T'BLIK B'TLOK - walrus in John Burrows zoo, intelligence enhanced by Super-Apes
    --New Warriors III#2

T'CAHR - Shi'ar, former minister of peace, former ally of D'Ken, attempted to draw Shi'ar into war against the Clench
    --Starjammers#1 (2-4

T'CHAKA - father of T’Challa, former ruler of Wakanda, adoptive father of White Wolf, killed by Ulysses Klaw
    -BLACK PANTHER x-2* *D* (net)--Fantastic Four I#53 (Black Panther III#30(fb), 12(fb), 3(fb4), 27(fb), 27(fb), 5(fb), Fantastic Four I#53(fb)

T'CHAMBWE - Wakandan, first chieftain of the Panther Tribe
    --[Spider-Man/Human Torch#4]

T'CRILEE - Brood commander, killed by X-Men
    *D*--Uncanny X-Men #164 (164d)

TEACHER (    ) - Wakandan, thief, father of Zenja, old associate of Achmed el Gibar, trained youths, include Ororo, Chacha, & Zenja, slain by Bull
    *D*--Storm II#1

TEACHER ( ) - performed genetic experiments on his own pregnant wife, resulting in creation of Bloodhawk (his son), retreated to the island of Maura to educate and train him
    (app)--Avengers I#179 (179 (fb), 179-180

TEACHER - Students/Cult of Love, killed when commune burnt down
    (app-sol)--[Web of Spider-Man#40], 41 (42, 43

    identity used as leader of the nihilist order
    --Captain America I#261 (262

TEAM (Lt. Sokolowski, Stacy Dolan, Sean Tully, Tempest) - government task force
    --Ghost Rider III#56 (57-63, 68, 70, Over the Edge#4, GR70-72, 74, Venom: Sign of the Boss#1,2

    --Captain America I#269 (Team America#1(fb), 2(fb), Cap269, TeamA#1-12, New Mutants I#5,6

TEAMLEADER (Ydrai) - Kymellian, Force Four.
    Form wide variety of devices and weapons from body armor
    (app-ff)—Power Pack I#50

TEAM OMEGA (Carlos de Silva, Mark Devlin, Eagle, Annie Jones, Shaka, Corrine)
    - elite counter-terrorist squad, ambushed and badly injured by an unidentified creature in the Congo, the five members were saved by Dr. Sam Merrick’s gene-matching process and went on to become the Gene Dogs
    (app-gd)--Gene Dogs#1 (1(fb)

TEAM SPIDER of Earth-982 (April, Chesbro, June, team of agents) - Black Tarantula sponsored group, assisted Spider-Girl, vanished without a trace after Black Tarantula was arrested
    --Spider-Girl#75 (76-78

TEAM X (Victor Creed, David North, John Wraith, Logan, Mastodon, Silver Fox, Barrington) - former agents of government, all from project x
    (net)—X-Men II#5 ( Maverick II#2(fb4), X5(fb)

TEAR of HEAVEN - magic gem used in ritual on Koma Kai near the end of each century to summon either an age of enlightenment or darkness, sought by Coven to being about final dark age of man, hidden by the Temple of the Sun who duped the Coven into revealing their presence, then destroyed them
    (app-kayla)--[Marvel Comics Presents#132], 136 ([132-135],136

TEAR of NITOCRIS - housed spirit of former Stygian queen, held by Rosina, melted down after Nitocris' spirit was released and took crystallien form and was destroyed while destroying crystalline form of Kha Semblor
    --Savage Sword of Conan I#216

TEBBEL – planet, home of Khult & Nirvana, conquered by Tantalus

TECH (Arnold Stewart Kamisky) - Project: Survival, directed the theft of nuclear weapons to be used as the means to lift off the city from Earth, injured when the Human Torch disabled the bombs and set off a detonator
    (app-project)--Fantastic Four I#302 ([302(fb)], 302

TECH of Earth-93060 (Lela Cho) – Solution

TECHBACHER, BAMBI - Olympus Group, secretary (among other things) of Zeus
    --Hercules III#2 (4

TECH CACHE - Omega Core

TECH-GNOMES - diminutive humanoids grown from trees by Blaquesmith, used on missions of controlled destruction.
    drills on heads
    --X-Man#42 (43,45

TECHMASTER (William "Billy" Bitzer) - criminal, employed Enforcers, encountered Dazzler (Alison Blaire)
    (app)--Dazzler#7 (8 (fb), [8 (fb)], [7 (fb)], 7, 8, [12 (fb)], 12

TECHMATRIX - company run by Karl Kraus, front for Hydra
    --Fury of SHIELD#1 (2

