11, Ex8,9,10(16(fb6)), 62, [63-65], 83 (coma), 89 (stasis), 97-99

T-BONE - bartender at Limbo bar-
    -Thunderbolts#76 (77, 78

T-DEVICE - designed by Mr. Tune, hooked to his chest so that it would poison east river when his heart stopped, deactivated by punisher
    --Marvel Knights II#6

T-Ray (Terry Raymond) - mutant, former X-Men
    vibratory powers
    --X-Men: Life Lessons#1

T-RAY (allegedly Wade Wilson) - mercenary, assassin, widower of Mercedes Wilson, rescued Jack/Deadpool after injured, who then sought to kill and replace him, survived, but Mercedes was killed, trained by Jack/Deadpool’s former employer in a mystic Japanese sect, resurrected Mercedes in attempt to gain vengeance on Deadpool, convinced by Mercedes not to kill him.
    Later events led Deadpool to believe that T-Ray’s story was false; T-Ray still believes them true, while Deadpool believes them false
    skilled warrior, powers based on magic, large and muscular albino, band-aid on nose
    (2006#11, net)--Deadpool III#1 (32(fb1+2), 30(fb1), 32(fb3), 33(fb1+2), 3, 5, 7, 12-14, [ ], 28, [29], 30-33, 63, Cable & Deadpool#38-39, 47-48

T-REX of Earth-58163 - Marauders
    --Uncanny X-Men#463 (464-465

T-WAGON - transport ship of Thunderbolts
    --Thunderbolts#110 (111-115

TAARU the TERRIBLE - Chinese man, enslaved others using Talisman of Power, defeated and talisman destroyed by Valkyrie, thrown to mercy of former prisoners.
    used talisman to form and control elementals
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#168/2

TAARU/TAAURU(?) - mystic entity, invoked by Ian Fate
    "Tendrils of Taaru"--[Marvel Team-Up I#122]

TABAK - demon, agent of Lotus
    --Wonder Man II#24

    --Wolverine II#48 (83-85

TABICANTRA - witch, sent by Asmodeus to kill Johnny Blaze, fell in love with him, sacrificed life to save him
    *D* (app-as)--Ghost Rider II#53

TABISSARIA (Bosklivor, Volkhvy) - former ruling council of Slorenia, replaced after the apparent death of Volkhvy
    (app)--Force Works#5 ([War Machine#13], 14, FW#11,[12]

TABLET of DEATH and ENTROPY - Lemurian tablet, obtained by Mr. Negative from Det. Willoughby, shattered by Spider-Man, but not before he had copied its inscription; used to take blood from Bruno Karnelli and form a poison fatal to all of his blood relatives
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man#546, (identified, destroyed) #547 ([547 (fb)], [Spider-Man: Swing Shift], [ASM#546], 546, [547 (fb)], 547d)

TABLET of LIFE and TIME - written in ancient Atlantis (or Lemuria, per ASM#547), portions caused Silvermane to age regress beyond birth temporarily, full portion used by Hammerhead’s sister and the Lizard.
    Grants immortality and great power
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#68 ([Spider-Man: Lifeline#1-2 (fb)], [ASM#68 (fb), 74 (fb), 74 (fb), 68 (fb)], 68-72, [72], 73-74, [75], [Spider-Man: Lifeline#1 (fb), 2 (fb)], 1-3

TABLET of T'LEHLYEH - power item sought by Diablo
    --Avengers III#40

TABLET of ZHERED-NA - points the way to the Omphalos; location revealed to Artume by Neptune
    --Incredible Hercules#123

TABLE-TOP ( ) - criminal, one of a group who sought to steal and sell the costume of the black tiger, survived plane crash
    (app-bt)--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#21/5 ([22/5], 23/4

TABOO - extraterrestrial creature, crashed on Earth in the past, formerly dwelled in the Amazon where he was believed to be a swamp demon, and then in New York city, tricked Lewis Conrad into giving him all of mankind’s knowledge, but blown up by a hydrogen bomb when he betrayed them by planning an invasion, reformed and traveled to New York City, went on rampage until his people showed up and reclaimed him; they called him "sick" and repaired all of the damage he had done
    Tar-like body, reshape at will, fly, survive in space
    The Thing in the Murky Swamp (Marvel Monsters, app)--Strange Tales I#75 (77, Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl,

