TAR - former guardian of the ebon vein and proctor of the crimson dawn, former teacher of Gomurr, killed by kuragari, succeeded by gomurr
    --Uncanny X-Men#329, 330(named) (X-Men Unlimited#12, Psylocke/Archangel: Crimson Dawn#1d, 4(spirit)

TARA - hill in Ireland, connected tangentially to Avalon
    --(not MU)

TARA - Buddhist goddess
    GREEN TARA--[Peter Parker: Spider-Man#48] ([48,49]

TARA - first of Children of the Comet, psychic vampire, fed off energy of others, manipulated Reverend Daemond and caretakers into conflict, convinced Morbius to kill her to prevent her from destroying all life on earth.
    psychic powers, able to summon forth form of adult self
    *D* (app)--Adventures into Fear#20 (21, 25,26d)

TARA ?? - vampire, bitten by Dracula
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter#1 (2

TARA ?? - romantic interest of Peter Wisdom, friend Liz slain by vampires
    --Captain Britain and MI13#10 (11, 15

TARA - see ENIGMA--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#48, 49

TARA (Invader-One) - Invaders, incendiary Eve-series android patterned after Human Torch (Hammond), actually designed by Red Skull to infiltrate Invaders so she could be activated and used against them; after being activated by the Red Skull she was rendered inert by the Torch
    fly, generate flames
    HUMAN TORCH*, LADY TORCH (OH2006#10, app)--[Avengers III#82], 83 (Invaders III#9(fb), [Av82], 83-84, Invaders III#0, 1-3, 4-5, 7-9

TARA of Earth-691 - older daughter of Stakar and Aleta, powers and age enhanced by Ogord, powers consumed her
    *D* (app-starhawk’s kids)—Defenders I#29 (Marvel Presents#4, 9-11d)

TARAKAR - Skrull planet; homeworld to and formerly ruled by Kylor
    --Silver Surfer III#5

TARAKIS - agent of Thanos, posed as servant of Odin, betrayed him, allied in quest to find Chalice of Tears, destroyed by Firelord.
    (app)--Thor II#15 (16, 17, 20, 21, 24, 25

TARAMIS of the Hyborian era - princess of Khauran, twin sister of Salome, rule briefly usurped by Salome
    (app)--A Witch shall be Born; Savage Sword of Conan#5 (Savage Sword of Conan#217-218, 5(fb), 5

TARAN - High Priestess of the Spider-Clan, met Spider-Man and convinced him to help free their temple from the Snake Clan
    (app)--Spider-Man Annual 2001 (2001(fb), 2001

TARANIS - Celtic god of thunder + elements
    (app-celt)--Dr. Strange III Annual#3

TARANITH GESTAL - Mantricora, served as deity and ruler of the people, slain and role usurped by an alien
    *D* (app)--[Fantastic Four I#254]

TARANITH GESTAL ( ) - Negative Zone, non-humanoid alien, became trapped on Mantricora, slew the original Gestal, posed as deity to capture natives in order to use their minds to power his starship, gained sufficient power from mind of Reed Richards, who then took over his ship, fled in escape pod, which exploded.
    psychic powers, non-humanoid semi-insectoid, wore armor to appear as golden-faced humanoid
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#254 (255(fb), 254, 255d)

TARANOVA, JACK - husband of the Westside Ripper, father of Quince, former undercover cop, utilized prostitutes, masochistic
    -BABY* (app-westsideripper)--Typhoid#1 (2, 4

TARANOVA, QUINCE - son of Jack + Mrs; with Trent, kidnapped Typhoid to make a movie
    (app-westsideripper)--Typhoid#1 (2-4

TARANOVA, OPHELIA - wife of Jack, mother of Quince, murdered four prostitutes that Jack used; Typhoid found herself unable to kill her because she was a woman
    WESTSIDE RIPPER* (app-westsideripper)--Typhoid#1 (2-4

TARANTIA of the Hyborian era - capitol of Aquilonia

TARANTINO,  - Maggia, agent of Mason
    (app-mason)--Marvel Comics Presents #170/4

TARANTINO, Dr - psychiatrist, Ryan Mental Hospital, treated Master of Vengeance, killed by him during his escape
    *D* (app-MoV)--Spectacular Spider-Man II#212 (212d)

