TEMASIKA (Sultan, Blowfish, Heinrich) - island in South-East Asia, base of Sultan
    --Marvel Comics Presents#162/2 (163/2-165/2

TEMAX - @ Crusades, giant earth gnome, ally of Chandu the Wizard, battled Hulk
    (app)--Defenders I#11

TEMPA, DA - see DA TEMPA--Marvel Premiere#18


TEMPERED BROTHERHOOD - see TEMPLOIDS (app-temp)--Battletide I#2

    Imperial Guard
    (I#5,D#6)—X-Men I#107 ([108,109],137, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, Uncanny X-Men#275, [Captain America I#398], Avengers I#347, Starjamers#4

TEMPEST (Pvt. William Read) - x-force (M Branch), survived and stayed with the group.
    amplify existing weather conditions
    -STORM* (app-xf)--Cloak & Dagger III#10

TEMPEST ( ) - pilot for the Team
    --Ghost Rider III#58 (60,61, Over the Edge#4, GR74

TEMPEST (Nicolette Giroux) - Exemplars, former international game warden tracking down ringleader in illegal exotic bird trade, idealist, history of clashing with superiors, empowered by wondrous waterfall of watoomb @ 32 years old.
    command forces of nature, wf, brown hair
    (app, net)--Iron Man III#22 (Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11, Juggernaut: 8th Day, Avengers III#24,25

TEMPEST (Angel* Salvadore)  - New Warriors, depowered on M-Day, given technological weaponry
    -- [New Warriors IV#1], (in shadows) New Warriors IV#2; (fully seen) #3; (identified) #4 ([1], 2-6

TEMPLAR (Ian Fitzwilliam Dare) - First Line, Scottish armored warrior, father of Squire, retired @ Nixon era and married Rosalyn, returned for and killed during the Skrull invasion.
    red hair
    KNIGHT TEMPLAR* (net-lostgen)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12 (7, 12

TEMPLAR, SCOTT of Earth-148611 - CIA agent
    --Kickers Inc. #6 (8, 12

TEMPLARS - Si-Fan, white suits + orange cowl + bare face, use swords
    -- ( Master of Kung Fu#83

    briefly mutated by Spiral and Mojo .
    alter form of others, mentally influence others
    (app-bratpack)--New Mutants Annual#2

TEMPLATE - Bastion reprogrammed by mainspring to serve his designs
    --Warlock III#7

TEMPLE, Dr. CLAIRE - former employee of Noah Burstein, formerly dated Black Goliath and Power Man (Cage).
    --Hero for Hire#2 (3

TEMPLE of ...
    - Peru, site where Ezekiel gained his powers, watched over by Incan descendent
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#32, 65 (67(fb), 32(fb)/66(fb), 65-67

TEMPLE of ATHENA - Acropolis of Phaselis, Lycia; Mormo (Geist) slew Lython and claimed the Spear of Achilles.
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

TEMPLE of ATLAS - Atlas Foundation
    --Agents of Atlas#1 (

TEMPLE of BALTHAKK - within arctic circle in Nanavut Canada, contained Blinding Brazier of Balthakk which empowered Inferno (Samantha McGee)
    (app-inf)—Iron Man III#21/2

TEMPLE of COMMAND - Olympia, tower on which sets the eternal seat
    --Eternals I#5 ( I#1

TEMPLE of CONTEMPLATION of Earth-712 - headquarters of Professor Imam, crumpled when Imam left it to commune with the Nth Man
    *Des*--Captain America I#314 (Squadron Supreme I# , Marvel Graphic Novel: Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe (des))

    (app-coven)--Marvel Comics Presents#133 (134, 135

TEMPLE of CYTTORAK - Indonesia, contained Crimson Ruby of Cyttorak, discovered by Cain Marko, who was empowered by the ruby to become Juggernaut
    --X-Men I#12 (12(fb)

TEMPLE of DAKA-JUR - Bengal Jungle, temple to Kali built by slaves of Raga-Shah
    --Savage Tales I#9/2

TEMPLE of the DRAGON's BREADTH - former base of Tai, built around Well of All Things a few centuries ad by North Cambodian nomads who discovered it, utilized centuries of meticulous selective breeding based on mystical aptitude to create powerful disciples to tap into power of the well
    --New Warriors I#22 (Night Thrasher II#11+12(fb), NW#22-25