TABOO - stepfather of Topaz, son of Cagliostro and Lubya
    (Mystic Arcana, app)--Werewolf by Night I#13 (JML’s BoV, Avengers I#187(fb), WwbN#13(fb), 27(fb), Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/2, WwbN#13(fb), 13, 14d, 28(fb), 28-30 (spirit, final death)

TABOO of Earth-93060 - TNTNT
    --Strangers#23 (24

TABULA - Gatherer, allied with Vision/Antivision following death of Proctor, battled Vision + (golden) Jocasta .
    take on appearance of others
    -Tabula Rasa--Avengers I#359 (360, 363, [Vision I#1], 2-4

TABULA RASA - portion of Montana (formerly Tucker Creek) terraformed by Dark Beast using the Celestials' Life Seed and Weapon Plus' World; 10 mile diameter region briefly isolated from the rest of the planet, during which 130 million years passed.
    --Uncanny X-Force#15

TABUR - renegade New Man, left behind when they left for space, befriended Cat People, betrayed them, slew Joanne Tumolo, stole Electro-Genetic Device to devolve zoo animals, devolved into cat form by Tigra, later returned to true form, took over Cat People, returned Tigra to more humanoid form, attacked Agatha Harkness, returned to cat form and attacked by Ebony
    (app)--[Thor I#134,135], Marvel Premiere#42 (42(fb), Avengers Spotlight#38

TACHYON of Earth-691 ( ) - Force, Centaurian female.
    move at trans-light speeds
    (net-force)--Guardians of the Galaxy#3

TACHYON TORCH of Earth-90110 (Jim Storm) - cosmic avengers, empowered by bombardment with tachyon particles.
    superhuman speed, fly, generate flames
    (app-CosAv)--What If? II#19 (36, 39

TACKER (    ) - The People, apparently perished in the destruction of her mansion
    large + strong
    *D* (app-auntserr)--Sub-Mariner I#42 ([42(fb)], 42

TACTICAL FORCE (    ) - Hydra Super-Agents, patterned after Iron Man
    --Amazing Spider-Man#519, (seen and named) #520 (519 (fb), 519-520, 522-523, 524(fb)

TACTIGON - weapon formerly used by Armory, bonded to MVP clone who became KIA
    transform into virtually any weapon on command
    --Avengers: The Initiative#1 (
    8 (fb), 9 (fb), 8-11

TACWOOD, senator - Transcor(?), hired Deathcharge to protect a liner dumping waste into the ocean, waste dumped on his estate after discovered by Namor
    --Namor Annual#4/2

TADPOLE (    ) - unwanted sidekick of Frog-Man (Eugene Patilio)

TAE – extraterrestrial god, brother or lover of Pennsu, terrorized their worshippers, possibly destroyed by Desak.
    male, blue skin, red hair, fire energy blasts
    --Thor Annual 2001

TAFERAL, MARILYN of the 16th Century - daughter of friend of Solomon Kane, captured by the freebooter el Gar, sold to Nakari, who enslaved her, freed by Solomon Kane
    --Moon of Skulls; [Savage Sword of Conan#34/2], 37/ (37/ (fb), [34/2], 37/ , 39/

TAFT - Hellfire Club, killed in crossfire, scanned by Cable as he died
    --Cable II#49

TAG (Brian Cruz) - mutant, Xavier Institute Hellions, protégé of Emma Frost, lost powers following House of M
    cause others to pursue or flee from another object or being
    (NXM Yearbook)--New Mutants II#10 (New: X-Men: Academy X#2,
    13, 14, 15, Hellions#1-4, NXM:AX#16-19, New X-Men II#20

TAGAK the LEOPARD LORD - extradimensional humanoid, former partner of Opar, Defenders for a Day
    blind, able to see through leopard partner's eyes; athletic hunter
    (1970s, app)--Daredevil I#72 ([72(fbs), 72, [Defenders I#62(fb)], 62-64

TAGAR - see COUNT TAGAR (app)--Thor I#133

TAGARA, ISHIRO - cadre leader with the Japanese Red Army (occasionally allied with Hydra), helped Viper escape following her battle with Nomad (Steve Rogers), took her to his estate in Japan where she recovered; the two fell in love, and he connected her to the Silver Samurai
    --Marvel Team-Up I#84 (84 (fb)