TARAN TULA - see ROXANNE ?? (app)--Nightmare#1

TARANTULA of the Old West (Clay Riley) - late 19th Century, criminal, enemy of Phantom Rider (Carter), former fiancÚ of Natalie Brooks, later owner of Riley Mining and manufacturing company, organized Nightriders to drive people from Wonderment, Montana in order to build smelting factory, shot and killed in 1885 by Reno Jones as Phantom Rider.
    used whip
    -Clay Rider *D* (Outlaw Files, app)--Ghost Rider I#2(Ghost Rider II#50, Ghost Rider I#3, 4,5, 6, 7, Western Gunfighters#1,2, 4, [Blaze of Glory#1],2,[3],4d)

TARANTULA, el (CÚsar Mendivil) - Delvadian hero, apparently died in battle with el Aguila (Paco Montoya) in 1890s
    --[Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files]

TARANTULA (Antonio Miguel Rodriquez) - Delvadian mercenary + assassin, attempted to gain powers from Brand Corporation, process disrupted by Will o’the Wisp, transformed into humanoid spider, lost sanity and progressively mutated into immense spider, jumped off roof of building into police gunfire when realized what he had become.
    skilled fighter, used sharp points on boots, dosed them with various toxins
    - Mr. Valdez *D* (D#20,M,net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#134 (134(fb), 134,135, 147,148, Spectacular Spider-Man II#1-3, Captain America I#224(fb), 224, Amz233-245, 236d)
    Fun and Games magazine advertisement-July, 1980

TARANTULA (Luis Alvarez) - Delvadavian patriot, successor to Rodriquez, slain by Jury.
    used same costume + boots
    - el ARANA *D* (U#7,M,net)--Web of Spider-Man#35 (36, Spectacular Spider-Man II#137, [Marvel Graphic Novel: Avengers: Deathtrap: The Vault], Punisher II#68-72, Marvel Comics Presents#124/4, Captain America 411-414, Venom: Sinner Takes All#2/2-4/2d)

TARANTULA (    ) - same costume as Rodriguez & Alvarez
    same being per Brian K. Vaughn
    (app)--Captain Marvel V#32/2, Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1 ([Runaways II#7]

TARANTULA (Maria Vasquez) - Heroes for Hire, Latina, daughter of Fernandez, sister of Rosa, past unrevealed, showed up to join the team
    martial artist, pointed/drugged spikes on boots and wrist
    --Heroes for Hire II#1 ([1 (fb)], 1, 2-5, 6-8, 8-11

TARANTULA - suspected Hydra base
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

TARASCUS of the Hyborian era - younger brother of Nimed, had him killed to ascend to throne of Nemedia, plotted with Orastes + Amalric + Valerius
    (app-xalt)--Hour of the Dragon, Giant-Size Conan#1 (Conan: Witch Queen of Acheron, Conan the Barbarian I#257, GS Conan#1, 2,3,[4], Savage Sword of Conan#10, Conan the Barbarian Annual#4

TARASKH - demon/dark god of the Scourge of Arakne, counterpart of incarnation of the Red Lord
    (app-arakne)--[Knights of Pendragon II#7]

TARASOV, MATVEY - proved immune to US government (?) werewolf mutation experiment on island Hazar; Crossbones was sent in to recover him but instead pushed him off helicopter to apparent death upon realizing the truth
    --Captain America and Crossbones#1 (2011)

TARAS VOL of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Lemurian, captured and mutated Cole + Gort + One-Eye, killed during Great Cataclysm
    *D*--Cable II#96 (96(fb1)

TAR BABY - Morlocks, Drain-Dwellers, Neverland, possibly exterminated.
    tar-like body with adhesive properties
    (D#8)--Power Pack I#12 (Weapon X II#5

TARBUK -  invoked by Ka-Zar "We are attacked by an enemy unseen. By the Talons of Tarbuk..."
    --Astonishing Tales I#8

TARDIS - Time travel device of the Doctor
    - Time And Relative Dimension in Space
    (app-doctor)-- Television: An Unearthly Child, BBC1; Comics: The Klepton Parasites, TV Comic #674;
    Marvel UK: The Iron Legion, Doctor Who Weekly #1; Marvel US: The Iron Legion, Marvel Premiere #57;

