TAL, GUNNA of Earth-6216 - warlord of Kuanga, slain by own general for endlessly sacrificing troops against Death's Head 3.0
    *D*--Amazing Fantasy II#17 (18d)

TALA PRIME - Skrull planet, destroyed by Annihilation Wave
    *D*--Annihilation: Silver Surfer#1

TALAN - Atlantean of Naritanis, former husband of Namora, "father" of Namorita, killed in destruction of Maritanis
    *D*--Sub-Mariner I#51?

TALBERT, RUSS "TINY" - World War II, briefly trained by Nick Fury, worked with Lon Wilcox, James MacReedy, and Larry Freese
    timid, eventually gained the nerve to fight in battle after witnessing MacReedy's death
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#116

TALBOS of Earth-Hercules 2300 - Andromeda galaxy, home of the Talbosians
    (app-redwolf)--Hercules II#2 (2(fb)

TALBOSIAN race of Earth-Hercules 2300 - Andromeda galaxy, worshipped the god Red Wolf, slaughtered by Skrulls, spirits possessed Rojahn Smythe and transformed him into their vessel, a new Red Wolf
    (app-redwolf)--Hercules II#2 (2(fb)-->Red Wolf

    name while wife of Glenn Talbot
    --Incredible Hulk II#158 (162-165, 167-176, 179, 180, 184-188, 190, 192-200, 202, 205-207, Rampaging Hulk II#1, 3-5, Incredible Hulk#209-212, 216?->Betty Ross)

TALBOT, Col. GLENN - Hulkbusters, former commander of Gamma Base, ex-husband of Betty Banner, captured by Gremlin, mind damaged and temporarily shut down by his experiments, became obsessed with the Hulk, died attempting to kill him with the War Wagon. wm, dark hair
    *D* (D#20, OH: Hulk)--Tales to Astonish I#61 (World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#4 (fb), 61/2-72/2, World War Hulk: Gamma Corps#1, TTA75/2-92/2, 97/2,98/2, 99, 100, Incredible Hulk II#103-106, 109, 111,112, 114-116, 119-124, X-Men I#66, Incredible Hulk II#125,126, 128, 130-132, 136, 138,139, Avengers I#88, Hulk141-150, 154,155, [Av102], Hlk156-158, 160, 162-166, [186],187,188, 190, 192, 193, 195, 199, 200, 202,203, 205-208, Rampaging Hulk II#1, 2,3, 4, 5,6, Hlk#209-212, 233,234, 238, 243, 245-248, 256-259, 260d)

TALBOT, Maj. WILLIAM MATTHEW - nephew of Glenn, former pawn of Omnibus
    --Incredible Hulk II#436 (Cutting Edge#1, Hulk437-439, 440(fb), 440-442, 448, Hulk: What Savage Beast

TALE-ER - see POSSESSOR (Tharnn)--Thor I#235

TALENT, Mr - agent of Elias Bogan
    --X-Treme X-Men#23

TALISMAN - successive line of sorcerers, every ten thousand years one battles Llan the Sorcerer to determine if order or chaos will rule for next ten thousand years, wears circlet
    - Binder of Spirits, Breaker of Dark Spells, Promised One
    (Mystic Arcana)--Alpha Flight I#19

TALISMAN - see LIVING TALISMAN (app-enchanters)--Thor I#143

TALISMAN (Nogor) - Skrull, representation of the gods; his presence is required to insure the Gods' blessing on their endeavors
    vast power based on belief of followers
    LONGSHOT imposter--X-Factor III#33, (identified) She-Hulk II#31 (XFac34, Shulk#32-33

TALISMAN ( ) - Australian/aboriginal hero of unknown origin, participated in Contest of Champions, assisted others with heightened perceptions in preventing earth from being damaged when Maelstrom stopped its rotation.
    able to enter "dream time" to escape perceptions of others, see invisible or microscopic objects, used bull-roarer, bm, shaved head
    (I#11,app)--Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions#1 ([2],3, Quasar#23-25