TECHNARCHY race (Tyro, Warlock, Magus, unidentified siredam) – extraterrestrial, home planet Kvch, unidentified galaxy, created Phalanx to conquer planets for them, fathers face sons in combat over right to govern.
    techno-organic metamorphs, composed of metal-like substance, feed by absorbing energy from various substances, infect others with transmode virus +/- consume their energy
    (D#15)--New Mutants I#18

TECHNARCHY (Tansteele) - nation/world power on Eopia, led by Demagog Montano and formerly Tansteele, manipulated by Collapsar and Mys-Tech
    (app)--Dark Guard#1, (named) #2 (3, 4

TECHNARX of Counter Earth-Franklin - primal node of West Chester nexus of nascent species of techno-organic mutants known as the host, allied with doom to defend their earth from the dreaming celestial, briefly accompanied him to mainstream earth, fought and defeated by fantastic four, sent back to Counter Earth.
    (OH2006#3-Doom's generals)--[Heroes Reborn: Ashema], Heroes Reborn: Doom ([Fantastic Four III#24],25,26,[27],28, Fantastic Four An2000(fb), 2000

TECHNET (Bodybag, China Doll, Elmo, Ferro4, Gatecrasher, Joyboy, Numbers, Pandora, Paradok, Ringtoss, Scatterbrain, Thug, Waxworks, Yap, dragon + dragon children, Paradok(black+white with flare) )
    - band of interdimensional mercenaries, unknown connection with special executive
    (U#7)--(UK) Captain Britain II#3; CB TP, Excalibur Special Edition#1 (Excalibur I#12,13, 15, 42-47, Marvel Comics Presents#174, Fantastic Four III#6-8, Ex125

TECHNO (Paul Norbert Ebersol) - former thunderbolt, ally of baron (Helmut) zemo, body destroyed by elements of doom, reformed as technological being, kidnapped and replaced ogre in order to infiltrate thunderbolts.
    intuitive mechanical genius, great capacity for invention, reconfigure form into any equipment he needs, as well as to impersonate others
    -FIXER*,OGRE imposter (net)--Incredible Hulk II#449 (Thunderbolts Annual 1997(fb), Thunderbolts#1, Hulk449,[450], Tales of the Marvel Universe #1/2, Tb2, Spider-Man Team-Up#7, Tb3,4, Tb Annual 1997 An,Tb5, Heroes for Hire#2, Amazing Spider-Man I#430, Tb6-8 9, HsfH#7, Tb10-12,14-17,20 28? 30 33-37,Tb An2000 Tb38,40-44

TECHNOCRAT (    ) - Kymellian engineer, transferred his consciousness into the station's computer system, created a pseudoplasmic duplicate of his original body to physically interact with others, replaced Alex Power with a pseudoplasmic duplicate that believed itself to be the real Alex
    (app)--Power Pack Holiday Special#1

TECHNOCRAT of Earth-253 (Kim) - battled Qabiri, lower half blown off by him, presumably destroyed when Earth was destroyed
    *D* (app-earth-253)--X-Man#71 (72(fb), 71, 72d)

TECHNOIR (Gale Cameron) – Master’s Omega Flight
    (net-af)--Alpha Flight I#110

TECHNO-KILLER (Harold Marks) - former low-level research technician at Stark International, left to work for author James Spencer, built armor in order to gain respect and vengeance from perceived lack of appreciation from Spencer, armor based on designs of Spencer, which were extrapolated from design plans of armor from Stark Enterprises, battled Iron Man, defeated when Spencer deduced that Marks had created a vulnerable point based on his designs.
    fly, powerful energy blasts, orange armor
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#132/2 (132/2(fb), 132/2

TECHNOLOGISTS GUILD of the Eternals (Domo, Makkari, Mara, Phastos, Sigmar, Verona)
    -organization dedicated to expertise in technology
    --[Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#6]

    --[ ], Dr. Strange III#83

TECHNOMANCER (Ted Larkin) - sent computer virus into bank to transfer money into his account, virus continued into air force base and then into Box (Jeffries) robot, which it forced to attempt to launch missiles until destroyed by box in new armor, killed when virus caused air force to transfer missiles to his house
    *D* (net-af)—Alpha Flight I#63

TECHNOMANCERS (Raven, Master Om, Maegis Gunther Senreic, Maegis Hamilton Cromwell)
    - based in Aleister Building, worship science and magic, manipulated sphere of Sara-Kath, attacked by Buel
    --Sensational Spider-Man II#21 (22,23, 32

TECHNONECROTIC VIRUS - variant of the Technarch/techno-organic virus?
    --Wolverine: Best There Is#8 (2011); (identified) #9

TECHNOS of "Earth-7643" - extraterrestrial race, designed Ulysses to act as Monark Starstalker's nervous system
    mechanical hearts
    (app-starstalker)--Marvel Premiere#32

TECHNOSPIKE ( ) - System Crash, used electrically charged wrist cables
    (app-system)--Daredevil I#326 (327-329, Silver Sable#25, DD330-332