TAREE - female tribesman, briefly worshipped the Thing as a god
    --Shadows and Light #2

TARENE - extraterrestrial female, followers destroyed by Thanos who tapped her power until he was seemingly destroyed by her tears, came to earth to work by side of Thor in search of adventure, assisted him against nullitron and gladiator, took feminine form of Thor, duped into serving as mental host of the Destroyer, trapped in form of Thor Girl after lending power to Odin against Surtur.
    Tears grant great power when placed in chalice of tears by being holding the illumination stone, incinerate anyone not holding the stone
    ASGARD LASS, DESIGNATE*, DESTROYER, HAMMERETTE, HAMMER GIRL, Tara Olson, SPIRIT in the JEWEL (future self), the SUPREME, THOR GIRL*, "THOR LASS", THORETTA, THORITA (OH: Women)--[Thor Annual 2000/2],Thor22([23],24,25 33-35, 36-41, 43, 46-50, 53, 61, 62

TAREVA - Atlantean sorceress, summoned to Temple of the Three by Genghis
    (app)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Tragedy

TARF of "Earth-1037" - New Mutants, one of four mutants grown from test tube by Reed Richards, planned to use as first soldiers in a new war against Earth
    transform into eagle-man, fire optic blasts
    (app-newmutants1037)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "New Mutants: First Soldiers"

TARGET (Ted ) - mercenary, brother of Pinocchio, father held master form and was killed by mercenaries searching for it, trained as soldier by Merrick to gain vengeance on those who killed his parents, searched for Master Form with karma and wolverine, killed Merrick after learning that he had sent the mercenaries that killed his father. expert marksman, wm, blond
    (app-mast)--Wolverine II#27 (29(fb2), 30(fb), 27-30

TARGET - Elektra's Ryu, originally from the Natal Province of South Africa, trained long years in the Bowman's School of Kajima, killed by the Snakeroot
    *D* (app-ryu)--Elektra: Root of Evil#2d

TARGI - Asgardian
    --Thor I#416/2

TARGO - troll, barber, trimmed Thor’s beard after the scars on his face healed
    --Thor I#386

TARGON - Inhumans genetics council,
    brown with red beard
    --Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1

TARGOTH - genetically engineered warriors of Slorenia, decimated in battle against forces of Ultron, specimens taken by AIM, released by Doomsday Man, destroyed by Arana
    [the BRUTAL ONES] (app)--War Machine#14 (Force Works#11,12, Avengers III#20(fb,d), Ms. Marvel II#11-12

TARIANNA - hallucination of the Thing's while on Battleworld, resembled Sharon Ventura
    --Thing #12

TARIEL - Grigori, slaughtered by Oliver and the Stalkers
    *D* (app-grigori)--Punisher IV#3 (3d)

TARIM of the Hyborian era - god, agent of Erlik, worshipped by Turanians and Hyrkanians, patron god of Yezdigerd, worshipped by Red Sonja
    --Conan the Adventurer, the Wanderer’
    Conan the Barbarian I#19 (19(fb)

TARIN of Earth-691 - president of Earth, Commandeers.
    --Marvel Two-In-One#4 (5, Guardians of the Galaxy# , Galactic Guardians#2

TARIS - Kree planet consumed by Galactus
    --Untold Tales of Captain Marvel#1?

TARKAS - Gatherers.
    monstrous creature with spines and tail
    (app-gatherers)--Avengers I#372 (374,375


TARLETON, ALVIN - father of George, involved with his mutation into MODOK
    (app)--[MODOK: Head Games#1], 3

TARM the SEEKER* - Spaceknight Squadron.
    generate wings
    *D*--Rom Annual#2

TARNAKI, ANGEL - SHIELD II, air cavalry, brought in X-Force to reveal history of Dr. Constantin Racal and Niles Roman
    --X-Force I#112

TARNAX IV - second throneworld of Skrulls, became throneworld @ 100,000 BC, life energy consumed/destroyed by Galactus
    *Des*--Fantastic Four I#37 ( 2__d)