TALISMAN of ABRAXAS - mystic amulet, based on entity of a dual nature, given to Namor by Dr. Strange to palliate his personality shifts
    --Marvel Team-Up II#8

talisman of Murdoch Adams - used to drive off Ningal
    (app-adams)--Dr. Strange II#28

TALISMAN of TARTESSUS - used by Calyxis to open portal to realm of Tartessus and to mentally ensnare others, smashed by Rintrah, drained his life force
    (app-calyxis)--Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#51

talisman of Ymir - used by Midgard Vanir to summon Ymir to Earth
    --X-Men: First Class I#5

TALISMANs of POWER - mystic power items created in ancient China, used by Diablo and Taaru, destroyed by valkyrie.
    allow user to control elementals
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#232 (Marvel Comics Presents#168/2
    <possibly BTS in FF I#306 and FF III#35 + 36>

    circa 13th century, former lover of Draghignazzo and Shreck, took over rule of Draghignazzo's people after his death, ambushed by enemies, sacrificed self to give body parts to Shreck to enable him to escape to avenge her; body preserved via Draghignazzo's mystic seal, trapped in state of oblivion for 800 years, revived in modern era, became head of Death Reign as Angel de la Muerte
    *D*--Terror, Inc#13; (identified) Terror II#1 (1 (fb), 4 (fb), 1 (fb) / Terror Inc#13 (fb)-->Talita

TALKBACK (Chase Stein) – Runaways, 17 years old
    Uses advanced technology stolen from parents
    (2006#11)--Runaways#1, (Talk) #6 (17(fb), 1-10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15-17, [18(fb)], 18

TALKS-TO-SPIRITS - @ 8000 BC, Tribe of the Moon, shaman, possible ancestor of Michael Twoyoungman.
    communicate with dwellers of astral world, used Sarcee medicine pouch (presumably same pouch as shaman), tattooed, moustache, white hair, red feather
    (net)--Alpha Flight I#83

TALLA RON - Kree female, Galen Kor's Lunatic Legion, converted into energy for Omni-Wave Projector
    *D* (app-lunatic)--Avengers I#364 - BTS, #365 (366, [378(fb), 378] - BTS, 379,  Iron Man III#7(fb), 7, Captain America III#8, Quicksilver#10, Avengers III#7

TALLIBONE - princess, native of Ja, daughter of king Hurlibra, ruled planet Whurl, forced to return to Ja by father, had Starjammers hired to bring her back to Whurl, then attempted to execute Hepzibah for rough treatment and declare war on Ja, sent back to Ja by Starjammers
    (app)--X-Men Unlimited#32/3

TALLON, LEROY – safecracker, hands blown off in an explosion, gained prosthetic metal hands, framed by the W.H.O. Computer, Spider-Man caught them after a diamond heist
    —Amazing Spider-Man I#155

TALLON, LEROY of Earth-982 - see TALON--Amazing Spider-Girl#7

TALLOSH, ABDUL - Taliban, slain by Kathryn O'Brien
    *D*--Punisher VII#37 ([37 (fb, dies)]

TALLTREES, REBECCA - Cheyenne, wife to Thomas, killed by Cornelius Van Lunt
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#80

TALLTREES, THOMAS "TOMMY" - Cheyenne, related to Red Wolf figures, killed by Cornelius Van Lunt
    *D* (app)--Avengers I#80

TALLTREES, WILLIAM - Cheyenne tribal chief, related to Red Wolf figures, confronted Cornelius Van Lunt
    (app)--Avengers I#81 (named OHotMU#9

TALLY - Inhumans, killed herself rather than marry Frag
    *D* (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Inhumans

TALLYMANDER – British pub
    --Avengers III#77

TA-LO dim (Yu-Hang, Chinese gods) - mystic realm of Chinese gods, highest of the 36 heavens, formerly k’un l’un mountain
    --Thor I#301

TALO - Galadorian, chief of Angel Elite

TALOGAN of Earth-691 circa 31st century - child of Rancor and Talon of Earth-691
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#61/2