TECHOTL of the Hyborian era - Tecuhltli, saved from Burning Skull by Valeria, allied with her and Conan, slain by Olmec for objecting to his taking of Valeria
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#2

TECHNOTROID - see ITT--[Fantastic Four I#347], 349

TECHNOVORE - nanite creation on Stark space station, fought Iron Man, destroyed
    *Des*--Iron Man I#294 (295d

TECHNO-WIZARDS - Mys-Tech board after they had been empowered by their Bio-Computer
    (app-mystech)--Dark Angel#13 (14-16
, D'sH#15, Death Metal#4

TECHOTL of the Hyborian era - Xuchotl, native of Tecuhlti, brought Conan + Valeria into the city, slain by Olmec when attempted to stop him from abducting Valeria
    *D*--Red Nails; Savage Tales I#2 (3d

TECHTOPIA of Earth-93060 - Godwheel, underside, site of Godwar, controlled by machines

TECHUZA of Earth-93060 -
    --Giant-Size Prototype#1

TECK-YO, Reverend MOON - Korean CIA, allied with Ross Whittaker and Global Security, INC.
    (app-whittaker)--Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Intruder

TECTOR - acted as security for Dr. Depford
    --Moon Knight VI#13

TECUHLTI of the Hyborian era - brother of Xotalanc, led conquest of Xuchotl with him, degenerated into civil war when Tascela was taken, killed in the war
    *D*--Red Nails; Savage Tales I#3 (3(fb, dies)

TECUHLTLI of the Hyborian era - city on the west side of Xotalanc, home to the Tecuhltli(s)
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#2

TECUHLTI(s) of the Hyborian era (Olmec, Tascela, Techotl, Tecuhlti, Topal, Yanath, Yasala)
    - followers of Tecuhlti, engaged in warfare against the people of Xotalanc, eventually all slain in civil wars.
    Used red nails to mark the deaths of their enemies
    --Red Nails; Savage Tales I#2, 3 (3(fb, 2,3

TECUMOTZIN - Incan god for whom Ajak was frequently mistaken
    --[Eternals I#2]

TED ?? - Teen Brigade
    (app-teenbrigade)--Avengers I#13 (13/Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#5

TED ?? - Millwood, New Hampshire, afflicted with radiation poisoning, given illusion of a normal life by the Over-Mind until he was convinced to release the town
    *D (presumably)* (app-overmind)--Marvel Comics Presents#40/4 (40/4 (fb), 20/4

TED ?? - see MANKOWSKI, TED--Amazing Fantasy II#3

    --Young Allies#2

TEDDY - robot created by Dr. Denton, destroyed by Slapstick

TEELA - Midnight Angels

TEEN BRIGADE (Rick Jones, Mike Armstrong, Bill Bishop, K.C. Ritter (Sam Casey), Bobby Sanchez, Tom Smith, Keith Wilson, Buddy, Charlie, Ted, Willie)
    - group of ham radio operators that assisted in searches and distribution of information
    (app)--Incredible Hulk I#6 (Avengers I#1-6, 8-10, [11], 13 / Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#5(fb),Av14, Journey into Mystery I#116, X-Men I#13, Marvel: Heroes & Legends '97, [Thunderbolts I#9], [Av21], Tales to Astonish I#97, Captain America I#115, Captain Marvel I#51-53, [Incredible Hulk II#260], Annual#17/4, Incredible Hulk II#417

TEEN BRIGADE (Candy Barr, Ben "Wheels" Cassidy, Bill "Specs" Mantle, Sally Rider) - answered call from Rick Jones while imprisoned by Corruptor
    --[Incredible Hulk II#260], 264 (265

TEEN BRIGADE (Barnell Bohusk, Ms. America/Chavez, Angel Salvadore, Ultimate Nullifier) - young heroes
    --Vengeance#1 (2011)


TEENA the FAT LADY (Mary Stensen) - Circus of Crime, sideshow performer, left circus in effort to raise a family, but eventually returned
    (App)--Incredible Hulk I#3

TEETH of GWAHLUR of the Hyborian era - valuable gems of Alkmeenon, sought by Conan and Thutmekri using the Oracle of Alkmeenon, unable to be stolen due to protection due to the servants of Bit-Yakin, fell into a deep lake outside Alkmeenon
    --REH's Jewels of Gwahlur; Conan the Warrior; Savage Sword of Conan#25

TEFRAL the SURVEYOR - Celestials, first-fourth hosts, contained energies of nuclear bomb launched by Deviants to prevent it from causing harm
    (I#2,D#2,M)--Eternals I#7 (Thor I#300, Eternals II#12, Fantastic Four An23, Avengers I#339, Heroes Reborn: The Return#4, GLA#4

    secret identity adopted during Civil War, alleged IT consultant for major international finance corporation
    --Cable & Deadpool#30/Civil War#3