TARNAX VII (De'zean + mate (d), Ewe'fareek, Xavin) - distant Skrull outpost; assault on Earth prevented when Frank and Leslie Dean gave De'zean the coordinates to Majesdane (as well as the promise of marriage to their daughter); began a bloody fifty year war against the Majesdane, in which De'zean and his mate were slain; Xavin came to Earth to recruit Karolina Dean as his wife, brought her back with him in hopes of ending the Skrull-Majesdane war
    --[Runaways II#8], 14 ([8(fb)], 14

TARNHELM - magic helmet constructed by Mime for Alberich of the Nibelung, later held by Fafnir the Jotun and later Siegfried.
    Granted invisibility and shape-changing powers.
    (app)--Thor I#295 (295 (fb), 297 (fb), 298 (fb), [299 (fb), 300 (fb)]

TARNOK-KOL - Kree major
    --Inhumans II#1

TAROT (Marie-Ange Colbert) - White Queen and King Bedlam’s Hellions, seemingly killed by Fitzroy and his sentinels, but resurrected by own power, beholden to King Bedlam.
    summon and control forms of objects and beings represented on tarot cards
    *D/R* (D#5,net) <chronology incomplete>--New Mutants I#16 (

TARQ MARU - extraterrestrial, firstborn to Tama Maru, indentured servant of the Skrulls, sole survivor of Tercera Prime, saved from dying on his world by Surfer, delivered to ship carrying survivors from other worlds
    --Annihilation: Silver Surfer#2

TARR, JACK "BLACK JACK" - MI-6 head, freelance restorations, ally of Shang-Chi and Sir Denis Nayland Smith, took over as leader after Sir Denis
    (U#7) <chronology incomplete>--Master of Kung Fu I#17(
    Marvel Comics Presents#1/3-8/3, Master of Kung Fu II#1-6, Wisdom#5 (fb), 1, 4, 4 (fb), 5, 6

T’ARRANCE - Wakandan, schedule administrator
    (net-wak)--Black Panther: Panther’s Prey#2

TARRANT (Sir Robert Griswold*) - Shang-Chi foe
    *D* (app)--(rg)Master of Kung Fu I##43 (44; (Tar) 45(46,47d)

TARROS - Saku dim, scientist, experiments sabotaged by Desinna, mutated and sent to both 1934 and the modern era, encountered Doc Savage and Spider-Man, and Spider-Man figured that he was the victim, and allowed him to take vengeance on Desinna.
    Gigantic wraith-like, hooved creature
    (app-saku)—Giant-Size Spider-Man#3 (3(fb), 3(fb), 3

TARSITANO, LOUIS - priest, husband of sally, father of matthew, trapped at shopping mall which was terrorized by dusk, assisted ghost rider/ketch in banishing dusk by blessing water to use as weapon.
    wm, brown hair, glasses
    --Marvel Comics Presents#124/3 (125/3-127/3, [128/3,129/3], 130/3

TARSUU - A planet of the Negative Zone, its natives rebelled against an attack by Blastaar, led by Dusk and his successors
    --Spider-Man I#90

TARTAGLIA, PAUL - mobster, addiction to smoking manipulated by Punisher, enabling him to get a clear shot at him when he stepped outside
    SKINNY PAULIE* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#101/4

TARTAGLIA, Mrs. - widow of Paul, sought to make him stop smoking
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#101/4

TARTARO - monster from Land of Shades, brought to Olympus by Typhon, defeated by Hercules.
    Superhuman size + strength
    (app-typh)--Avengers I#49

TARTARUS - ancient primeval fire-god, father of Typhon + Delphyne, lent name to the realm of Hades
    --not in MU

TARTARUS (Arges, Argus, Cerberus, Charon, Crusher, the Danaides, Harpies, Ixion, Minos, Pluto, Rhadamanthys, Sarpedon, Sisyphus, Tantalus, Thanatos, Tityus, Typhon, Yellow-Crested Titans)
    - part of realm of Hades where the guilty and impure are sent to be punished
    (app)--Thor I#129 (130, Chamber of Darkness#1, Avengers I#282(fb), 282,283, Avengers Annual#23, Thor Annual#19

TARTARUS - agent of ISAAC during his takeover of titan
    -God of the Abyss (app-chaos)--Captain Marvel I#61