TALON - Armechadonian

TALON of Earth-982 (Leroy Tallon) - agent of Morgan
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#7

TALON of Earth-691 ( ) - Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, forced by Rancor to impregnate her, father of Talogan
    (M, net)--Guardians of the Galaxy#18 (27(fb), 18-33

TALONS of TARBUK -  exclamation of Ka-Zar "We are attacked by an enemy unseen. By the Talons of Tarbuk..."
    --Astonishing Tales I#8

TALOS - Kree vessel, investigated Uranus
    --What If I#27/2

TALOS the TAMED - Skrull, attended wedding of Rick and Marlo Jones, battled Hulk
    TALES the UNTAMED* (Annihilation: Nova Files, app)--Incredible Hulk II#418 (419(fb), 418,419, Annihilation: Ronan#2-4, Annihilation#1

TALTAR IV - planet, genetic manipulators are able to impart superhuman characteristics to clients
    --[Silver Surfer III#66]

TAM ?? – Genoshan magistrate, former lover of Havok
    (app)—Uncanny X-Men#270 (271

TAMA MARU - extraterrestrial, father to Tama Maru
    --[Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2]

TAMAL (Cotati, Priests of Pama, Valley of the Spikes; formerly Quoi) - second homeworld of the Cotati, used after leaving Hala, where Quoi was raised
    (app)--Avengers: Celestial Quest#3 (4-5

TAMARA of the Hyborian era - Bahreen Bel Akif, daughter of Vah Rashid, slain by Fatima
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#63 (63(fb,d)

TAMARA - see TAMARA RAHN--Sub-Mariner I#58

TAMARATA - strategic planet in defense plan of five warring federations, constantly under siege, temporary base of Champion (Tryco Slatterus) until destroyed in battle with Thanos
    (app)--Thanos Quest#1

TAMAR-SHAR-KHUN of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, used magics to enlarge animals + crops, slaughtered those who tried to steal his property, killed when Conan broke free from a flood he caused
    *D* (app)--Savage Sword of Conan#61

TAMBAK, Dr. - Wakandan, doctor at medical center, uses combinations of modern and tribal medicines, treats T’Challa after his frequent injuries
    (net-wak)--Black Panther: Panther's Prey#2 ( [Black Panther III#22], Captain America and the Falcon#5,[6]

TAM-BOR – Kree god
    --Captain Marvel I#

TAMBURA - Followers of Light, leader, elderly male
    *D*--Shogun Warriors#1

TAME - leader of the Akua, Sky and weather god, father of Pele
Kāne Milohai, Tāne Mahuta--OHotMU A-Z#3, Incredible Hercules#116 (117

TAMERA  of the Hyborian era - Brythunian would-be sorceress, trained under F’Sarr Bel Trann, slew him and stole his Fang of Xka’Ahk, duped Conan into helping her obtain the other Fang from Shamas-Shum-Ukun, reawakened and sought to control Xka’Ahk, merged with it, slain by Conan
    *D*--Savage Sword of Conan#65

TAMIROFF, - Cairo businessman, associate of Favorsham and Vanvroot, former rival of Gregory Gideon
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#34

TAMISHA ?? - student, friend of Hector Morales, former rival of Kiden Nixon & Kara

TAMMUZ of the Hyborian era - Mesopotamian God, source of power to the Heart of Tammuz, enemy of Nergal
    -ADONIS*, DUMUZI (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#30 ( ([Savage Sword of Conan#229, 230], CtB#30, [SSoC#220/2,221/2]

TAMOJORAN of Earth-Amalgam – Mojoverse + Tamoran, sub-atomic dim of Shatterstarfire
    (app-amu)--XPatrol#1 (1(fb#1), 1

TAMONE - Latin America, leader of the troops of Senor Muerte
    (app-grip)--Marvel Comics Presents#41/4

TAMRI, KITO - fought poachers, aided by Punisher
    (app)--Punisher Summer Special#4 (1994)

TAMSIN - former human familiar of Lilith, slain by Dracula
    *D*--Legion of Monsters: Morbius#1/2 (1/2d)