TEMPLE of FARALLAH - in the Andreas, discovered by col. Nigel Pigman, contained Fearsome Fist of Farallah, which empowered Carnivore
    (app-carn)--Iron Man III#22

TEMPLE OF FLAME – temple in New York City built by Tibetan Lamas belonging to a race of Fire-Men and used as a prison for their mortal enemies the Fire Monsters. Temple inhabited by Lamas Kalif and Culflam along with an unknown number of followers.
--Marvel Mystery Comics#14 (December 1940) (Marvel Mystery Comics#14-15)

TEMPLE of the GRASSCUTTER - formerly held the Grasscutter sword
--Thor: Blood Oath#5

TEMPLE of the GREAT WEAVER - Spider Clan, taken over by Snake Clan, freed with aid of Spider-Man
    --Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2001

TEMPLE of IBIS of the Hyborian era - located in the Nest of the Sacred Ibis, a short distance from Messantia, Argos
    (app)--Marvel Feature I#7

TEMPLE of IBIS of the Hyborian era - Akkhora, Shem
    --Conan the Barbarian I#115

TEMPLE of LIGHT - Lashi, India; former base of the Lord of Light
    MOUNTAINTOP SANCTUARY of LASHI (app-lordoflight)--Strange Tales II#1 (2

TEMPLE of LIGHT of the Microverse - State-sanctioned church on Homeworld where worshippers could gamble their organs to gain life credits and extended life
    --Micronauts I#44

TEMPLE of MAN (acolyte, priests, Sargor) - home to an order of monks, holds the Book of Knowledge; priests murdered by Sargor under influence of Lectra of Phaseworld
    --Dr. Strange Annual#1

TEMPLE of ORDER of the HELLFIRE SERPENT - see ORDER of the HELLFIRE SERPENT, TEMPLE of (app-hellfireserpent)--Terror, Inc#1

TEMPLE of RAGGADORR - in jungles of Thailand, contained Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr which empowered Stonecutter
    (app-stone)--Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11

TEMPLE of the SPIDER - Japan, home to Spider People, former site of worship of Omm
    --Marvel Team-Up I#111

TEMPLE of the SUN (guardians, high priest, Kayla) - Kona Koi, use Tear of Heaven to bring about an age of enlightenment, duped Coven with false gem into revealing themselves, allowed Wolverine to destroy Coven
    (app-kayla)--Marvel Comics Presents #132 (133-136

TEMPLE of TANGKOR MARAT - circa 1000 AD, active in what would become the rainforest of Thailand, trained in magic and advised of predestined doom by "Emissaries of the Invisible World," split into Northern and Southern sects based on different opinions on how to deal with this

TEMPLE of THOTH - presumably located in Heliopolis, guarded by the Sons of Thoth/Toth
    TEMPLE of TOTH* (app-thoth)--[Thor: Blood Oath#1], 6

TEMPLE of the THREE - Java, site where the greatest sorcerers on earth are gathered by Aged Genghis to compete for the title of Sorcerer Supreme
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom: Triumph & Tragedy

TEMPLE of TIME (Microverse) - astral realm, possibly associated with the Spacewall, base of the Time Travelers
    --Micronauts I#49 (56

TEMPLE of TIROD - Mexico, former base of Kang, later used by Timespinner
    (app-spr)—Avengers I#11 (Spider-Man Team-Up#4

TEMPLE of TOTH (THOTH) - base of the Ennead Thoth/Toth, visited by Thor and Warriors Three as part of blood oath demanded by Gnives
    (app-thoth)--Thor: Blood Oath#1, 6

TEMPLE of the TOAD - ancient Atlantean (?) temple in Honduras that housed the Toad God
    (app-toad god)--Chamber of Chills#3

TEMPLE of VALTORR - undersea off north coast of Tahiti, contained Verdant Vial of Valtorr which empowered decay
    (app-decay)--Iron Man III#22

TEMPLE of WATOOMB - in rain forest of Northen Australia, contained Wondrous Waterfall of Watoomb which empowered Tempest
    --Iron Man III#22

    original name for deo, home of the deonists
    (app-souls)--Thor I#262

TEMPLEWORTH, LILLIAN - Egyptologist, assisted Thing against Gamal Hassan/Nephrus
    (app-neph)--Marvel Two-In-One#95