TARTARUS ( ) - Neo.
    young male, blond hair, generate illusions of greatest fears
    --X-Men II#101

TARTARUS - Wall Street, decadent pleasure palace, front for the Bacchae
    --Uncanny X-Men I#451

TARTARUS - member of Hidden Ones captured by WWII Nazis
    (app-Hidden)--Fantastic Four III#52 (53-54

TARTESSUS - demon, daughter of Set, used Talisman of Tartessus to access Earth, fed on souls of humans, formerly served by Calyxis
    (app)--Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#51 ([Marvel Tarot (fb)], [Doc: SS#51 (fb)], 51

TARTOONLA#7 - bazaar planet on which Gamora was assaulted
    --Warlock & the Infinity Watch#9 (9(fb)

TARTUS MINOR - planet from which the Annihilation Wave drove the United Front and then attacked them as they fled the atmosphere

TARU - see BAAL.
    Hattic name.
    (app-baal)--[Wolverine II#11], 12

TAR-VASH - Kree, led effort to pacify border planets, used Pacifier Units and Starwheels, captured Silver Surfer, assaulted Trellnax-7
    --Defenders II#7

TARVER, agent - SHIELD, Raft warden
    --Ms. Marvel II#18

TASCELA of the Hyborian era - Xuchotl, witch, caused war between Tecuhlti + Xotalanc, abducted Valeria and tried to drain her life, killed by Valeria while she was fighting Conan
    *D*--Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3 (3(fb), 3d

TASERFACE - see OVERKILL--Guardians of the Galaxy #1

TASHA ?? - University of Wisconsin-Madison, former student mentor to Nahrees
    (app-nahrees)--Inhumans V#4 (Inhumans V#5

TASHA ?? - mutant, went into coma after powers surfaced, trained to cope with outside thoughts by Professor X.
    Telepath, only able to read thoughts and not project
    --X-Men Unlimited#42/4

TASKER - gamesmaster of the Colosseum
    (app)--Death's Head + Killpower: Battletide#2 (3,4

TASKMASTER ( ) - criminal, Frightful Four, Thunderbolts (CSA), runs training academy for henchmen, forced to train Captain America (Walker) by US government.
    photographic reflexes enable him to duplicate any non-superhuman abilities he sees
    (I#11, D#13, M, 2006#11)--[Avengers I#194], 195 (196(fb) Deadpool III#35(fb) Captain America I#403/2, [Av194],195,196, Marvel Team-Up I#103, Av223, MTU#146, Thing26, Cap334, [346, 350], Amz308, Iron Man I#256, [388-389], Cap399/2, Daredevil I#292,293, 317,318, Siren Infinity, Siren#1-3, Deadpool III#2, Elektra#5,7 Hawkeye: Earth’s Mightiest Marksman, Avengers III#26, [32 (fb)], Dp39,40, 45, Captain America III#44, Wolverine II#167,168, Taskmaster#1-4, Deadline#2, Deadpool III#67-69,
JLA/Avengers#3, Avengers/JLA#4, Agent X#1-6, 7, 10, 13-15, [Cable and Deadpool#13], Moon Knight VI#3-6, Civil War#4-5, 6-7/Amazing Spider-Man#538, Cable & Deadpool#36, Avengers: The Initiative Annual#1/4 (fb), Marvel Comics Presents II#2, Avengers: Initiative#8 (fb), 9 (fb), 10, 12, 13

TASKMISTRESS - see HAWKEYE (Kate Bishop) (OH2006#5)--Young Avengers#1

TASMARA of the Hyborian era - god
    --Conan the Barbarian I#171

TASTE ( ) - Sensors.
    Generate and project acid
    (app-sens)--West Coast Avengers Annual#3

TAS’WZTA - D’Bari, Nova Centurion, Nova Corps/Starcorps, murdered by Kraa
    *D* (app-dbari)--Nova II#1 (1(fb), 15

TATE, LORALEE - registered nurse, daughter of Samuel, kidnapped by Black Talon's cultists for sacrifice, rescued by Brother Voodoo, dated him, forced by his brother’s spirit to stay in Haiti when she wanted to leave, resulting in her breaking up with him when she discovered this
    (app)--Strange Tales I#172 (172(fb), 172-173, Tales of the Zombie#6/5, 10, Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/4