TANADA, queen of the Hyborian era – Meroe
    --Snout in the Dark; Conan the Barbarian I#106, 107

TANAGER ( ) - Air Force, apparently slain by the Soldiers of Misfortune
    fly, wore taloned gloves, used sonic weapon
    *D* (app)--New Warriors I#35 (Night Thrasher#4 (fb)], 4,5, NewWar54d)

TANAKA - sensei, trained X-23, slain by her to test the trigger scent
    *D*--X-23#2 (2d)

TANAKA, Dr. DARRELL of Earth-92131 - mutant doctor in Skull Mesa, Nevada
    (app-solarr)--X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon episode "Secrets, Not Long Buried"

TANAKA, KENJIRO - former SHIELD I agent, trained alongside Wendell Vaughn, infiltrated I.D.I.C., stayed on as employee after break-up of SHIELD, left to join vaughn securities, promoted to partner and eventual ceo of Vaughn Securities as Quasar had progressively less time to spend on the company and eventually left Earth.
    Japanese male

    (app)--Quasar#5 (7, 9, 10?, 11,12, Avengers I#325, Quas13-17, [18], 19-24, 26, 30-32, 35,[36], 41, 44, 50, 58, 60

TANAKA, Det. NOREEN - New Orleans police department, partner of Det. Fredrickson, corrupt, killed Emery Arceneaux, stole AIM weapons from SHIELD, joined with Bandit and the United Guilds in a failed effort to kill Gambit, turned over to the New Orleans police
    --Gambit IV#7 (9, 11-12

TANAKA, OPAL - former girlfriend of Iceman, mother of Robert, grand-daughter of Tatsu’o, daughter of Shizu'ka, adopted daughter of George + Rita
    -Miki (net)--X-Factor I#51 (64(fb), 51-55, 59,60, 63-65, UX289,290, Iceman II#1-4

TANAKA, ROBERT - son of Opal, who attempted to dupe Iceman into believing he was his son in order to get him to cooperate with Winterbrand Technology
    --Iceman II#1 (2-4

TANAKA, Corp. TOM - @ World War II, Japanese-America, died during mission while working alongside the Howling Commandos
    (app)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#92 ([92(fb)], 92(fb), 92

TANAKA, UCHIO - World War II era presumptive mutant telepath, rendered virtually comatose by psychic backlash from Hiroshima's destruction; in recent years, head exploded after telepathically linked to Sabretooth
    (app)--X-Men Unlimited I#3

TANAKA, Mr. + Mrs. - parents of Tom, put in an internment camp in Cody, Wyoming during World War II due to Japanese descent
    (app-tom)--Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos#92

"TANAKADON" - Monster Island giant creature
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#347

    (app-arakne)--Knights of Pendragon II#8

TANA NILE - Rigellian, former colonizer, ally of Thor, played a major role in finding a new homeworld for Rigellians after their original planet was destroyed by the Rhunians, framed Ronan for the House of Fiyero in exchange for information on Ronan, joined Gamora's Graces, slain by the Annihilation Wave. female
    (M, Annihilation: Ronan#2, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files)--Thor I#129, 130 (133,134, 160, 162, 198,199, 201-204,[205], Avengers I#105, Thor211-221, StarMasters#1,3, Cosmic Powers Unlimited#4,5, Generation X#20,23,25, DayDreamers#1-3, Thor An2000/2(fb), 2000/2, [Annihilation: Ronan#4 (fb)], 1 (fb), 2-3, 4d

TANARAQ - Great Beast, form accessed when Walter Langkowski’s gamma experiments breached the dimensional barrier, mind originally submerged beneath personality of Lankowski and served as hero Sasquatch, later began to cause fits of violent rage and eventually expressed completely and went on rampage, heart ripped out by Snowbird, spirit given new form and reimprisoned within Realm of the Beasts, briefly freed by Wrecking Crew
    large + strong, covered with orange fur
    -SASQUATCH* (U#3)--Uncanny X-Men#120, Alpha Flight I#23 (AF I#11/2->sasquatch.
    [AF I#1-4, X-Men/Alpha Flight II#1,2, AF#9,10, 12, Marvel Team-Up Annual#7, AF17, 20,21, X-Men/Alpha Flight I#1,2], AF#23"d"
    Omega Flight#3-5