TEMPLOIDS (Gabriel ) - barbaric past, developed the Program and became pacifists
    (app)--Death’s Head + Killpower: Battletide I#2 (Battletide II#3(fb2), BT I#3(fb), BT I#2-4, II#3(fb1), 1-4

TEMPLOID ORDER - see TEMPLOIDS (app-temp)--Battletide I#2

TEMPO (Heather Tucker) – Mutant Liberation Front, Acolytes
    alter perception of flow of time, bf, wore helmet, fly
    (198, net-mlf)--New Mutants I#86,87(named) ( X-Factor I#
    , X-Men II Annual#1 (2007), X201
    X-Men: Legacy#208 (fb), [208-209], 210

TEMPORAL ASSIMILATOR - technology utilized by Collector, enables him to travel through time
    --Avengers I#28?

TEMPTRESS ( ) – mutant, Brood Mutants.
    pheromone-like ability to control others
    *D* (app-bm)--Uncanny X-Men#232 (233,234d)

TEMPTRESS --see TERMINATRIX (app)--Fantastic Four An#25

TEMPRESS – see ASP/Nefertiti. Stage name—Captain America I#3__

TEMPTRESS - X-Force, part of a television show filming Doop's adventures
X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "X-Force: Primetime Doop"

TEMPUS - statuesque servant of Immortus, used to absorb souls of Council of Cross-Time Kangs and form a barrier to keep Alioth from attacking Chronopolis
    able to reform after shattered
    (app)—Giant-Size Fantastic Four#2 (Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#3(fb), GSF4#2, Thor I#282, Avengers West Coast#62, What If? II#39, Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#3,4, Avengers Forever#1, 3, 7

TEMPUS - Phaseworld dove empowered by Lectra?
    --Dr. Strange II Annual#1

TEMUJAI - legendary Chinese conqueror
    possibly Temujin/Genghis Khan
    --(g) [Yellow Claw#2]

TEMUJAI - agent of Yellow Claw, giant robot coated with skin-like flexus"
    (app)--(g) Yellow Claw#2

TEMUJIN - successor/son of the Mandarin, trained by order of priests to take over the mantle after his father’s seeming death, sent Iron Man imposter (Clarence Ward) against Iron Man, sought Hypernova, right hand sliced off by Puma
    real name of Genghis Khan?
(OH2006#7-Mandarin, IM, ME)--Iron Man III#53(54(fb), 53-55, [65-67], 68, 69, [86-88],89, [Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11#1-2], 3-5

TEN, the - founders of Wolfpack, originally formed over 2000 years ago by covenant with God, composed of ten just and truly righteous men, have existed since then with varying membership, one of them renounced status and formed a cult to oppose the evil group known as the Nine, this cult became the Wolfpack
    --Marvel Graphic Novel: Wolfpack

TENCLAWS, GORATH - Cloudsea, sorcerer, brother of Kurudred, uncle of Spindrifter, death rune placed on his brow by League of Three Threes for his evil acts and association with Kurudred
    *D* (app-cloud)--[Marvel Graphic Novel: Spider-Man in Hooky]

TEN-COR - Kree soldier, worked alongside Peter Quill on Hala until being assimilated by the Phalanx
    --Annihilation conquest: Prologue

TEN EAGLES, VICTOR - Lawless, right arm destroyed by Foolkiller 2099
    --X-Men 2099#7 (22(fb), 32(fb), 7-11, 29, 32(fb2), 31-35, 2099: World of Tomorrow#3-8

TEN MINUTE CLUB 2099 – Alchemax marines, performed the most dangerous missions
    --Punisher 2099#21 (21(fb)

TENDRIL (River Verys) - necrotizing fascitis patient at GARID, treated by Dr. Monica Staphos, mutated by serum from Spider-Man into web-like creature, died fighting attempt to return him to normal.
    *D* (OH: Spdm: BiB, app)--Spider-Man: the Final Adventure#1 (1-3(fb), 1-4d)

TENEBER, - hunted Sabretooth alongside Powell, used weapons to neutralize his senses and healing powers, but eventually killed by him
    --X-Men Unlimited#40