TATE, sheriff RODERICK - investigated murder of Angela Lynne
    (app-dragon circle)--Jungle Action#19 (20,21, 24, Marvel Premiere#53

TATE, SAMUEL - Chief Detective of New Orleans Police Department, father of Loralee
    (app-loralee)--Strange Tales I#172 (173, [Tales of the Zombie#6/2], 10

TATE, senator - involved with peace talks between the Sandinistas and Contras in Nicaruagua, hired Jack and other mercenaries to kill Contras in ceasefire zones
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#60/4 ([60/4(fb)], 60/4


TATIANA - Lifeline, LASSES, assassin trained by Alicia Wells, twice rescued by Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
    --Captain America and the Secret Avengers#1 (2011)

TATSU'O – Yakuza, Japanese crimelord, grandfather of Opal Tanaka, uses Cybersamurai, sought to force Opal to marry one of the Cybersamurai to continue his line
    DRAGON LORD*—X-Factor I#63 (64(fb), 63,64, [Uncanny X-Men#289,290], XFac112,113

TATTERDEMALION (Arnold Puffenroth) - Nightshift, Thunderbolts army, former actor, former agent of Sidney Sarnak and Corporation.
    wears ragged clothing armed with variety of weapons
    -Michael Wyatt (I#11,D#13,M)--Werewolf by Night I#9,(named) Marvel Team-Up I#93 (Dazzler#36(fb), WwbN#9, Marvel Team-Up I#93, Ghost Rider II#55, Spider-Woman I#50, Dazz36, Captain America I#330,331, Solo Avengers#3, West Coast Avengers II#40, 76-79, Daredevil I#317,318, Deadpool III#68, Thunderbolts II#104

TATTERS, BILL - Daily Bugle
    --[Marvel Vision#23]

    (D#13)--Power Pack I#17 (
    Fantastic Force#9, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#2, FFor10-12

TATTOO ( ) - agent of Obadiah Stane, impersonated and killed stark international employee Dr. Bart Ainslee, distributed headsets for recreational use that actually placed wearer under control of Stane, caused significant injury and death at Stark International, killed by Stane when failed in its total destruction
    *D*--Iron Man I#162

TATTOO (Tudo Sukoto) - Tektos, brother of Base
    (app-tek)--Genetix#2 (5(fb), 2-6

TATTOO - see IRZEUMI--Avengers West Coast#72

TATTOO (?? Cord ) - see LONGSTRIKE.
    mutant, Xavier Institute, Omega Gang, formerly dated Slick, depowered on M-Day
    Project thoughts onto skin, become intangible
    (ME:X)--X-Men II#134 (135-138-->Longstrike)

TATTOO of Earth-148611 ( ) - agent of Damon Conquest and Daedalus Darquill, enemy of Justice
    (app)--Justice#3 (5,8

TATTOO of Earth-93060 ( ) - placed Ajak-Kar in Scott
    --Mantra II#5

TAU - Ethereal, part of the strangepac that survived the Annihilation Wave, fed to Galactus by Stardust
    *D*--Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#1/2 (1/2d)

TAU SCEPTRE - Kree territory, apparently destroyed by Nega-Bombs launched on order of Vulcan
    --[Guardians of the Galaxy II#13]

TAUREY, sir WILLIAM - 18th Century American Loyalist, ancestor of William of the Royalist Forces, attempted to warn the British forces of General Washington’s approach, killed by Steven Rogers
    --Captain America I#194

TAUREY, WILLIAM - organizer of Elite + Royalist Forces of America + Secret Empire IV, prides self on tracing lineage back to courts of England, attempted to use Madbombs to bring about the end of democracy in America, surrendered when challenged by Captain America
    (app)--Captain America I#194 (199,200, [Thunderbolts#19, 30],31,32

TAUREY TOWERS - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; former base of the Royalist Forces of America
    --Captain America I#

TAURIAN race (Kehl) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way galaxy, planet Taur (destroyed by Galactus), Intergalactic Council, approximately 200, 000 escaped planet.
    semi-humanoid, thick orange skin, great strength
    (I#10,D#15)--Thor I#160 (
    Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2],3