TANAS - @ 6000 BC, Homo mermani, former king of the Western Sea tribe, husband of Elanna, father of Zartra, slain by Stegor
    *D* (app-elanna)--Sub-Mariner I#64/2 (64/2d)

TANCRED - see UNIVERSAL CHURCH of TRUTH Templeship TANCRED--Guardians of the Galaxy II#1

TANCRETTI, Off. - gave She-Hulk a hard time
    --She-Hulk II#24

TANE - see TRIBUNE (app-mandate)--Wolverine: Killing

TANGERINE (    ) - MI13, participated in final assault on Dracula's base
    --Captain Britain and MI13#15

    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#

TANGERS  cartel (Cazon) -
    --[She-Hulk II#25]

TANGLE (Gina Palumbo) - New Enforcers
    --Web of Spider-Man#99 (100

TANGLER - @ World War II, weapon of General Skul within Murder Mountain, used against the Skywolfs
    shot canisters which burst open and released coiled steel cables that brought down planes
    (app-skywolves)--Marvel Fanfare I#16

TANGLER of Earth-148611 (Rodney Weigland) - clinic group b

TANGO - armored terrorist armed by Kingpin, stopped by Avengers (alternate Earth??)
    (app)--New Avengers: “Pot of Gold” AAFES 110th Anniversary

TANITH - Inhuman, mother of Agon, grandmother of Black Bolt, wife of Sumac
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#2]

TANITH-LEE  of the Hyborian era - Khauran, daughter of Xaltotum, put through trial by father to prove she was worthy of marriage to Gebel-Han
    --Savage Sword of Conan#67

TANK (    ) - National Force, slain by GW Bridge
    *D*--Punisher War Journal II#7 (7 (fb) - 9 (fb), 7-9, 10d)

TANK - bodyguard for Bobby Carr
    --Amazing Spider-Man#559 (560

TANK of Earth X - counterpart of Cable
    --Universe X: Iron Men (Universe X#12, X

TANNA – cavewoman from distant past, befriended the Hulk
    --Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time

TANNAR – Children of Ootah, son of the Chief, lover of Taiya
    (app-ootah)—Fantastic Four I#252

TANNAS – see TANAS--Sub-Mariner I#64/2

TANNEN, JIMMY "THE MOUTH" - nephew of Vincent
    --Spider-Man: The Lost Years#1 (2, 3

TANNEN, VINCENT - crimelord in Utah, allied with Louise Kennedy, had Helene Raven killed, killed by Kaine
    *D*--Spider-Man: The Lost Years#1 (2, 3

TANNENBAUM, Dr. - see Dr. TANNENBAUM (app)--[GLA#1, (named) #3], GLX-MAS Special#1 (1(fb), 1

TANNENGARDEN, NED - son of Sergei Kravinoff, set up a plot against Al Kraven, killed in fight with him
    --Spider-Man: Get Kraven#2 (4, 5, 6d)

TANNER - part of a group of Nazis sent to use depth charges to kill and capture Atlateans' corpses in the Sargasso Sea for research (presumably in Project Nietzsche)
    --according to Marvels Project#1 (2009)

TANNER, JACKO - Thames university, classmate of Brian Braddock
    (app)--Captain Britain I#3 (4,5, 8, 19, 31-33, 37,38, Super Spider-Man/Captain Britain#233,234

TANSTEELE - Demogog of the Eopian Technarchy, fomented war against the Egaliterns, manipulated to seek nuclear war by golem of Gudrun Tyburn
    (app)--Dark Guard#2

TANTALUS - prisoner of Tartarus, served son Pelops to the Olympian gods as a meal, punishment makes him stand in lake and surrounded by fruited trees, but water and trees move out of his grasp if he reaches for them; former ruler of parts of Lydia(?) in the 14th century BC
    (app-tartarus)--Thor Annual#19