TAG TEAM of Earth-982 ( ) - pair of former professional wrestlers turned criminal, defeated by J2
    (app)—Wild Thing II#4/2

TAI - enemy of Dakimh, ally of Klonus and Mortak, killed by Man-Yhing
    -the SLAYER *D* (app-klon)--Giant-Size Man-Thing#3d

TAI - Temple of the Dragon's Breadth, one of the genetically perfect bred to tap the power of the Well of All Things, grandmother of Silhouette, convinced platoon of American soldiers (Half-Fulls) during Vietnam war to mate with six of her daughters to create children of power, forced Chord to kill Darryl and Mrs.. Taylor, erased specifics of event from Dwayne Taylor's memory, encouraged Taylor to gather super-heroes for her to use as pawns to control Well of All Things, apparently died when sucked down Well
    --Thor I#411 (New Warriors I#24(fb), 23(fb2), 24(fb), 23(fb), 24(fb), 25(fb), New Warriors An1/2(fb), NW1, Th411, NW2, 3-6, 9,10, 17, 19-25

TAI - corrupt police chief of Madripoor, agent of Romulus, committed suicide when discovered by Wolverine
    -TAL *D*--Wolverine II#3 (4, 8-10, 14-16, 17,
    87, 98d?, 127, Wolverine Origins Annual#1d

TAIFU (Toshio Sasaki) - Pacific Overlords, husband of Pele, father of Big One, coerced into working for Dr. Demonicus, rebelled, brought back into line by Jawbreaker and Kuroko.
    project hurricane force winds
    (app-po)--Avengers West Coast#69 ([72(fb)], 69-74

T’AI JAVINEE - dimension of floating cities, skyship of Long John McGurk
    --Nightcrawler I#1

    --Marvel Comics Presents #31 (38

TAILGUNNER ( ) - Heavy Metal, cybernetically enhanced vulture, fought Brute Force
    (app-Brute Force)--Brute Force#1 (2, 4

TAILHOOK (Marissa ) - vigilante, former naval officer and roommate of Laura Dunham, sought revenge for abuse at hands of superiors in military, murdered college men at Yale who had raped her sister, jumped to her death to avoid capture by Nova.
    champion gymnast, used barbed whip and crossbow
    TAILHOOK KILLER* *D* (app)--Nova II#2 (2d)

TAILOR GROUP (Richard Bloom, Al, Anne, Maury) - tailor-make the Tracer armor for each mission
    (app-trace)--Deathlok Annual#2 (2(fb), 2

TAILSPIN - Hellbent, killed by Manx.
    purple, semi-prehensile tail
    *D* (app-hellbent)--Marc Spector: Moon Knight#53d

TAINE, MICHAEL - district university, possessed by soul sought by anubis, killed by mindstar when he attempted to claim the soul
    (app-an)--Son of Satan#5 (5(fb, d)

TAINE, SYDNEY of Earth-Nightside - private investigator, Nightside Detective Agency, specializes in supernatural, uncovered and foiled the plot of Arkady Dread and the Black Dragons Society.
    highly trained in martial arts
    (app)--Nightside#1 (2-4

TAINO - island, base of Black Talon (Barone)
    --Marvel Zombies 4#1 (2009)

TAIVAS – realm of the Jumala (aka Kalevans; Finnish gods)
    --(Behind-the scenes) Thor #301 (1980); (identified) OHotMU A-Z #2 (2008)

TAIYA – Children of Ootah, nearly became Bride of Ootah
    (app-ootah)—Fantastic Four I#252

TAI-SHAN - magical being?, presumably empowered eye of tai-shan
    --[Conan the Barbarian I#251]

TAKA - Japanse mobster, sought to retire, targeted for assassination by Ken, saved by Iron Fist
    (app-ken)--Marvel Comics Presents #140/4

TAKACHIO, HIRO - Big Hero Six, created Baymax + numerous weapons and forms of technology.
    super-genius inventor, pre-teen
BH6 II#1)--Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1 (2,3, Alpha Flight II#17, Thunderbolts#25

    --Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1 (2, 3

TAKAHAMA, HELEN "Hallie" - see JOLT—Thunderbolts #1 (Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings minus 1, Tb4(fb), #9; 1-4->Jolt)

    --Thunderbolts minus 1 (Thunderbolts#33(fb)

    --Thunderbolts minus 1 (Thunderbolts#33(fb)