TAURON – Inhuman, father of Grimal, great-grandfather of unidentified child, second cousin of Vel
    --Inhumans III#1

TAURUS of the pre-Cataclysmic era - Sea Wolves, slain by Kull’s men
    *D*--Kull the Conqueror III#3

TAURUS of Aquilonia - Hyborian era, younger son of Conan and Zenobia, delved into sorcery, one foot transformed into hoof
    --King Conan

TAURUS of Nemedia - Hyborian era, thief, allied with Conan in planned theft of the Heart of the Elephant, killed by the giant spider in the Tower of the Elephant
    --Tower of the Elephant; Conan the Barbarian I#4 (Conan#4/Savage Sword of Conan#24

TAURUS of Khoraja - Hyborian era, former chancellor to Yasmela of Khoraja
    (app-yas)--Black Colossus, Savage Sword of Conan#2 (Conan the Barbarian I#246, SSoC#2, 3

TAURUS (Cornelius van Lunt*) - Zodiac Cartel, wealthy businessman, once attempted to purchase avengers, survived initial attack by LMD zodiac and sent west coast avengers against them, died in plane crash while battling moon knight.
    wore red-brown, horned costume
    *D* (D#15,M,app)—Avengers I#72 (77(fb), [Untold Tales of Spider-Man#21], [Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#20: Zodiac], Av80(fb), 72, 77(fb), 77, [80(fb)], 80(fb), 81, [Daredevil I#69], [Av82], 120-124, Ghost Rider II#7(fb), [7], [Iron Man I#183(fb)], 183,184, West Coast Avengers II#26-28, 29d)

TAURUS - see Mr. Zodiac (app)--Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac

TAURUS - see One-Man Zodiac (app)--Ghost Rider II#6

TAURUS - LMD Zodiac, battled Defenders under Scorpio, used by Maggia in attempt to prevent Taurus (Van Lunt) from moving in on their territory, destroyed by Iron Man (Rhodes).
    short + bald, superhuman strength and durability, had extendable cable-like "horns" on wrists
    *Des* (app)--Defenders I#49,50 ( Iron Man I#183d)

TAURUS – LMD Zodiac, used by Quicksilver against Avengers and West Coast Avengers, battled Hercules.
    large + brown humanoid with horns
    (app)--West Coast Avengers Annual#1

TAURUS – LMD Zodiac, battled West Coast Avengers alongside Scorpio, deactivated in Ankh dimension.
    female, large + red, horns, ring in nose
    (app)--West Coast Avengers II#26 (27,28

TAURUS - Ecliptic's Zodiac, battled Alpha Flight.
    Minotaur, superhuman strength, horns
    (app-zod)--Alpha Flight II#1 (10,12, Weapon X#1

TAURUS (Roberto Ferrar) - "New" Zodiac, organized by "World Trust" Scorpio
   Mexican male, massive size and strength
    (app)--New Warriors IV#4 (New Warriors IV#4-5, Dark Reign: Zodiac#1-2

TAVAREZ, BETH - mother of Night Cat, alcoholic would-be musician, died of alcohol poisoning after losing an audition
    *D* (app-nightcat)--Nightcat#1 (1(fb), 1

TAVAREZ, LOU - father of Night Cat, undercover police officer, died helping to free Night Cat from Dr. Ecstacy
    *D* (app-nightcat)--Nightcat#1 (1(fb), 1

TAVATAR - Inhumans
    --Fantastic Four: Countdown to Chaos (starting around pg. 29)

TAVI - worshipped by Rasputin
    Angel of Dearth* (app-rasputin)--[Iron Man I#56]

TAVISTICK - staff of Rasputin, empowered Fangor, destroyed
    *Des* (app-rasputin)--Iron Man I#56

TAWA - Native American gods, sun champion of the Pueblo peoples, assisted in battle against Demogorge
    (app)--Thor Annual#10

taxi driver - New York cabbie, possessed by Darklove while driving Cage, crashed and killed himself
    *D* (app-darklove)--Marvel Comics Presents #131/3 (132/3, 133/3d)

TAXI TAYLOR (Jim "Taxi" Taylor) - see TAYLOR, TAXI --Mystic Comics#2

TAXMAN (Paul Lennon) - 1920s era racketeer, killed by the Night Raven
    *D* (app)--Hulk Comic#3 (4