TANTALUS - Armechadonian Deviant, father of Blackwulf (Pelops) & Blackwulf (Lucian), husband of Nirvana, used Peacekeepers as agents on Earth, slain by Blackwulf (Lucian)
    LORD T*, LORD TANTALUS* (app)--Thunderstrike#4 (Blackwulf#9(fb), [7(fb)], Ts4, 5-7, Bw#1, 2, Avengers I#371, Bw4, Secret Defenders#25, Bw6, [7], 8,9,10d)

TANTALUS of Earth-93060 - acolytes of Argus
    *D*--Giant-Size Rune#1 (Rune#8,9d)

TANTARO - Animutant, elephant
    --Thor I#472 (473,475

TANTE MATTIE - see Mattie Baptiste --Gambit I#3

TANTRA ( ) - mutant, Xavier Institute.
    Elephantine form, manipulate emotions of others
    --X-Treme X-Men#20 ([21], 22, 23

TANTRUM (Delbert ) -
    connected to numerous intravenous catheters, uses variety of drugs to alter mood and abilities
    --Night Thrasher I#2 (Night Thrasher II#3, 9, 19(fb), 19

TANTRUM (    ) - partner of Dicsordia, met with her in group therapy, worshipped gods of chaos, battled Hulk/Joe Fixit and She-Hulk at the Coliseum
    --Hulk Family#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

TANTRUM (    ) - America's Next Super Hero
    --Eternals III#1

TANTRUM 2099 ( ) – Freakshow
    --X-Men 2099#6 (7

TANUS - planet inhabited by Tanusians, resources exhausted, destroyed by Doombot
    --Silver Surfer III#106 (107

TANUSIAN race - of Tanus, in a state of riot due to exhaustion of resources
    --Silver Surfer III#106 (107

TANYA ?? – Prime Sentinel

TANYA ?? - mutant, former prisoner of Dermafree
    --Mystique#16 (17,18

TANYA ?? (    ) - prostitute of Zebra Daddy, had a toothpick stuck in her eye by him
    (app-zebra daddy)--NYX#5 (6

    wife of Larry, killed by Cazon, briefly reanimated by Kodor, then disintegrated
   *D*--She-Hulk II#25 (25d, 26 (d))

TANZERIAN, ARI - slain by Iron Man (Tony Stark) while he was under control by the son of Ho Yinsen
    *D*--[Iron Man IV#7], 8 ([9 (fb), 7], 8d

TANZIKA - Wakandan woman, former member of T’Challa’s court, former lover of Zatama + Solomon Prey, murdered Zatama and attempted to frame Monica Lynne 9;
    (app, net-wak)--Captain America I#170 (Jungle Action#7,9,10,11(fb) Black Panther: Panther's Prey#1-4

TAO, SUN - Stark Enterprises, Sons of Yinsen, former leader, then framed by Yinsen and Tiger Mynn for theft of the SKIN from Askew Electronics
    --[Iron Man III# ], 31 (31(fb), [], 31, 32, Annual 2000, IM47(fb),46,47, 49

TAO-LOA of the Hyborian era - god
    --Savage Sword of Conan#103

TAPESTRY - agent of Morgan Le Fay, cloth around a mirror that allows Morgan to view distant events
    --Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1 (1/3

TAPESTRY ISLANDS (Viliven ) – extradimensional splinter realm
    --[Magik II#]

TAP-KWAI - Southeast Asian nation in which Sharon Carter was held hostage, ruled by X12
    --Captain America I#454

TAPPER, NEAL - SHIELD II, dated Sharon Carter, killed by bomb set by Winter Soldier
    *D*--Captain America V#6 ([(6 (fb)], 6d)

TAPPING TOMMY ( ) - ally of Hodges, used weapons financed by the Maggia in effort to gain revenge on Kyle Richmond
    (app)--Defenders I#30 ([30(fb)], 30

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