TAKAMIMUSUBI - Amatsu-Kami (Japanese gods), husband of Amaterasu?
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#1]

TAKAR - male tribesman, briefly worshipped the Thing as a god
    --Shadows and Light#2

TAKASHI - Hand, led plot to transfer spirits of the Hand into Lyle Crawford, slain by the Beast.
    *D*--Elektra: Glimpse & Echo#1(2-4d)

TAKATA, HIDEKO – Hulkbusters.
    expert on geophysical conditions
    (D#5-hb)--Incredible Hulk II#317

TAKEDA, Col. SESSUE - Imperial Japanese Army, participated in occupation of Ch'ang-Sha, father of ?? by Tsuin, body briefly inhabited by John Kowalksi who arranged for Tsuin and son to get to the USA
    *D*--War is Hell#

TAKEGURA, - CEO of Takegura Ltd, allied with Praxdorf/Billionaire Boys Club in plot to takeover American Electronics Industry, used bodyguards Kiyami and Sijo, enemy of Arnold Ansen/Hansen, slain by Punisher
    *D* (app)—Punisher II#8 ([8(fb)]

TAKEO ?? of Earth-3071 - Compound/Underground, taken over by micronucleate Mandate, transformed into Mandate, attacked others, destroyed by Wolverine
    (app-earth3071)--Wolverine: Snikt#1, (identified) #2 (2d)

TAKER of HEADS (Jean ) - son of human + loa
    --Midnight Sons Unlimited#2

TAKERS - Battleworld thieves, rode large flying reptiles, stole Thing's teleportation device, sanctuary invaded by him to retrieve it, forced to return dowry stolen from Llrrllllnnllyyrrl
Thing I#11

TAKERS 2099 - natives of Mars, kidnapped children of Ares colony, majority of race slaughtered by Phalanx
    --2099: World of Tomorrow#1, 2(named), 4 (5(fb2), [1-3], 4-7

TAKI ?? - drugged by Midas the Golden Man
    (app-midas)--Marvel Team-Up I#30 (30(fb), 30

TAKI  - SHIELD II, designed Symbionic Weapon Suit-Mark Two; eager to test it, she lost control of it in test battle when it overheated
    (app-sws)--Marvel Comics Presents#173/4

TAKIGUCHI, Dr. YURIKO - member of Godzilla Squad, grandfather of Rob, scientist, one of the designers of Red Ronin, present as a dissenter during initial nuclear testing that awakened Godzilla
    (app-gs)--Godzilla#1 (1(fb), 1-4, 6-20, 22-24, [Avengers I#199]
, Uncanny X-Men#506-512, Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia, UXM513, [514 (voice)], Dark Avengers#8, UX515

TAKIGUCHI, ROB - grandson of Yuriko, befriended Godzilla, former pilot of Red Ronin
    (app-gs)--Godzilla#1 (2-4, 6-20, 22-24

TAKIMOTO, KEIKO of Earth-97082 - step-daughter of Hideo Shinoda, executive at Stark International's Japan division, assisted Stark in opposing assaults originating from Hiro Matsui
Iron Man: Crash

TAKIMOTO, RON - Hydra, elite bounty division, teamed with Punisher against Guillotine, killed in the process.
    Japanese male, skilled in martial arts
    --Daredevil Annual#7 (Punisher II Annual#4d)

TAKKOR - Prime Mover's minions, monstrous winged horse, spoke telepathically through the four-armed rider on its back, impaled by Valkyrie
    (app-minions)--Giant-Size Defenders I#3

TAKU of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Pict leader
    --Kull the Conqueror II#1

TAKU - Wakandan communications advisor
    (app-wak)--Avengers I#68 (Fantastic Four I#119, Jungle Action#6-18, Black Panther I#15, Marvel Premiere#53, Defenders I#85, Black Panther: Panther's Prey#2,4, Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/7, Iron Man I#332, Black Panther III#18, Deadpool III#44, BP23, 26, [31], 40,41, FF546, BP35-38?

TAKUI - jungle guide, ran away from giant gorilla Agu
   (app-agu)--Lorna the Jungle Queen#3/2

TAKUMER - extradimensional movie actor, employed by unknown director to possess Wonder Man so they could use him to film a documentary, unable to possess Wonder Man, quit after being defeated by him
    (app)--Solo Avengers#11/2

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