TENEBRAE – extradimensional, Mergence, associate of Coroner, manipulated minds of Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters, separated from Mergence, briefly allied with Psycho-Man against it.
    mantis-like costume
    --Silver Surfer III#140 (141-145

TENEBROUS - ally of Aegis, Proemial God (served to make ready the way for that which followed), tasked with the black (the living matter that binds the universe and makes it whole), allied with Diableri, defeated by Galactus in the distant past, imprisoned in Kyln, set free during its destruction by the Annihilation Wave, captured and drained the Fallen One, formed alliance with Thanos to destroy Galactus, destroyed by Silver Surfer who channeled the energy of the Crunch
    TENEBROUS of the DARKNESS BETWEEN *D* (Annihilation: Surfer#3, Annihilation: Nova Corps Files)--Annihilation: Silver Surfer#3 (4, Annihilation#1 (fb), Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus#2/2d)

TENEFTU of Earth-Eternal - Eternals, released Kurassis and joined with him in rebellion against Ikaeden’s rule & policies

TENELLE - Skrull, former lover of Super-Skrull (Kl'rt), agreed to wed Ward Meachum in exchange for his alliance and killing all life of Earth
    --Namor I#18?

TEN-FOR - Autocron, holocaust specialist first class, advance scout for invasion of Earth, repelled and seemingly destroyed by Machine Man, used to destroy the Autocron invasion fleet, imprisoned on stranger’s laboratory world
    MEAN MACHINE, not GREEN MACHINE (app)--Machine Man I#3 (4, [Quasar#14,15], 16

Ay would be the most likely mother goddess to be involved with the gathering of the Young Gods.

TENG YUN-SUAN - Chinese kung fu master and feng shui man, partnered with kingpin in plot to use superhuman agents to take over a number of countries, killed by agent/rick mason
    -PLANNER* (app)—Marvel Graphic Novel: Agent

TENGU - mythical Japanese bird spirit
    --[Shadow Masters#1]

    named after the bird spirit--ShadowMasters#1

TENGU (Ultraverse), demon animal spirits in the form of small insects that fed off dead spirits, defeated by Prime's shadow
    --Prime II#5

TENKO, CARTER - corrupt FBI agent, secret ally of Lottie Hederman of Freedomslight, exposed by Black Widow, arrested by SHIELD II
    --Journey into Mystery I#517 (518,519

    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

TENPIN (Alvin Healey) - Death-Throws, brother of Oddball.
    specializes in throwing bowling pins
    (D#3)--Captain America I#317 ( Solo Avengers#

TENSEN of Earth-148611 - see JUSTICE--Justice (nu)#1

TENSEN, ANGIE of Earth-148611 - daughter of Justice, girlfriend of Kleenex
    Reanimate the dead
    --Justice (nu)#16 (17(fb), 27(fb), 17(fb), 16, 19-29, 31, 32

TENSEN, JOHN of Earth-148611 - see JUSTICE--Justice(nu)#1

TENSION ( ) – Brood Mutants, killed by X-Men.
    stretch limbs for a limited distance
    *D* (app-bm)--Uncanny X-Men#232 (233,234d)

TENTACLONES - extraterrestrials, enemies of the Galactic Alliance of Spider-Man, allied with the Doctopoids, one impersonated Spider-Mech
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents II#1/3

"TENTACULA" - mutated by Roger Fieldston
    (app)--X-Men/Captain Universe#1

TENTAKILL (Lars Anthony Hanson) - criminal, captured by Guardian (Michael Pointer) and USAgent, possibly used as power source for Guardian and the Collective
    --Marvel Comics Presents#1/3

TENTH GALAXY - home of Poppup
    --[Fantastic Four I#11?]

TEN-THIRTIFOR - Autocron, holocaust specialist, convicted of rebellion and independent thinking, stripped of his rank & exiled, banished to Earth during Maximum Security
    (app)--Maximum Security#1 ([Avengers III#36 (fb)], MaxSec1, 3, Av36

TENUOUS race - two-dimensional extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings, attempted to invade Earth by appearing on billboards, but plot realized by Mark Briton and they were captured by the US military
    --Tales to Astonish I#1 (1959)

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