TAXTOR - Tekton, battled Thing on Kral
    (app-kral)--Fantastic Four I#91

TAYETTE - Wakandan, former agent of Killmonger, partner of Kazibe
    (net-wak)--Jungle Action#6 (7, 9, 11,12, 14, 17,18, Black Panther: Panther's Prey#3, 4

TAYLOR, Mr. - Uni-World Trading Corporation
    (app-doombringer)--Power Man & Iron Fist I#104

TAYLOR - X-Patriots.
    form solid objects from cold fire
    --X-Factor I#81

     (app-agentorange)--Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce

TAYLOR - former member of Purifiers, thrown out after he unwittingly allowed the de-powered Rictor to infiltrate them, allied with Arcade against X-Factor, had bombs set to go off when his heart stopped, took poison and died
    *D*--(shadowed) X-Factor III#29, (fully seen & identified) 30 (30 (fb), [30 (fb), 29-30, 31d)

TAYLOR, ALEXANDER X. - 2005, first man on Mercury
    --Speed Carter#2/4

TAYLOR, ANDY - sheriff, helped Rocket Racer stop Packrats
    (app-packrats)--Spectacular Spiderman Annual#10/4

TAYLOR, BILLY - mutant youth, son of Wendy, experimented on at Weapon X facility by Sinister--Weapon X II#5

TAYLOR, FRANK - pre-modern era, lazy reporter, duped the Alien Champion with sleeping contest
    (app-alienchamp)--Strange Tales I#98

TAYLOR, HARRISON - geneticist, developed "Bigpox," possibly slain by Host
    --Mystique#7 (8d)

TAYLOR, HUGH - Guardsmen, son of Gen. Orwell Taylor, entered cell of Venom to investigate when Venom disguised himself as an unconscious guard, killed by him
    *D*--Amazing Spider-Man I#315 (315d)

TAYLOR, JENNA - Firehart Industries, former executive assistant to Thomas Firehart/Puma
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#256 (257,258, Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#2 (fb)

TAYLOR, KYMBERLY – SHIELD II, led group that defended and then freed Reverend William Connover from Humanity’s Last Stand’s Mutant Liberation Front
    (app)--Punisher III#12 (13-16

TAYLOR, LEILA - Daily Bugle reporter, former girlfriend of Falcon
    SISTER SWEET*--Captain America I#139 (140, 142,143, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#8, Cap144, 149, 151, 153,154, 157, 159-161, 165,166, 169-171, 178, 183,184, 188, 191, 193, 201-203, Marvel Team-Up I#52, Captain America An4, Cap206-209, Marvel Premiere#29, Cap272, [Captain America and the Falcon#1(fb)], 1(fb), 1-4

TAYLOR, MICHI - reporter, interviewed Matt Murdock & Karen Page after their engagement
    (app-hichok)--Daredevil I#86

TAYLOR, Gen. ORWELL - Jury, father of Hugh Taylor + Screech, organized team to gain vengeance on Venom for the murder of his son
    --Venom: Lethal Protector#1 (2, Amazing Spider-Man I#383-385, Spider-Man: Arachnis Project#3-6

TAYLOR, Lt. REBECCA - cop, Paranormal Law Enforcement Team, near victim of big game posse, former ally of vengeance, killed by Diabolique
    *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#152/3 (153/3-156/3, 164-166, 167-169, 172,173d, 174-175)

TAYLOR, ROLAND – Captain Universe recipient, schizophrenic, permanently empowered by the Uni-Power,
    (app)--Cosmic Powers Unlimited#5/2

TAYLOR, TAXI (Jim Taylor) -
    --(g) Mystic Comics#2

    (net-preff)--(g)Blaze Carson#1

    (net-preff)--(g)Navy Combat#1

TAYLOR, W.C. - Friends of Humanity
    --X-Men Unlimited#30/3

TAYLOR, WENDY - sister of Billy, mutated at Weapon X facility by Sinister
    (app)--Weapon X II#5

TAYLOR FOUNDATION (Chord, father Michael Janes, Gai No Don, Walter Rosen, Sprocket, Dwayne Taylor)
    philanthropic business organization
    --New Warriors I#1

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