TEIRESIAS - son of a nymph, struck blind by Athena after spied her bathing, granted the ability to hear the words of the god after his mother pleaded to Athena for him, told Alcmena and Amphitryon of Heracles' true origins
    --Incredible Hercules#126 (126 (fbs)

TEJU Earth-691 - Reptoid, Minions of Menace, Intimidators
    (app)--Giant-Size Defenders#3 ([Thor Annual#6 (fb)], 6, [Guardians of the Galaxy#21 (fb)], 21, [23], [Annual#2 (fb)], 2

TEKAGI - Snakeroot, former member of the Hand, former lover of Elektra, took over leadership of the Snakeroot after Daito's suicide, slain by Elektra
    *D* (app-snakeroot)--
Daredevil I#320 (Elektra: Root of Evil#2 (fb), 3(fb), 323(fb), 320-325, Daredevil Annual#10, Elektra: Root of Evil#1-3, 4d)

TEKELI-LI - former Axi-Tun nebula-cruiser, crashed on Earth, crew subverted into becoming the Star-Gods by Brain Drain
    --[Invaders I#2]

TEKNIGHT of Earth-93060 ( ) - Nuware robot, controlled by Guy
    --Night Man I#8 (9,10)

TEKNIGHT of Earth-93060 (Lance ; ) - Nuware, wore suit of armor possessed by Theodoric
    --Night Man#11 (Prototype#13, NM#12, Solitaire#10, Solution#13, Giant-Size Prototype#1, NM#13)

TEKNIGHT of Earth-93060 (Theodoric) - king @ 451, killed by Boneyard, body inhabited armor rebuilt by Nuware
    --Night Man I#11 (11(fb), 11,12, Solitaire#10, Solution#13, Giant-Size Prototype#1, NM#13,14, Night Man Annual#1, Strangers Annual#1, Strangers#19-22, 24

TE KORTINEA of the Hyborian era - priestess of the Order, condemned Ra Morgana and her mother for her affair
    --Savage Sword of Conan#29

    Motormouth & Killpower#4-5

TEKTON race (Taxtor) - extraterrestrial, andromeda galaxy, planet tekton, some were used by skrulls for gladiatorial combat on Kral.
    semi-humanoid, purple fur, superhuman strength, semi-prehensile tail
    (I#10,D#15)--Fantastic Four I#91
    Squirrel Girl II#29-30

TEKTOS (Bubble, Fractal, Fugue, Karbon, Shrapnel, Tattoo)
    - created by gena-sys
    (app)--Genetix#2 (3-6

    first name considered
    --X-Statix#10 (10(fb)

TELEMACHUS - son of Odysseus/Ulysses, searched for father when he disappeared following the Trojan War, encountered Sersi in Aegea, who attempted to force him to stay, rescued by Athena, married Sersi after the death of Odysseus.
    Sersi still recalls him as her greatest love
    *D* (app-od)--[Captain America I#397(name+image only)]

TELEMETRY (    ) - Initiative, Heavy Hitters
    --Avengers: The Initiative#17 (Avengers: The Initiative Special#1

TELEMPATHIC CRYSTAL – weapon of Shakati.
    generate illusions based on desires and/or fears
    --Marvel Preview#11

TELESTI of the Folk - elf, agent of Merlin during his plot to conquer England, slain by Hellstorm
    *D*--Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#3 (4-5, 6d)

    Device used to amplify power of Ursula Richards, Phillip Le Guin, and two others in effort to alter reality to make America fit Morgan MacNeil Hardy's ideals
    (app-foreverman)--Captain America I#264 (264(fb), 264

TELESCOPE - Fury Secret Base 15
    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

    Hurrian name--[Dr. Strange III#26]

TELEPLEX ( ) - Kinsmen, mutant.
    clairvoyant, monitor + project distant events on a television screen
    (app-kins)--Marvel Comics Presents #43/4

teleporter (    ) - one of the super-villains slain and resurrected by the Hand
    *D/R*--[Wolverine II#26], (named) 28 ([26-27], 28

TELLARIAN EXPANSE - possible within the Shi'ar Empire
    --X-Force II#5

TELLING-STONE, LUCAS - Noah van Helsing's vampire hunters, Native American mystic, dedicated to hunting down the descendants of his tribe's ancient adversaries, the Jumlin, survived final battle with the Adze
    spiritualist, elite guide, world class tracker, psychic, shape-shifter, magician, conjurer, mute (communicates via gestures and telepathy)
    (app)--Tomb of Dracula IV#1 (1(fb), 1-4

TELLURIUM - Elements of Doom

TELV - Inhuman, former member of Tonaja's class, held back a year and thus missed terrigenesis
--Inhumans III#2

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